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Training Carrie, chapter 22

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 22

     When the dinner dishes had been cleared, it was nearly 9:00. I told
Carrie I wanted to take my Slave to bed so we could make love before
falling asleep next to one another. I reminded her that tomorrow afternoon,
Bill and Carrie were going back to see Philip and Beverly, and hopefully
have some time for target practice. She said she had forgotten about that,
but she was now looking forward to it. She asked if she could do her
aerobics tomorrow, and I told her she would do it right after breakfast.
She wanted to know if she could talk to me during the exercise, and I said
that was a requirement. She said Good, she had a lot of things she wanted
to say. I told her she didn't have to wait, if she had something to say she
could talk to me any time. She answered that she knew that was true, but
sometimes it was easier to say things when she was supposed to be babbling
nonstop. I laughed and told her it was up to her, but her Master was always
happy to hear what his beautiful Slave had to say.

    I grabbed the half-empty wine bottle and glass, and led my Slave to our
bedroom. After removing her house wear and unfastening her wrists, I started
to remove the blindfold. She took my hands in hers and asked me to leave it
on while we made love. But, she added, she wished I would not let her go to
sleep blindfolded, because she was afraid she would panic if she woke up
blindfolded and restrained. I assured her that the blindfold would come off
before she was tied up for the night.

    We both had to use the toilet, so I led her to the bathroom and seated
her. While she sat, I knelt in front of her and tenderly kissed her
nipples. Then I led her to the bidet and held her while she squatted, and
finally dried her off. I led her back to the toilet and held her hands as I
sat down. She knelt in front of me and asked me to kiss her. Once she
located my lips, she pushed me back by leaning forward, until I was almost
sitting up straight. With her hands on my thighs, she kissed me
passionately until I was finished with the toilet. I then pulled her up as
I stood, and backed her against the wall. I told her to stand there while I
cleaned and dried myself. Then I took her to bed.

    When we were in bed, she said her ass had needed filling ever since I
removed her plug. I told her we had plenty of time, and we were going to
visit all of her orifices before sleeping, but the first thing I wanted her
to experience blindfolded was my tongue on her clit and my fingers on her
nipples. She asked me to forbid her to cum until my cock was in her pussy,
and I did. Then she told me it was going to take everything she had not to
cum while I was tonguing her clit, but she wanted to take the difficult
path for her Master. It was then I knew she would win the battle to
renounce pain as a training tool. I told her I wanted her to enjoy
everything we did together, but if holding off her orgasms was going to
ruin the pleasure, it wasn't worth it. She reminded me what she had said
before, that orgasm was just one pleasurable experience, and I was giving
her many other pleasurable experiences. She asked me to please let her do
this as a demonstration of her love and submission to her Master. I pushed
her down on the bed and began working on her pussy and clit while
stimulating her nipples.

    Since she had asked for a challenge, I worked her over for 30 minutes.
Finally, she asked me to please stop and fuck her ass for awhile. I told
her my dick was eager for action, and had her roll over and come to her
knees. Holding her hips, I pushed my cock into her pussy just enough to get
it lubricated, then rammed it into her ass. She said she liked that, to
please fuck her hard. I tried my best to grant her wish, and after about 10
minutes I felt like I was going to cum. I pulled out of her ass and
flopped on the bed beside her. She asked why I stopped, and I told her that
she had been forbidden to cum until my cock was in her pussy, so I wasn't
going to cum until then either.

    She found my head and lay down next to me. After we kissed tenderly for
a few minutes, she told me how lucky she felt that we were together, and
how much in love she was, and how she was looking forward to serving me for
the rest of our lives. I told her that, considering what we were both doing
when we met, it was a miracle that we were here together now, and I felt
every bit as lucky that I had her in my life.

    She started kissing her way down my body, and I knew she was going
after my cock with her mouth, to clean me off. I told her she was not going
to do that this time, and that I was going to the bathroom to clean myself
off. She pleaded to do be allowed to it for me, and I told her she would be
allowed to do it in the future, just not tonight.

