Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Training Carrie, chapter 16

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 16

    We didn't speak any more for awhile. I just concentrated on
giving her a good old straight missionary fuck. She seemed to
enjoy it, and laughed happily when I came. "That was a good one,
Master," she said, "we should try the old standards more often."
I asked her if she was ridiculing my limited sexual experience,
and she said No, she had really enjoyed it, but couldn't resist
giving me a jab anyway.

    I told her I thought it was time we headed back, and said I
would owe her the other two thirds of the repeat performance. She
said anything I decided was right by her. I told her that, as I
remembered it, the next items on her agenda were naked slow
dancing, dinner, conversation, more naked slow dancing, then bed
and more fucking. I said that we could follow her agenda to the
letter if she chose to, but I had an alternate proposal for her
consideration. She said she was open to anything her Master
wanted to do. I told her No, it was her schedule and this must be
her decision, but that I thought I might have an alternative she
would like better once she heard it.

    I pointed out that this was Saturday, and Saturday night was
traditionally date night. I said that I was pretty sure that Bill
would like to ask Carrie out on a date tonight. At that point her
eyes got very big and her smile became an ear-to-ear grin, but
she waited for me to continue. I said that unfortunately, it
would have to be an in-house date, but that Bill was sure Carrie
would like a nice dinner with wine, followed by an evening of
conversation and dancing. I said maybe, if Bill didn't make too
much of an ass of himself, he might even get lucky and get Carrie
in bed at the end of the evening. I asked her what she thought.

    She threw her arms around me and kissed me all over my face.
She said, "Oh, Master, that was exactly what I was thinking about
when I put dancing and conversation on the agenda, but I thought
it was too much to hope for another meeting so soon after the
first one. I know for a fact that Carrie would love to see Bill
again. And I can almost guarantee that Bill will score tonight. I
have it on good authority that Carrie has the hots for him."

    "Then shouldn't we get home and get cleaned up? I have a
feeling that Bill will drop by soon after our shower. Or would
you prefer a soak in the tub?"

    "Yes, Master, let's go. And tub it is."

    I got dressed, then put her socks and shoes on her. She was
so excited she was hopping up and down. I told her to take her
kit and the sunblock, and I gathered up everything else. We
walked back toward the house side by side, bumping hips
occasionally and laughing. Once, she just couldn't contain
herself any longer, she said "Oh boy, oh boy, what a night this
is going to be."

    When we went inside, we both set everything down on the
table. I took off her walking shoes and socks, and put on her
heels and her house wear. I sent her to put her kit in its place,
then to meet me in the bathroom. I put the blanket in the laundry
room to be washed, emptied out the canteen, and took her
harnesses and nipple clips to the mural room. When I got to the
bathroom, she was in the Waiting Pose and beaming at me. The tub
was filling with hot water. I pointed to the toilet, and she
nodded her head. I stripped her, and she sat down. I kneeled in
front of her, and we shared a long, tender kiss while she
eliminated her waste. When she was finished, I sent her to the
bidet and sat down to take her place. She finished at the bidet
and came and knelt in front of me. I told her she could go ahead
and get into the tub if she wanted to. She shook her head and
said she would wait for me. When I finished with the toilet and
then the bidet, I went and stepped into the tub. She had got it
just right, hot but not too hot to sit in. I held out my hand,
she took it and climbed into the tub. We sat down facing each
other, and she immediately leaned over and kissed me. "I'm so in
love with you," she said.

    "I'm in love with you, to," I told her. "I'm so proud of what
you accomplished today, what you are still accomplishing. I
promise you I am going to be the Master you deserve."

    "You are already the Master I deserve," she said, smiling.
"And I deserve the best."

    I told her to soap up the wash cloth and bathe me. At one
point I stood up and she got to her knees to get my ass, crotch,
and legs. At one point she moved her mouth toward my cock, and I
thought he was going to demand payment on the blowjob she had
coming. But she just kissed the head of my cock and continued
soaping me. She finished and assumed the waiting pose on her
knees. I knelt in front of her and did her face and upper torso.
then I told her to stand, and did her ass, pussy area and legs. I
asked her if she wanted her hair washed and she did. So I had her
sit and duck her head under the water, then lathered the shampoo
into her hair. I then fired up the handheld spray handle and
rinsed her hair, then lathered and rinsed again. We both stood
up, and I rinsed the soap from her body as the tub drained. Then
she rinsed me, and we got out and towelled each other dry. We went
to the bedroom and I dried her hair with the blow dryer.

