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Training Carrie, chapter 24

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 24

     In the bedroom, we embraced and kissed again. She asked if I was going
to replace her blindfold, and I said No, it would just get wet in the tub.
I led her to the bathroom, and we both used the toilet. While she was
sitting and I was kissing her breasts, she thanked me for showing her a new
way to appreciate our partnership.

    In the tub, with the water jets massaging our bodies, we made love. She
was lying on top of me until I told her I was about to come. She quickly
got off of me and took my cock in her mouth. She didn't let me go until she
had taken all I had and licked me clean. I asked her why she did that, and
she said she wanted to stay in the tub a while longer, and she didn't want
me coming in the bath water. I laughed, and asked her if there was ever a
time when she wasn't analysing a situation. She answered that when I was
holding her by her labia and kissing her, she couldn't even think, let
alone analyse.

    She stretched out beside me in the water, and we tenderly kissed and
caressed each other until the water started getting cold. We reluctantly
climbed out, and were about to dry one another, when I told her to get in
the shower and I would wash her hair, then blow dry it. She asked if she
looked that bad with her naturally-dried hair, and I told her she looked
fine, if she wanted to leave it like that it was Ok with me. She said I
could brush it in the morning, she wanted to dry us off and go to bed with
her Master now.

    When we got in bed, it was only 9:15. I told her we had a few hours to
kill, and she smiled, saying that shouldn't be a problem. I told her I knew
how we were going to spend the first hour, my magic tongue and fingers were
going to torture her clit and nipples. She said that wasn't as daunting for
her as it had once been. At least she could still think while she was
undergoing that wonderful torture, whereas the "labia torture" I had
dreamed up today drove all thoughts from her brain and left her feeling
like a puddle on the floor. I said if she really didn't like me holding her
by the labia, we wouldn't do it any more. She said it wasn't a matter of
liking or not liking, it overwhelmed her, but she added that she didn't
think she wanted to do without it now. She only asked that occasionally we
could do it to each other, as we had done tonight. I told her we could do
it to each other any time she wanted to.

    I stimulated her clit and nipples for nearly an hour, and she had
frequent orgasms the whole time. She finally asked me to fuck her ass, and
I gave her nearly 10 minutes of that. As I new she would, she then wanted
to suck my cock, and this time I let her. After she got me off, I told her
to go brush her teeth and use mouthwash, but she started whining that she
didn't know how, she only knew how to brush my teeth, and she needed me to
brush her teeth. Groaning, I got out of bed and led her to the bathroom.

    When we returned to the bedroom, she lay down on the floor in the
middle of the room, on her back. She said she was bored with the bed, but
not with the stud she shared it with, and she wanted to be fucked on the
floor, right now. I asked her if she would settle for me being on the
floor, and she being on me. She said that would do, but she still wanted it
right now. Groaning again, I lay down on my back and told her to get on,
and I would try to get her off. She laughed, and said I could get her off
any time I wanted to, with a single word. She carefully stretched out on me
and guided my cock into her pussy. Without me telling her, she slid down
until she could feel my cock rubbing against her clit. Again without being
asked, she supported herself on her elbows so I could reach her nipples. I
told her our love making was wonderful, but we seemed to have settled on 7
or 8 positions, and always did it the same way. She said the way she looked
at it, we had just zeroed in on the positions that we liked the best. I
said I agreed with her viewpoint, but nevertheless I was giving both of us
the assignment to find new positions for us to try. She asked if we should
go on the internet and research the subject. I said sure, if that was
possible, let's do it tomorrow.

    When we had worn each other out, I helped her up and tied her in bed.
Crawling in next to her, I pulled the sheet over us and spent a minute
kissing her. The last thing I remember, I had my hand on her breast, her
head was turned toward me, and we were looking in one another's eyes.

    I woke up with Carrie calling me. I asked her what was the problem, and
she said she was having her period, and she had bled on the sheets. She
sounded like she was about to cry. I told her it was no problem, I would
take care of it. As I was getting up, I noticed the time was 6:15. I untied
her, briefly kissed her and told her everything was Ok, and helped her out
of bed. She was right, there was a red stain on the sheet. She kept saying
she was sorry, and I took both her hands in mine and told her she had
nothing to be sorry about, she hadn't done anything wrong.