    When I returned to her from the bathroom, I asked her if she was ready
for a good old straight fuck. She said that sounded nice, and wished that
we could cum together, whenever her Master was ready. I told her that
since her Master had so much less control than his wonderful Slave, I would
tell her when I felt my orgasm starting. From then on, she could cum as
often as she wanted to.

    I gave her almost 10 more minutes, then I told her I couldn't hold out
any longer, to begin her orgasms. She did that immediately, which brought
mine even sooner than I had expected. It seemed to me like I came for
minutes, though I knew it was only seconds. I knew she could have kept
coming for as long as she wanted to, but she stopped when she felt that I
had stopped throbbing inside her. She kissed me and said she couldn't
express how much she loved me, and how happy it made her to be under my
control. I removed her blindfold, and we lay side by side, looking into
each others eyes. A tear ran down her cheek, and she said "happy tear,
Master." To both our surprise, a tear ran down my cheek also. I said "happy
tear, Carrie."

    After several minutes, I got out of bed, poured the last of the wine,
and set the glass on a table beside the most comfortable chair in the
bedroom. I went and pulled Carrie out of bed, fastened her wrists together
in front, and led her to the chair. Sitting down, I told her to sit in my
lap and put her arms around my neck. We sat and shared the wine until it
was gone. I asked her if she was ready for bed, and she asked if I meant
some more fucking. I told her I was thinking more along the lines of sleep,
and she gave me a mock frown. She asked to use the toilet again, and that's
what we both did.

I told her to lie down on her back in bed, then clipped her ankles
together. Pulling her fastened wrists over her head, I tied her like I had
the previous night, then bent down and kissed her.  After getting into bed
on the other side, I covered both of us with the sheet, removed her
blindfold, then spent a few minutes caressing her body from knees to
shoulders, with pauses at her crotch and breasts.  When I had her breathing
hard, I kissed her on the lips and said Goodnight.  "Goodnight, Master, you
bastard," she said, then laughed.  In my best dirty-old-man voice, I told
her she was in my clutches, and would never escape.  I turned out the
lights and immediately fell asleep.

    As usual, we were awakened by Philip, who opened the door without
knocking and said "good morning" to both of us. I wondered silently why he
never knocked. Carrie beat him to the punch this time, and said she was
tied up right now, but at 7:30 she would like her favourite breakfast, with
the grapefruit sectioned, and her Master would like his usual greasy,
cholesterol-filled breakfast. Then she surprised me. She said she would
arrive for breakfast as close to naked as it was possible to get, so if he
didn't want to see her like that he should be somewhere else at 7:30.
Philip thanked us and close the door.

    I asked her why she said that last part, and she said she had a feeling
her Master would like her to wear her weekend house-wear today. I told her I
had not thought of that, but it was a damned fine idea. She asked if she
could be blindfolded at breakfast, and I told her No, the blindfold was for
evenings, but her request to wear her reverse apron to breakfast would be

    While we were using the toilet, I told her I wanted her to wear the
maximum amount of bondage gear when we met with Philip and Beverly this
afternoon. I said that I knew the ankle manacles were out, and that the
belt would be Ok, but what did she think about the collar and the wrist
manacles? She said she didn't have any clothes that would cover the collar,
except for one turtle-neck sweater that was on the discard pile and that she
hated to wear anyway. I told her we would go and see how it looked on her,
but what about the bracelets? She said the same sweater would cover the
bracelets, but the bulge they made would show.

    I said we would check the sweater, but assuming it was not acceptable,
could she explain the bracelets as jewellery? She said not unless she told
Beverly she had secretly been a tramp for years, and had just decided to
make it public. In short, bad idea. I told her if the sweater didn't look
good, she could just wear the belt. Then she surprised me again, for the
second time today. She asked me why she didn't just go naked, wearing all
of her bonds, with her wrists fastened behind her back. When Beverly asked
her what the hell she was doing, she would tell Beverly the whole truth
about us. That actually shocked me, I said surely she wouldn't actually
consider doing that. She said all it would take is a word from her Master,
and she would obey. I told her that word would not be given, and she would
never again consider hurting those fine people as a demonstration of her
love for her Master. She said she was sorry, she had gotten carried away,
and of course her suggestion was a stupid one. I told her we would go and
check out her sweater now, and see if it would do the job.

