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Training Carrie, chapter 27

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 27

     When she finished her stretches, she asked if we were going to take
laps around the house. I told her No, we were now going to take a walk. I
told her to untie her leash and lead herself to the mural room. She looked
puzzled by that destination, but quickly complied. On the way through the
bedroom, I picked up the the sun block, and covered her body with it. It
mixed with and smeared the dried cum on her face and breasts. When she was
well coated, I told her to put on the blouse and hot pants she wore last
night during our trial run. She really looked confused then, but quickly
complied. I looked at her transformation, remembering how badly I had
wanted to feast my eyes on her last night. She asked if she should put on
the heels also, and I said No, sadly her workout shoes and socks would have
to do.

    She said she felt uncomfortable wearing forbidden clothing. I told her
not to worry about it, her master would decide later whether or not she
would be punished for violating a command. She looked at me, and I smiled
and said I was kidding. She gave me a smile of relief. I had her grab her
kit, I grabbed the plans for learning machine and a blanket, then held her
leash as she walked to the exit door. I picked up the canteen and food, and
off we went.

    I was walking behind her, holding her leash and enjoying the
unaccustomed view of her ass in the hot pants, her bare midriff, and her
barely concealed upper back. I decided we would reconsider her requirement
to be naked most of the time, she looked as good in clothes as she did
naked. We would see about getting her some really trashy clothes and
bedroom wear. Just then she asked where we were going, and I told her to go
to the second stop, then we would decide whether to go left or right. She
groaned and said she voted right, she still remembered her walk through the
weeds and the tough climb from a few days ago.

    When we reached the second stop. I told her this was far enough, and
gave her the blanket to spread. I then put her in the learning pose at one
corner of the blanket and told her she could talk to me if she really
wanted to. I lay down on the blanket on my stomach, facing away from her,
and started studying the plans for the learning machine. She didn't like me
ignoring her, and she asked me what I was doing. I told her she could see
what I was doing. She was quiet for a minute, then asked me why I was
looking at those plans. I told her I wanted to understand how the circuit
works, I had an interest in circuit design.

    Just then I saw what I was looking for. After taking a minute to be
sure, I told her to come over and lie down beside me, I had something to
show her. She lay down beside me, and said that all looked like bad
abstract art to her. I told her the little squiggly things were called
resistors, and they were used to adjust how much voltage there was at a
given point in the circuit. I showed her the resistors that ran from
outside the circuit to the points that were labeled electrodes. those
resistors represented the resistance of her body to the high voltage
applied to her tits and legs. The designer had labeled those resistors with
the values he estimated for a human body.

    Then I showed her how to trace the circuit lines back from the
electrodes, to a network of resistors. Those resistors, together with the
resistors that represented her body, determined how much voltage her body
received during the shocks. Then I pointed out the arrangements of
resistors that didn't connect to anything. I told her those resistors could
be selected by a switch, and their different values would change the
voltage she felt. She looked at me, and said, "That little bastard told me
he would have to redesign the whole thing to change the voltage. Why did he

    I said, "Didn't you tell me that when he helped you try it out, you
were topless and wore a bikini bottom?" She said that was right. "My bet is
he wanted to see what was under that bikini bottom," I told her. "He was
hoping that if he could come back enough times, for more tests, he would
eventually get the fuck of his life." She said that would never have
happened, from the day she met me nobody else had a chance at fucking her.

    I told her I would take the thing apart when we got back, and see if
the circuit matched the schematic. If it did, I would try to lower the
voltage, and she would test it. I then had her sit up on her knees again,
and I rolled over on my back and looked at her for a long time. I told her
what I was thinking on the way here, how good she looked in clothes, and
how I would like to get her some really trashy clothes. She asked if I
wanted to make her my whore, and I said she would never be a whore, but
occasionally I wanted her to look like one. She smiled and said she would
love to be my whore, and to prove it she would like to give me a long, slow
blowjob. I asked her how her period was coming, and she said there was
barely any flow now, it was over sooner than usual. I told her to leave the
blouse on, but get out of her pants. She took them off quickly, then I told
her to strip me, apply sun block to my body, and give me a long, slow fuck.
Then we would talk about the blowjob.