    I took her to the bathroom, and she sat on the toilet. I asked her how
she cleaned herself when this happened, and she showed me what to do. After
she was cleaned up, I had her show me exactly how she wanted me to insert
the tampon, so she wouldn't be more nervous than necessary about
surrendering this function to me. When the tampon was in place to her
satisfaction, I told her I was going to change the sheets. She said No,
that was her job, to please let her do it. I said we would both do it
together, and followed her back to the bedroom. We stripped the bed, and I
took the dirty sheets to the laundry room while she got new ones. When I
returned, she was almost done making the bed, and I helped her finish. She
told me again she was sorry, and I asked her to please not apologize again
for a natural bodily function. I held her in my arms and kissed her, and
she said she loved me, and anything she did to cause me a problem made her
unhappy. I kissed her again and said she was not a problem, and I was not
unhappy, I was in love with a wonderful woman. I told her to let me know
whenever the tampon needed to be changed or removed, and she said she
would. She said this was an embarrassing thing for her, and it was more
embarrassing because I insisted on being involved in it. In that case, I
told her, it was my turn to apologize, because I hadn't wanted to embarrass
her. But I insisted that I would do this for her, each and every time it
happened, because I had to participate in every aspect of her life.

    I took her back to bed and held her in my arms. We talked about last
night and miscellaneous other things, until shortly after 7:00 when Philip
made his usual entrance. Philip sensed right away that Carrie was not her
usual self, and asked if there was a problem. I told him it was Ok, Carrie
had just started her period, and she was afraid I wouldn't love her any
more, now that I know she's a woman. She and Philip were both shocked that
I said that. She sat up in bed and started giving me hell for blabbing
about things that should be kept private. As she was raging at me, she
finally realized what I had said, about just finding out she's a woman, and
she couldn't keep from laughing. She threw her arms around me and thanked
me, and said we would be fine, no matter what. Looking at Philip, she said
that her Master was right, she had started her period, and was not handling
it very well, but fortunately for both of us, her Master's reaction had
been exactly right. She kissed me, and then gave Philip our breakfast
order. As he was leaving, she told Philip we wouldn't be ready for
breakfast until around 8:00

    When Philip was gone, I asked her why we wouldn't be ready until 8:00.
She said it was because we would be fucking in the shower until 7:45.

    Actually, we were out of the shower at 7:40. I wanted to brush her
hair, because it always seemed to brighten her mood to have me do that. By
the time we were ready to leave the bedroom, it was 8:05. I tied her
house wear on, helped her into her heels, and attached her wrists behind her
back. Taking her by one of her labia, I started to lead her to the dining
room. She told me to stop, that she couldn't be walking around the house
naked with a tampon string hanging out of her pussy. I wasn't sure at first
whether calm reason or a stern Master was the best approach, but I decided
it was time for stern Master to settle this whole period thing. I told her
she would go anywhere she was told, whether she had a piece of string, a
vibrator, or a carrot sticking out of her pussy. I continued leading her
out of the bedroom, and she didn't make any further protest.

    When we were seated for breakfast, I gave her a sip of coffee, then a
piece of fruit. While she was chewing, I asked her if she had ever wondered
how her periods would have been dealt with during her training at the
organization. She said it had never occurred to her, she assumed they would
give her a tampon or something. I told her they would give her nothing, she
would be expected to go through her normal Slave duties, the same as every
other day. If she was bleeding, she would bleed on the floor, and then be
punished for it at the end of each day. Her training Master would fuck her
pussy more often than usual, and each time would punish her for getting
blood on him. Her blood would remain on the floor until her period was
over, then she would clean it all up on her knees. I said if they were
feeling generous, they would let her use her hands to clean it up, but more
likely she would have to use her tongue.

    She was shocked at what I told her. She asked me if that was the truth,
and I said it was the truth. Then I told her that, all things considered,
maybe she should just relax, and be happy she was with someone who wanted
to be a part of her life, instead of someone who would punish her for being
a woman. She looked me in the eyes, and said I was absolutely right, she
was thankful she was with me, and she would never object again to anything
I wanted to do to participate in her life. She didn't stop looking at me
for the remainder of our breakfast, and every few minutes she repeated that
she loved me.