    By the time her hair was dry, it was nearly 5:00 PM. I told
her that tonight she would fix her own hair any way she chose,
she would put on her own make-up, whatever she chose, and she
would wear anything she chose from the closet. Then I thought
better, and told her that this was a special night for her, so if
she wished, she could choose to wear any of her clothes that I
had told her not to wear any more, from the pile in the guest
bedroom. No underwear though, I added. She smiled and thanked me,
but said she would limit herself to the clothes in our closet.
While we were talking I was getting dressed. I walked over to
her, gave her a long, tender kiss, and told her that her Master
wouldn't be around for awhile, and that he would see her after
breakfast tomorrow. I asked her if after breakfast would be too
soon for her Master to return, and she said that would be
perfect. As I was leaving she took my hand, and we locked eyes
for a few moments. She had tears pooled in her eyes. Finally I
told her that someone she knew would be waiting for her in the
living room whenever she was ready. She kissed my hand, then let
go, and I left the room.

    I opened a bottle of wine and got two glasses, prepared a
small tray of cheese and crackers, and took everything to the
living room. Turning on the radio, I found the station that
seemed to play mostly danceable music, then sat on the couch to

    It was about 10 minutes before she came into the room. She
was absolutely gorgeous. Her hair looked like it had been done by
a professional. She had put on make-up, but it was very subtle and
it made her look even more beautiful than usual, and I would have
denied that as a possibility. She was dressed impeccably, with
only items from the closet. It all matched perfectly and looked
magnificent on that luscious body. I stood, and she walked right
up to me. I took her hand, kissed it, and said "Hello, Carrie.
I've looked forward to seeing you again."

    She put an arm around my neck and kissed me on the lips. She
said, "Hello Bill, I think we have progressed beyond kissing
hands." I told her she was right, then embraced her and we shared
a long, tender kiss.

    I asked her to sit down and have some wine with me. I was
curious to see what she would do to sit down, if she would pull
her skirt up without thinking. She didn't, she just sat down
normally. I poured two glasses of wine, handed her one, and
proposed a toast "to us." she echoed the toast, and we had a sip.

    Our conversation was a little awkward at first, because all
we had experienced since Bill and Carrie last parted was off
limits for discussion. Our first meeting had been structured
around the visit to Philip and Beverly, and there had been no
awkward moments. I told her it was Ok, we just had to establish a
shared framework for Bill and Carrie, and then everything would
be fine. Finally we fell into some easy patterns of discussion,
about how each of us felt about the time we had spent together
yesterday, about our reactions to Philip and Beverly, and about
some likes and dislikes that we either shared or felt differently
about. We tacitly agreed to ignore our shared experiences as
Master and Slave, both at the organization and here, and we began
to fill in the blanks about each others lives before we first
met. She told me many things about her life growing up, and later
with her husband and son, that she had never mentioned before. I
told her some of my experiences during my childhood and my ski
bum days.

    Before we knew it, an hour had passed. I asked her what she
would like for dinner, and she said she hadn't thought about it,
what was on the menu? I said we should go and see, and we walked
hand in hand into the kitchen. We rummaged around in the
refrigerator, freezer, and cupboards, and agreed on our
selections. Then we divided the tasks between us and set to work,
continuing our small-talk as we worked. At one point she asked
what happened to the wine, and I ran into the living room and
returned with the bottle and glasses.

    In no time we had prepared dinner, and we carried everything
to the dining room. I pulled out her chair, then pushed it in
after she sat. I sat next to her, and before we started eating I
took her hand and told her how glad I was to be here with her
tonight. A tear ran down her cheek, and I caught it with my
napkin. I told her this was a happy night for both of us, and
there would be no more tears. She said some tears were from
happiness and joy, and could not be prevented.