    After the fuck and the blowjob, I told her to put her pants back on,
because they looked so hot on her. That got me a big smile. I unpacked our
lunch, and we made small talk while we ate. I found it hard to keep my
hands off of her, and while I was caressing one of her thighs, I simply ran
my fingers a short way under her pants. I was nowhere near her pussy, but
she came hard. I asked her what brought that on, and she said she could see
how she was turning me on, and that turned her on. I said there was no
doubt, we had been missing a lot by keeping her naked. Then, realizing how
she might interpret that, I quickly added that I loved looking at her naked
body, too. She laughed and said she understood what I meant, she thought
she looked sexy also, that's why she chose those clothes to tempt me.

    About a half hour after we finished lunch, I told her it was time to
head back. She asked me to please butt fuck her first. I said a butt fuck
outside always led to a blowjob, and I didn't think I was up for both right
now. She smiled when I said "up for," and she said it was always available,
whenever I wanted it. I took her hand and told her I knew that.

    Before I could get up, she quickly lay down on top of me and began
kissing me. She said I mustn't do anything I thought would damage our
partnership, no matter how strongly she urged me to. She said she depended
on me to keep her on course to please her Master. I told her I would make
the best decision I could, and it had not been decided either way yet. As
soon as I said that, I knew it was untrue. I had made my decision, I was
just hoping I would change it before next Friday. Using one of the paper
napkins from our lunch and water from the canteen, I wiped the remaining
cum stains from her face. I said her face was too pretty for that kind of
treatment, and apologized. She said it made her feel more submissive, and I
was welcome to come on her whenever I wished.

    I was afraid it would occur to her at some point, and as we were
walking home she asked me why I was interested in the training machine
again. I told her it was just something that had occurred to me, I was
always interested in electronic circuits, and got curious if there was
anything I could do to salvage the machine. All that was true, but none of
it was the real reason. Fortunately she didn't pursue the question.

    When we were back in the house and had stowed all of the gear, I took
her to the bathroom and stripped her. I took her clothes to Philip, and
asked him to please run them through the laundry right away. Then I went
back to Carrie, and we gave one another a thorough shower, including quite
a bit of groping. When we had dried off I dressed her in her heels and
house wear. I asked her if she had an electric drill, and she said yes. I
told her to go get it and all the drill bits she had, then meet me in the
mural room.

    When she returned with the drill, I gave it a try to make sure the
battery was fresh. I threw the drill and bits, and the training machine
documentation, in the drawer with my bondage gear, and told her we were
going to the basement. She carried the drawer and I unlocked the door. She
asked me if I wished to attach her wrists before she entered, and I said
No, this was a repair session, not a training session. We went to the
machine, and I immediately removed the cover from the circuitry box. I
quickly determined that the schematic was correct. There were two small
rotary switches which would select the voltage-setting resistor for the
breast and the leg shocks. Both switches had 5 positions, and were set at
one extreme of their range. Obviously that extreme was the highest voltage,
and the opposite extreme was the lowest voltage. I reset both switches to
the centre position, then reinstalled the cover.

    Then I looked at the brackets holding the targets and their pressure
sensitive switches. I saw that their position behind the breast cut-outs
were determined by two bolts on each target. The bolts fit through holes in
the floor of the console, and were held by simple nuts. I asked Carrie if
she had an adjustable wrench, and she said she thought there was one in a
drawer in the Master's area. I sent her after it, and she found it. I
removed the nuts and bolts, so both targets were just sitting on the floor
of the console. I told her it was time to install her in the machine, and
proceeded to do that, except I didn't put any of the electrodes on her. I
turned on the PC, waited for it to boot and start the control program, then
activated the test mode.

    I told Carrie to push her left breast into the left breast cut-out. She
said that wouldn't work unless she wore the bra with the nipple cut out. I
told her that's what we were going to fix, to go ahead and push her breast
into the cut-out. She did as I told her, then I slid the left target forward
until it contacted her breast and the light came on above the left cut-out.
I slid the target a little farther, until her breast had fully depressed
the switch, then marked where the new holes would be drilled. We repeated
the whole thing for the right breast, then I drilled the new holes and
reattached the targets using their bolts and nuts. Still in the test mode,
I had her activate each switch several times, to make sure she could
reliably light the test lights.

    I told her it was now time for her to test the new voltage settings, if
she was willing to. She said she was willing. I attached the ankle
electrodes with conductive paste, then smeared the paste on her breasts and
the edges of the cut-out. I asked her if she was ready, and she took a deep
breath and told me she was ready. I verified that the trial time was set to
30 seconds, then flipped the Operate switch. I kept my hand on the switch.
In about 20 seconds, the first trial started. The left breast was selected,
and she immediately pushed her left breast into the corresponding cut-out.
She yelped, and the machine recorded a success. She smiled at me, and I
asked her how the shock compared to the organization's machine. She said it
was a little milder, but pretty close. I told her we would leave it at this
setting for now, perhaps some time we would try the next higher value.