    The sweater was ugly, as she had said. Not even her magnificent body
could make it attractive.  I told her to forget it, she would just wear the
belt and the same clothes she wore for our first visit. She asked about the
butt plug, and I told her the answer was No, I didn't want her sexually
stimulated this afternoon, I wanted her to learn how to shoot her pistol.

    We went to breakfast, Carrie wearing her weekend house wear and high
heels, her wrists attached behind her back. I watched her take her seat,
then scooted in her chair. Philip had breakfast on the table, and was
nowhere to be seen. I fed Carrie and myself, then we lingered over a second
cup of coffee. I told her how beautiful she was naked, and asked her what
Philip would think if she was always naked rather than wearing her blouse.
She laughed, and said the blouse was more provocative than naked, why
didn't we go ask Philip? I said we should do just that, and we went looking
for him. Her wrists were still attached behind her back. When we found
Philip, Carrie told him that she and her Master would prefer that she be
naked as she was now, rather than wearing the blouse she usually wore in
the house, but we didn't want to offend him any more than we had to. He
smiled and said it was hard to see her like that, but he would get used to
it, and he wanted us to do what made "the Master and his Slave" happy. All
he asked was that Beverly never see this side of her little girl's life. We
agreed that we didn't want that either. He said it was agreed then, the
Slave would be as naked as we wished, and he would not be offended.

    Philip reminded us of the visit he had scheduled with Beverly this
afternoon. We agreed on the same time as our last visit, 1:00. I asked
about the target practice. He said that, in the course of conversation
between himself and me, the subject of handguns would come up, and
eventually he would tell me about his practice range, and ask if I would
like to see it. Carrie would say that she would also like to see it, and
then we would have a few hours of target practice. I asked him if we should
bring Carrie's gun, and he said No, there would be one just like it at the
practice range, with plenty of ammunition. We thanked him and went to the
exercise room.

    I removed her heels and house wear. I had her wait on her knees in the
exercise room while I went to get her leash. When the leash was attached to
her collar, I released her wrists and attached the other end of the leash
to the elliptical trainer. As I watched, she put on her socks and workout
shoes. I told her to start warming up, then went to the wall facing the
trainer and sat on the floor. When I told her the 5-minute warm-up was over,
she got off and stretched, then remounted the machine and began her hard
exercise. She looked at me, and I nodded. She started talking.

    The first thing she told me was that I had been correct about her
reasons for wanting to receive pain from her Master. She thought it was
required of a good Slave. She was now beginning to pay closer attention to
the differences between the way she thought a Slave should be treated and
the way her Master was treating her. Although the burden was put on her, to
obey and submit by her will alone, she chose that path over coercion and
obedience to avoid pain. I really wanted her to succeed in transforming her
thinking, because I enjoyed flogging her. But it was impossible for me to
do that as long as she thought she needed pain or the threat of pain to
make her a good Slave. Paradoxically, as soon as I was sure she no longer
wanted pain, I would give it to her again.

    The pain vs. free will thing was what she talked the most about. At one
point she also mentioned that her period would probably start in a few
days, and she was worried that it would interfere with her Master's use of
her body for his pleasure. She also rehashed some other things she had
talked about before, but there were no new insights. That was Ok, we had
all the time in the world for everything to become clear to her and to me.
Eventually, I knew she would make good on her promise to become
"transparent" to me.

