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Training Carrie, chapter 20

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 20

 We danced for perhaps another half hour, when she leaned back and
looked into my eyes. She asked if I would please take her to bed and fuck
her hard. I told her to pick up her sweater and go to the bedroom, while I
checked that all of the outside doors were locked. On my way to the
bedroom, I noticed that she had picked up her kit on the way, and taken it
with her to the bedroom. Good for her.

    When I reached the bedroom, she was in the Waiting Pose, smiling at me.
I asked what she wanted to do about the clips and plugs. she said she would
miss them, but nothing should stand in the way of what her Master might
wish to do to his Slave's body. I told her she could have them back any
time she wanted, and led her to the bathroom. After I removed the weights
and clips, she went to the tub and bent over without being told. I popped
out the plug, accompanied by a mild squeal from her. She straightened up,
took the plug from me, and went to wash it. While she was doing that, I sat
and used the toilet. she looked over and asked why I didn't wait for her.
"Master's choice," I said. She put the clean plug in its resting place, and
came over and kneeled before me. I told her I was finished, it was her
turn. We traded places, and as soon as she was seated I kissed her. Then I
pulled back, and with my hands on her thighs I just looked at her face
until she finished. We both used the bidet and dried one another.

    With her eyes glued to mine, she led me by the hand to our bed, and
asked me again to fuck her hard and long. I laid her down and crawled to a
familiar position, ready to tongue her pussy and rub her nipples. She gave
a soft laugh, and said, "Oh no, not this again." I began working on her,
and she took my hair in her hands and began moaning. It was only a few
seconds until she started having frequent orgasms.

    Without interrupting her orgasms, she began talking to me. She was
really just babbling, but some of it was funny. At one point she said that
in the near future she would go in for an exam, and her doctor would tell
her she had worn out her body, and ask what the hell she had been doing.
She said she would simply describe to the doctor what I was doing to her
right now.

    When she ran out of anything to say, I decided a change was in order.
She had asked to be fucked hard, and I could think of nothing harder than
slamming her ass while lying on top of her. I rolled her over on her knees.
She was very wet, so I plunged into her once to lubricate my cock, then
pushed it into her ass. I told her to lie down and take me with her. She
walked her arms out until we were both down, and I started. I didn't rest
all of my body weight on her, I used my forearms beside her body to share
the load, but I made sure she felt weighed down. I didn't use much
technique, and we didn't talk while it was going on, I just fucked her hard
until I came. This time she waited for me, and we came together.

    After waiting a minute for my breathing to return to normal, I pulled
out of her and rolled over on my back. I was about to take her hand, when
she got up on her knees and started crawling over to my cock. I told her to
wait, and asked her if she really wanted to do that, after our earlier
conversation about degrading activity. She said this wasn't the same thing
at all. I asked her why, and she sat up to talk to me. She said that she
had no desire to drink my piss or eat my shit, and hoped she would never
have to. And, she said, she certainly didn't enjoy the taste of either. But
it was a Slave's responsibility to take care of her Master's body. She said
her Master's cock needed to be cleaned, and it was his Slave's privilege to
clean it for him, if he would allow her to. I told her to look me in the
eye and tell me whether she really wanted to do this, or whether she would
prefer that I go into the bathroom with her while she washed me off. She
looked at me and said, "Master, I really want to do this." I told her I was
touched by her devotion and she could go ahead. I added that, when she was
finished, we would go into the bathroom anyway, and I would brush her teeth
for her. She bent down to her task.