    I watched her perform another 6 trials, and each was a success. I asked
her if she was ready to fail a trial. She shivered, and said "Yes, Master."
I told her she didn't have to, but she said she was ready. I turned the
delay up to 60 seconds, just in case. When the second trial timed at 65
seconds, I told her to fail the next trial. She obeyed, and the effect on
her seemed much like I remembered from the organization's machine. I timed
her recovery, and she was back on her feet and seemingly alert within 20
seconds. She looked at me, and said "piece of cake." I asked her how it
compared, and she said it was a little stronger than she remembered, but
she was learning to cope with it better. I asked her if she wanted to try
the next lower setting, and she said we should leave it where it is; after
all, it was a punishment, and should hurt a little.

    Looking at the floor at her feet, I said it couldn't be too bad, she
didn't pee on the floor. She laughed. I switched off the Operate mode, then
removed her from the machine and wiped the grease from her ankles and
breasts and the console. She asked if she should take the drawer back
upstairs, or leave it here. I told her we still had one more job to do.

    I removed the nuts and bolts holding the targets. I told her I was
curious about something, and wanted to check it out. I stripped off my
shirt and took Carrie's place in the machine. After adjusting the console
height, I had her turn on the Test mode, then pressed my left breast in the
cut-out as far as I could. I told Carrie to slide the left target forward
until the contact light came on. The target was only a few millimetres from
the farthest it could go when the light came on. I told her to push it as
far forward as it would go, then hold it still. I tried several times to
press my breast into the cut-out, and each time I could activate the light.
I told her to move the right target all the way forward and hold it. I
could also activate the right contact light. I told her we would drill
holes at that position, too.

    When I looked at Carrie, she was grinning ear-to-ear, but she had been
ordered not to speak again of the role swap. I smiled at her, and said,
"Yes, I'm going to do it. And yes, you can talk about it now." She ran
around to my side of the console, threw her arms around me, and told me she
loved me. "What's not to love?" I said. "You can twist me around your
little finger and get me to do whatever you want." Then I told her there
was a catch, and she asked what it was. I said I didn't want to do it next
weekend, I wanted to do it this weekend, from 6:00 PM Friday night to 6:00
PM Saturday night. She instantly agreed, and kissed me. She asked why this
weekend, and I answered that I was sure I could talk myself out of it in a
week. She promised me that it would be a good thing for us, with no down
side, and I told her I wished I could be sure of that, but I wasn't.  She
told me again that to make it worth doing, I had to want to be the best,
most submissive slave I could possibly be during that 24 hours. If I didn't
think I could do that, we should call it off. I told her I honestly didn't
know, but I wanted to try, and anything she could do to help me get into
that mindset would be welcomed. She said we would figure it out together,
and kissed me again. Then I told her to let go of me, I had work to do.

    I quickly drilled the holes and attached the targets at the extreme
front of the console. I went back into the machine and tried both breasts,
and was able to consistently activate the contact lights. I told Carrie to
shut the machine down. She asked me if I wanted to try it for real before
agreeing to be put into it, and I said I hadn't let her try it before
putting her into it for the first time. She looked at me tenderly and told
me again that she loved me.

    I told her we were done here, and asked her where she wanted the stuff
in the drawer, down here or upstairs? She wanted the bondage straps
upstairs and everything else down here. I took the straps out of the
drawer, then put the drawer back where I had found it. I asked her if she
would use the crop I had dropped on the floor. She said she still didn't
want that one moved, she would pick another one later. I picked up the
straps and unlocked the door. When we were back in the mural room, I put
the straps and my keys on the console. I told her they would become her
keys tomorrow at 6:00 PM, for 24 hours, and she should remove her bonds
before bringing me here for training. "Yes, Master," she said.

    We went into the bedroom, and she asked permission to be naked for her
Master until it was time to change our roles. I gave her permission, and
she removed her shoes and house wear. She knelt in front of me and asked me
to fuck her, to fill all her holes with my cum. I said maybe it would be
better if I didn't fuck again until I was under her control, but I offered
to give her as many orgasms as she wanted. She said we would come together,
one last time in bed tonight, then she did not want to come again until we
were downstairs. In the meantime, she just wanted to kneel at my feet and
stay close to me at all times. It was only 2:00 PM. I asked her to lie down
on the bed with me, and we could discuss how we would prepare for
tomorrow's change.