    When her 45 minutes were up, she performed her cool down and stretches
as flawlessly as usual. She asked where her cool down laps would take
place, and I said how about around the house twice? We went outside and
walked around the house twice. A couple of times I jerked lightly on her
leash and told her it was time to pay the toll, one passionate kiss. Each
time she paid willingly. She said it felt good to be out in the sun this
early in the morning in a sweat. I said that I wasn't in a sweat, but it
still felt good. Before we went back inside, we walked away from the house
until we were out of sight, then  lay down on the ground and fucked

    Before taking her back in the house, I reattached her wrists and
removed the leash. Lightly holding one of her labia between my thumb and
finger, I led her into the house. She told me I should handle her like that
more often, it made her feel totally subjugated. I told her she was totally
subjugated, and I was happy to reinforce that feeling for her. I asked her
how she would like it if her labia were pierced and rings were installed,
so I could attach a leash and lead her by her pussy. She said she wasn't
sure, her first reaction was that it scared her. I said Ok, how about her
nipples instead? She said that scared her more, and asked when her Master
was going to have this done to his Slave. I laughed and kissed her, and
said, "Maybe never. But if it ever happens, I won't 'have it done' to you,
I'll do it to you myself. We'll talk about it later."

    I took her back to the exercise room and had her remove her workout
shoes and socks, and put on her heels and house wear. Still leading her by
her labia, we went to the bedroom. I had her show me where she kept her
tampons. She had almost a full package, plus two more unopened packages. I
told her to take several tampons and put them in her kit bag, in case she
needed one while we were out walking. While she was doing that she asked me
if I still intended to put them in and change them myself. I said I did,
and she said that would embarrass her. I told her it was Ok if she was
embarrassed, she would get over it after the first few times. I added that
she didn't need to worry that her period would prevent her Master from
using her pussy, it would not. She just looked at me, then I asked her if
she remembered our last fuck in the shower. She smiled, and said she did
remember that, it was fun.

    I stripped and lay down on my back on the bed. I said I had deprived
her of the privilege of sucking my cock last night, and now I would make it
up to her. Liking her lips and smiling, she kicked off her shoes, then
acted like she was stalking me, and finally pounced on me and took my cock
in her mouth. I told her to take her time, we had a few hours to kill. Then
I thought better of it, and told her I didn't want her to hold me off for a
few hours, there was a 30 minute time limit. She let go of my cock long
enough to tell me I was a wimp, then got back to work. She actually made me
wait 40 minutes, until I finally started threatening her with my own sexual
tortures, notably an hour of tongue-on-clit while she was forbidden to
come. She got the idea and expertly finished me, then cleaned me off.

    After some recovery time, with her lying on top of me and my hands
roaming over her back and ass, we had a quick fuck. I pulled her out of bed
and took her to the bathroom. I gave her an enema, and after she held the
liquid for nearly 15 minutes, allowed her to release it. Then I took my
turn on the toilet while she started the shower. Before we got in the
shower, I removed all of her bondage gear, and said I had changed my mind
about the belt, she would be free of bondage gear while she was with Bill.
She asked how long Bill would be with her this time, and I told her he
wouldn't stay as long this time. She needed time with her Master more than
time with Bill right now. She said I was right, there would be time for
Bill after she had adjusted her attitude to her Master's satisfaction. I
kissed her and helped her into the shower.

    When we were both thoroughly soaped and rinsed, I pushed her under the
shower and inserted my erect cock into her pussy. I said this is how I
would use her pussy during her period, no mess, no fuss, any time I wished.
She put her arms around my neck and asked for a full demonstration. I
pulled out of her, and told her to use her imagination, and cum for me
right now. She came immediately, then smiled at me and asked if there was
anything else she could do for her Master. I patted her on the ass and said
I would let her know if anything occurred to me. "Anything at all, Master,"
she said.

    We dried one another, then I combed out her hair. Taking her to the
bedroom, I blow dried her hair and brushed it the best I could. I handed
her the brush and asked her to show me how she made her hair look so good
during Bill's last visit. She showed me a few simple things that made a
real difference to the final result. I told her I had learned from her, and
would do a better job next time. I asked her about make-up, and she studied
her face in the mirror for a minute. She said that thanks to our walks, she
was getting a good tan, all she needed was lipstick. She picked a tube,
then spun around on her bench and handed it to me. I carefully applied it,
then she turned back around, studied her face for a moment, smiled at me in
the mirror, and said, "Perfect." I told her that was correct, she was