    When we were finished with breakfast, I led her back to the bedroom.
When I released her wrists, she put her arms around me and held me tight.
After a minute, I asked her what was wrong. She said what I told her at
breakfast scared her. I told her it was not my intention to scare her, she
had escaped that fate, and had no need to fear it. She asked what if they
found her, and forced her to go back? I told her that would not happen, the
people who loved her would not let it happen, she needed to trust herself
and us to protect her. I asked her whom she obeyed, and she answered, "My
Master, always." I asked her to whom she belonged, and she said, "My
Master." I asked her to whom else she belonged, and she said she didn't
know what I wanted her to say. I told her we had agreed last night that we
were co-owners of one another. So, to whom else did she belong? "Myself,"
she said with confidence. I asked her to repeat for me, to whom she
belonged. She said, "My Master and myself." I asked her to whom her Master
belonged, and she smiled and said, "My Master and myself." I said that
sounded like a team to me, then I asked her if she trusted Philip, and she
said she trusted him with her life. I asked her if she remembered what
Philip told her about her abilities yesterday at the firing range. "He told
me I was capable of defending myself," she said proudly. I kissed her, and
said Philip was right. She hugged me tightly, then looked me in the eye,
smiled, and asked what we were going to do today.

    I told her she was going to sing to me for twenty minutes, then she
would do her weight training exercises. She laughed, and said she couldn't
sing. I told her that was Ok, I had no ear for music, so I wouldn't know if
she was good or bad. She asked if I was kidding. I sat down in the chair
facing her, and said I was serious, she could start now. She said this was
crazy, she couldn't sing to me. I asked her if she new the words to any
songs, and she said she knew most of the words to some of the songs she
liked. I said those were the songs I was most anxious to hear, the ones she
liked. I sat silently and looked at her. Finally she sighed, took a deep
breath, and began singing.

    She wasn't a great singer, but she tried her best. After each song, I
applauded, told her she was great, and asked her to please sing something
else. After the second song, she lost most of her self-consciousness. I'm
sure she thought it was stupid, but nevertheless she obeyed and tried her
best to do a good job. She had sung about 10 songs when the 20 minutes were
up, and I thanked her for doing such an excellent job. I asked her if she
would be willing to do it again for me sometime, and she said Sure, if I
really wanted to hear her sing. I stood up and hugged her, then kissed her
and said it was time to do her weight training. She seemed a little bemused
by the whole singing thing, but her mood was much better than it was 20
minutes ago.

    After clipping her wrists together, I led her to the exercise room,
then removed her heels and house wear. After attaching her leash, I freed
her wrists. Then I told her to put on her socks and shoes, and do her
warm-up and stretching. I stood behind the elliptical trainer holding her
leash, and watched her. She did everything just right, as always. I moved
with her to the weight bench, and continued to hold her leash while she set
up the bench. I told her to add 5 pounds for each exercise, she was not
challenged by the weight I had started her using. She went through the sets
for each exercise. At one point I realized she was not talking, and I told
her we were no longer in the basement, she could talk to me if she wanted
to. She smiled, and said she enjoyed singing to me, and would like to do it
again. I told her she would do it again tonight. She grinned and thanked

    When she finished all the exercises, I asked her how it felt. She said
with the added weight, she was struggling with the last reps of each set. I
told her that was perfect, but reminded her never to sacrifice form for
weight. If she couldn't maintain the proper form, she should reduce the
weight. I then told her to do her cool-down and stretches, and walked with
her to the elliptical trainer. When she finished, I ran my hands over her
body. She asked if I wanted sex, and I said always, but right now I was
just finding out if she was sweaty, which she wasn't.

    She asked what was next, and I said it was her turn to choose an
activity. She said she still had two usable orifices, and wanted to fuck
her Master. I took her hands in mine, and told her I didn't want to hear
her talk like that again. I said she was going to have a period every
month, and she was not "broken" while it was going on. I reminded her that
we had a good time this morning in the shower, and said that her Master
loved her and desired her as much right now as he had yesterday. Then I
told her to lie down on the floor, because I felt like stimulating her clit
for a few hours. She said I didn't have to do that, she would try really
hard to maintain a positive attitude during her periods. I told her I
didn't have to do anything I didn't want to do, and right now my tongue was
eager to torment her clit.

    She said she wasn't trying to bargain with me, but she felt like she
owed me a blow job after I finished stimulating her clit. I told her if she
agreed to have all the orgasms she wanted to, we had a deal. She put out
her hand, I shook it, and she lay down on the floor.

    It was actually no different this time than the last. I didn't go
rooting deeply in her pussy with my tongue, but to get to her clit was no
different, the tampon wasn't in the way at all. I reached up and began
tormenting her nipples as I was tonguing her clit. She began having orgasms
immediately. She was running her fingers through my hair, as she had done
before. She started talking, and soon got around to thanking me for trying
to make her feel that everything was normal. That really pissed me off. I
stopped, sat up, and told her I had had it with her negative attitude. I
told her everything WAS normal, except she was convinced she was somehow
broken by having her period. I asked her if she was determined to prove to
me that this was a tragedy, even though it was no big deal? And were we
going to go through this same bullshit next month, and the month after? She
had tears in her eyes, and she said she didn't know why she was acting like
this. She knew I was not put off at all by her having her period, the
problem was entirely hers. She didn't know why it was affecting her like
this, but she didn't like what she was doing. If her Master could just be
patient with her, his example would surely allow her to get past these
hang-ups. I apologized to her for losing my temper, and went back to work
on her clit and nipples.