    We talked about it for awhile, and finally decided that I should spend
some time naked and isolated, as she had done in the waiting room. She
would come to me when it was time, and give me something to wear. I would
dress, then come alone to the mural room, where we would have a short
ceremony. during the ceremony I would strip and express my desire to be
trained in submission and obedience, then would accept my bonds and enter
the training room alone. I asked her what I should wear, and she said leave
it to her, but I had to wear whatever clothes she brought me. I agreed. We
set the time as 4:30 when I entered isolation, and 6:00 when the ceremony
would start. She said that after I entered the mural room, my body, mind,
and soul would belong to her for 24 hours. She would accept nothing less
than total and instant obedience, and would apply whatever degree of
punishment was required to obtain it. I told her I understood, and would do
my best to submit and obey.

    I don't really know what we did for the rest of that day and the next.
It's all a blur now. I remember her bringing dinner to our bedroom, then
some very sweet sex Thursday night. I remember breakfast and lunch in the
bedroom on Friday. I remember a lot of intimate talk about what we meant to
one another and how much we enjoyed being together. I think we were both
naked the whole time.

    Then it was time for me to go into isolation. she said to go to the
spare bedroom. She had removed the pile of forbidden clothes that had been
on the bed for so long. She positioned me in front of the full-length
mirror, and suggested what I should be thinking of while I waited. I tried
to be as disciplined as I remembered she was. I doubt I was perfectly still
for the whole time, but I tried hard to be, and I tried hard to get my mind

    Then she entered the room. She was again dressed in the see-through
blouse and hot pants. I started to look, then averted my eyes. She said in
a soft, sweet voice that I should take a good look now, I could not be
caught looking after I entered the training room. I walked over to her and
put my hand on her breast. She covered my hand with both of hers, then took
my hand to her mouth and kissed it. Before she showed me the clothes she
had brought for me, she reminded me that I agreed to wear what she chose,
and she thought these clothes would help me to a submissive state of mind.
She said these were the largest pregnancy skirt and blouse she had worn
when carrying her son. She had not been able to throw them away, and she
wanted me to wear them to the mural room. She said I would be helping her
end her period of grieving for her family by wearing these clothes, and
after we returned from the training room, we would destroy them together.
She put the skirt on me and pinned it so it was snug around my waist. Then
she helped me slip on the blouse and button it. She turned me to the
mirror, and had me look. I didn't have a clue why she thought this would
help me to a submissive state of mind, I thought I just looked silly. Any
other time I would have refused to wear anything like that. But I had
agreed to wear what she brought, and I was beyond caring about anything but
getting to the training room. I told her again that I was afraid, and she
said again it was Ok to be afraid. She told me to wait a minute and then
report to the mural room, then she left me. I looked at myself in the
mirror for another minute, then walked slowly to the mural room.

    She was standing with her back to the control console. She asked me why
I was here. I told her I wanted to be trained to be submissive and obedient
for my Mistress. She asked me if I understood that I would not be allowed
to back out once I entered the training room. I said I understood. She told
me to strip and kneel. I slowly took of the skirt and blouse, then knelt.
As soon as I was on my knees, she told me in detail how to pose: knees as
far apart as possible, back straight, eyes downcast, hands open, fingers
straight, hands resting on thighs, palms up, lips always apart. She then
told me to repeat what I wanted, and I repeated what I had previously said.
She said I would be accepted for training, starting at once.

    She had me stand, then brought out the bondage straps and put them on
me. I noticed that the ankle/thigh straps were put on my ankles. She
attached my wrists to the belt behind my back, then told me to go
downstairs to the training room, walk to the lighted circle on the floor,
and kneel as I had just been shown.

    She only left me kneeling in the spotlight for about 15 minutes. She
was well aware that I was more familiar with the mind games of this early
phase than she was. I hoped she would waste no more time than was
necessary, and once she had found a few excuses to punish me, we could get
to the real training. Without any initial pronouncement, she turned on all
of the lights in the room. Then she came through the door and locked it,
walked to the end of the room, selected a crop from the punishment wall,
then strolled up to her Slave. In spite of my knowledge as a trainer, I
admitted to myself that I was afraid. I was visibly trembling. She walked
around me several times. I knew she was watching my eyes in addition to
evaluating my Pose. Without warning she struck me hard across my ass. She
said my back was not straight, and I immediately straightened my back as
much as I could. She came around in front of me and said I obviously wasn't
straining to keep my knees open, so  they weren't open far enough. She
struck me hard on the inside of each thigh, and I strained to get my knees
a few inches farther apart and hold them in that position.

