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Training Carrie, chapter 15

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 15


  In the mural room, I removed her harness, then her bonds. I took her to
the bathroom and asked if she needed the toilet. She did, and we performed
our familiar ritual. First her, then me, then both of us used the bidet.
She went first, then adjusted the shower while I had my turn. We agreed we
were both hungry, so we showered quickly with a minimum of groping and
moaning - although there was enough of that to give me a raging boner. She
offered to do something about it, but said I was practising to be celibate,
and I would wait. She said that would be the day, when I renounced sex.
Then she added that it would also the day she would start looking for a
replacement Master. I told her that celibates still had tongues and hands,
and she hadn't seen all my tricks yet. We both laughed.

    After we dried one another, I dressed her in her high heels and new
housewear. She smiled at me while I tied the bow for her, and I was
relieved to see that there were apparently no hard feelings from this
morning's disagreement about the "apron." We went to the kitchen and stood
side-by-side with our heads in the refrigerator, planning our lunch. I was
pleased to see that Philip had left us a full pitcher of iced tea. The rest
of lunch was quickly assembled and we carried everything to the dining room
and went at it.

    After lunch I noticed that it was only 12:10 PM - we hadn't wasted as
much time in the basement as I had feared. I told her I had an idea for
something that we should take a few minutes to prepare, and I had her take
the lunch dishes to the kitchen, then meet me in the guest bedroom. While
she did that, I went to Philip's office.

    When I came into the guest room, she was waiting for me, facing the
door in the Waiting Pose. Her eyes opened wide when she saw the pistol in
my hand. I put the three ammo clips and box of shells I was holding in the
other hand on the bed. The pistol she had been taking to bed with her was a
revolver, so I asked her if she had ever fired a pistol like this one, and
she said that she had, a long time ago. The pistol I had selected was a
popular, lightweight, semi-automatic. I showed her that it was unloaded, and
emphasized that even though there was no clip in the gun, if there was a
lone shell in the breech it was a loaded gun. I showed her how to load it,
and explained how the action worked when it was fired, to eject the spent
shell and insert a fresh one from the clip. I explained what happened to
the mechanism when the last shell was fired, and the correct procedure to
eject the empty clip, slap in a new one, and ready the gun to fire. I made
sure she understood the safety latch, and how to safe the hammer once the
gun had been cocked. Finally, I showed her how to fill the clip from the
ammo box. Finally, I asked her if she had any questions, and she said,
"Yes, Master. Why are we doing this?"

    I had her sit on the bed, and I knelt in front of her and took her
hands in mine. I said that Mr. Collins and Philip were of the opinion that
she should be kept in the dark as much as possible about what was being
done to protect her, because they loved her and they didn't want to worry
her or scare her unnecessarily. But I knew something she had not told
either of them, which was that she was already terrified. So I was taking
unilateral action to make her a participant in her own defence. I told her
about everything that I had learned from my talks with Philip, including
the ongoing investigation by the detective who had brought me back to her.
The only thing I left out was my willingness to be imprisoned to help shut
down the organization and protect her. I told her that she should always
remember that we did not know of any real threat to her right now, but
prudence dictated that we act as if there was a threat, and take all
possible steps to neutralize it.

    But she and I were going to take specific defensive action together,
right now. We were going to prepare, and have available to her at all
times, a package of clothing and a gun, so that she would always know that
she could take steps to defend herself. I told her what the contents of the
kit would be: the gun and ammo I had brought here, a pair of panties,
socks, slacks, and a pullover sweater, all from the pile of rejected
clothes on the bed beside her, and a pair of her old sneakers. When we went
out on our walks, where she would be naked nearly all the time, this kit
would go with us. When we went to the basement, where she would likewise be
naked, we would take it down there with us. If she wanted to, we could even
take it with us as we moved from room to room in the house, although I
recommended that we just choose a central location where she knew it would
always be located during the day, and maybe take it to the bedroom at night
when we went to bed.

    I told her I had no idea if this would help her, or if I was scaring
her even more by talking to her about this. But if I were her, I would find
it empowering to know that, if the worst happened, I would not be alone,
naked, and helpless to defend myself. I asked her if she could tell me what
her reaction was to what I had said. She launched herself at me, pushing me
down on the floor and landing on top of me. She began kissing me tenderly,
and murmuring how much she loved me, and how proud she was of me, and how
grateful she was that I was in her life. I asked her if that meant she
thought it was a good idea, and she said. "It means that you have given me
exactly what I needed. You're right, I've felt ignorant and helpless and
weak and terrified. This is a prayer answered, a dream come true. I can
never thank you enough for doing this for me, Master."

