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Training Carrie, chapter 25

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 25

  I started paying attention to our surroundings, and noticed for the
first time that this clearing offered an excellent view. We sat up, and I
asked her to point out where the house was from here. She pointed to the
direction, but said the house was below us and out of sight around the hill
we were on. I asked her where the nearest property boundary was. She
pointed in the opposite direction, and far in the distance and well below
us I thought I could make out the fence. It was obvious that almost
anywhere we went from here was downhill. I asked her if there were any
promising sites uphill from here, and she said there was one more, at the
very top of the hill. She said we should be able to make out the roofs of
both houses from there, and see the limits of her property in nearly any
direction. I asked her if she was up for the climb, and she said she was. I
took a big drink from the canteen, then told her to do the same.

    As I was dressing, I told her to gather up everything and show me the
way. She looked at me for a few seconds, then started folding up the
blanket. I had noticed before that she sometimes had trouble transitioning
from intimacy back to taking orders. I guess she was expecting me to offer
to carry our gear in return for the great blow-job, and sometimes I did
behave like that. But today she needed to know that she was not getting any
special treatment.

    When she had put on the canteen and was holding the blanket and her
kit, I took the end of her leash and told her to lead the way. The way
uphill from where we were was steep and rocky, but there didn't seem to be
any alternative. She stumbled on loose rocks a few times and fell to her
knees. I'm sure she expected me to offer to share the load when that
happened for the third time, but I just told her it was lucky her hands
weren't clasped behind her back.

    After a 15 minute climb, we arrived at the top of the hill. The view
was spectacular. She pointed out her property boundaries in every
direction, then showed me the barely visible roofs of our house and the
guest house, both far below us and in the distance. I told her she would
have to carry binoculars the next time we came here. "Great," she said.
Looking around at the fairly flat but rock strewn ground around us, I added
that she would also bring an air mattress on our return visit. She smiled,
and said we didn't have an air mattress, how about the queen sized mattress
from the guest bedroom? I acted like I was thinking about it, then said
"Ok, good suggestion." She laughed, then started kicking away the biggest

    She soon had the area looking suitable for pitching the blanket. I told
her to lie down and roll around, and if it wasn't too bumpy for her I would
lie down and join her. She asked me if I was serious, and I smiled, but
told her I was serious. Shaking her head and smiling, she did as I told
her. After a couple yelps, and reaching under the blanket to remove the
offending pebble, she pronounced the blanket to be safe for her delicate
Master. I thanked her, stripped, and lay down beside her. She kissed me,
and said maybe I was being just a little too hard on my Slave today. I said
No, my Slave was just getting a small sample of the way her Master
responded to self pity. She said I had proven to her that her periods were
not going to change our relationship, and I said her continued cooperative
attitude and good disposition would convince me of that.

    I asked her if her tampon needed to be replaced. She said it would wait
until we got back to the house. I said maybe we should practice for a time
when it wouldn't wait. She said there was no way to clean herself, and I
said we had a canteen more than half full of water, if we used it carefully
it should do the job. She said we had no towels or tissues, and I said we
could use a pair of her socks from the kit, and wash them when we got home.
She asked me if I had an answer for everything, and I said I was still
working on the question of how one person could be as beautiful, smart,
interesting, and lovable as my Carrie. After giving me a long, loving kiss,
she said Sure, lets practice changing tampons in the field.

    I removed her harnesses and stowed them in her bag, retrieving a pair
of socks at the same time. Grabbing one of her labia, I led her off the
blanket to a nearby rock. I had her sit on the rock with her legs spread
open. I laid out the socks, opened the canteen, and pulled a tampon from my
pocket. I told her the operating room was ready and the doctor was ready,
the patient would now explain what she wanted done. She said the patient
wanted to kiss her doctor, and we kissed again. She then told me what she
wanted me to do, and we went through the procedure. As I was cleaning her
off, she asked me seriously why I wanted to do these things for her. I
looked up at her, and said I loved her, hadn't she figured that out yet?
She said this went beyond any love she had ever experienced or heard of
before. I said I didn't know how to feel intimacy with someone who
occasionally went in the bathroom and closed the door so I wouldn't see
what she was doing. I asked her if I was asking too much of her, to give up
her modesty and privacy. She said she was starting to feel like it was the
normal way to live, but it was still hard for her at times. I said that her
real problem was fear that if I saw what came out of her body I would be
disgusted, and not love her any more. Some day she would realize that I had
seen everything there was to see, and I still loved her as much as ever.
Then she would be happy that she could share anything with me, and know
that my love was unconditional.

