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Training Carrie, chapter 28

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 28

     When I had cleaned the rubber, she told me that she had planned a
banquet at the end of our session. The glass she would empty all of my
filled rubbers into would become my banquet meal. She said not to worry if
I generated more than one glassful, she had plenty of glasses.

    She told me to tell her how I felt. I told her in formal speech that I
was very tired and sore, but eager to continue my training. She actually
looked at me tenderly for a second, but then got back into her character.
She said I knew all the right answers, and kissed me. Then she turned the
rubber inside out again, and re taped it to my cock.

    After extracting me from the bed, she steered me to the rails. She said
this was one of her favourite training exercises, and she hoped I liked it
as well. When I was attached properly to the rails and the floor, she
pulled the vibrator out of my ass, and came around to my head and held it
out for me to clean off. I took it into my mouth and cleaned it thoroughly.
She patted me on the head and told me I was a good Slave. Then she went to
get the flog I had used on her so many times.

    Standing behind me, she showed me the flog in the mirror, then started
flogging my ass and thighs. I had never been flogged before, and I wasn't
ready for the level of pain it caused. While the crop caused a very sharp
pain at a specific location, the flog caused an accumulation of pain over a
wider area. The pain kept building each time the flog struck the same area
again. After awhile, it was more than a person could bottle up. It had to
get out, first as tears, then as groans, then as some sort of vocalization.
In order to avoid speaking, I chose to scream. The first time I did that,
she paused momentarily, but then she assessed the evenness of colouration
she had put on me, and touched up a few areas. At last she dropped the
flog, and immediately put the vibrator back in my ass and switched it on.

    She told me I had permission to come this time, but it was my Mistress'
wish that her Slave delay his orgasm as long as possible. I smiled at her
and nodded my head. She stood behind me and lightly caressed my ass and
thighs. She asked me if that made the pain feel less, and I nodded. I
silently mouthed "Thank you." She smiled and said she should punish me for
such impertinence, but she found my manner charming, so she would grant me
some leeway. I smiled at her again.

    After about ten minutes she told me that she was satisfied with my
obedience in holding off my orgasm, and I could come any time I wanted to.
I immediately came, and she patted me on the ass and told me I was a good
Fuck Toy. After another minute she switched off the vibrator, pulled it
out, and again presented it to me for cleaning. I cleaned it thoroughly,
and smiled at her when she pulled it out of my mouth. She bent down and
French kissed me, then released my wrists and belt from the rails and my
ankles from the floor.

    She guided me over to the edge of the Master's area and removed my
rubber. Again she went through the procedure of squeezing it into the
glass, then inverting it and presenting it to me to get every last drop of
cum. Then she inverted it again and reinstalled it on me. She asked me if I
needed to use the toilet or get a drink. I shook my head, and she said
there was something else down in that area she wanted to show me. It was
called the teaching machine.

    I took a deep breath, and she guided me to the machine. She expertly
installed me and applied the ankle electrodes. Then she greased the cut-outs
and my chest area. She said she believed I understood the operation, so she
switched on the Test mode, had me try each breast, then switched to Operate
mode when the test was successful. I was nervous while waiting for the
first trial to start. When the lights came on, I immediately activated the
correct switch, and it felt like someone had struck my nipple area with a
ruler. It was a short, sharp pain, nothing like a shock. I made some sort
of sound when it happened, I now understood why it was impossible for
Carrie to keep quiet when she got a shock.

    After a few more trials, I knew I could do this for a long time. It was
just long seconds of waiting followed by one second of pain. All you had to
do was pay attention. Then I began to think that somewhere down the road
she was going to command me to fail a trial. That still scared me, but I
tried not to obsess over it. Then finally it happened. After the 12th
trial, she moved to change the nominal delay time. I cleared my throat, and
she looked at me. After thinking a moment, she asked if I wanted her to
leave the delay at 30. I nodded. She smiled, then went to get her camera.
She filmed me through one more trial, then told me to fail the next trial.
When it started, I took a deep breath and tried to get ready for it. That
turned out not to be possible. When the shock hit, my legs moved before I
felt anything. My first sensation was hanging from the support harness.
Then the pain spread like fire up my legs and into my crotch. I felt fire
in my dick, and I thought I had either cum painfully of peed painfully, but
it turned out to be just pain. I never lost consciousness or felt
disoriented, it was just a matter of shaking off the pain and getting back
on my feet. When the next trial started, I responded slower than usual, but
I still got the shock on the second green light.