    I told her to pick out whatever clothes she wanted to put in the kit,
and that she could choose more than one item of each type if she wanted,
but I recommended that she try to select items that could easily be folded
or rolled into a small, dense package. She chose two pairs of cotton
panties and socks, one pair of denim jeans, and two pullover sweaters - a
light one and a heavier one. She asked me if her choices were acceptable to
her Master. I told her that it was not for her Master to decide. If those
were the items she wanted, they were the right items. I asked her how much
cash was in the house, and she said maybe a thousand dollars. I told her to
go get $200 dollars, and come back and stuff it in one of the pockets of
the jeans. I asked her if she had a small gym bag, back pack, or anything
similar that she could pack the items in and carry them easily. She said
she had the perfect thing, and ran to get it and the money.

    When she returned, she threw the money and bag on the bed, wrapped her
arms around my neck, and kissed me hard. She said this was so cool, it was
just what she needed to calm her terror and her feelings of helplessness.

    I looked at the bag she had chosen. It was a very small gym bag,
equipped with both hand grips and a shoulder strap. I told her that it was
a great choice, if she could cram everything into it, but it looked too
small. She said she would make it fit, and she set to work. I told her to
do it her way, but the ammo should wind up all together inside the shoes at
one end of the bag, and the loaded gun would be on top of the clothes and
the first item seen when the bag was opened. I told her I forgot one item,
she should go and get a zipper lock freezer bag from the kitchen to put the
gun in, so it wouldn't get oil all over her clothes. She ran to get it.
When she returned she began rolling or folding the clothes, and planning
how to pack the clothes and shoes. I told her not to pack the two pair of
socks. After several tries, she could not get both sweaters into the bag. I
told her if I were her, I would either substitute another light sweater for
the heavy one, or else leave out the light sweater she had chosen. She had
to choose whether it was more important to have a heavy sweater, or two
sweaters. She chose the single heavy sweater.

    When she had planned the layout for the clothes, I told her to take
them all out. I then had her insert a clip into the pistol, and told her
until she needed to use it she would not cock it to put a round in the
breech. It was much safer that way, there was no way it would fire until a
round was jacked into the breech. Then she sealed the loaded gun in the
bag. I told her to put the remaining clips and box of shells inside the
shoes, stuff a pair of socks in each shoe to hold the ammo in, repack, and
then put the gun on top. It all fit. She zipped up the bag, put the strap
over her shoulder, and turned to face me, beaming a smile. "You're my
hero," she said.

    "And you're the love of my life. Nothing is going to happen to you
while I'm alive. Philip has more pistols just like yours. Monday I'll ask
him where we can go to give you some target practice. Now let's decide
where to keep your kit while we're in the house." She said she knew just
the spot. It was in a hallway, pretty much centrally located to all the
rooms of the house, right beside a small table. I told he that was a good
choice, to put it there until we were ready to take it with us on our walk.
She put it down, gave me another big hug and thanked me again. I told her
it was really simple for me - if she felt better, I was happy. She said I
should assume she felt better. It was 1:15.

    I asked her if she was ready to take a walk, and she enthusiastically
said she was. I told her to gather up a blanket, the sun block, the
canteen, her harnesses and nipple clips, her defensive kit, and the shoes
and socks she would wear during the walk. She said, "speaking of pack
mules," but grinned at me and ran to get everything. I yelled after her
that she didn't need to get it all in one trip. But when she met me at the
exit door, she was carrying everything and grinning proudly. "Ain't I a
great mule?" she asked. "The best," I admitted.

    I asked her if she was sure she really wanted to go out today, after
her exertions this morning. I looked at her ass, and I could still tell it
had been treated roughly. She said she would admit she was tired, but
wondered if her Master knew what was the most noticeable physical symptom
of clinical depression. I said I wasn't sure, and she told me it was lack
of energy for physical activity. She said she had suffered from depression
since the accident that killed her husband and son, then it got much worse
when she realized the terrible mistake she had made getting involved with
the organization. Since I came here, she said she had made tremendous
progress in working through her grief over her loss, thanks in large part
to my help, and now I was helping her to feel less powerless to defend
herself against anything the organization might do. She wasn't claiming
that her depression was gone, but she felt better than she had felt in a
very long time. So yes, she was tired, but at the same time she felt
energized and easily capable of a little physical activity. When she said
"physical activity" she reached out and lightly ran her hand over my
crotch. She laughed when my erection became visible through my pants.
"Celibate, eh?" she asked.