    After a minute, she began having orgasms again. She didn't say anything
more, she was probably afraid it would come out sounding negative. I kept
working on her for at least 30 minutes, then told her my tongue was going
numb, I had to rest. She said I had done enough, it was her turn. I said
Ok, and rolled over. She unfastened my pants, and had me raise my ass while
she slid them off. She said she wanted me naked, so I sat up and pulled off
my shirt. Then I grabbed her and kissed her hard. I asked her if she tasted
any different on my lips than she remembered from before, and she said No.
I told her she didn't taste any different to me, either, so she should just
let go of the bullshit and be the good Slave I had come to know and love.
She looked into my eyes, nodded her head, and said she would obey. Then she
went to work on my cock. She kept me at the edge of orgasm for about 20
minutes, until I asked her to please finish me. She quickly brought me to
orgasm, and then kept me in her mouth until I had completed ejaculating.
After she cleaned me off, she released my cock and kissed it. She crawled
up beside me, and I put my arms around her and told her I loved her. We
went to sleep together on the floor in the exercise room.

    I woke up with her kissing me. I craned my head around to look at the
clock, and saw it was nearly 11:00. We got up off the floor and got
dressed. I asked her if she was Ok. She said she needed to use the toilet
and she needed a new tampon, other than that she was fine. I hugged and
kissed her, and told her I loved her. She said she had been a real bitch
ever since she woke up and found her period had started. She said she could
cop out and claim it was hormones, but the real problem was she couldn't
maintain her perfect Slave image while bleeding from her pussy. I asked her
why she didn't understand that I didn't care about that. She said it wasn't
me that was the problem, she couldn't accept herself with limitations. I
told her that I accepted her, maybe she should trust my judgement. She
laughed, and said she wished she could. She asked me if I would be patient
with her, and lead her by example? I said Ok, I would start by leading her
to the bathroom. I grasped one of her labia, and lead her to the bathroom.
We went through our toilet ritual, then she showed me how to remove the old
tampon, clean her pussy, and install a new tampon. I told her that I would
do it without help next time, and she would only correct any mistakes I
might make. She said her flow seemed pretty light, her period would
probably be over in about 4 days. I said 4 days, 4 weeks, 4 months, she was
still my woman. She told me to bite my tongue, 4 days was quite long

    After clipping Carrie's wrists behind her back, I took hold of one of
her labia, and said we were going to find Philip and see about lunch. I was
sure she would protest me leading her to Philip like that, but she kept
quiet. We found him, and he didn't notice, or pretended not to notice, how
I was holding his little girl. She told him we were starving, and he said
he would have something for us in a few minutes, we should be seated in the
dining room. I led Carrie to her chair, and watched as she lifted her
house wear to bare her ass and sit. I kissed her nipples and lips, then took
my chair.

    She was sitting quietly and looking at me. I looked at her, and said,
"Cum." She immediately had an orgasm, then smiled at me. She asked me what
was the occasion. I told her she would have an orgasm any time I told her
to, but she didn't trust me when I said her period was an unimportant event
in our lives. She said she got the message, and she was trying very hard to
get her shit together. I said that was good enough for me, anything she set
her mind to, she would accomplish. She smiled at me, and said my confidence
in her  helped.

    Philip brought our lunch then. I told him it looked great, then took
Carrie's tea glass and held it up to her mouth. She drank half the glass. I
told her I had intended to get some fluids in her after her weight
training, but we went to sleep instead. She smiled and said we were
obviously tired, and needed the nap. I fed her a mouthful of food, and she
grinned when she tasted it. I said if it was that good, I'd better try it
myself. It was that good.

    After a few more bites, I told her to drink the rest of her tea, and I
would get her a second glass. She drained the glass, and I got up to refill
it. She asked for her customary three kisses before I left her, and I
kissed her nipples and lips. When I returned with her tea, I gave her three
more kisses, then sat and proceeded to finish feeding her and myself. While
we were lingering over the last of the tea, she asked me what was on the
agenda for this afternoon. I told her she was going to show me some new
territory on her property. She asked if we should go walking while she was
"on the rag." I told her if she didn't have a wheelchair I could push her
around in, maybe we should forget it. She laughed, and said she had that
coming. Of course we could go for a walk, she would enjoy showing her
Master new territory. I told her I didn't care how much self pity she was
feeling, as far as I was concerned it was business as usual. She smiled and
said that was the attitude she needed from me.