    I looked at Carrie, and she was smiling at me. She said I was doing
great, and she would see me in a half hour. Then she turned off the camera
and walked up toward the Master's area. I almost missed the next trial
while I was watching that ass in those hot pants.

    She was back in about 15 minutes. She switched off the machine and told
me I had passed 48 trials and failed 1. While extracting me from the
machine, she handled my rubber-clad, limp cock. she said, "I see my little
Fuck toy wasn't excited by the machine. But did it learn anything?

    I replied what we both knew was the right answer, "Mistress Carrie,
your Fuck Toy learned that a Slave cannot avoid pain, but it can minimize
the pain by obeying its Mistress, Mistress Carrie." she said I had done
well, and would be allowed to kiss my Mistress now. I moved toward her
lips, but she pushed me back.

    She said, "A Slave never presumes to kiss its Mistress on the mouth. On
your knees, Fuck Toy, and collect the kiss you have earned, before your
Mistress changes her mind." I knelt and gave her pussy a long, passionate
kiss. I ended by sucking her clit as I pulled my mouth away. She said I was
pretty good at that, I had given her several ideas, but we had other
matters to attend to first. It was time for the Slave's first training

    She attached my wrists behind my back, and jammed a dildo up my ass.
She said steering me by my tits was no fun, because I was so flat-chested.
The dildo would allow her to steer me as well and start and stop me, with
one control. She demonstrated, making me walk forward by pushing in on the
dildo, turning me right by twisting the dildo to the left, and vice versa
to turn me left. She said when I felt no pressure on my ass, I was to stop.
Using the new method, she steered me toward the Master's area at the far
end of the room. By the time we reached it, she had me moving at a near

    At the edge of the Master's area she let go of the dildo and I stopped.
She took me by the arm and led me onto the rug. On the table I saw the
remains of the meal she had eaten while I was in the machine. It reminded
me that I was very hungry. She turned me around facing down the room, and
had me assume the Learning Pose. She struck me on the inside of my thigh,
and said I was slacking off, to open my knees wider. I strained to comply
with her wishes. She said she would now feed me through a hose shoved down
my throat. She asked me if I had ever been fed like that, and I shook my
head. She said she had a shortcut training method to help me learn to
accept the hose. She would fuck my mouth with a dildo until I learned to
deep throat it for about a minute. When I could do that, I could eat. She
told me to nod if I understood, and I nodded. She told me to open my mouth
wide, tilt my head back, and stay that way until I was told differently. I
immediately tilted my head until I was looking up at the ceiling, and
opened my mouth wide.

    She reached down and pulled the dildo out of my ass. She then pushed it
into my mouth, and said she would allow me to clean it off before we began
training. Keeping my mouth wide open as she had commanded, I cleaned the
dildo with my tongue. When she was satisfied with my efforts, she told me
to take a deep breath, then shoved the dildo down my throat. When I felt it
going past my uvula, I swallowed it. I immediately started gagging, but
tried to control my stomach muscles and suppress the gagging. I couldn't do
it the first time, and I felt like I was about to vomit. She immediately
pulled the dildo out, and I gasped for air and control. She hit me across
the chest with the crop, and said I would have to do better, I sucked at
sucking cock. She also told me to take several deep breaths before
swallowing the dildo, so she could leave it in longer. She told me I would
learn to control myself quickly, or else I would be taken to the punishment
area for a different kind of lesson.

    I failed her again on the second try, and got another crop mark on my
chest. On the third try I was able to swallow the dildo without gagging,
but I soon ran out of air. She wouldn't remove the dildo, and I broke my
pose by moving my legs and trying to get out from under the dildo. She
pulled it out, then gave me 5 or 6 blows across my back with the crop. She
said I had committed a major infraction by breaking my pose, and had earned
a day's-end punishment before bed tonight. She told me if there was any
more nonsense over this dildo training, I would spend the night in the
learning machine instead of in bed. She had me take a half dozen deep
breaths, then jammed the dildo down my throat. When she finally pulled it
out, she said I had held it for 75 seconds, good enough for feeding.