    Instead of the circular hike we made on our second outing, I suggested
we just go to the first location we found, where we had our first talk,
spread the blanket, and spread my Slave. I said it was time to dress her
for the outdoors. She put everything down on the table, and I removed her
house wear and shoes, and put on her socks and walking shoes. I covered her
body in sun block, and rubbed it in thoroughly so we wouldn't get the
harnesses too greasy. I dressed her in her harnesses, then spent a minute
caressing her breasts while they were beautifully framed in the harness
straps. Finally forcing myself to stop, I attached her nipple clips,
tightened them until she winced a little, then attached the weights. She
smiled at me, and said the weight on her nipples felt wonderful. I asked
her if she planned any more experimentation with orgasm control this
afternoon. She said she hadn't decided, and asked what her Master would
like her to do. I told her it would be a real thrill for her Master if she
would refrain from having any orgasms until I asked her to cum. She smiled
at me and said she would be happy to do that for her Master.

    I told her it was her survival kit, she should get used to carrying it.
And she would carry the sun block. I got the blanket and canteen. We went
outside and started up the hill. She was carrying her kit in her hand, with
the shoulder strap stowed. Following her, I had a perfect view of her
swaying ass, with each jiggly cheek perfectly isolated and framed by the
harness straps. After drooling over that view for awhile, I ran ahead and
then turned around and watched her approach me. "More bad jokes at your
Slave's expense, Master?" she asked with a smile.

    "This is no joke, lady. You got the finest body this poor boy has EVER
seen, and watching those breasts and that pussy framed by your harness
straps, and seeing those weights bouncing and swaying, and guessing what
that must feel like to your nipples, is driving me crazy. How much farther
is the clearing?"

    She said we were almost there, and wanted to know if she should
describe to me in detail the sensations she was feeling right now in her
nipples. I started walking again beside her, watching her breasts and the
weights, and told her I would love to hear that. She said that the pain
from the clamps, and the stimulation of the weights tugging her nipples
back and forth, and some feeling that she couldn't describe, something like
electrical signals travelling back and forth between her nipples and her
clit, were all blended together to produce the most powerful sensation that
she had ever felt short of an orgasm.

    I asked her if she would like to cum now, to add to the sensation. She
said Yes, she would, but to please not order her to cum yet, she wanted to
hold off her ultimate pleasure, under control of her Master, for a long
time today, if that was acceptable to her Master. I thought it was
interesting that I had "requested" her to hold off her orgasms until I
"asked" her to cum, but now she was talking about my "ordering" her to cum,
and wanting to be "controlled" by her Master. I was betting that she would
soon agree to my training proposal, and then I would have a difficult
decision to make. I told her that I would wait, but if I didn't wait as
long as she was hoping I would, she should realize that it gave me pleasure
also, to know that she had cum when I was fucking her. She said that
whenever her Master ordered her to cum, she would be pleased to obey.

    We reached the clearing, and she stood by while I spread the blanket
and put down the canteen. I took her kit from her and put it at one corner
of the blanket. Then I knelt down, and she rested her hand on my shoulder
as she raised her feet one at a time and I removed her shoes and socks. I
stood and moved close to her, reached down and gave her a tender kiss on
the lips. I took a step back, and said, "Tell me how this adds to the
sensations," as I rubbed each nipple with the tip of a finger. She closed
her eyes, reached out with her hands and held on to my waist to steady
herself, and rolled her head around in circles.

    Finally she answered my question. "The feelings that I described as
electrical signals between my nipples and my clit are now under control of
your finger tips. As the friction between your fingers and my nipples cause
the nipples to be dragged by the fingers, and then to slip and rub across
the fingers, then repeat the whole thing again, I can feel that motion in
minute detail. Its almost like I'm feeling the individual molecules in my
nipples rubbing against the molecules of your fingers. And each time two
molecules rub against each other, an electrical signal is fired off down my
spine to my clit, and then echoed back to the nipple. It's wonderful. Only
you could do this to me. You are the best, the love of my life. If you ever
left me, I know I would die."

