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Training Carrie, chapter 23

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 23

Carrie and I were locked in a long kiss when Philip came into the
living room. I knew he was there, but we weren't ready to break our kiss
for a few more seconds. He stood and waited for us with a smile. When we
broke, I said we were ready, and we all set out down the driveway.

    Beverly was again waiting for us outside her house. She hugged and
kissed Carrie, then hugged me, and told both of us she was so glad we had
come back so soon. She said that after what Carrie had said when we were
leaving, she thought it would be weeks before she could see her little girl
again. Carrie smiled and curtsied when she heard the "little girl" part. I
didn't want to tell her we were really here to use the shooting range, so I
just kept quiet. Carrie said we had decided it was bad manners to live so
close and not drop by now and then for a visit.

    We all went inside and sat down, and again Beverly had something to eat
and drink for her guests. Almost immediately, she whisked Carrie off  to
some other part of the house, probably for "girl talk." I asked Philip what
news there was concerning the organization. He had not heard any new
reports from the detective. He also said there were still no signs of
anyone snooping around the property, so as far as he could tell we remained
undiscovered and safe. I found it easy to talk to Philip when he was not in
his role as our butler, servant, or whatever he considered himself to be at
our house. He and I had a very strong cause in common, protecting Carrie,
and that seemed to eclipse all other differences and allow us to function
as friends and co conspirators. But I never had a moments doubt about how he
would choose if he had to choose between me and Carrie. I hoped he had the
same understanding of my allegiances, also.

    Soon after Beverly and Carrie came back and joined us, Philip began
steering the conversation toward firearms. Beverly tried to get him to
stop, but Carrie and I had both taken up the thread, so Beverly was voted
down and gave up. It took no time at all for him to get to the invitation
to check out his practice range in the basement. When Carrie said she would
love to try her hand at shooting, Beverly tried to tell her talk her out of
it. But Carrie said she really wanted to do it, and she wouldn't stand for
the "boys" playing with their toys and excluding her. So the three of us
went to the basement, and Beverly said she was going outside to work in her
garden. Mission accomplished.

    In the basement, we were all grinning like the successful conspirators
we were. Since the whole point of this was for Carrie to learn to shoot her
pistol, we had her start with an empty clip and an unloaded gun. She filled
the clip, inserted it into the pistol, checked the safety, and cocked the
pistol like she had done it a thousand times. Philip said he thought she
had never used this kind of pistol before, how did she learn that? She said
her Master had taught her, then she caught her slip and said she meant to
say that Bill had taught her, and she wouldn't make that mistake again.
Philip said that a remark like that in front of Beverly would be hard to
explain. Carrie said she was sorry, and it would never happen again. I told
Philip that if she said she would never do it again, she meant just that,
he didn't need to worry about her.

    Philip decided not to press the point, and he began showing Carrie the
proper stance and grip to accurately shoot the gun. I kept quiet and
watched, immediately recognizing that he was the expert here, not me. After
a few minutes and one demonstration shot by Philip, Carrie took over and
took some shots. She was actually pretty good. Except for her very first
shot, she always hit the silhouette of the target. After two clips, she was
consistently putting shots into the kill zone. I figured she was already my
equal, and knowing her, she would rapidly get better with practice.

    Philip and I did a little shooting, but mostly we let Carrie practice
as much as she wanted to. After almost an hour, she said that was enough
for her first attempt. She asked me if she did Ok, and I laughed. I told
her she should ask the expert, Philip. His opinion in this area was what
counted. Philip said she would be his equal after another hour of shooting,
and she was fully capable of defending herself now. She thought he was
kidding, and she laughed. I told her he wasn't joking, like everything else
she was serious about learning, she had excelled. Before we let her leave,
Philip made her show how she would prepare the gun for carrying, fully
loaded but safe. I had already drilled that into her, and she had it down

    We went back upstairs, then outside to join Beverly. She made a bad
joke about Carrie not shooting either of us. I put my arm around Carrie,
and gently told Beverly that she was being unfair, that Carrie had hit
absolutely everything she had aimed at, and nothing she hadn't aimed at.
Philip also spoke up and said that Carrie obviously had an interest in
shooting, she had a natural ability in marksmanship, and there was no
reason why she shouldn't know how to shoot. Then he looked at Beverly with
a serious expression, and said that knowing how to handle a gun might
someday come in handy for Carrie. Beverly obviously got that message, and
never made another critical comment about Carrie shooting.

