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Training Carrie, chapter 10

novel by Jay West
Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 10

    She was in the tub, so I quickly stripped and joined her. I asked her
if she had used the toilet, and she said of course not, I had told her not
to unless I was present. As I was soaping her up, I mentioned her earlier
comment, that Philip and I were on the job together. I asked her if she
thought Philip and I were plotting against her. She said, "Oh, no Master, I
think you're plotting for me." She looked at me, but I remained silent, so
she said, "make a bet with me, Master. I bet the pistol under the table in
the bedroom has now been hidden somewhere else." I knew we were busted, but
I wanted to see how much she really knew. I asked her what pistol she was
talking about, that I wasn't aware of any pistol. She said, "Is Master
lying to his Slave already? I thought the honeymoon would last a little
longer than three days. I knew when Philip showed you where the bedroom gun
was hidden, you would have him move it so I couldn't see it when we were
fucking on the floor. Too late, Master, I knew about it the day Philip hid
it under the table. I know where most of the others are, and the gun rack
and the security system monitors in the office." I thought, "What monitors?
He didn't show me any monitors."

    I said Philip had told me she hated guns, if she knew about them, why
not demand that he take them away? She said because she knew Philip was
trying to protect her, and she thought she would defer to his expertise in
this area, plus she knew he would just hide them somewhere else. Why
complicate his life?

    I asked her if Philip had a lot of expertise in this area, and she
laughed. "You could say that," she said. I asked her to elaborate, and she
said she would if I ordered her to, but she thought Philip's past should be
revealed to me by Philip, or not at all. I told her she was right, and
kissed her.

    After we had soaked for awhile, I began to feel sleepy. I didn't want
us to sleep all afternoon like yesterday, so I climbed out of the tub and
ordered her out. While the tub drained, I took her into the shower for a
quick rinse, then we towelled each other dry. I asked her if she needed to
use the toilet now before lunch, and she did. After she sat down, I kneeled
right in front of her and watched between her legs as she eliminated her
waste. This made her blush, and I reached up and kissed her, saying again
that there would be no walls between us. She asked if she could watch me
like that, and I said I thought she would never ask. But before I let her
up, I had her lean forward, and I wiped her ass with toilet paper until she
was clean. That really made her blush, so I asked her if she still wanted
to watch me. She swallowed hard, then said she did. She watched attentively
as I did my business, then I told her I needed a kiss too. She came up off
her heels and gave me a big wet kiss. I told her I was finished, and leaned
forward. She gulped again, but then did for me as I had done for her. I
thanked her and stood up, and we both washed our hands. After dressing her
in the blouse and shoes, I led her to the dining room for lunch. On the
way, I asked her if she wanted to make that our normal toilet routine. She
said she would prefer to keep using the bidet, so I told her that would be
fine, for now.

    Philip had set out a tasty lunch for us, and we both cleaned our plate.
When we were ready to leave the table, I directed her back to the bedroom,
getting an eager "Oh, boy." I told her it wasn't what she thought, and when
we got there I told her to put on a pair of her short white socks and
another pair of sneakers. When she was shod, I told her to fetch a blanket
and the sun block and meet me by her outside transition area. Remembering
what I had told her about the real reason for our hike, she smiled and
said, "Oh, boy," again. She soon showed up at the exit door carrying the
required items, which I took and laid on a table by the door. I asked her
if she had a canteen, and she did. I told her to get it, have Philip fill
it with cold water, and return here with it. She was back in a few minutes,
and I told her to set the canteen down for a minute, then removed her
blouse and hung it on a nearby hook and lathered sun block all over her
body and both our faces. As I opened the door, I told her she was my pack
mule, to put on the canteen with the strap between her breasts, grab the
blanket and sun block, and go outside.

    When we were outside. I told her that she was also the faithful Indian
guide, to lead the way. On the way to our first stop, I playfully tormented
her. I walked behind her for awhile, commenting about what a beautiful,
jiggly ass she had. I told her that the swaying cheeks were hypnotic, that
if she realized I wasn't following her anymore, she must come back and slap
me to wake from the trance her ass had put me in. She stopped, turned
around and walked up to me with her hand drawn back like she intended to
slap me. I stood still to let her take her best shot, and instead she
laughed, wrapped the arm around my neck, reached up on tiptoe and planted
another big wet kiss on my lips.