    "Well don't worry, I'll never leave you." I asked her if it was Ok if I
stopped for a few minutes, while she undressed me and put sun block on me.
She said she was mine to control, I could start her and stop her whenever
and where ever I chose. I stopped, and she opened her eyes and smiled at
me, then began removing my clothes. when I was naked she covered my body
with sun block and slowly massaged it into my skin. I told her I was going
to sit down, and she would sit on my legs, wrap her legs around my body,
and slide close enough to impale her pussy on my cock. Then she would lean
back and I would stimulate her nipples some more. She moaned as my cock
slid into her, then leaned back until her hands were on my knees, braced by
her straight arms. I took the weights in my hands and gently tugged on
them, getting a gasp from her. Then I rubbed her nipples awhile longer.
Occasionally I would stop working on one nipple, and move that hand down to
stimulate her clit. After some minutes of this she was moaning continuously
and breathing in short, shallow breaths. I had little doubt that she would
suppress her orgasm until I gave her permission to cum, but I was curious
if I could get her so excited that she would ask me to give that

    I asked her if she could swing her legs out straight as I lay down,
without letting my cock escape her pussy. She said she thought so, but
let's do it slowly in case she got to a point where her legs were jammed. I
said Ok, but first I wanted to remove the weight from her nipple clips. I
removed the weights, then told her I was starting to lean back. As I did
that, she smoothly spread her legs wide and swung them around from behind
my back, to wind up stretched out on top of my legs. I don't think my cock
moved more than an inch in her pussy during the whole thing. I asked her
how she did that, and she said she wouldn't recommend anyone try it, it
hurt like hell. I told her I didn't expect her to hurt herself, and she
said it was another demonstration of her love for me, and she was pleased
to do it.

    Lying on my back, with her on top of me and my cock deep inside her, I
slid her down a little to try and maximize the contact with her clit, then
I began pumping my hips and fucking her. Our heads were still close enough
together that I could tilt my head a little and reach her lips with mine. I
continued fucking her very slowly while kissing her. My hands were roaming
over her shoulders, back, and ass. I fucked her like this for about 10
minutes, until I had an intense orgasm. When she felt that I was coming,
she smiled at me and said I made her very happy. Then I felt the awesome
power I now had over her, power she was giving to me voluntarily and
joyfully. She was telling me how happy she was that I had cum inside her,
while I refused to allow her the same pleasure.

    She slid herself up a little, and began kissing me all over my face,
and telling me how much she loved me. Then she held my head in her hands
and looked into my eyes and smiled. We stayed like that for long minutes.
Then she wiggled her ass and said, "Master, you've been celibate too long,
you still have a raging boner."

    "What do you propose to do about that, Slave?" I asked her. She pushed
herself off of me, then pulled me up to a kneeling position. She turned her
back to me and then, on all fours, backed up to my cock, straddling my legs
with hers. I guided it into her ass, and then she straightened up and
leaned her back into me.

    "Put the weights back on me, Master, then drive my nipples crazy
again," She asked. I did as she asked, then while rubbing her nipples with
my fingers I kissed her along both sides of her neck, pumping my cock into
her ass the whole time. I asked her if she would like the harnesses
removed, and she said Yes, they were starting to chafe her a little. I took
a few seconds away from her nipples to remove both top and bottom
harnesses, then returned to my duties. By now she was moaning and breathing
in short, shallow gasps. She said she was being overwhelmed with pleasure,
and I told her I was having quite a bit of that myself. I thought for sure
she would either cum or ask for permission to cum, but she did neither, and
soon I had a jolting orgasm. I kept stimulating her nipples and pumping my
hips until my cock grew too soft to continue. While still inside her, I
turned her torso slightly to let me reach her lips. When she realized what
I was after, she turned her head toward me and leaned it back onto my
shoulder, and we kissed passionately and hungrily for several minutes. I
fumbled around for a few seconds, then managed to loosen her nipple clips
and removed them. Then I began caressing and massaging her breasts,
alternating with letting my hands roam everywhere they could reach on her

    Eventually she pulled away from me and turned to face me. "Lie down,
Master, I'll clean you off," she said. I lay down, and she moved toward my
cock with her mouth.