    I took advantage of the awkward situation Beverly had created, and said
it was time for Carrie and I to get back home. No one objected, but Beverly
extracted a promise that we would come back to see her soon. We said our
goodbyes, and headed back to the driveway, arm in arm.

    When we were out of sight of the guest house, I took Carrie in my arms
and we shared a long, deep kiss. I asked her if she had enjoyed shooting.
She said it was fun, and asked me if she was really as good as Philip had
said. I told her she was that good, and would get even better. We started
walking toward our house again, and I told her to remove her blouse. I
thought she would object, and ask to wait until we were farther from the
guest house, but she said "Yes, Master," and immediately unbuttoned her
blouse and removed it. I took it from her, then asked for her skirt. We
stopped for a moment while she took off her skirt and handed it to me. I
had her face me so I could see the state of her lipstick-covered pussy lips
and her rouged breasts. "Damned sexy, if I do say so myself," I told her,
and she gave me a big smile. I turned her toward our house, and patted her
butt plug gently. With her arm around me, and my hand roaming over her ass,
we resumed our walk home.

    As we neared the house, I told her she was now released from her
prohibition against orgasms. She asked if she could wait until we were
having sex, and I said she certainly could, unless her Master commanded her
to come before then. In that case she would come immediately.

    Once we were inside, I took her to the bathroom and reattached her
bondage gear. I said that her painted pussy and tits were a real turn on.
Taking her into the bedroom, I sat in a chair and had her walk around so I
could look at her from different angles. I asked her if she knew of any
dyes that we could use to more permanently emphasize her nipples, areolae,
and pussy lips. She didn't, but she said we could go online, to some of the
e-commerce sites where she had purchased the dildoes, vibrators, and fetish
equipment. If there were skin dyes available, they would probably have

    I asked her how she had made those purchases, and she said she had
credit cards using false names, that could only be traced to Mr. Collins.
Everything she ordered was delivered to an employee of Mr. Collins, and
then forwarded to Philip, and eventually brought to her. She took me into
the office and logged on. She quickly took me on a tour of the porn sales
sites she had used before. We found some skin dyes, and placed an order for
a variety of colours, but I was worried that they might not be safe. I told
that while we were waiting for them to arrive, we would look for dyes
approved by the FDA for use on human skin, if there were any. But since we
were touring the porn sites, I took the opportunity to look for interesting
things we might add to our toolkit. I found a small vibrator designed for
direct attachment to the clit without pain, or without much pain. I told
her we needed one of those. She said I could already drive her up the wall
with just my tongue. I told her I could be able to put her on the ceiling
and beyond with this, and we were going to get it. I also told her to get a
second vibrator for her nipples, so we wouldn't have to share one between
the two breasts. She added them to our order, then submitted it.

    I told her I really wanted to know if she would be able to suppress an
orgasm with five vibrators on her at once, and as soon as the new ones
arrived we were going to find out. She said she shuddered to think about
five vibrators at one time, but would do her best to obey her Master.

    While we were in the office, I remembered that she had told me we could
tap into the security monitoring service from here, and I had her show me
how to do it. There were two monitors tied directly to the security system.
One displayed the picture from whatever image source was selected. the
other displayed the command interface that allowed the image sources to be
selected. I played with it until I felt comfortable. The command interface
included a map view of her property, with all camera positions shown. That
was the first time I really appreciated the size and shape of her property.
We had only covered a small part of it on our walks.  I told Carrie we
would widen our range, and explore further in the future. She said she had
been almost everywhere you could get on foot, and would start taking me to
new areas. Grinning, she pointed out that the places we had already visited
were the best places to spread a blanket and a Slave.

    I said if we were going to talk dirty, I had an urge to lie on my back,
while getting fucked slowly, and looking at my painted woman. I asked her
if that was something she could arrange for me, bearing in mind that part
of the experience had to be many and frequent orgasms by the aforementioned
painted woman. She said I talked too much, took my hand, and led me to the

    We were nearly to the bedroom, when she stopped, and said, "food
colouring." I asked her what she was talking about, and she said we should
try using food colouring on her skin. It probably wouldn't last long, but it
might produce brighter colours than the rouge. She asked if I wanted to fuck
first, or experiment first. I told her I was a sucker for experimenting,
let's do that.

    She said she should remove what was left of the rouge from her breasts.
We continued to the bathroom, and she handed me some make-up remover and a
cotton ball, and I went to work on a breast. The rouge came off pretty
easily, so I got a second cotton ball and cleaned her other breast. She
said I was turning her on, and I told her this was her plan, she would have
to see it through.