    I told her to give me her reddest lipstick and turn around. Kneeling in
front of her, I had her open her legs wider, then applied lipstick to the
inner lips of her pussy. She said that was so exciting, and asked if she
could come again. I told her No, she would not come again until we returned
from our visit. After finishing her pussy, I asked her if she had any rouge
or blush that would stay on and not rub off on her clothes. She picked the
right item from her dresser and handed it to me. I applied it to her
nipples and areolae, darkening them and making them a lot more red than
their normal pink colour. I had her stand and look at herself in the full
length mirror. She said she felt like a complete tramp, and thanked me for
the idea. But, she pointed out, I had told her I didn't want her sexually
stimulated during our visit, and now she would be horny as hell all
afternoon. I said that in that case, she might as well have her butt plug
installed, and led her to the bathroom. She bent over the tub without being
told, and I greased the plug and inserted it into her ass. After wiping off
the excess lubricant and lightly slapping her ass, I asked her if she still
felt like a tramp. She said she felt like her Master's toy, she lived to be
used in any way he chose, and feeling that way made her very happy. I told
her she was my toy - a highly treasured, appreciated, and loved toy.

    We returned to the bedroom and I dressed her in the blouse, skirt, and
shoes she had worn during our last visit. I asked her if Beverly would
comment that she always wore the same outfit. Carrie said Beverly loved
her, and never made judgements about anything she did. Then she grinned and
said besides, if Beverly didn't like what she was wearing, she would simply
take it off. I told her not to even joke about that, we had agreed that
Beverly would not be exposed to our lifestyle. She said she was only
joking, and asked for a kiss. I kissed her on the forehead, saying I didn't
want to disturb that expertly applied lipstick. She said she had other lips
that had lipstick on them, and I could kiss them without worry that anyone
would notice smudged lipstick. "Later," I promised.

    It was 10:45. I got dressed and combed my hair, then we went to find
Philip. When he saw Carrie, Philip said she looked spectacular. She smiled
at him and said, "You have no idea." I nudged her with my elbow, and she
said, "Thank you Philip." He looked puzzled, but shrugged it off. I told
him we would like lunch at 11:30, and we were going to dance until then.
Carrie asked if we could have some wine, and I said not until tonight. I
led her by the hand to the living room, turned on the radio, and asked her
to dance. She curtsied and said it would be her pleasure.

    We danced until Philip came to get us for lunch. She sat without
pulling up her skirt. She asked if I was going to feed her, and I said that
wasn't something Bill normally did. I told her she was able to switch
effortlessly between my Slave and Carrie, she needed to be able to make the
same distinctions between Bill and her Master, otherwise she would get
confused about her role with each of us. She held out her hand and smiled.
I put my hand in hers, and she said she was the luckiest gal in the world,
to have a fella like Bill. I knew she was pulling my leg, I just grinned at
her and told her to eat her lunch.

    We lingered over lunch, and then cleaned up after ourselves and took
the dishes to the kitchen. I told Philip we would be dancing, to come and
get us whenever he was ready to leave. Then I asked Carrie for another
dance. "Love to, Bill," she said.


  1. A good chapter again.
    But why he wants use a pain on her.. is over my understanding..

    Mona Lisa

  2. Wanita did not like it one bit, lipstick on her inner lips. It made her feel strange and not sexy at all. All people are different Mona Lisa. Some people we understand, some we never will.

    I'm so pleased that you kept on reading, even though it is not always your taste...


  3. I am enjoying quite a bit of this so far but...would not care for lipstick anywhere but on my face. Will keep reading. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Ca

    1. Nope, Wanita didn't like it at all either. For the dominant however, it is a sight to behold. But it ain't nothing if the submissive doesn't like it.

      To play a game, both players should enjoy,


  4. I am starting to catch up.....I am back from my time with the grands. I love most of his ideas, but not sure i would enjoy the lipstick one...of course it would not be my choice...
    hugs abby

    1. Be welcome, Abby. Glad you are still reading. You agree on the lipstick issue huh? Did you ever wrote a word on your belly with lipstick and put a dress over it so only you knew the message was there and still nobody could see?

      Now that is exciting,



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