    She asked me if I would prefer mushroom or tomato soup for my dinner. I
replied that whatever my Mistress chose would be best for the slave. She
gave me a peck on the cheek, and said it would be mushroom. She diluted and
microwaved the soup, then assembled the feeding apparatus while it cooled.
She positioned the movie camera on the table pointing at me, and turned it
on. When the hose was down my throat, she poured the whole bowl of soup
into the funnel, instead of the 1-cup portions I had fed her. I could see
the liquid in the hose, and I kept waiting for the top of the column of
soup to appear in front of my face. It was draining slowly, and I was
running out of air. Finally I saw the last of the soup enter my mouth, and
a few seconds later Carrie pulled the hose out of my throat. Still trying
to hold the commanded pose with my mouth wide open and my head tilted back,
I gasped for air. She covered my mouth with hers and stuck her tongue down
my throat, though not as far as the hose had been. I kept trying to catch
my breath through my nose, while responding to her tongue with my own.

    She had me stand in the Waiting Pose, and asked me if I was still
hungry. Actually I felt stuffed, except I was missing the satisfaction of
having eaten. I shook my head, and she said I could thank her for the meal.
I said, "Mistress Carrie, your Fuck Toy is very grateful for being fed by
its Mistress, Mistress Carrie." She turned off the camera, then said it was
time to prove I was as good as my name, and removed my rubber. I assumed
she was going to put on another one, but she quickly slipped the cock ring
over the end of my dick and deftly slid it all the way to the base of my
shaft. She knelt and began tonguing me, and in only a few seconds I was
rock hard and in pain. She slipped a new rubber on my dick and taped it all
around my cock at the base, saying we didn't want to lose anything. Ramming
the dildo back up my ass, she steered me to the punishment area. When I saw
where we were going, I tried to slow down, but she rammed the dildo in
harder and told me to walk fast, it wasn't time yet for my punishment, and
she was getting horny. At the punishment platform, she first aimed and
started her camera, then secured my ankles and collar to the floor, with my
legs spread wide. She showed me that she had lots of rubbers and tape. She
said I was going to have the opportunity to please my Mistress sexually for
as long as I wanted to, and if I was the good Slave I claimed I wanted to
be, we would be at this for hours. She pointed out again that she had
plenty of rubbers, and that everything would be caught and saved for my
banquet feast later.

    She took off her pants, and straddled my waist. Kneeling, she guided my
sheathed cock into her pussy, then she stretched out on top of me. She slid
down to maximize the contact with her clit, then raised up on her elbows.
She said her Fuck Toy had permission to stimulate her nipples while fucking
his mistress. I began doing both, the way I knew she loved.   When I had
the desired grasp on her nipples, she lowered herself slightly, to relax
and rest more weight on me. She could tell that I was still able to
stimulate her the way she liked, and we smiled at each other in an silent
understanding of how often we had done this together, and how much we both
loved it. After a few minutes, she said, "Fuck Toy, I think you're a
keeper. I plan to make you my personal Slave." I smiled at her and kept
working. Of course, we both knew that while she was enjoying extreme
pleasure, I was experiencing pain mixed with pleasure. That was the Slave's

    She soon began having frequent orgasms. She wore an angelic smile, and
I thought she would soon slip out of her stern Mistress role. But each time
she seemed about to slip, she caught herself and told me I was doing well,
to keep it up. Of course I had no choice but to "keep it up." That was a
cruel joke shared between us. After 10 or 15 minutes, I felt an orgasm
starting. The build-up seemed to take forever, then it hit me like a
lightning bolt. There wasn't the searing pain I had experienced when I wore
the ring and the ball clamp. It hurt, but mostly it felt like an intense
orgasm. I smiled at her, and again silently mouthed "Thank you." She smiled
back, then very businesslike she sat up, dismounted, and masturbated me for
a few seconds to get all the cum I could produce. Then she carefully
removed the rubber and tied a knot in its end.

