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Training Carrie, chapter 14

novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 14


  In the mural room, we began our familiar transition. I attached her
bonds and fastened her wrists together behind her back, then led her down
the stairs. Once in the room, we went directly to the weight bench. I
attached the leash to her collar, then unfastened her wrists and commanded
her to put on her socks and shoes.

    When she had the shoes on, she started to position herself on the
bench. I tugged on the leash, and she jumped up and followed me. Guiding
her over to the elliptical trainer, I said, "5 minute warm-up, then
stretching exercises, get to it." She looked slightly puzzled, but got on
and started her warm-up. I attached her leash to the machine, then went to
get myself a glass of chilled water. I leaned against the counter in the
Master's area and watched her work. When her 5 minutes were up, I told her
to start stretching. She immediately stopped, dismounted, and went into her
stretches. She was doing everything exactly as she had been shown.

    She finished her stretches and immediately assumed the Waiting Pose. I
walked back to her, unfastened her leash, and gave her a tug. She followed
me back to the weight bench. I told her to tell me what she was going to
do, which exercises, and what weight for each one. She said everything
correctly, then I told her that she would do each exercise in three sets,
with ten repetitions per set. She would wait 30 to 45 seconds between each
set. I asked her if she had any questions and she said she didn't. I
attached her leash to the back of the bench, told her to begin, then began
slowly walking around the bench, watching everything she did. She was doing
the first exercise exactly as I showed her, slow movements, good form,
correct breathing. I had no comments to make during her whole program.

    I unfastened the leash and gave her another tug, and she jumped to her
feet and began moving. I led her to the elliptical machine again, and said
"5 minute cool down, then stretches, now." I reattached her to the machine,
and I didn't even bother looking at what she was doing. I wandered around
the room looking for construction details I might have missed before.  I
was at the far end when the 5 minutes were up, and I yelled "Stretch.".
With my back to her, I saw her dismount in the mirror and begin stretching.
I kept roaming around, and made her wait about three minutes in the Waiting
Pose after she finished her stretches. As I was strolling back to her, I
said "shoes and socks off, now." By now she was sure something was going
on. I knew she wanted to ask me why I was being so brusque, but she
couldn't speak without being commanded.

    When I reached her, I attached her wrists behind her back, and took off
her leash. I said, "Get to the bars, Slave." She moved quickly to the bars
and got into position to be attached. I walked over to her and attached her
belt to the bar. Then I nudged her legs farther apart with my foot, and
attached her ankles to the floor attach points. Freeing her wrists, I
pulled her hands out in front of her and down to the other bar, where I
attached them. She was in the position she now knew so well, bent over and
ready to get butt fucked. Without being told she had raised her head to the
vertical and was looking at her own face in the mirror. I stood behind her
and ran my fingers over her ass and the backs of her thighs. She moaned. I
said, "Slave, if you want the flog, ask for it. Now."

    She answered, "Master, this Slave begs to be flogged on its ass and the
backs of its thighs before the Slave is butt fucked, Master."

    I picked up the flog, stepped off to one side of her ass, and said
"Brace yourself, Slave, your plea will now be granted." I began flogging
her. I gave her a more severe flogging than she was used to, but still much
milder than the worst she had experienced. When I stopped, her ass and
thighs were not just rosy, they were red. Tears were streaming down her
face. When she saw me looking at her face, she mouthed, "Thank you."

    I immediately lubed up my stiff cock and plunged it into her ass. She
made a sound like some kind of animal growl, then she had a crashing orgasm
that seemed to take all the strength from her body. Her head dropped so
fast I was afraid she would get whiplash. I'm pretty sure she remained
conscious, but she was unaware for a few seconds. Then she raised her head
back up to near vertical and held it there looking at her face as she was
supposed to. I resolved that I would try my best to make this last for her.
I avoided looking at her anymore, although I couldn't avoid feeling the
shudders running through  her body as she had frequent orgasms. I lost
track of exactly when I started, but I'm sure I gave her at least 15
minutes' worth. When I became aware of her voice, she was begging me to
come inside her ass. I ignored that she was breaking the rules by speaking
without being commanded to speak. I let myself know that it was time, and
had my own shattering orgasm.