    I said, "Wait, Carrie, you haven't had an enema today, my cock is
covered with your shit. Let me wash it off from the canteen first."

    She answered, "No Master, that water is ice cold. Let me clean you off,
then I'll rinse my mouth out from the canteen." And she proceeded to engulf
my cock with her mouth. But she didn't just clean me off then stop to rinse
out. She was on a mission, to get me off again. As she worked on me, I told
her to swing around to bring her ass within my reach, so I could return the
favor. She did, and I reached between her legs and began stimulating her
pussy and clit. After a few minutes of that, I told her to straddle my head
and stretch out so I could reach her with my mouth. She carefully did that,
including putting a knee down on my face at one time. She was so afraid she
had hurt me she let go of my cock to look, but I laughed and told her she
would have to do better than that if she wanted to get back at me for this
morning. She said, "Don't make me laugh, Master, you don't want your cock
in my mouth while I'm laughing, I sometimes accidentally bite." She
finished positioning herself as I had commanded, then went back to work on
me. I started repaying her in kind, working her clit with my tongue while
running my hands over the backs of her thighs, her ass, and her lower back.

    After several minutes she had my cock standing at attention again, and
that made her attack me even harder. Her mouth was pumping up and down at a
furious rate, her tongue running the length of my shaft then flicking
around its head on her upstroke. I would have sworn she was capable of
wrapping her tongue around the circumference of my cock, at least that's
what it felt like she was doing. It didn't take very long at her
accelerated pace, and I exploded for the third time in only a few minutes.
She greedily sucked up as much of me as she could, then lovingly licked me
until I was clean. She held her position for awhile, tenderly kissing the
head of my cock, as I continued to work on her clit. Finally she slapped me
on the side of my leg and asked if we could rest for awhile. I told her
sure, and she swung her leg over my head and knelt beside me. She still
hadn't cum, I didn't know the words to express to her my awe and

    I sat up and made a move to take her in my arms, but she pulled away,
saying "Wait, Master." She got the canteen, poured water into her hand,
sucked it up into her mouth and swished it around, then spat it out. She
repeated that procedure three more times, and only then would she touch her
lips to the canteen and take a big mouthful. She swished that in her mouth
for awhile then spat, then repeated that procedure once. Finally she took a
big mouthful and swallowed it, then offered the canteen to me. "Water,
Master?" I thanked her, took the canteen, and took three big swallows of
water. I handed the canteen back to her, and she replaced the cap and set
it down.

    I lay down again and reached out a hand to her. "Lie down beside me, my
beautiful Carrie, and let me try to tell you how much I love, admire and
respect you. And the answer in all three cases is 'without bounds or

    She sprawled out beside me on her side, but kept herself propped up on
one elbow. She looked in my eyes, and while her free hand was roaming over
my chest she said, "Why Master, you'll turn my head."

    I asked her how she felt, and she said she felt tired, but wonderful.
She thanked me for all of the pleasure I had brought her, and hoped she had
done well for me. What I really wanted to tell her was about the guilt I
was feeling that she had expertly and lovingly brought me to orgasm three
times while at the same time I was denying her the pleasure of any orgasms
at all. But I decided to say nothing. She wanted to do this as a
demonstration of her love, obedience, and devotion to me. I wasn't going to
spoil it for her with my hang-ups. So I told her that her Master had been
given a rare gift today by his loving Slave, for which he would always be

    I asked her if she was ready to return to the house. She said she would
prefer to let me rest for a few minutes, then see if I could give her a
repeat engagement. I asked her what part of the engagement she was
interested in repeating, and with a smile she said, "Why, the whole thing,
Master." I groaned, then told her to get down here and give me a big hug,
and maybe she could transfer enough energy into my tired, broken body to
maybe get another twitch from my cock. She rested her head on my chest and
wrapped her arm around me. Then she looked up into my eyes, and said that
she would never forget what I had done for her today with the clothes and
the gun. She said she was sure that no one else in the world would have
thought of doing that, and it was the exact thing she needed. She felt she
was the luckiest woman there was, to have fallen in love and given herself
to me. I told her I would agree that she was lucky if she would agree that
I was equally lucky. She smiled and said "Agreed, Master. ... But I'm a
little luckier than you are." I told her she couldn't be more in error,
that in fact I was just slightly luckier than she was. Before we could go
another round, we both broke down laughing. She said, "Ok, we're both
pretty damned lucky."