    Like the last time she had done this, when we were outside, she didn't
stop at cleaning me off. She soon had me hard again, then moaning, then
accusing her of trying to kill me. She held me at the brink for at least 15
minutes, then put me in orbit. My God, the things she had taught herself to

    When I could move again, I got up and took her to the bathroom, true to
my word, although there wasn't much point to it by now. I brushed her
teeth, and for good measure gave her a thorough flossing. Not to be
outdone, she did the same thing for me. When she finished, she looked at me
with her hands on her hips, and said, "You owe me a straight fuck." I had
been sitting on the toilet while she flossed my teeth, so I held out my
hand to her, groaned, and asked her if she would help me back to the bed.
She laughed, took my hand, and pulled me to my feet. The she ran ahead and
jumped into bed, and started telling me she was waiting, to hurry up

    She got her "straight fuck" in what was becoming one of our favorite
positions. She was on top of me, slid down to maximize stimulation of her
clit, and leaning on her elbows so I could access her nipples. I had a
pillow under my head so we could touch lips and kiss. I stretched it out as
long as I could, and she was having nearly continuous orgasms the whole
time. When I finally came, we were both exhausted. She scooted up and began
kissing me all over my face, then after a minute she just lay there with
her head on my chest. I was running my hands through her hair and over her
shoulders and back. We stayed like that for long minutes, then she said she
was getting hungry.

    We went to the bathroom again, and I cleaned her off with a warm
wash cloth. She got on her knees and cleaned me off again with her mouth,
then finished me with the wash cloth. Then she rinsed out her mouth. I told
her she could switch to her evening low heels if she wanted, or remain
barefoot. She said she would remain barefoot. After getting dressed, I took
her back to the guest bedroom and put her house blouse on her, then we went
to the kitchen and started the oven. We had emptied the open wine bottle,
so she opened a new one and poured us two glasses. We went back to the
living room and danced until dinner was warmed up.

    As we were eating, she asked me what I was planning for this evening. I
told her I hadn't thought about it, and asked if she had any ideas. She
didn't answer. I looked at her, and she was noticeably pale and looking
back at me. "Let's have it," I said. She said our conversation about the
flogging had been on her mind. I asked her if the insides of her thighs
were still sore from this morning, and she said No, they felt fine. She
said she had been thinking about her breasts. She said she had been
imagining I would do it with her in her bed and her breasts strapped. She
would like to know if it would be like that, or some other way. I said we
could do it that way, but normally the breasts would be struck with the
crop when she was in the bed, as punishment.

    I told her the normal way to flog the breasts would be to first strap
the Slave onto the table, the one by the bars, in the standard fellatio
position. That is, the Slave would be on its back, with its head either
hanging off the end of the table, or strapped to a headrest that could be
lowered, like the one on the bed. Then the breasts would be flogged right
before the fellatio began. I told her the flogging was not actually
confined to the breasts, but would include the whole area from the upper
chest to the Slave's belt.

    Because of the size of her breasts, I had been thinking of possible
alternate methods, and I had a few ideas, but I hadn't chosen the best
method yet. The two methods I had been thinking the most about were, with
the Slave hanging by her ankles, or with the Slave attached to the bars
exactly as if her ass was going to be flogged, except the Master would lie
on the floor beneath the Slave's torso and flog the chest and stomach area.
I told her that the Master on the floor method, while sounding stupid,
would allow a uniform flogging on the top, bottom, and both sides of both
breasts, and was the method I currently favoured.

    By now she had stopped eating. I told her to finish her dinner while we
talked, and she started picking at her food. I could tell this would occupy
her mind until we settled it. I asked her if she was asking me to flog her
breasts tonight. She said she didn't know, she thought she was, but she was
afraid. I reminded her of our agreement, that she would submit to it once,
and then she could choose to never submit to it again, if that was her
wish. But if she was asking for it now, it would be done thoroughly, she
would not be able to stop it once we began.

    She asked if her nipples would also be flogged. I told her that
normally the nipples would receive the same flogging as the rest of the
breast. I said that a cruel Master would tightly tie the nipples with
string or dental floss before the flogging, so they would already be tender
and sore when the flogging began. She shuddered when she heard that. I said
since her nipples were so sensitive, I would cover them with a padded
bandage before the flogging.