    Using her fingers, she wiped my cock clean of cum, and then had me lick
her fingers clean. She carefully put a new rubber on my still-erect cock,
taped it in place, and we started the whole thing again. Once I was pumping
her and tweaking her nipples again, she started coming continuously.
Struggling to maintain her stern Mistress role in the throes of passion,
she said some pretty cruel things. At one point she said it was too bad I
couldn't feel the pleasure I was giving her, but if I had wanted to feel
only pleasure and no pain, I wouldn't be here begging to be trained as a
pain slut. She saw the hurt in my eyes, and told me to say what was on my
mind, using only one sentence of informal speech. I said that her words
hurt me more than the crop and the cock ring, but that whatever pain she
wanted me to endure, it was worth it to be with her. She melted then, and a
tear formed in her eye. She told me to shut up and concentrate on pleasing
my Mistress.

    I have no idea how long we fucked. Since she had told me that she
wouldn't keep the ring on me for more than an hour, I assume it wasn't much
longer than that. When she finally stopped, she had 5 full rubbers to add
to her collection. That was 5 rubbers I would soon have to clean for her.
After putting her pants back on, she released me from the floor, and took
me by the arm to the shower.

    I dreaded the cold shower, but longed to have the ring removed. She
strapped me into the shower and hit me with the ice cold water. The water
down here seemed much colder than upstairs, I wondered if it was actually
chilled. My cock soon shrank enough for her to remove the ring. While
spraying my body with the cold water, she had me kiss the ring and beg her
to put it on me again at the earliest opportunity. She soaped my body all
over, then hit me with the cold water again. When I was rinsed off, she
removed me from the shower and reattached my wrists behind my back. Without
drying me off, she put me on the toilet and watched while I eliminated my
waste, then put me on the bidet. As soon as I finished and stood up, she
shoved the dildo up my ass. She directed me to drink a glass of water, 4
discharges. I didn't spill any water this time, and she patted me on the
ass and congratulated me.

    She said it was almost bedtime, there was only one more thing to do
first. I immediately started shaking, more from fear than from still being
wet. She steered me back over to the punishment area and bound me, standing
and spread-eagled, between two columns. She re-aimed and started her
camera, then said I already knew this, but she wanted to tell me anyway. I
would be flogged all over, front and back, from my shoulders to my knees.
Then she would apply an additional punishment with the crop, and she had
not yet decided what that would be. She went to get our favorite crop. When
she returned, she also had the cock and ball cage she had said she would
never use on me. She said this device had a use after all, to protect my
cock and balls while I was being flogged. She put it on me and strapped it
down tight, commenting that she hoped I wouldn't get excited by my
flogging. I didn't think there was much chance of that.

    She started at my back, shoulder high. Before she reached my waist, I
was crying continuously. I started getting vocal, and she told me to shut
up and not to sob, or it would only get worse. I cried silently. By the
time she reached my ass, which had already been flogged once only a few
hours ago, my moans turned to cries and occasional screams. She pause long
enough to get the ball gag from the learning machine and put it on me. That
didn't keep me from making noise, there was no way I could have stopped at
that point.

    She finally reached my knee joints on the back of my legs, and
announced that she was half finished with the flogging. I hung my head in
despair. I didn't know how I would stand as much additional pain as I was
already feeling. Then it occurred to me that I had given up my choice,
there was no action possible now except to endure whatever she did to me.
That idea, plus remembering that I was doing this because she wanted me to
and because I loved her, helped me get through the rest of the torture. I
stood up straight, and stopped making noise. I couldn't stop the tears and
the occasional scream, but I took the second half much better than I had
taken the first half.

    When she finished the flogging, she stood an looked at me for some
time. I looked at her, and she was sweating from the exertion. She removed
the ball gag and the cock and ball cage, then said that her Slave seemed to
have found a path to submission during the flogging, in spite of the
tremendous pain. She thought a great lesson had been learned by the Slave,
and she would forego the remainder of the punishment. After unstrapping me
from the columns and reattaching my wrists behind my back, she slowly and
carefully pushed the dildo back into my ass.

    She asked me if I would like another cold shower to ease the pain. I
knew she wanted a head shake answer, but I pretended she had given me
permission to respond. In a soft voice, I said, "Mistress Carrie, the
punishment was supposed to cause pain, and your Slave will deal with the
pain without pain killers, Mistress Carrie." She didn't want to touch me
and cause me more pain, but she came very close to me and gave me a deep,
passionate kiss. When she broke away, our eyes met and we smiled in mutual
understanding. She said this experience was surpassing her wildest hopes.
Then she resumed her stern Mistress character and asked me if I needed to
use the toilet or wanted water. I shook my head, and she guided me back to
the bed.