    "Agreed," I said, and then added, mumbling under my breath, "but I'm
luckier." She said Ok, I was the Master, if I said I was luckier, then I
was luckier, end of story. "Hey, wait a minute, aren't you going to try to
talk me out of it?"

    "No, Master, you're right. You win, end of argument. In fact, now that
I think of it, you are much, much luckier than I am."

    I said, "Yay! I won! I won! ... Hey, wait a minute..." We both broke up
again, then kissed.

    I told her that this was an obvious stall for time while my recovery
progressed, but I thought I could make the wait more pleasant for her if
she would lie on her back and spread her legs. She complied immediately,
wondering aloud, "What could he be planning? I wonder. Hmmmm." I knelt
between her legs, then stretched out with my face in her pussy. I reached
up with both hands and found her breasts, then her nipples. I started
working on her clit and her nipples, and she immediately began moaning.
"Master, you've got my number. This nipple/clit connection is going to turn
me into a quivering mass of jelly. You're going to have to go back to the
house and bring a bucket to scoop me up in."

    "Just tell me what I can do to turn you to jelly sooner, that's my real
goal." She said if I really wanted to do that, try holding each nipple
between the thumb and middle finger, squeeze them moderately hard, then rub
the top of the nipples with the forefinger. I immediately switched to doing
that, and immediately she said, "Oh, my God, I guessed right. I'm dying up
here, I'm going to need a new nervous system when you're finished with me."
I told her that I could stop if it was too much for her. She said, "No,
please don't stop, Master. I can take it, but my God, it's so intense. I'm
yours for life, Master."

    After about ten minutes of that, she was moaning continuously and
rolling her head from side to side, telling me how much she loved me. I
suddenly noticed that I had an erection again. I said I could continue this
as long as she wanted, or we could have another fuck. She said she loved
this, but she loved my cock more, to please give it to her now, I moved up
and mounted her in the good old missionary position, and started humping.
Then I saw she had tears in her eyes, but she was smiling at me. I told her
if this was too much for her, we could stop or we could end the experiment,
that she was long past needing to prove anything more to me.

    She softly said she would tell me her secret goal for today, if I
promised not to tell her Master. I promised her I wouldn't, and she said
she wished she would be commanded to cum tonight, as her Master fucked her
in their bed, and just as her Master was coming. She said it was important
to her that her Master forbid her to cum before then, but she didn't want
him to know her secret. I told her he would never find out from me, but
that I thought if he knew her secret, it would only increase his admiration
and love for her. She said that her Master's love for her was unquestioned,
as was her love for him, and that a Slave was not for admiring, it was for
commanding and using selfishly and fucking. She said her goal was to
demonstrate her total submission and obedience to her Master, and her will
to be dominated by him whenever he chose. Finally, she said that an orgasm
was only one pleasant sensation, and her Master had given her a wealth of
other pleasant sensations all afternoon. Her Master had no reason to feel
guilt for denying her a little, while giving her so much.

    She showed me some capital-T Truths with that little speech. I think
her real purpose was to tell her Master to stop interfering with her
demonstration of love, and start supporting her instead of undermining her.
But she also gave me a message that she probably didn't intend to give, or
even realize that she was giving. I already knew that she had trained
herself to be a better Slave than I could have ever made her under the
whip. Now I realized that, if I would allow it, she would also make me a
better Master than I could have ever been without her. I vowed silently to
myself, and to her, that I would allow it.


  1. I am glad there is much more to come, but this story could end here and i would love it. Master and i have had a couple conversations very similar to their ...who is luckier one....LOL. I think He is a wise man.....a good Master does make for a better submissive...and the reverse is also true.
    hugs abby

    1. Who is the luckier indeed? Wise words also from you Abby. Thank you for sharing them.

      How nice of you to comment,

  2. I agree with Abby...Matthew and I also had a few conversations as to who was the luckier one. Will be interested in reading what he has in mind for a training plan.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. She just wanted to show him how much she loved him, and he had done nothing to help her in doing just that. And now finally, he realizes. Just in time. The story would end different if he hadn't.

      It was a major enlightenment those last 9 lines, and I have read them many, many, many times.

      Better late than never, as they say here in the Netherlands,
      Beter laat dan nooit,



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