    She looked into my eyes. She was clearly terrified. I told her again
that she would eventually be required to submit to this, but she did not
have to do it tonight. Maybe she wasn't yet ready. She reached her hand out
to me, and I took it in my own. In a trembling voice, she said, "Master,
this Slave begs to have its breasts flogged tonight."

    I leaned down and kissed her hand. "The Slave's request will be
granted," I said. She picked up her wine glass to take a drink, but her
hand was shaking too much and she set it down again. "No more wine," I
said, "no pain killers are allowed for the rest of the evening." I asked
her when she wanted to start, and she said let's wait 30 minutes. She was
afraid she would throw up her dinner if we did it too soon. I said that
since I would be under her, that was a valid concern for me, too. She gave
me a weak smile.

    I got up and pulled back her chair for her. She stood and waited while
I cleared the table, then I led her to the living room. I sat on the couch
and motioned for her to get into my lap. I held her trembling body during
the 30 minute wait.

    Finally I told her it was time. She moaned, but got out of my lap and
stood while I got up. I walked to the bathroom, and she followed behind me.
I looked for a bandage that would be the right size to cover her nipples
but little else. All the bandages in the medicine chest were too big, so I
cut small circles from heavy surgical tape and stuck them on her nipples. I
told her they weren't padded, but the tape was heavy enough that it would
spread out the energy of any blow to the nipple, and minimize the pain the
nipples would feel. I asked her if she wanted to use the toilet first, and
she asked if she could do it downstairs instead. I told her to go to the
mural room.

    I got her kit bag and followed her to the mural room. I removed her
blouse, attached her bonds, and clipped her hands behind her back. Taking
her down the stairs, I unlocked the door and she walked through. I set the
bag down by the door, and took her directly to the toilet area. I thought I
would give her time to stall if she wanted it, and asked her if she wanted
an enema. She shook her head No. I told her to get on the toilet, and I
stood in front of her and watched as she did what she needed to. She was
visibly shaking now, and I steadied her while she squatted on the bidet,
then dried her off. I told her to walk to the bars, and she started slowly
in that direction. I put my hand on her ass and pushed lightly. "The sooner
we start, the sooner it will be over," I told her.

    When we reached the bars, I attached her in the position she knew from
the ass floggings. This time I stood beside her instead of behind her. She
strained her neck to look up at me in the mirror. I showed her the flog,
which increased her shaking noticeably, and explained what would happen. I
told her she would look at her own face in the mirror the whole time, she
was forbidden to look down at me or what I was doing. I told her the
flogging would start just below her shoulders and would move slowly over
the tops of her breasts, then onto the undersides of her breasts, and
finally on to her lower chest and stomach. I told her that when I had
progressed beyond the undersides of her breasts, she should not think that
the breasts were safe. When the flogging had reached her belt, I would
return to the breasts and flog the inside and outside surfaces of both
breasts. In other words, when it seemed that the breast flogging was
completed, it was really only half completed. I asked her if she understood
everything I had told her, and she said she understood.  I asked her if she
wished to say anything before we started, and she said that she loved her
Master. I told her that her Master loved her too, and was very proud that
she had asked for her breasts to be flogged despite her fear.

    I told her to look at her own face, and nowhere else, until she was
told we were finished. I lay down beneath her, and took a minute to find a
position that seemed optimal for coverage and control while I was flogging
her. I wound up with my body perpendicular to hers, at about the midpoint
of the area to be flogged. I began. I tried to make sure that I was
achieving even and thorough coverage as I went along. Usually, during the
ass floggings, I would start out hitting her in random locations, and then
fill in the areas I had missed as the skin started to redden. Now, I wanted
her to be able to gauge the progress of the flogging, so I didn't want to
be going back to previously flogged areas to fill in missed spots.