    When I stopped moving, I became aware that her body was quivering.
Either she was shaking, or she was having a continuous, gentle orgasm. I
didn't know which. I pulled out and wiped both of us off, then released her
ankles and waist. Then I quickly walked around and released her wrists. She
straightened up and stood, waiting. I think she expected me to take her in
my arms, but I didn't. Without touching her, I made her turn around and
walk away from the bars a few paces. She automatically went into the
Waiting Pose. Then I walked around the bars and stood face to face with
her. Tears were pooled in her eyes. After a moments silence, I said,
"Informal speech, Slave, do you have anything to say to your Master?"

    She fell to her knees and began crying. Through her tears, she said,
"Please, Master, tell your Slave what it has done to anger its Master."

    I told her to assume the Learning Pose, which she immediately snapped
into. I stood looking down at her for a minute, then I sat down in front of
her with my legs crossed. I put both hands out, and she quickly put her
hands in mine. She slowly raised her head to lock her eyes with mine. I
said, "I will answer the Slave's question, but first the Slave must explain
what her Master has done to make the Slave believe he is angry."

    She said I treated her harshly during her weight exercises, commanding
her with cold, one word commands, and I yanked on her leash several times.
Then she said the Master flogged her much harder than the normal flogging
she received at the bars. She said her ass and thighs were still on fire
from the flogging she had received.

    I told her we would discuss the flogging first. I asked her if it was
not true that the Slave had asked to be flogged, both when we were making
up today's schedule, and then right before the flogging began. She said
that was true. I asked her if the Slave had specified how hard she wanted
to be flogged. She said she had not. I asked her if the Slave had any right
to judge that the Master had flogged her too hard, when she had left the
strength of the flogging for the Master to decide. She said that she did
not. I asked her if there was anything else we needed to discuss concerning
her flogging. She said no, there was nothing else. I asked her what the
Slave's problem was with the flogging she had received, and she said her
problem was that she had formed expectations about what her Master would
do, and that a Slave has no right to make such assumptions. I asked her if
the Slave wished her Master to give her another flogging right now, and
that this time she could specify how hard she wished to be flogged. She
said, "No, Master, please no."

    I smiled at her and said, "Very good, Slave, you have provided all the
right answers to your Master's questions concerning the flogging. Now we
will discuss my harsh treatment of the Slave during her weight exercises.
When the Master tugged on the Slave's leash, was the Slave harmed in any
way?" She said No, she was not harmed. "When the Master gave the Slave
one-word commands, was the Slave unable to understand what the Master was
commanding, or did the Slave think the Master was trying to confuse her
into making mistakes?" Her answer was that she understood each command and
was not confused. "Was the Slave performing the exercises so poorly that
the Master became upset with the frequent errors the Slave was making?" She
said No, she had not required correction at any time during the exercises.
I said, "Then again, the problem here seems to be that the Master did not
meet the Slave's expectations. Is that what it comes down to?" She
swallowed hard, and said Yes. I said that, based on her previous answers
when discussing the flogging, she would probably agree that the Slave had
no right to make assumptions or form expectations concerning the Master's
behaviour. She said she would agree.

    I asked her if she still thought the Master's treatment of the Slave
resulted from the Master being angry with the Slave. She said she didn't
know, that was why she asked. I asked her why she assumed that the Master
was angry. She had finally had enough, and took a big risk. "Master, what
happened to our partnership, the partnership based upon our love, my
obedience to your will, and my understanding that I am your property? I do
love you Master, you must know that. I'm not perfect, but I always try my
utmost to be docile and obedient to your every wish, not just your every
command. Do you have any idea how difficult it is for me to act docile
without a whip hanging over my head, Master? Let me tell you, these few
days since your return to me have been hard, but I'm learning, and I always
try hard, Master, and I will learn to be docile and obedient for you, of my
own free will and because of my love for you. And finally, I will
acknowledge to anyone, anywhere, any time, that you own me, body, mind, and
soul. So where is our partnership, Master, where is your love?"