    When we finished, I lead her back to the bedroom. After applying
sun-block to her body, I put her harnesses on, then attached the leash to
her collar. After she put on her socks and shoes, I put her in the Waiting
Pose, then went to fill the canteen and tell Philip we were going out. I
put the canteen and a blanket at the side door, then went to get my Slave.
After going to the bathroom and putting a couple of tampons in my pocket, I
returned to the bedroom. I told Carrie to grab her kit, then I took the
leash and lead her to the door. We ran into Philip on the way, and he was
obviously unhappy to see her wearing the harnesses and leash, but he
remained silent. She smiled at him, but didn't speak. I grabbed the canteen
and blanket, and we started out.

    Once we were outside, I put the canteen over Carrie's shoulder, and
handed her the blanket. I knew she wanted to protest, but she just looked
at me and smiled. I told her to walk ahead so I could watch her ass, and
she lead the way. She followed our usual path to the first clearing, then
turned left instead of right. I was in unknown territory, relying on her
experience. The path she was following had not been used lately, so it
there was waist-high brush and weeds to get through. Carrie was blazing the
trail as if she wasn't naked. I was sure she was accumulating scratches and
insect bites, but I kept quiet and followed her. I spoke for the first
time, and told her to talk to me and tell me where we were going. She said
there was a level spot up ahead, at the top of the hill we were climbing.
She said it might be big enough to spread the blanket and rest for awhile.

    When we reached the hilltop she was talking about, she said it was
bigger than she remembered. There was plenty of room to put down the
blanket, but the brush and weeds currently held sway. I stood by and told
her to stomp down the brush and create a clearing. She smiled while she was
obeying my command. When she had beat down all the brush, she spread the
blanket, then motioned for me to lie down. I did, and then she put down her
kit and took off the canteen. She stood, smiling at me and waiting for an
invitation. I held out my hand, she took it and lay down next to me. I told
her to kiss me, and she gave me a passionate kiss. Then I told her to cum,
and she did.

    I stood up, and told her to undress me and put sun-block on my body.
She slowly undressed me, kissing my body as she revealed it. Then she
rubbed sun-block on my skin. When she was finished, she pressed her body
against me and kissed me. I told her I was going to lie on my back, then
she would lie on top of me on her back, and I would butt fuck her. She
stood by me, smiling, as I lay down. then she carefully lay down on top of
me. I guided my cock into her ass, and told her to guide me into the
position she had discovered by "visualizing the geometry." That really was
the perfect position, and I began fucking her slowly, while stimulating her
nipples and clit. She started coming immediately. She told me she loved me,
and I said I loved her, too.

    After I had come in her ass, we remained still. I had my arms around
her, and she had wrapped her arms around mine. She said this was perfect,
we should lie here forever. I laughed, and said this is nearly perfect,
perfect would be if I were lying on top of her. She asked if I wanted her
to get off of me, and I said Yes, in about a week. She reached back over
her head and put a hand to each side of my face. She said the only
disadvantage to this position for her was that she couldn't see me. I told
her to roll over, and solve her problem. She said she had a cleaning duty
to perform first, and she got off of me and took my cock in her mouth.

    She soon had me hard again, and kept me that way for about 15 minutes.
She had positioned herself between my legs, and at one point she let go of
me long enough to tell me to put her bag under my head so I could sit up
and watch her working on my cock. I did, and she looked into my eyes
constantly while she blew me. I felt my orgasm starting, and told her to
come with me. When I was finished, she cleaned me off as usual, then rinsed
her mouth out thoroughly with the canteen water. She then stretched out
beside me with her head on my chest and one arm around me. I asked her how
she felt. She raised her head and looked at me, and said she was loved and
in love, and she felt great.


  1. Still reading. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. A interesting chapter.
    Who knew ..

    Thank you,
    Mona Lisa

    1. I did, LOL. But it is fun to read it again, Mona Lisa,


  3. Hmmmm...I love his attitude about her period...but not sure i could adjust as quickly as she did.....
    hugs abby

    1. It is a big taboo right? Cannot see why. It was never a taboo in our marriage, right from the start my Wanita was very open with it.

      I love a girl all days of the month, without skipping a few,



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