    When her new tampon was in place, we looked in each other's eyes for
some time. I was kneeling between her open legs. I reached out and grasped
both of her labia, then slowly reached up and kissed her. She put a hand to
each side of my face and moaned. I pulled away from her lips long enough to
tell her to cum for me, then returned to kissing her. She had one
tremendous orgasm, rather than the smaller, frequent ones she seemed to
prefer. We continued kissing for a long time, then she finally pulled back.
I was still holding her labia, and she looked down at my hands and smiled.
She said we needed a new word, "intimacy" didn't do justice to this.

    Letting go of her labia, I rested my hands on her thighs, then kissed
each of her nipples, then kissed her on the mouth. I asked her if she was
ready to head back home, and she nodded. I removed the leash from her
collar and put it in her bag with the harnesses. I was going to put the
socks we had used to clean her back in the bag, but she said to just throw
them away, not to put them in there with her clean clothes. I took out my
handkerchief, wrapped the socks and the used tampon inside it, then tied it
to the outside of her bag. After getting dressed, I folded the blanket, put
on the canteen, grabbed the bag, and told her to lead the way. She grinned
at me, and said it was all downhill from here to home, next time I could
carry our gear uphill, and she would carry it downhill. I told her it
wasn't uphill versus downhill that determined who carried the load today,
and asked her if she knew what the determining factor was. "Yes, Master,"
she said, "your Slave's attitude determined who carried the load."

    As we were walking away from the hilltop, she turned around and said we
forgot to fuck while we were there. I told her we would make up for it when
we came back, and we would also make up for it when we got home. She said
she wanted me in the shower the minute we got inside the house.

    When we reached the first clearing, she said she wanted another fuck. I
told her the shower was our destination, she had to wait. She demanded a
kiss to tide her over. I put down the gear, picked her up in my arms, and
gave her a long, tender kiss. When I set her down again, she smiled and
said, "Thanks," then started down the trail again. Shaking my head, I
picked everything up and followed her.

    We made the last leg of our return trip arm in arm. She got more
animated the closer we got to home. She said she couldn't wait to get in
the shower for another reason, she was itching all over. I told her it was
from ploughing through the brush and weeds naked, and we would fix her up
right away.

    Once inside, I told her to take her kit to the bedroom, while I took
the blanket, socks and handkerchief to the laundry room and disposed of the
used tampon. When I got to the bedroom, I heard the shower running. In the
bathroom, she was in the Waiting Pose and smiling ear-to-ear. I removed her
tampon, and helped her into the shower. I was going to wash her legs and
then put some skin lotion on them, but she pulled me under the shower and
told me she had a bigger itch, she wanted to be fucked right now. Of course
I obeyed her command.

    Before she let me out of the shower, she had been well-fucked fore and
aft, and had given me a blow-job. After we dried one another, I inserted a
new tampon for her, then applied skin lotion all over her body. She had a
lot of insect bites and her knees were skinned up a little. I put her in
her heels and house wear, then attached her wrists together behind her back.
I noticed that it was a little after 5:00. I led her by the labia to the
kitchen, where each of us drank two glasses of water to replenish what we
lost on the hike. I then led her to the living room and had her sit in my
lap on the couch. After kissing her for awhile, I caressed her breasts and
then rested my hand over her pussy. I asked her how she felt, and she asked
if I meant how did she feel about her period. I said I wanted to know how
she felt about her period, our walk, and anything else she wanted me to
know about.

    She said she resented the interruption her period caused in our lives.
But seeing that it really didn't matter to me, and that I was finding ways
to work around the inconvenience so we could continue to do all the things
we normally did, she felt a lot better now than she had this morning. She
said a lot of the things I said to her on the hilltop were just starting to
sink in, and she was grateful to have a Master who wanted such an intimate
involvement in her life. She said she was feeling her strength increasing
with every session on the weight bench. She hadn't expected to notice
anything for months, and she was pleasantly surprised.

    She said she wanted to go cuddle in bed for awhile. I led her to the
bedroom and removed her shoes and house wear. She stretched out on the bed
and said she felt tired and happy. I crawled in next to her, and she hugged
me and gave me a long kiss, then she lay quiet for several minutes. I
thought she had gone to sleep, and I was wondering whether I should take a
nap beside her or try to stay awake. Then she asked me, "Master, would you
ever let another man use me?"

    I sat up in bed, and told her to assume the Learning Pose. Then I took
both her hands in mine, and asked her why she asked that question. Instead
of answering me she asked me the same question in greater detail, "Would
you ever sell, rent, trade, loan, or give me to somebody else, to another

    Looking her in the eye, I said, "No. Never. Now tell me why you asked
me that question." She said she had always been proud of her analytical
mind, something women are not supposed to be good at. But since I told her
today about what she would have experienced at the organization when she
had a period, she realized again how stupid she had been to get involved
with them, and how lucky she was to have escaped. Then she started
wondering what else she had missed, other horrible fates she might have
suffered. She reasoned that there must be a lot of slave owners scattered
around, and that would constitute a sort of secret subculture. She
speculated that there would be commerce in slaves among those Masters. And
she reasoned that they probably would, from time to time, trade one slave
for another, or maybe one master would sell a slave he didn't like to
another master. And so she wanted to know what my intentions were, as far
as keeping or getting rid of my property.