    She  grabbed a box of cotton swabs, and we went to the kitchen. She got
out the food colouring and a small bowl, and put a small amount of water in
the bowl. She asked what colour I wanted her to be. I said we could
experiment with different colours, maybe dark brown. Then I said, why didn't
we keep it simple to start with, and go for bright red. She said I was
making fun of her, and I said I wasn't, she could decide the colour herself
if she didn't like red. then I grinned at her, and said that if this works,
I would insist the one boob be red and the other green during Christmas.
"Not funny," she said. She tried to mix the colours to get the dark brown I
had mentioned originally, but it looked more purple than brown. I told her
that was all right, we were testing the technique, we could get the colour
right later. I promised not to laugh at her more than a few minutes no
matter what colour her tits were. "Oh, well, what was I worried about?" she
said, and handed me the cotton swabs.

    I grasped her breast from below with my open hand, and lifted it up.
Taking a swab in my other hand, I saturated it in the food colouring and
began covering her areola and nipple. It looked closer to brown on her
skin than in the bowl. After fully covering the area, I blew on her to dry
it, then put on a second and a third coat. Then I repeated the entire
process on the other breast. The colouring effect was too thin, it was
obvious that we would never actually make her skin look brown. The best we
could do looked like a failed attempt to dye her skin.

    When both breasts appeared to have dried completely, I rubbed her with
a finger. Very little colour was transferred to my finger. "Just don't lick
your finger first, or you'll wind up with all the colour on your tongue,"
she said. I asked her why, and she said look at what I put on her, it was
water soluble. Water will remove it. I told her that was no good, she knew
I couldn't go 5 minutes without kissing her nipples. She said she just
thought of that problem, that this would never work. I told her that was
Ok, it was also obvious that we would never get a really dark colour with
food colouring. She looked down at her tits and said, "Well, they are
browner than they've ever been, but they're not very brown. Sorry, Master."
I kissed her, and told her it was a good idea to try this, and now we knew
the result. She had done well.

    I asked her, as long as we are in the kitchen and in an experimenting
mood, is there anything else we could try that might work better? She said
she didn't know of anything to use for colouring, however there were a lot
of things she could put on her breasts and then let her Master lick them
off. I said maybe some other time, I still wanted that fuck, while looking
at my Slave's pale brown nipples. She laughed, poured the remaining food
colouring solution down the drain, and led me by the hand to the bedroom.

    In the bedroom, she said that, if it was important to her Master, we
could put more rouge on her breasts before we began fucking. I told her
this was a long-term project, we didn't need to force a solution today. I
held my arms out, and she began undressing me. When I was naked, I lay down
on my back in bed. She stood beside the bed looking at me for a moment,
then told me she loved me and climbed aboard. After inserting my cock into
her pussy, she asked me if I had been with many painted hussies like her. I
told her there was nobody like her, and I was the luckiest man on earth to
be able to spend all my time with her.

    She began giving me the long, slow fuck I had requested. I let her do
all the work, I was just lying back and enjoying the sensations and the
view. We both knew how tacky the body colouration idea was, but it had
seemed to turn us both on, and that was really the whole idea. I asked her
if it was a turn on for her to be with Beverly and know she could flash a
rouged tit, or a painted pussy, or a plugged ass at any time. She said it
was a turn on, and it was a constant temptation to actually do it. I told
her we could have fun talking about it and thinking about it, but it was
one thing that Carrie must never do. She looked at me with a serious
expression, and said I could stop worrying about her doing that to Beverly,
she would never do that. Then, with a wicked grin, she added, "unless my
Master commands me to."

    I was close to orgasm. I told Carrie that when I said to, she was to
start coming, and have orgasms as frequently as she could until I told her
to stop. She said she would obey. A minute later, I told her to start, and
I came when I felt her first orgasm. She stopped pumping her hips when my
cock went limp, never pausing her own orgasms. I lay still and watched her,
feeling her throbbing body in contact with mine. Almost immediately, I
started getting hard again, When she sensed my dick coming back to life
inside her, she started working her hips again, and took me through another
cycle in a span of about 5 minutes. When I came a second time, I asked her
to stop coming. She smiled at me and stopped immediately. Stretching out on
top of me, she kissed me and thanked me for letting her stop. She said she
was getting tired, and the sensations were getting too intense for her. I
told her we would do this again, and shoot for three orgasms by her Master.
She asked me if I thought we could work our way up to a half dozen someday.
I laughed and said Yes, the day I died.