    We began our meal, and continued making small-talk and
sipping the wine as we ate. When dinner was over, we bussed the
dishes together, and I opened another bottle of wine. We
adjourned to the living room again, and I asked her if I could
have a dance. One dance turned into many, and we danced for
nearly two hours before we sat down again. I told her how good it
had felt to have her in my arms, and she stood up and sat in my
lap. "Hold me in your arms a little longer," she said. We started
kissing, and the kisses slowly became more passionate. After a
few minutes she asked me to take her to bed, and I readily
agreed. We got up, and I asked her if we should take the wine
with us. She said sure, and I put the bottle under my arm and
took my glass. She went over and turned off the radio, then came
back and picked up her own glass. Hand in hand, she led me to her

    We arrived in the bedroom and set down the glasses and
bottle, then she said, "Wait just a second, I'll be right back,"
and ran out of the room. She came back in a few seconds with her
survival kit, and put it against the wall on her side of the bed.
She smiled at me and said, "Where I go, this goes." then she
walked over to me in a very provocative way, pressed her body
against mine, and kissed me. I put my arms around her and kissed
her. She began undressing me slowly, and I let her do whatever
she wanted. When she had stripped me, kissing everything as it
was uncovered, I thought it would be my turn, but she pulled
away. "Wouldn't you rather see me strip for you?" she asked. I
told her I surely would, and I jumped on the bed on my back and

    I had never seen this side of her, either as Carrie or as my
Slave. It was cool. She obviously had never done anything like
this before, and there was no music, but she did a credible, and
very sexy, job of stripping. Since she had no underwear on, the
show couldn't really be drawn out much. But at the end I was
really turned on by her enthusiastic willingness to try and her
inherent beauty and sexiness. When she was naked she stood before
me with her arms outstretched and said, "Now what?"

    "Come here, that's what," I said. She jumped into the bed and
pressed her body against mine with her head on my chest. I
stroked her hair and told her that she was beautiful, and that
her hairdresser and make-up artist deserved big, big tips. She
laughed, and said she always looked like this. I said that in
that case I wanted to be beside her always. She said we should
take it one date at a time, and asked me what kind of sex turned
me on the most. She said what would make her the happiest was
what would make me the happiest. I told her that what mattered to
me was how I felt about the woman I was with, so in this case
anything we did together would be beautiful and wonderful.

    She looked up into my eyes and asked me to make love to her.
I kissed her on the mouth and began letting my hand roam over her
body. She sighed when I caressed her breast, and she began to
respond to my touch. She put her hand behind my neck and pulled
herself up on top of me. Then she straddled my waist and sat up.
She began rubbing her hands over my chest while I caressed her
breasts. Occasionally she would lean down and kiss me on the
lips, then sit up again. She reached behind her and felt around
until she found my cock. It was rock hard. "So soon?" she asked,
and smiled. "You're not anxious, are you? We want to make this
last, let's not hurry into things."

    "I'm not in any hurry," I said, "We have all night." We kept
teasing each other for awhile. I started making brief forays to
her pussy, lingering a little longer there each time. She seemed
to be getting more excited, and I began playing with her labia,
first tracing the outside of them with my fingers, then moving to
trace the inner lips. After a minute of this type of stimulation,
alternating with caresses of her breast, I started making brief
entries of her pussy with my fingers, getting closer and closer
to her clit. Finally a finger contacted her erect clit, and she
gave a small gasp. "So, you liked that?" I said.

    She nodded her head, and whispered, "More of that." I made
bolder and bolder moves, until soon my fingers were in constant
contact with her clit, and making small, twitching moves. She
raised her face to the ceiling and groaned. I told her to scoot
back and let me enter her with my penis, and she did. As soon as
my cock was buried in her, she lay down on my chest, straightened
her legs on top of mine, and she and I were again in our familiar
position. My head was raised by the pillow, and it was easy for
our mouths to meet in a long, hungry kiss. I began moving slowly
inside her. We stayed like that for some minutes, then she asked
me to go faster. I asked her if she was feeling it in her clit,
and she shook her head. I told her that if she would scoot down
my cock would also rub on her clit. She said she couldn't kiss me
then. I told her we would kiss as much as she liked after she
came. That caught her attention and she looked into my eyes.

    I said, "I'm not very far from coming, Carrie, and it would
please me very much if you would cum at the same time. Will you
do that for me, Carrie?" She smiled and said I should just tell
her when I needed to cum, and she would be there with me. She
immediately slid down like I asked her to, and after a second she
sighed and said she felt me in her clit now. I tried to get under
her chest and reach her nipples. When she realized what I was
doing, she raised up on her hands until I found her nipples with
my thumb and fingers. She lowered herself until she was leaning
on her elbows, and asked me if I could still manipulate her
nipples. "Like that?" I asked. She smiled and nodded her head. I
asked her if she could look into my eyes until we came together.
She immediately locked her eyes to mine and said that she loved
me. "I love you too, Carrie, it will only be a few seconds more."
She nodded her head.