    "Excellent, Carrie. I didn't know how this would turn out, but I was
hoping for you to fight back eventually. I had to test you, and I'll tell
you why. I've told you that I would never cause you pain for no reason, and
never when you asked for it. Since I said that, I have flogged you twice,
both times for no reason, you had done nothing wrong, and both times
because you asked me to. I either have to know that I can trust your
judgment when you ask for pain, or I have to refuse your requests.

    What I just put you through was done for me to find out several things.
First, will treating you harshly result in you seeking more harsh
treatment, or will you instead complain to me that I am being unreasonable,
because you have done nothing to deserve brutal treatment? Second, will
giving you pain when you ask for it result in you asking for even more
pain, or does it satisfy whatever need drove you to make the request? The
last thing in the world I would do to you is turn you into someone who
lives only for pain and abuse, I would die before I let that happen. There
are men who want that kind of Slave. What I want is our partnership. And
one of the foundations of that partnership, in addition to the ones you
stated, is Trust. I trust you, Carrie, because you have proven that you are
worthy of trust. I hope you can understand my reason, that the question was
too important not to find the answer."

    She sat silent for a long few moments. Finally she said, "Master,
you're so full of shit. I thought you trusted me already, I know I trusted
you. No, ignore that last statement, I was trying to get back at you by
innuendo, and I won't do that to the man I love. I still trust you, but I
don't want to be tested any more. Life will be a big enough test for both
of us, without making up arbitrary tests to give each other. As for me
asking to be flogged, I already told you, Master, I have a powerful drive
to do things to demonstrate my love for you. So it's simple, really. If I
ask for punishment occasionally, let your Slave have her punishment. If I
ask too often, say No. You know, Master, if I was really trying to get you
to punish me, I wouldn't be trying so hard to be the perfect Slave for you,
instead I would be screwing up all the time so you would punish me. The
talks we have, like this one, which were entirely your idea, will in time
give each of us the confidence to trust the other in all things. I pledge
that I will never knowingly create any situation between us for the purpose
of evaluating how you react to it. I have no right to demand or even ask
anything from you, so I beg you, please, Master, make the same pledge to me
that I'm making to you."

    Her words had cut me deep, and I deserved it. "With all my heart,
Carrie, I do pledge that to you. No more deceit, whether I think it's for a
good reason or not. There is no good reason to manipulate the woman I love
as I just did. From now on, I promise that I will stop planning how to be
your Master, and just be the best, most loving Master I can possibly be for
you. And finally, I apologize for testing you, who have never given me a
second's doubt of your love and devotion to me."

    She slowly cracked a sly grin. "So, Master, why did you let me make up
today's schedule, then fuck it up so badly? We must be an hour behind by
now, can we please get on with it?" She couldn't get the whole sentence out
without smiling, and by the time she finished we were both laughing.

    Without letting go of her hands, I stood and then pulled her up with me
and we shared a long, tender kiss. I said, "As I remember, the next item
was to continue checking out the fetish gear, while you wore what I believe
is going to become my favorite outfit. Shall we proceed?"

    She threw her arms around my neck and gave me another kiss. When we
finally broke, she led me to where she had stood during our earlier
examinations. "Get me my harness, Master, and I'll get you hot."

    I got her harness from the drawer and put it on her. Then I got the
nipple clips and a couple of weights, heavier that the bells I put on her
yesterday. Returning to her with the items, I told her that I was going to
tighten the clips more than I did yesterday, because I would put heavier
weights on her, and that after a while she might find the clips to be
mildly painful. I grinned at her and said, "and this is not another test."
She smiled, but remained silent. I told her that if the pain got worse than
she wanted to put up with, all she had to do was say so.