    By the time I was halfway along the upper side of her breasts, tears
were falling on me from above. Her breasts and stomach muscles were jerking
and spasming from her irregular gasping breaths. But she hadn't yet made
any sounds. But by the time I reached the midpoint of her breasts, she made
a sound like "Ohhhhhhh" that went on for a long time. Then she started
sobbing and saying how much it hurt. I told her she was under formal
speech, to shut up. She didn't say any more, but she was moaning and
gasping and crying hard. I kept going, and she fell into a pattern of
moaning, punctuated occasionally by a few sobs, but no more words. She was
gasping so fast and with such shallow breaths, I didn't know how she could
spare the air to make any sound at all.

    Finally I reached her belt. I told her I was going to pause and give
her a minute to catch her breath before resuming on her breasts. I could
see she was shaking her head No. I asked her if she wanted me to keep going
and finish now, and she shook her head Yes. So I resumed whipping her
breasts, concentrating on the sides this time, although it was impossible
not to overlap a large part of the area I had already covered. I tried to
make it as fast as possible, but at this point, cruel as it might sound, I
felt I owed it to her to do a thorough job. She couldn't keep quiet at this
point, she kept saying "oh oh oh," continuously. I chose to regard that as
noises, not words.

    At last it was finished, and I told her. She let her head down, and she
was looking at me with a wisp of a smile on her face. He face was covered
with sweat and tears, a lot of her hair was wet and stringy, her eyes were
red, and I loved her. She looked down at her breasts, but when she saw how
red they were she looked away.

    I got up and started to undo her hands, but she looked at me and shook
her head no. Her mouth was open. I asked her what she wanted to do, and she
said she was supposed to suck her Master's cock after her breasts were
flogged, and that was what she wanted to do. My first instinct was to tell
her No, that was unnecessary. But she looked up at me, and I knew she
really wanted to, because that's what a perfect Slave would beg to do at
this point. I ducked under one outstretched arm and stood between the two
arms. I unzipped my fly, pulled out my cock, and moved it to her mouth. She
kissed it, then took it into her mouth. In a matter of seconds she had me
erect. At least she didn't try to see how long she could draw it out this
time, she just gave me a very good blowjob. When I came, she dutifully
cleaned my cock before letting it out of her mouth and giving it a final
kiss. Then she strained to look up at my face and silently mouthed a "Thank

    She slowly stood up after I released her hands. It was painful for her
when her breasts moved, from hanging down away from her body, to resting in
their normal position. She was uniformly red from the top base of her
breasts all the way to her belt. My attempt to be thorough in one pass had
caused her to receive a more severe flogging than I normally gave her,
although it wasn't a lot more severe. Nevertheless, I regretted it.

    I released her belt, then her ankles, and told her she was on informal
speech until we were ready to leave. She thanked me again for flogging her
breasts and for permitting her to suck my cock. I led her to the couch, and
asked her if she wanted to sit or lie down, but she didn't know which would
hurt less. She sat. I asked her if I had hurt her nipples. She said she
could feel the blows in the nipples, but nothing like the skin around them
felt it. I gently removed the tape, and the nipples looked like islands of
normalcy in a ravaged land. I asked her if she would like me to get a wet
cloth and drape over her breasts, perhaps the cooling effect would lessen
the pain. She said it was supposed to hurt, that was the point, and she
would come to terms with it on her own. She told me she loved me, and asked
if I would kiss her. Being careful not to touch her chest area, I carefully
leaned over her and gave her a gentle kiss on the mouth. She said that was
the kind of pain killer she needed.

    I got her a glass of chilled water, and she greedily drank it all, and
asked for a refill. She drank half of the second glass, and thanked me as
she handed it back. I sat on the couch and took her hands in mine. I asked
her to forgive me. She said I had exercised my generosity in granting my
Slave her request. I was owed humble thanks, and was not in need of
forgiveness. She said the pain had lessened considerably already, and if
she could sit here a few minutes longer she would be Ok. It did look like
the redness was fading, and I was starting to feel relieved, but not less

    I told her that, if it was any consolation, she would never have to go
through that again. She just sat and looked at me. I said, "Carrie, tell me
you would never ask me to do that to you again." She asked me if I was
ordering her to say that. I said, "Not if it's untrue, Carrie. Are you
telling me you would go through that again?"