    After a few more seconds, I said, "It's starting, Carrie, I
need you there with me at the end, ready, ready, NOW." She came,
and I came, and I don't think I have ever felt happier in my
life. I noticed that tears were running down her cheeks onto my
chest. "Tears of joy?" I asked. She smiled and nodded. She
lowered her torso to rest completely on my chest, pinning my
hands under her breasts. She reached up and cupped my face in her
hands, and told me she didn't know how to express her love for
me, it was so much more intense than anything she had ever
experienced before. She said she wanted to spend her lifetime
trying to tell me and show me how much she loved me.

    I told her that it would please me very much if she would
have orgasms as often as she wanted to from now on. Smiling, she
said she would probably have a few more before we were finished.
I asked her if she would like to start now, and she said Yes. I
rolled her over and slid down until my face was at her pussy. I
reached up and took her nipples in my fingers, while tonguing her
clit. As soon as I started she came, then came again every few
seconds. She said, "Oh, my God. You're getting too good at that.
You're becoming a threat to my mental health." I told her I
wasn't stopping, so she could just go ahead and freak out.
Neither of us spoke for awhile. I kept torturing her clit and
manipulating her nipples, and she had both hands on my head,
twisting my hair through her fingers. She just kept having
orgasms every few seconds as long as I stimulated her.

    Finally she spoke, and asked me if I was hard. I said sure,
waiting for an invitation. She said to bring it on, a good butt
fuck would be relaxing after what I had been doing to her. I let
her up, and she rolled over and raised her ass  for me. I
immediately penetrated her rectum and asked her how she wanted
it, lying down or kneeling. She asked me if I could do it on my
back, with her on top, while playing with her tits and pussy with
my hands. To answer her, I put my arms around her waist, stood up
on the bed, and then did a controlled fall backwards, pulling her
with me. "Wheee," she said as we fell. When we landed I was still
in her. I stretched my left hand down and found her clit with my
fingers, then reached across her breasts with my right hand and
took her left nipple between my finger and thumb.

    "Like this?" I asked.

    "Exactly like that, Bill" she answered. "Now get busy, and
I'll be up here coming some more. And oh, by the way, I want you
to cum, too."

    After a few minutes she asked me if I could raise my knees
and plant my feet on the bed. When I did that she overlaid her
thighs on mine, hooked her knees over my knees, and made a subtle
adjustment to her body. She asked me if that felt better. It did
feel like my cock and her ass hole were better aligned now,
things were going smoother. I told her that helped, but asked her
how she knew it would. All she said was, "I visualized the

    "Well visualize this," I said, and went to work on her clit
and nipples, while increasing my speed downstairs. She began
coming almost continuously. I told her she made me feel like the
world's greatest violinist, who after longing for it for many
years, was now playing the world's greatest violin.

    "So you're the world's greatest violinist now, huh?"

    "No, I'm just pretty good, with fantasies of being the
world's best. You, on the other hand, are the world's best. It is
my great pleasure and joy to be here with you."

    "It would be my great pleasure to be with you any time you
choose, Bill. But I have another life, too, and I need it, and I
could never give it up totally. I'm sure that together we will
find the correct balance of my two lives."

    "Our two lives, partner. We're together all the way."

    "All the way, my love, my life, my Bill, my Master."

    Several minutes later I came hard. I kept pumping her as long
as I could, and then said, "Sorry, Carrie, I got a flat and
deflated." She laughed, and said that was Ok, she had had a great
ride, and had reached her destination too many times to count.