    After a few minutes rest with her lying on top of me, I told her we
both needed a shower, and then she would fix dinner. She hopped up and
pulled me off the bed. We walked hand-in-hand to the bathroom, and she sat
on the toilet. We went through our usual ritual, and then showered
together. She dried me off, then I clipped her wrists together behind her
back and proceeded to dry her off and comb out her hair. I told her we
would leave her hair damp and straight tonight, I would brush it tomorrow.
I then noticed that the food colouring was entirely gone, and only a trace
of the lipstick remained on her labia. I put her house wear on her and asked
if she wanted shoes or no shoes. She said no shoes, so I led her to the
kitchen, holding one of her outer labia between my thumb and finger. She
said she could barely walk when I held her like that, it made her knees
weak. I told her, in that case, she needed a lot more practice. Tonight and
tomorrow, everywhere she went she would be led like this.

    When we got to the kitchen, I left her in the middle of the room,
telling her I would be right back and she should start planning what she
would make for dinner. I went to the exercise room and got the leash, then
returned to Carrie. I attached the leash to her collar, then released her
wrists, telling her she needed her hands to make dinner. I attached the
leash to a cabinet handle, and left her to her work while I opened a bottle
of wine and poured a glass. After taking a sip, I offered the glass to her.
Even though her hands were free, she stood and waited for me to put the
glass to her lips, then she took a sip.

    She asked if she might have a kiss. I put down the wine, grasped each
of her labia in my fingers, and gave her a long, tender kiss. She put her
arms around my neck and seemed to be hanging on me. When I broke the kiss
and let go of her, she was still hanging on my neck. I asked her if she was
Ok, and she said she would be in a minute. She said I shouldn't do that
again if I wanted any dinner tonight. I laughed and asked her if she was
kidding. She said No, she wasn't kidding, she couldn't function while I was
doing that to her.

    I told her it was another case where she needed more practice, and that
after dinner, we would try dancing like that. She said she wouldn't be able
to, and I said that her Master only asked that she try. When she was able
to take her arms from around my neck, I gave her another sip of wine, then
sat down and watched her prepare dinner. Once she needed to get a utensil
that her leash wouldn't let her reach. I unfastened the leash from the
cabinet and tucked the end of it in her belt. I told her she was her own
Master until dinner was ready. She laughed, and said she would try to be as
good a Master as I was.

    When dinner was plated, I said that her part was finished. I again
grasped one of her labia, and led her into the dining room. I tied her
wrists, ankles, and neck to the chair, and then blindfolded her. Then I
fetched the food and wine from the kitchen. We made small talk while I fed
us. I made a point of complementing her several times on the meal. It
really was excellent, she was as good a cook as she claimed to be. A couple
of times I got out of my chair to kiss her nipples and lips, then sat down
again and resumed the meal. When we were finished and had shared a second
glass of wine, I asked her if she would like a little ice cream for
dessert. She agreed, and I went to get a small bowl of ice cream for us to

    With her still seated, I pulled her chair away from the table, then
knelt in front of it between her legs. I fed her a small spoonful, then
dribbled some partially melted ice cream down one of her breasts. She
gasped when she first felt the coldness. I let it run down onto her nipple,
then licked her clean. I fed her another bit, then repeated the process on
her other breast. She asked me if she had permission to come, and I said
she did. Naturally, she came immediately. I told her I had no idea she
liked ice cream that much. She smiled, and said she had never had it like
this before.

    After repeating the process a few more times on her breasts, I took a
napkin from the table and tucked it between her legs and under her pussy.
She knew what was coming next, and she said, "Oh, my God." I fed her a bit
of ice cream, then dribbled some on her belly, above her pussy. I watched
it run down, around and into the folds of her pussy. I put some more on
her, and let it join the first batch. She was coming continuously. After
letting her anticipate what was going to happen, I began licking up the ice
cream, along with her own juices. When she was clean, I put another spoon
of ice cream to her lips. She asked me to please take her to bed and fuck
her. I told her we weren't even half finished with the ice cream, and I had
promised her some dancing after dinner. We would have hours of time later
for fucking. She said she didn't think she would live through the rest of
the ice cream and the dancing, and I told her she was strong, she could do
anything to please her Master.