    Trying another approach, I ran 20 feet ahead of her, then stopped,
turned, and faced her until she walked by me. As she approached, I said
things like, "My God, woman, how can you go outside flaunting that
equipment? Don't you know what tits and a pussy like that can do to a man?
You should be very careful about who you show that stuff to, you'll give
somebody apoplexy. Have you ever thought about covering up, lady? You
should have to get licenses and permits before showing that stuff in
public. He baby, you look like you've been working out." She tried to
pretend that this was offensive to her, saying, "Well, I never. Young man,
you should have your mouth washed out with soap." About that time we both
cracked up.

    I was going to run ahead again, and try to think of more insulting
things to say about her body. She saw what I was up to, and raised the
blanket to cover her breasts. I asked her, "do you remember what I told you
about not obstructing the view?"

    "Oh my God!" she exclaimed, moving the blanket away from her breasts.
"I do remember that. It was just a few minutes after we met, in that stupid
waiting room. How did you remember?"

    "I remember everything about those few days with perfect clarity. After
I thought you had gone forever, those memories became my life, my reason to
keep living."

    I took the blanket from her, moved up close to her and put my arm
around her shoulder. But after walking a minute, I couldn't resist taking
one more shot. "Poor old mule just can't carry the loads it used to. About
time for the glue factory, I'm guessin'," I said. That brought on another
round of laughter from both of us.

    I had decided to stop bugging her, and I was silently walking beside
her, with my arm still around her shoulders. She looked up at me, then gave
me a shove with her hip and said, "What's the matter, Smart Ass, can't you
think of any more ways to torment your naked, helpless victim while she
carries your crap?"

    "I'm carrying the blanket, lighten up," I said, with a big smile to let
her know I was joking along with her.

    "In that case, find a place to spread the blanket on the ground, then
spread your Slave on the blanket. I'm so horny I could honk. Honk! Honk!"
That last part really surprised me, I asked her where she had heard it.
Matter-of-factly, she said that her husband said that to her on their
wedding night, and she had not remembered it until she said it just now.
Then she became self conscious, apologized to me for intruding into our
relationship with memories of her marriage. I told her that was nonsense,
every part of her life was part of my life now, too. I added that
eventually she would tell me everything she remembered about her life with
her husband and child, after her grief had run its course. I told her to
remember her promise to become "transparent" to me.

    Getting the point of her statement about the blanket, I was searching
for a good flat spot, and soon one came up. I asked her how she liked it,
and she said. "Any port in a storm, Master." I asked her how close we were
to the edge of her property, and she said we were about half way between
the house and the closest boundary. I asked her if the boundary could be
seen from here, so she stepped onto a nearby rock, looked around, and said
no. I spread the blanket, looked at her, and said, "You asked for it,
Slave, get down there and spread 'em."

    She flopped down on the blanket, rolled onto her back, spread her arms
and legs, and said, "Take me, I'm helpless against your ravaging

    "I think it could be debated successfully that I'm the one getting
ravaged here. I'm not sure if I can keep up with you for much longer, how
do you feel about dildoes these days?"

    "There's a drawer full of them, all lengths, sizes, and textures, in
the basement, Master. Does that answer your question?"

    "I'll keep up with you as long as possible, but one thing I don't want,
and won't accept, is for my limitations to become your limitations. So
there might come a day when some of your satisfaction will come from a
dildo in my hand. But - and this is a command, Slave - you will never use a
dildo on yourself unless your Master is present and has commanded you to do
it. Is that clear?"

    "Oh, yes, Master. This Slave has no intention of ever having sex except
under its Master's control."

    "Slave, between the day you left the organization's training room, and
the day I first saw you here in your basement, did you ever have sex with
anyone else, man or woman, or ever masturbate yourself?"

    Tears welled up in her eyes. I knew immediately that my rash,
thoughtless words had wounded her deeply. She said "Master, No! Never! Not
once, not with anyone else, not with myself. From the day I left you at the
organization, my life was only about one thing, getting you here to join
me, to love me, to own me. Please tell me you believe me, Master. You have
to believe me!"

    "Yes, my Slave, I do believe you. Does the Slave think its Master has
no right to ask such questions, or to probe any aspect of the Slave's life
that he cares to know about?" I immediately wished someone had cut my
tongue out before I got myself into this stupid, stupid predicament. I had
to stop ploughing ahead, and try to correct the damage I had done. But she
remained rational.