    She said she thought there was a companion harness somewhere that would
fit her like a pair of panties. She said that was one of the few things she
tried on by herself, and she thought it might make a nice leather frame
around her pussy. I ran back to the drawer and started looking for it, as
she laughed softly. Soon I came up with it, waiving it at her as I returned
with the prize. I asked her how the clamps felt so far. She said heavy, but
no pain yet.

    The crotch harness was three separate leather components. The first was
a belt, which I fastened around her waist, right below her bondage belt.
Then to the belt I attached the straps that went across the front of her
legs and were riveted together under her crotch, between her pussy and her
anus. The straps quickly separated again as they exited behind her legs.
They followed the crease where her cheeks met her legs, wrapping around her
legs and then climbing back up to the belt. Then there was a separate,
wider belt that attached to the first belt at the midpoint under her crotch
with a snap, then ran up the crack of her ass to the belt. Tacky? Yes, but
stunning. The pussy was completely accessible and framed in leather, and
each cheek of her ass was also framed by the leather straps. And if you
needed access to the asshole, all you had to do was remove the belt running
up between her cheeks.

    When she was completely harnessed, I had her walk down the room away
from me, then turn and walk back. I'm pretty sure I was drooling by the
time she reached me. I wanted to attack her, but I was going to resist as
long as I could. I had her walk toward, then away from the nearest mirrored
wall, at a slight angle to the wall. She could see her front view as she
walked toward the wall, and could also see her rear view reflected off the
rear wall. After she did it a few times, she turned to me with a big smile.
"It's pretty impressive, isn't it?" she said.

    I said, "It's just some leather straps and buckles. It's you that's
impressive." She thanked me and offered a kiss, which I hungrily returned.
I had to raise my hands in the air, as if surrendering, to keep from pawing
her, which made her laugh while I was still trying to kiss her. I told her
I wanted her to stand there while I quickly rummaged through the rest of
the fetish stuff, because I was anxious to move on to the next item on her
agenda, "leisurely fuck on the floor." I told her to keep her breasts
swaying a little, to keep the weights swinging back and forth. After a
minute of that, I asked her if she was feeling any pain. She said she felt
a little pain, but mostly she was getting incredibly turned on from the
sensations in her nipples. I said that was great, that's what I was hoping
would happen. I told her the bells we used yesterday weren't heavy enough
to turn her on, unless the tinkly sounds they made could do it. She said
No, she didn't get hot for bells.

    I didn't find anything else that caught my interest, although there was
some stuff we could revisit if we ever got bored. I couldn't imagine ever
getting bored with that body, so I told her we should just leave the rest
of this stuff in the drawer for now. I said "now, about that next item on
the agenda..."

    She said that before the ravaging began, she wanted to ask how I felt
about vibrators. I asked her if she wanted to try a vibrator, and she said
she had always been curious, but had never experienced it. I said that in
her case, since she comes so easily and so frequently, I would fear that a
vibrator would exhaust her in a matter of minutes, since they can be so
intense. I reminded her that she came while I was undressing her last
night. She said, "Master, I've come many times just because you looked at

    I said that some day I would like to find out if she could learn to
control her orgasms under my direction, but for now I had wanted her to
explore the limits of her capabilities without interference by me. She said
she had been doing that already, that essentially she could cum now any
time she willed it, within a few seconds or better. She added that after
her efforts at Philip's and Beverly's house yesterday, she believed she
could also prevent herself from having orgasms most of the time if not all
the time. So maybe she was ready to try letting me control her.

    I told her I wanted her to be clear about what I was saying. I said
that at most times, I wanted her to be able to experience pleasure whenever
she chose. But at certain times, and for limited amounts of time - perhaps
a matter of 8 hours at a stretch - I would like to be able to exercise
total control over her orgasms. Basically, during those intervals, I would
expect her to cum every time I commanded it, and at no other times. That
control would have to be effective under any degree of stimulation, from
none at all to extremely intense. And to be specific, extremely intense
means with vibrators on both nipples and in both her pussy and her ass. I
pointed out that there are also vibrators that attach directly to the clit,
which I would also plan to test her with, although I hadn't seen any of
those among her equipment. If she agreed to attempt this level of
submission to my will, we would slowly work up to more and more difficult
scenarios, but she would know that she would be punished every time she
came without permission, and every time she failed to cum on command, while
a test was under way.