    It took about 15 minutes to finish the ice cream. By that time, it was
all melted, and no longer very cold. I told her we seemed to have finished
the ice cream, would she like some more. "God, no, I couldn't stand any
more, this is the most wonderful torture I could imagine," she said. I
asked her if she would like to dance. She asked if I meant to hold her the
way I had mentioned earlier, and I said of course, that was the whole
point. She said she really didn't think she could do that, it turned her
into a pile of jello when I held her like that. I asked her what flavour, I
preferred orange. She laughed, and said, "Ok, I'll be orange for you,

    I told her I would free her as soon as I had cleared the table. When
everything had been removed to the kitchen, I poured a final glass of wine,
then released Carrie from the chair. I told her she would remain
blindfolded until we were ready for sleep. As soon as her wrists were
released from the chair, I clipped them together in front. After giving her
a sip of wine, I grasped one of her labia and gently pulled her out of the
chair, then led her to the living room. After turning on the radio, I stood
in front of her and said that we didn't have to dance, we could just stand
and sway to the music. I asked her if I could have this dance, and with a
tremble in her voice she said Yes.

    I took hold of both of her labia, and she immediately put her manacled
hands around my neck. I gave her a lingering kiss and started swaying to
the music. She tried to move with me, but wound up just hanging onto me and
letting me take her wherever I went. I maintained lip contact with her
until the song ended, then broke the kiss and asked her if she was Ok. She
answered in a weak voice that she was definitely not Ok, she was barely
able to talk to me. I asked her if she wanted me to release her, and she
said Yes, for a minute, then we could do it some more. I released her and
took her by the waist, then asked her if she could tell me why this
affected her so strongly. She said it was such an intimate thing to do, but
at the same time so impersonal, even arrogant on her Master's part. It made
her feel like she was nothing but property, yet a treasured property. It
gave her an intense feeling of enslavement to someone she adored, and she
had no choice but to surrender to it totally.

    I let go of her waist and again grasped her labia. She sighed. I told
her to tell me again how she felt about her Master and herself and our
relationship when I was holding her like this. She repeated what she had
said before, except she said it like she was talking to me, rather than
answering a question. When she finished talking, I gave her another long,
sensual kiss. She had been supporting her own weight until I kissed her,
but within a few seconds she was hanging from my neck again.

    After a few minutes, I stopped kissing her and released her labia. I
told her I wanted to try a variation, but she would need to support her own
weight, because she would need her arms and hands free for another task.
She said she would try her best. I stepped back from her, and quickly took
my clothes off. Moving close to her again, I grasped her labia, then told
her to reach out and take control of her property.  She asked what I meant,
and I told her there was a cock that was aching for her touch. It belonged
to her, and it was waiting to be claimed by its owner. She tentatively
reached out until her hands met my belly, then she felt down until she felt
my erect cock. She took hold of it with both hands, and immediately gave me
a beaming smile. "Oh, Master," she said, "this is so perfect. Now I know
how you feel when you are holding me."

    I said, "And I know how you feel when I'm holding you. We are each
other's property now, I guess you could call us co-owners of one another.
To make it perfect, kiss me." We reached across our grasping hands until
our lips met in a long, passionate kiss. When we finally broke the kiss, I
asked her how she felt now. She didn't answer for a long time, then she
finally said she couldn't talk about it now, but it was perfect. She asked
if we could analyse it later, and just enjoy it now. We shared another long

    I asked her if she would like to go to bed now, and she said Yes. I
released her wrists and removed her blindfold, then gathered up my clothes.
I grasped one of her labia in my free hand, then waited. She grasped my
cock in one hand, and together we walked to the bedroom.


  1. I enjoyed this chapter for the most part but gotta say...still haven't figured out the fixation he has on watching each other on the toilet....smh.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. No comment on moving around by the labia, huh? It all make sense if you look about it from the no barriers perspective.
      Say you love some one so much that you don't want any taboo between you, you want to share all, like you are one. The taboo on licking a woman in that time of the month, the taboo we learned as little kids about toilet behaviour. Well how close would the relation be if al those taboo's were gone between you and your lover.

      In real life it cannot be done, no that is not true. We, Wanita and I did come from far, but did not succeed in all. But we tried.

      Thank you for your comment, and of course I understand what you mean,


  2. This chapter turned me to jello...or at least ...as Master puts it...a wet, soppy mess. Being led around by the labia.....i have found someone who is more creative than my Master.....and wondering if i should clue Him in on some things....LOL.
    hugs abby

    1. A point few people picked up by now. It is soooooo very exiting Abby. For the dominant as well. I don't know how drugs feel like, but is MUST be something like that.

      Do. Do tell him. Do try it out.
      Abby. It is so great.



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