    She said there was no point in going over things her Slave already
knew, such as Poses and the formal speech rules. When I was allowed to
speak, I would always refer to her as Mistress Carrie. Since there were
only two of us in the room, the Slave would respond to any name she chose
to use, but initially the Slave would be called Fuck Toy. She suddenly
reached down and grabbed both of my nipples and jerked me to my feet. I
immediately assumed the Waiting Pose, and she slapped me across my stomach
with the crop. She said my stomach muscles were not nearly tight enough. I
pulled my stomach in as much as I possibly could, and she said that was
barely adequate, not to let her see me any more relaxed than that.

    She explained how she would guide me around the training room, steering
with my nipples, starting and stopping with my ass hole. Then she turned me
toward the toilet and urged me forward. She said it was time to clean her
Slave out. She positioned me, then had me assume the Enema Pose. As soon as
I was posed she struck me across the back with the crop. She said my back
must be perfectly straight, with most of my torso weight on my forehead. I
tried to reposition myself as she wanted, but she struck me again and said
I must be  stupid. Putting a hand on my back and another on my stomach, she
shaped my body the way she wanted it. She told me to remember well how she
had posed me, because the next time she would not be so helpful.

    She prepared an enema, shoved the tube into my ass, and struck me
lightly on the ass with the crop. I knew right away it was very warm and
soapy. I started to sweat, and felt the first sign of cramps. After long
minutes she pulled out the tube, and told me to remain as I was, we weren't
through. She prepared another bagful, stuck the tube back in my ass, and
squeezed the bag this time to force the solution in faster. I felt awful, I
didn't think it would be possible for me to contain all of that. I could
see myself in a few minutes licking up the solution that had spilled from
my ass. About the time she pulled the tube out, the cramps hit me full
force, and I lost a few drops out of my ass. She said I was about to be
punished for that, and I had better tense up real good so I wouldn't squirt
out any more when the crop hit. She hit me hard three time across my ass.
then said, "See, you can be a good boy when you try." She made me turn
around on my knees, then she threw a cloth down on the floor and told me to
clean up my mess. Relieved that she didn't want me to lick it up, I took
the cloth in my mouth and cleaned up the small mess.

    I was praying she would put me on the toilet then, even if she made me
continue to hold the enema. But instead she marched me across the room to
the mirrored wall, and had me turn sideways. She told me to look at myself,
I looked like I was 4 months pregnant. I looked and saw my swollen belly.
She told me to assume the waiting pose, then she walked slowly to the
Master's area. She returned with a small digital movie camera, and started
filming me. she had me turn in a complete circle, then walk around while
she filmed. finally it must have been obvious that I had reached my limit.
She told me to go and mount the toilet, and she filmed me until I was
hanging over the toilet with my feet in the stirrups. She said she was sure
I understood that I still had some time to wait, but she hoped I was more
comfortable waiting over the bowl.

    She put the camera down and walked up to me. Taking my cock in her
hand, she began to masturbate me. I soon became hard, and then she stopped.
She said she liked a responsive Slave, and she thought I might live up to
the name Fuck Toy. She walked back a few paces and stood watching me. She
said she would  bet I could hold the enema another half hour, and she was
tempted to put me to the test. She asked me if I thought I could hold it
another half hour, and told me to respond. Straining to speak, I said,
"Mistress Carrie, if Mistress Carrie wishes her fuck Toy to hold its enema
another half hour, it will be this Slave's privilege to do that, Mistress

    She smiled, and said, "I don't think that will be necessary, Fuck Toy.
We have more important things to do together, you may release your load
now." It seemed like I had fluid running out of my ass for 10 minutes. When
I finally had it all out, I expected to go through the whole thing again
with fresh water, but she wasn't interested in removing all of the soap
from my bowels. I would continue having cramps for the next few hours. She
told me to get off the toilet and use the bidet, and I quickly complied.

    Without drying me, she told me to drink 8 discharges of water from the
penis faucet. I was dreading this, and sure enough I choked when the first
4 ounces flooded into my mouth. I got an immediate 3 hard blows across my
ass. After I finished choking, I tried again and choked again. Another 3
blows. On the third try, I only lost a few drops, and she only hit me once.
On the fourth through the eighth tries I didn't spill any. I started to get
up, and she hit me across the back. She said her slave had been commanded
to drink 8 discharges, and had screwed up the first 2. I took 2 more
discharges without spilling any. She told me to get up, then guided me to
the bed.