    She swallowed hard, and said she had no idea I was talking about
anything like that. She wasn't sure she wanted to go down that road, she
might reach a point where she couldn't do any better, but she wasn't
meeting my requirements. I told her if she agreed to try, we would only go
as far as she agreed to go. But at each increment of difficulty, once she
had agreed to attempt that level, she would continue her efforts to comply
with my requirements until she succeeded or until I was satisfied that she
couldn't do it. I said that the requirements she would have to satisfy for
each level would be specified to her satisfaction before she agreed to make
the attempt. But, once she began her attempt, any failures would result in
punishment while she was in a test period.

    I told her she didn't have to make a decision now, or ever for that
matter. Her Master would understand if she had no interest in this path,
and there would be no recriminations. I told her that our love for each
other was always assumed, and was never to be doubted, whether or not she
wanted to attempt this degree of submission. Finally, I said I would never
bring up this subject again until she told me she wanted to try, if that
ever happened. But until that time, I would try to answer any questions she
asked about it.

    I said that she could experiment with vibrators starting right now, if
she wished, to give her a better idea how intense they can be. She said she
would like that. I asked her if she would continue wearing her harnesses,
since they were really turning me on, but I would take off the nipple
clamps. She said of course she would leave the harnesses on for me, but
asked if I would let her keep the clamps on for her pleasure, unless they
started getting in the way. I said I know her agenda specified sex on the
floor, but would she prefer to do it on the couch. She said the floor
offered more room to thrash around, let's stay on the floor. I went to the
dildo drawer and got some vibrators. Two were your basic penis shape, the
other was very small and was designed to be attached to some other piece of
equipment, such as her nipple clamps. I tested each to make sure it had
good batteries, then returned to her.

    As soon as I walked up to her, I took the weight off of one of her
nipple clamps, and attached the vibrator in its place. The vibrator was a
little heavier, and she winced. I made sure it wasn't so heavy that it was
pulling the clamp off of her nipple, and it didn't seemed to be doing that.
I turned it on.

    Her eyes opened very wide, and she smiled. She stood there for about
thirty seconds, swaying to make the vibrator and the weight on her other
nipple swing back and forth. Then she threw her head back and came hard. I
let her enjoy her orgasm, then asked her if she wanted the vibrator
removed. She looked at me, but didn't answer. Then she said "Oh, my God!"
and came again, harder than before. I turned on one of the other vibrators
and slowly pushed it into her pussy. She reached out and grabbed my
shoulder with one hand, and whispered that she couldn't stand up any more.
I helped her lie down, then I unclipped the nipple vibrator from the end of
the chain, and reattached it directly to the end of the nipple clamp. Since
there was no more weight tugging on the clamp, I tightened it around her
nipple, to transfer more of the vibrator energy into the nipple. I removed
the weight from the other nipple clamp, then began concentrating on her
pussy. The vibrator I was using there had gentle ribbing along its length,
so I started slowly moving it in and out. I would occasionally tilt it in
her pussy so that it came very near or made contact with her clit. Each
time that happened her whole body would spasm. At that time she seemed to
be suppressing her orgasms, so I didn't know what the spasms were all
about. I asked her if she wanted to stop, and she said "God, no, don't
stop, please don't stop." With my free hand I tightened the nipple clamp I
had removed the weight from, until  her nipple was a bulging sphere
floating above the clamp. I then grabbed the third vibrator, turned it on,
and pressed it directly against her nipple. She turned her head to look at
me and said, "Jesus, you're going to drive me crazy." I asked her if she
was suppressing her orgasms, and she nodded her head yes. I asked her if
she wanted to see how long she could do it, and she said, "or until you
kill me?" I laughed, and she gave me a weak smile. She said, "just let me
concentrate, all right?" I said I would after one more question, did she
want me to move the dildo vibrator I was using on her nipple, and put it up
her ass? She said, "not yet, I'll tell you when," and then she tuned me out
and went somewhere else.