    "Any time you wish it, Master." I asked her what if I never wished it.
She answered, "Then eventually I will ask for it, Master." She seemed to
have something more to say, but she was unsure if she should tell me. I
asked her what was on her mind. She said, "We agreed today that we would
both try to say what we wanted, in order to avoid misunderstanding." I told
her she could say anything, to go ahead and tell me.

    She took my hand and placed it on her breast. I caressed her lightly,
and asked her if that hurt. "I felt pain and pleasure, Master. That is a
Slave's lot. The only important thing is, did my Master enjoy it?" I told
her I did enjoy it. "Then you shouldn't stop, Master," she said. But I did

    She took a a deep breath, and said, "I have said all of this at one
time or another, maybe if I repeat it all together it will be clearer.
Before that, let me repeat that I will always love you and unconditionally
regard you as my Master. You must never doubt the truth of that. What's
bothering me is that your love for me is preventing you from effectively
exercising your duties as my Master. Forgive me for being so bold and
daring to talk to my Master about his duties. But you must sometimes treat
me with selfish disregard for my feelings or the possibility that I might
suffer. I need to know that you control me, and will use me for your own
pleasure, disregarding my desires, on occasion if not always. I was happy
this morning when we agreed that I would never be punished because I would
would never require punishment. But I need to know that if I do step out of
line, punishment will be swift and harsh. And I need to know that you will
someday flog my breasts again, not because I beg you to, but because it
gives you pleasure to exercise that level of control, that you can cause me
minor pain whenever you want. Call it reinforcement of training, if it
makes you feel better." She paused, but then added, "I know I've stepped
over the line, and I apologize, Master. Please hear what I'm saying. If you
want me to be happy, control me. That will make me happy."

    I looked at her for awhile, then answered, "I believe you are right,
Carrie. After we agreed that Master and Slave were our world, and Bill and
Carrie were a diversion, I am becoming more Bill and less Master all the
time. When I pledged to you to become the Master you deserved, I was
talking about improving my decision making abilities. Now I have another
item to add, don't let Bill take over Master."

    She took my hand and kissed it, and thanked me. She stood up and sat in
my lap, and asked what we were doing next. I took her hands in mine, and
asked her if she still intended to obey and submit to me by her own choice.
She said of course she did, nothing would ever change that. In that case, I
told her, I was commanding her to never again ask her Master to flog or
punish her, or bring her to the basement. She started to speak, but I told
her to shut up and obey. She sat still and lowered her eyes. I told her
that what we were going to do next was go back upstairs for the rest of the
evening. Tomorrow morning, right after breakfast, we were going to start
moving the exercise equipment upstairs to the unfurnished third bedroom.
Once that was accomplished, we would not be coming to the basement any more
for the foreseeable future.

    I commanded her to tell me where she learned that pain and pleasure
together were a slave's lot. She said she learned that at the organization,
while I was training her. I pointed out to her that we were together at the
organization for one full day and parts of two other days, and during that
time I had no choice but to begin her training to become a robot, what they
called a general purpose slave. I said that general purpose slaves are
trained to need pain in order to feel pleasure, but that is the worst kind
of abject slavery, what they called a pain slut. I told her there were
other ways to live in submission to a master, without having to always
receive pain, and that was what I had tried to show her since I first
arrived here. Her problem was that she had generalized from her two days at
the organization, and reached an erroneous conclusion. She did not need to
be subjected to pain to have the life of a slave, and if she would give me
a chance I would prove that to her.