    First of all, I told her everything she was speculating about was in
fact true. It happened all the time. But I was not a part of that
subculture, and could never be part of it, not that I would want to be. The
only reason I was a master was because she had given herself to me. Until
the day she told me she was not my Slave any more - and I never wanted that
day to come - I was her one and only Master, and the only person who would
ever have the use of her body. I asked her if there was anything else she
wanted to know, and she said No, and thanked me for answering her question.

    I kissed her, and said if more questions like this occur to her, she
must always ask me, rather than remaining silent and worrying about it. I
promised her I would always truthfully answer any question she asked, and
she must never be afraid to talk to me. She looked at me, and said she did
have one other question, would they come after her? I told her I didn't
know the answer to that question, but people who were working to help her
were trying to find that answer. I promised that she would know the answer
as soon as Philip and I knew it, whether it was good or bad news. She
thanked me, and said she was glad she had me to rely on, she knew I would
always tell her the truth. Then she perked up, smiled, and asked me what
was for dinner. I asked her if she wanted to take a nap while I went to
figure it out, but she said she still worried about waking up alone, she
would go with me.

    Putting her house wear on, I asked her if she would prefer low heels or
barefoot. She said I could stop asking her that, unless I wanted her to
wear the heels. Her answer was always barefoot. I fastened her wrists
behind her back and led her to the kitchen. She said if I didn't need her
to help with dinner, she would like the blindfold on now. I fetched her
blindfold, seated her in the chair she usually used in the kitchen, and
blindfolded her. After uncorking a bottle of wine, I gave her a sip and
took one for myself.

    She asked if she could talk to me while I worked. I said I wanted her
to talk, and asked her if she wanted to know any more about the slave trade
among masters. She said the only question she cared about was "why?" and
she knew the answer was "because they can." I told her that was correct, it
gave them an additional feeling of power over the slaves. But on occasion
it could actually be a positive thing for the slave. She asked how being
bought and sold like cattle could be a positive thing. I said if a master
and slave just don't get along, it wouldn't be the master that suffered, it
would be the slave. The ability of a master to get rid of a slave he didn't
want, and receive equal value in a trade, provided a safety valve. She said
she understood what I was saying, but the whole system was corrupt and
obscene, so providing a safety valve is hardly redeeming. I said I had no
argument with her, I could not justify my involvement in that system, nor
was I offering any apology for it. I was just glad I was involved with her
now and not them. She said she didn't want to talk about that anymore, it
was making her angry.

    I asked her if she would consider a little dancing with her Master
after dinner. She asked if I meant real dancing, or turning her into a
quivering idiot. I said it would definitely start out as real dancing, but
I couldn't rule out that there would be a little bit of quivering at the
end. She laughed and said she would take her chances. I asked her if she
had ever danced blindfolded before. She said No, that would be another of
many new and pleasurable experiences she would have with her Master. I
brought her another sip of wine, followed by a kiss.

    While I was feeding Carrie and myself dinner, she asked me what we
would do if we found out they knew where she was and they were coming after
her. I said in that case, her wish to leave here would suddenly be granted,
only she probably would never return. But no matter what, she would not be
taken by the organization. She asked me if I really believed what I had
just said. I told her that as long as I lived, it was a fact. She smiled,
and said she hoped I lived a long time.

    After I had cleared the dinner dishes and untied Carrie from her chair,
I led her to the living room and turned on the radio. After giving each of
us some more wine, I began dancing with her. Her wrists were fastened
behind her back, and I was holding her by her waist. Neither of us were
practiced at dancing like that, so we were a little clumsy for the first
few minutes. When we were both comfortable, she moved closer to me and put
her head on my chest.

    We danced in silence for awhile, then she said she wanted to talk about
something that was on her mind. I told her to go ahead, and she said she
was remembering two things we had said at different times. The first was
last night, when I held her by her labia and she held me by my cock, and we
kissed. We both agreed that we understood then how it felt to be both the
holder and the held. The second thing she was thinking about was that I had
told her there was no reason we couldn't play many different roles in each
other's life. When I heard both of those subjects, I knew what was coming.
I remained quiet, waiting for her to ask it.

    After talking around what she wanted to say for awhile, she asked if
there was a possibility that her Master would allow her to know how it felt
to be the dominant member of the team, while her Master learned how it felt
to be the submissive. I told her that was a pretty general question, and
the answer would depend upon the exact circumstances she was proposing. She
said my answer gave her hope, she had expected an immediate No answer.