    We lay still for a while, then she got off of me, took my
hand, and pulled me off the bed. I asked her where we were going,
and she said she wanted more, and she knew where to get it. She
took me to the bathroom and started the shower. She was climbing
in when I asked her if she really wanted to get her beautiful
hair wet. She said that if I only loved her for her hair, she had
some bad news: sometimes it was wet and stringy. I laughed and
said I bet it was still lovable then, too. We got in the shower
and she soaped me all over, spending a lot of time in all the
right places. Then I returned the favour. When we were both
rinsed, she adjusted the shower head to point almost straight
down, then pushed me against the wall under the shower. She knelt
in front of me and went to work on my cock. I never had an
expertly delivered blowjob before, while naked in a strong, warm
rain. I recommend it highly, the mix of sensations is very

    When she finished, and then later when I thought I could
stand without leaning against the wall or her, we got out of the
shower. We dried each other off, and I spent a lot of time drying
her hair and combing it out for her. I asked her if she wanted to
do anything else to it. She said No, let it take care of itself,
she wasn't through with me yet. Both of us naked, she led me back
into the bedroom. While I waited, she filled both wine glasses
and brought them to me. I took one, then she took my hand and led
me out of the bedroom. It was 1:15 AM. She led me to the living
room and turned on the radio. Fortunately, our favourite station
was still playing dance music, and she asked me to dance with
her. We danced naked for at least an hour, pausing occasionally
for a sip of wine. It was romantic, not sexy, and there was a lot
of kissing and nuzzling, but no groping.

    She said she would like to make this last all night, but she
didn't think she could stay awake that long, it had been a long,
busy day. She asked me if I would please take her back to the
bedroom for a goodnight fuck. I kissed her and said it would be
my privilege. I turned off the radio and led her by her hand to
the bedroom. I embraced her and we shared a long kiss standing by
the bed. Then she crawled into bed on her back and opened her
arms for me. I crawled in beside her and began kissing her the
length of her body, dwelling on her face, breasts, and pussy.
After a minute she pulled me on top of her and we began a long,
slow, traditional fuck.

    I wanted to make it last for me, but as I was kissing her
face I told her it would make me very happy if she would cum for
me. She smiled and said, "Like this?" I told her she was amazing,
that I didn't think it was possible to do what she made look so
easy. She said she sometimes thought she could do anything if she
had the right reason, and that I was her reason for everything
she did. She asked me to tell her again as I was coming, and she
would join me. A few minutes later I felt it start and told her.
She said she didn't want to miss the right instant, so she would
just cum until I did, and she began a continuous orgasm that
lasted until about 5 seconds after I had mine.

    We were nestled together like spoons, and I could tell she
was only moments away from sleep. I whispered that I loved her.
She asked me if I would be here when she awoke, and I said of
course I would, a beautiful woman like her should never wake up
by herself. "Good night, Bill. I love you," were her last words.

    I woke up and knew immediately that it was daylight. Looking
at the clock I saw that it was almost 9:00. Late, but not bad
considering the previous late night. I had a raging urge to pee,
so I crept out of bed and went to the toilet. I hadn't been
creepy enough though, for just as I was finishing up I heard her
calling, "Bill, Master, where are you, don't leave me." I ran
back into the bedroom and told her I hadn't left her, I just had
to go to the bathroom. The panicked look on her face quickly
faded to a smile, and she reached out for me. I jumped back in
bed and took her in my arms, and we slowly kissed for awhile. I
told her that, if she wanted to get even, she could leave me and
go to the bathroom herself. She said she did need to go, but
someone had gotten her accustomed to being watched while she used
the toilet, and she would be pleased if I would come with her and
watch her.

    She led me by the hand into the toilet. I acted like I didn't
know what she wanted me to do, and she positioned me in front of
her as she sat. She had me kneel, and said I could watch the
stuff come out of her, or I could kiss her, or I could grope her,
whatever I wanted to do to her. She warned me though that I
shouldn't get my hand too near her crotch if I wanted to stay
dry. I said maybe we could kiss now, and grope a little later.
She smiled and leaned forward to me. I put a hand at the side of
each of her breasts, she took my head in her hands, and I kissed
her tenderly, while listening to her bodily processes. When she
was finished she held my hand as she went to the bidet, and asked
me to steady her as she squatted. When she was finished with
that, she handed me a towel and asked me to dry her. She said she
hoped I didn't mind, that she was used to having things done for
her. "I understand, you've led a life of privilege," I said.