    On the way to the bed, she said it was time to see if I lived up to my
name. She backed me up to the bed, attached my ankles, then readjusted the
waist and chest supports to fit me. She attached my belt to the waist
support and pushed me into the chest brackets. After adjusting the
headrest, she strapped my head to it. Then she rotated the bed. When I was
horizontal, she tightened the knee straps and the breast straps. She spent
some time tugging on my nipples, like she was trying to get my breasts to
stand up between the straps. finally she asked me if anyone had ever told
me I was flat chested. She laughed and slapped me hard across my chest
with the palm of her hand. Finally, she attached my wrists to the ropes
that pulled my arms straight and toward the floor. That was the first time
I had experienced this position, and I saw that what everyone said was
true, it gives one a profound sense of helplessness to be restrained like

    Carrie had gone over to the Master's area, and she returned with some
vibrators and other gear. She first stimulated my cock until I was hard,
then she slipped a rubber over it and secured it to the base of my cock
with two small pieces of tape. She said we didn't want to lose anything
from that port, everything I shot out of there would go in my mouth before
we were done here.

    She shoved one of penis-shaped vibrators up my ass and turned it on.
Smiling at me, she said I was not to come until I was given permission, or
I would be punished. Then she took the other penis-shaped vibrator and laid
it on my scrotum, between my two balls. Positioning it so its head
contacted the shaft of my penis, she secured it to me with tape, then
turned it on. finally she put the two nipple clips on me, attached the
small vibrator to one of them, and turned it on. I was already struggling
not to come, and I knew there was no way I could hold out for long under
this onslaught.

    Meanwhile, she had walked up to my head. She leaned down and gave me a
long kiss. She said she would try to take my mind off of my troubles. She
repositioned my headrest, then dropped her pants and straddled my face. She
said I would make her come, I would keep count of the number of times she
came, and would call out the new count each time she came. I would cover
her whole pussy with my mouth, and stimulate her clit with my tongue. If I
lost any of the juices from her pussy, I would be punished. If I came
myself without permission, I would be punished. She told me to nod my head
if I understood, and I nodded. she lowered her pussy onto my open mouth and
told me to begin.

    I could barely breathe with her covering my face, but I had no choice,
so I began working on her with my tongue. I knew she could come whenever
she wanted to, regardless of what I did, so I was wondering what she would
do. She waited a few minutes, then she started coming. Each time I would
call out the count in a muffled voice. She was partly right - concentrating
on her, keeping count, and trying to breathe, was making my orgasms hold
off longer than I would have thought possible. Finally though, when her
count was in the mid-twenties, I felt it starting. Soon I came, and she hit
me sharply on my belly with the crop. I stopped working on her due to the
pain, and then she hit me across my chest. She said she had not given me
permission to stop. I started working on her again, and she immediately

    After awhile I was on automatic pilot. I don't think I ever lost count
of her orgasms, but I lost count of mine and how many time she struck me
with the crop. Finally, on her 54th orgasm, I came and she hit me with the
crop. She then said that was enough, and dismounted my face. She examined
my face and the headrest, and said she was very pleased that I had not lost
any of her pussy juices. She raised my headrest and told me to look at the
rubber on my cock. It was now stretched out until it was resting on my
belly. It must have had four ounces of cum in it. She turned off the
vibrators and removed the ones on my balls and my nipple clip. She left the
one in my ass. After putting her pants back on and carefully removing the
rubber from my cock, she went to the Master's area and squeezed the
contents out into a glass. Then she turned the rubber inside out and
brought it to me. She told me to open wide, then put it in my mouth and
told be to suck it clean.


  1. Really had trouble getting through this chapter but I don't give up easily so will try to continue reading. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Cat... friendly advise. Skip a chapter or five.
      Do yourself a favour.

      We will keep you posted in the comments what is happening...
      Hugs to you,


  2. Where all it creuelty come from?
    If you get power to some people they can't handle it.
    How atmosphere changed.. From nice loving to ...

    1. I don't know if it is cruelty Mona Lisa. Maybe it is paying back all the things he did to her. Maybe it is trying out where his limits are. Maybe she is trying to test him how much he loves her?



  3. After thinking about it....I admire Carrie and Bill...or Master and certainly is not something i think i could do...but they are not afraid to explore....that takes enormous trust
    hugs abby

    1. It takes courage and trust. It can go so terribly wrong. So easy, terribly wrong. And yet she is confident he loves her and he is confident she loves him.

      And changing roles...

      Brrrr.... never again,


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