    She looked very unhappy with what I had said. I told her that this was
how things were going to be, and it was of no consequence whether she
agreed with what I just told her. She would agree with it in time. Right
now, all I wanted her to tell me was if she understood what I had said. She
met my gaze and said she understood. I told her she was under formal speech
rules, clipped her wrists together behind her back, and told her to stand
up. I found a paper bag in one of the drawers in the Master's area, then
rounded up her harnesses, the vibrators and dildoes we had been using, the
leash, a couple of fetish items we hadn't played with yet, and some rope,
and put them all in the bag. Putting the bag in her hand behind her back, I
told her to carry her toys upstairs. I then went to the exercise area and
picked up her shoes and socks. I slipped them in her other hand, then
walked her to the door, grabbed her kit, and we left the basement.

    In the mural room, I took the bag, shoes, and socks from her and put
them on the console. Then I removed her bonds. She was looking at me, and I
asked her what was the problem. She wanted to know why I was doing this,
and I said it was exactly what I promised to do, becoming the Master she
deserved, more Master and less Bill. Bill had been letting her do what she
wanted, even though he knew it was not the right thing for her. Now, that
had ended. I reminded her that I once said she had trained herself to be a
Slave, and had done a fine job. That was true, but she had also made some
mistakes. One of those was to assume that the little bit of training she
was exposed to at the organization was a good model for all slave training.
It was not, and now she had some things to unlearn. Under my command, that
process had just begun. I told her that the command I had given her
downstairs would apply upstairs as well, she would never again ask for a
flogging, punishment, or to go to the training room. I asked her if she
understood, and she said "Yes." I told her that the correct response was
"Yes, Master," and I would now hear her say that. She said it.

    I took her to the bathroom, where we went through our usual toilet
ritual. Then I filled the bath with warm water, and we both got in. I had
her bathe me first with a wash cloth, then I soaped her up with just my
hands. We stood and rinsed either with the handheld shower head while the
tub drained. We towelled each other dry, and I was careful to only lightly
pat her breasts and stomach with the towel. I could tell she was still very
tender. There was a bottle of skin lotion in her medicine cabinet, so I
dispensed a big blob of it into my hand, and carefully applied it to her
breasts and stomach. She admitted that it felt good on her burning skin.

    Taking her into the bedroom, I told her we were going to fuck now. She
smiled, and wanted to know exactly what I had in mind. I got on the bed on
my back, and motioned for her to climb on. She straddled my waist, and I
slipped my already-hard cock into her. I held still at first, and pulled
her until she leaned over. We kissed for awhile, then I told her to sit up,
and I began pumping my hips. While we were fucking, she seemed happy, and I
was hoping that she had - temporarily, at least - forgotten that I was
cutting off her pain supply.

    When we finished fucking, she climbed off, then knelt beside me while
she cleaned me off with her mouth. I thanked her, then told her to go and
use some mouthwash. While she did that, I went to the mural room and got
her manacles and the rope. She was back in the bedroom, in the Waiting
Pose, when I returned. I put on her wrist and ankle manacles, then had her
lie down on her back on her side of the bed. I clipped her wrists together,
and then her ankles, then tied one end of the rope to her ankle manacles.
Looping it under the bed, I pulled it out at the head of the bed and
secured her wrists with it. She wasn't stretched out, but she couldn't move
her hands from their position above her head. I told her goodnight, climbed
into bed, covered us with just a sheet, and turned out the lights. She said
that for some reason she couldn't reach me, would I please kiss her
goodnight? I gave her a long kiss on the lips, then spent a few minutes
tenderly kissing her breasts. At one point I stopped to ask her if I was
hurting her. She said no, to please kiss harder. I knew her well enough to
know she was making fun of herself, and we both laughed. I told her I loved
her, she said she loved me, and we went to sleep.


  1. I like the way he's finally decided to take charge. Will be very interested to see how this goes. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I like to think that he was in control for much longer, but this is a chapter where the tides are shifting back to D/s.

      More tomorrow,


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