    After backing me up to the bed and attaching my ankles, belt, and head
strap, she stood back and told me to watch her strip for me. There wasn't
much to strip, but I smiled at the pleasure of being able to view her naked
body again. She rotated the bed and finished strapping me in. Remembering
the dildo still in my ass, she asked if I wanted it removed. I silently
mouthed "No," and she smiled at me. She took my immobile face in her hands
and told me she loved me very much. I told her I loved her, too. She
laughed, and said she guessed she had better put me under informal speech
for the rest of the night, because she didn't want to hit me again with the
crop. She said because our time was so short, she could only allow us 5
hours sleep. I told her that was fine, we would be able to sleep all
morning Sunday. She stood on tiptoe and put a breast up to my mouth. She
said her nipples had ached for my kiss all day. I tenderly kissed her and
stimulated her nipple briefly with my tongue. She sighed, and then
presented her other breast for the same treatment. She asked me if I wanted
the ass support, and I said I wanted to experience the bed without it this
time. She gave me a questioning look when I said "this time," but I told
her she shouldn't read anything into that choice of words.

    She said she would like very much to fuck me before she put a rubber
back on my cock. I said I would like that. She partially rotated the bed
back toward the vertical, until I was positioned properly for her pussy.
She got me hard in only a few seconds with her mouth, then guided me into
her pussy. Very tenderly and lovingly, she did all the work, and took me
slowly to a crashing orgasm. She then cleaned me thoroughly with her mouth.
As she was tilting the bed back to the horizontal, she grinned and said
that was one batch of cum I wouldn't get to drink. She put a fresh rubber
on my cock and taped it, then told me goodnight and dimmed the lights. She
used the Master's toilet, then went to sleep on the couch. It took me a
long time to find sleep, but I think I got a few hours before she woke me
for the morning activities.


  1. Ok, I get me throw this chapter at 3x.
    I just don't understand what OS point of all this suffering.
    To price a love?
    DO THEY NEED PROVE love to each other?
    Is it THIS what is love?

    No, I just can't understand:
    WHY? ?????

    Mona Lisa

    1. Not a nice chapter, Mona Lisa. I agree with you.

      As to your Why-question, John Bradshaw said:
      "I define a 'good person' as somebody who is fully conscious of their own limitations. They know their strengths, but they also know their 'shadow' - they know their weaknesses. In other words, they understand that there is no good without bad. Good and evil are really one, but we have broken them up in our consciousness. We polarize them."

      Does that answer your question, just a little bit?


  2. I read this last night, and had to think on it. I can see why they might want to try a role switch.....but that punishment box/machine...should have been dismantled and thrown out when it was he would not use it any more...
    hugs abby

    1. I agree with you on the machine issue Abby, but it comes back in the story sometime. If you still are reading, I'm curious what your opinion is regarding the machine.

      Not a nice chapter,

  3. Oh I am still reading.....I am hooked. I understand that some dynamics have punishment as a part of their agreement. Master and i be honest, when we decided to take the leap to M/s...punishment was a big part of our spankings...mostly me testing and being stubborn.
    As we discovered that we had many things in common and our relationship grew into something special, punishment still remained but became much rarer. I believe it has been just about a year since my last punishment spanking...but i do know it could happen if earned.
    So, i get that a punishment 'machine' could be part of a submissive's world. And it is helpful to the submissive to know what a punishment will feel it will happen...and that it is something to be avoided. That box accomplishes all of that. My Master believes that punishments should be something i want to they are not fun or enjoyable in any way....
    But......the machine seems so impersonal...and i get that it is for training a submissive, and that there is no personal relationship happening during the training.. but .it seems so cold and cruel. I understand why it was used at the complex, but for Bill and Carrie to use it seems to go against the rest of their relationship.
    Just my 2 cents worth....
    hugs abby

    1. Maybe Bill and Carrie need a machine to maintain discipline for the very reason they love each other too much to deal with it themselves... Maybe... Not.

      Let's find out, shall we?
      So glad you like the story because it was so special to us one day,



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