    She smiled. "Something like that, only I would say it a
little differently: This last week has been a privilege." When I
had dried her, she led me by the hand back into the bedroom. In
the centre of the room she turned to face me, then gracefully lay
down on her back on the floor, spread her legs, and held both of
her arms up to me. I acted like I was going to fall on top of
her, but then stopped myself on my straightened arms, in the
push-up position. She laughed and said I had her worried for a
second. Holding the push-up pose, I leaned my head down and kissed
her tenderly on the lips. As we kissed I slipped my cock into her
pussy, and slowly lowered my body onto hers. Still supporting my
own weight, and still kissing her, I began long, slow strokes.
She moaned and started moving her hips in time to my thrusts.
Soon we were moving faster, and she was breathing rapidly and
moaning into my lips. I flipped us over so that she was on top,
and told her I wanted to sit up. She swung her legs around and
wound up with them behind me as I came to a sitting position. I
asked her if that hurt, and she said No, it was going the other
way that hurt. I told her to lock her legs behind me, we were
going to stand up. "Going outside for a walk, are we?" she asked.

    "Not that far," I told her. I wrapped my arms around her and
stood up in one motion. I walked over to a dresser table that was
the right height, and set her down on it. I slid her to the edge
of the table, had her lean back to touch the wall, and continued
fucking her as I leaned over and kissed her some more. I moved my
hands up and started stimulating her nipples, and angled my cock
as much as possible to make contact with her clit. I was pumping
very hard and fast now, and she was again moaning into my lips. I
felt it starting to build, and broke the kiss long enough to tell
her to start coming. Of course she began immediately, and
continued for the long seconds it took me to reach orgasm, and
then until I stopped pumping into her. I remained still inside
her for a few seconds, still kissing her, and then she came again
for me. I broke the kiss and pulled my head back a little and
looked at her. We both smiled, then we both grinned, then we both

    "What was the degree of difficulty for that routine?" she

    "I don't know, but I probably didn't score too well on

    "That's Ok," she said, "the strength and the technique were
there, that's what I noticed."

    "How about breakfast?" I asked. She pouted a little, and said
that she was starving, but that breakfast would be the end of
this. I said, "Just until the next time. Surely you believe me
now when I say there will be regular meetings between us. I sense
that you're a little conflicted about whether you want Bill to be
a diversion from Master, or for Master to be a diversion from

    "Oh, no," she said, "I'm not conflicted about that at all. My
life is with my Master, and always will be. My conflict, if it
should be called a conflict, is that I want to be sure that, from
time to time, I can have Bill back. And every time he leaves,
there is no certainty when he will return. But a Slave's life is
not certain, it is lived at the whim of its Master, and that is
the way it is supposed to be. I wouldn't have it any other way,
but sometimes it's hard for the Slave to accept. I have been with
my Master less than a week. Given time, the Slave will learn to
live its life as the Master chooses, without wondering what could
have been."

    She paused, looked at me, and smiled. She said, "But these
things can be discussed at another time. Or not, as my Master
chooses. For now, I would be pleased to have breakfast with Bill
before we say goodbye again."

    I said we should get dressed and go fix breakfast. She
blushed, and said that she was proud of her body and proud for
Bill to be able to see it if he wanted to. She said that Bill
could get dressed if he wished, but she would like very much to
remain naked in his sight during breakfast. I told her that was a
fine idea, we would both remain naked.


  1. I like that they seem to be getting to know one another. I think some of what has me a bit confused is that fact that they were together less than 2 days before they were separated for over a year...they have been back together for less than a week and are declaring their love for one another. You have me hooked...want to know what happens next so I will keep returning. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Hooked, I was at the time. I liked the story so much we still have the dancing as part of our play sometimes. And yes, naked like Bill and Carrie. Some of the things I picked up from the story and this is one of them.

      I love it,

  2. I agree somewhat with Cat....they do seem to be moving very fast. I also think that sometimes you find something so special....more so than you ever imagined,,,that wasting even a moment is unthinkable. Mostly true with those of us who are no longer among the...young set....
    hugs abby

    1. Yes,, You and Cat are both right. I referred to that before in my comments. It's not very believable. Is it a word Believable? You get my drift. On the other way I have seen it happen two people who fell in love and moved in with each other within a week they first met, and still live together, so it is possible.

      At any age, Abby. At any age,

  3. Beautiful chapter .
    I like it very much.

    Thank you, Han.
    Mona Lisa

    1. It's one of my favourite chapters Mona Lisa and I am so pleased you like it as well.

      More lovely things to come,


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