    I removed her blindfold and led her to the carpeted part of the living
room. I had her kneel in the Learning Pose, and I sat across from her and
took her hands in mine. That is how we had the rest of our conversation.

    I asked her if she had a specific proposal she wanted to make at this
time. She said it had only just now occurred to her to ask the question,
but she could propose a scenario. She asked if we could trade places for 24
hours, so that she was my Mistress and I was her Slave for that time. I
asked her what would be the conditions during this period of role reversal.
She said her preference would be that the whole 24 hours would take place
in the basement. I asked her what activities she imagined we would engage
in during this time. She said anything she chose, we would do, and any
command she gave, her slave would obey. Then she added that there would be
one limitation, I would not be put in the learning machine. Other than
that, she would be completely free to determine what we did. I asked her
what would be her goal, what did she want to achieve? She said she wanted
to do to me everything I had done to her in the training room, both here
and at the organization. She wanted to know what it felt like to do the
things I had done to her, and she wanted me to know what it felt like to
have those things done to me.

    I asked her if she included punishment in her scenario, and she said
punishment would only occur if the slave was disobedient or broke a rule. I
asked her how she would bind her slave, since her bondage equipment
wouldn't fit me. She said there was a set of "one size fits all" bondage
gear in the basement, I could try it on and see if it was satisfactory.

    I told her my gut feel is that it is too soon in her training for this
kind of role reversal. I feared she would become confused about her
submissive nature, and want to modify or end our partnership. She said that
would never happen, she was my Slave for the rest of her life. She only
wanted us to both understand the partnership, if only briefly, from the
alternate point of view. She was sure the experience would make our
relationship stronger, not damage it.

    I asked her when she would want to perform this experiment, and she
said not until her period was over. She proposed the following Saturday, 9
days from now. I would become her slave and she my mistress at midnight
between Friday and Saturday, and we would resume our normal roles 24 hours

    I told her I couldn't give her an answer until I had thought more about
it. I said I would have an answer for her the afternoon before the switch
would take place, but in the meantime we could plan as if we would carry
out her plan. She asked if I would like to try on the bondage gear right
now. I agreed, and we set out for the mural room.

    On our way, she asked if we could temporarily reverse roles while we
were in the mural room, just so we would have a feel for what would occur
in the basement. I asked her how she would want to be addressed. After a
few seconds, she answered "Mistress Carrie." I asked her if she would
address me as Slave, and she said she would come up with better names for
me than that, but for now let's assume I would be called "Fuck Toy" to
start with. That didn't give me a warm feeling about the arrangement, but I
decided to go along for now. Since Carrie was not allowed in the basement,
I had her tell me where the bondage gear was located, and I agreed that
once I returned to the mural room from the basement we would reverse roles
for as long as it took to evaluate the gear.

    When I found the bondage gear downstairs, I found other equipment in
the same drawer, that made me think perhaps I was being played for a
sucker. I decided to bring the whole drawer upstairs, and see where this
would go. Returning to the mural room, I set the drawer down on the
console, and assumed the Waiting Pose. She said, "What are you waiting for,
Fuck Toy, strip!"

    I answered "Yes, Mistress Carrie," as I started to undress. She
immediately told me to keep quiet unless I was told to speak. She said if
we had been downstairs just now, I would have earned my first punishment
for speaking without permission under formal speech rules. Then I knew she
would really get into this role reversal, if I permitted it.

    I stripped as fast as possible, and again assumed the Waiting Pose.
Carrie started pulling the gear from the drawer and putting it on me. Each
item was nothing but a heavy leather belt with different attach points
along its length, and a small lock that would prevent removal without a
key. She attached my collar, tightened it until it was a little too snug,
and locked it, then did the same with the belt, then the wrist and ankle
manacles. When she had everything on me, she said she didn't like the long
loose ends of the belts, they would get in the way. She attached my wrists
behind my back and told me to assume the Waiting Pose while she went to get
a pencil and some scissors, to mark and trim the belts.


  1. Not quite sure how Carrie thinks the role reversal would help strengthen their relationship. No way would I have wanted to switch roles with Matthew...not even for an hour.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Remember I said this story was inspiration in our marriage? We tried role reversal as well. I was determined not to like it, no matter my lip service said I would be open minded. I'm not at all open minded, Cat. I hated it, that mistress stuff and was lousy at will.

      But still we tried,


  2. What nit learning machine ?
    You lnow, just to know how it feels, as he said?

    Mina Lisa

    1. No, it seems harsh enough without the learning machine, Mona Lisa.


  3. Hmm.....i have never had the desire to switch roles with Master, i always see the position with the power as the hardest one to get right...and i would probably end up giggling a lot....
    hugs abby

    1. It does feel uncomfortable from both sides. To call your submissive mistress, Brrrrrr. It is not for everyone. We tried it at this stage of the Carrie story, and after that....

      Never again (smile)



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