    She was laying there on her back, breathing in short gasps her arms
were lying at her sides, but sometimes her hands would start to move, then
flop down on the floor again. Then she seemed to come back from wherever
she had gone. She knew I was there next to her, her hand started feeling
its way along the floor until it contacted my leg, then she reached up and
got a grip on my leg and squeezed. She started talking very fast, I
couldn't understand what she was saying at first. Then, still fast but also
very clearly, she said, "Master only you could do this to me. Master, it's
only for you. My body will never be for anyone but you as long as it lives.
You can do anything you want to me. I'm yours forever." She was quiet for a
few seconds, then she bent her legs at the knees and spread her feet apart.
She turned her head and looked at my face, and said, "Master, please put
the other vibrator in my ass, then count to 15 slowly, and then I will come
for you."

    I said, "I will count to 30 slowly, and then you will come for me."

    She smiled and said, "Yes, Master, I'll do my best." I unsnapped the
center strap of her crotch harness so I could access her asshole, then
pressed the dildo to her ass, and gently worked it in. When it was in all
the way I began counting. By the time I was at 20, she was squinting her
eyes tightly shut. At 25 she began grunting and breathing in shallow gasps.
I hit 30, and I assumed she would explode. She didn't, and I kept counting.
When I got to 45, she screamed and had the biggest orgasm I've ever seen
her experience. He whole body was spasming on the floor. I thought she
might go bouncing away she was jerking so hard. After about 10 seconds of
that she lay still, but I could see she was still having orgasms. Finally
she looked at me again, and asked me to please turn them off. I immediately
turned them off, then removed the nipple clamps. But I left the vibrators
in her pussy and ass. I laid down on the floor beside her and held her in
my arms. I told her we would just stay like this until she was ready.

    After a few minutes of lying there with her eyes closed and her arms
around me, she opened her eyes and smiled at me. She said, "Master, I
didn't mean to leave you out of the fun, please fuck me now." I asked her
if she wasn't too tired, and she said she was never too tired to be fucked
by the man she loved. But she was obviously exhausted, and I had a feeling
we were way behind on her schedule. I told her she was too tired, and
besides it would be good for her Master to be deprived for awhile, he would
get his chance when we were outside this afternoon. She smiled again, and
said that whatever Master wished is what we would do. I asked her if she
felt rested enough to go upstairs and have a shower. She nodded that she

    I removed the dildos, then helped her up and fastened her hands behind
her back. Before I could say "formal speech," she asked if I wanted to
remove the harnesses. I said, "you mean your outside wear for today?" and
she gave me a wicked grin. I grabbed the nipple clamps and weights, then
took her to the door and upstairs.


  1. I'm just gonna keep reading and see where this leads because right now I'm just not sure. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Not sure where the story is going to, Cat? That's good...


  2. I like this chapter.
    But I don't understand all.
    He has a slave who is doing her best ever of love gor him..
    That is clear gor me and I understand it soooo well.
    He wants her start at some new submission level where if she failed , she will be punished
    But she allready do her best, is he hopping she will do .... What.. ? Would he likes it more if she does things of fear for punishment and not because of love?
    How low!!
    I hope she says NO for her sake and ny nerves.. Lol

    Thank you ,Han.
    Mona Lisa

    1. Mmmm, I think she told him that in plain English! He sure had to bite the dust there.... Still I love it how they seem to survive these confrontations and still love each other.

      It inspires,

  3. I liked this chapter, It can be difficult to mesh love and M/s.....and i think it is more of a tightrope for the dominant.
    hugs abby

    1. Agreed on the tightrope, Abby. But if two people really love each other anything is possible. Ah, romantic again, ain't I?

      Hug back to you,


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