    She wasn't waiting for me to realize my stupidity, she was going to try
to fix things by herself. "Master, this Slave heard accusation in its
Master's question, and briefly lost control and provided an unacceptable
reply to the Master. The Slave apologizes sincerely, Master, and will
gladly accept any punishment the Master chooses. This Slave would prefer to
abstain from sexual activity unless it involves penetration of the Slave by
the Master's cock. The Slave humbly requests that the Master allow it to
change it's answer to the question about dildoes. If only the Slave is to
receive sexual pleasure, and the Master is not, then the Slave would prefer
to wait until the Master is available to share the pleasure."

    I sat down beside her and took her hand in mine. After looking into her
eyes for a minute, I said, "Well, Carrie, we just had our first argument,
and it was all one-sided, and it was all my fault. I am so sorry, I beg you
to forgive me. I'm so afraid that I just proved to both of us that I'm not
fit to command, or even be in the presence of, anyone as wonderful as you."

    "No, Master, the Slave was out of line."

    "Let me finish, Carrie. You were absolutely right, there was accusation
in my question, and it was inappropriate on many levels. You have never
given me any reason to suspect the things I was accusing you of. And even
if you had done such things, which I don't believe you have, and never
believed you had, it would be none of my goddam business. Do you know why I
was acting so stupid?"

    She took a deep breath, and said, "Master is feeling inadequate,
because the Slave is capable of sex at more frequent intervals than the
Master. But Master, the Slave doesn't have to produce an erection each time
we fuck. All the Slave has to do, to keep up with the Master, is not become
too exhausted to enjoy it. The Slave understands these differences, and
apologizes if it has been demanding too much from the Master."

    "Carrie, please stop making lame apologies for me. There is no excuse,
and the Slave's subservience to the Master should never extend to covering
up the Master's stupidity. Your explanation was exactly right. I was
feeling inadequate." I paused, then asked her, "Carrie, I know I've ruined
this outing for you. What do you want to do now, go back to the house?"

    "Of course I don't want to go back to the house, and you haven't ruined
anything. You have shown how strong we are together. You did do something
stupid, Master, but then you immediately took action to correct the
problem. What do I want? I want you to fuck me, and if you don't feel like
doing that I want you to hold me in your arms, and if you don't feel like
doing that I want you to talk to me, and if you don't feel like doing that
I want you to sit there and let me enjoy looking at you, and if you don't
feel like doing that I want you to lie down next to me so we can just enjoy
being together. You awakened these sexual appetites in me, and I'll always
be grateful to you for that, and they will always be for you alone. Please
just give me some time to get past this insatiable phase, I promise I will
settle down and stop demanding so much from you. Master, what I want is to
be with you, doing whatever pleases you. Let's stop flogging this dead
horse and do something - anything - to celebrate our love for each other."

    "How did you get to be so kind, so loving, so smart? And why the hell
did you fall in love with an asshole like me?"

    "I don't know, Master. Just lucky, I guess."

    "I honestly don't know how you can stand to be here with me after the
offensive way I just treated you. But here you are, so if you think you can
get this old, worn out has-been hard one more time, I like your first
choice the best."

    Grinning, she said, "Yes, Master. Right away, Master. I know how to do
that," and she began removing my clothes. "And Master, don't worry that I
would stay with you if I didn't want to. I will always be your Slave and
your property, because minute by minute I will always choose to be yours."

    She put sun block on my naked body, except for my cock, which she said
would be hiding from the sun. At the first touch of her mouth, my cock
sprang to life. She let go long enough to laugh and say, "Where'd that
tired old man go?"

    "If there were more women like you, Carrie, there would be no need for

    After I had visited every major orifice on that beautiful body, I told
her it was time to move on. The goal was to see how many good fucking spots
we could find, we knew enough now to put this one on the approved list. I
added that we would have a plaque put up here, commemorating the first time
I let her know what an idiot I could be. She said, "Time to shut up about
that, Master, it's behind us now. Let's just remember the lessons it taught
us, and forget the rest."

    After we both had a drink, she put the canteen over her shoulder,
picked up my clothes, the blanket, and the sun block. I put my shoes on.
"Onward, Master?" she asked. I nodded, told her to change direction and not
get any closer to her property boundaries, then said, "And don't bother me
for awhile, Carrie, I'm trying to think of new ways to tease you while we
walk." She laughed, and we set off to continue the tour.

    We made three more stops, and each time I made the grand tour of her
body. I had resolved to just keep fucking her whenever she wanted until I
was no longer able to perform, and not worry about it until it happened,
and that seemed to help a lot. I no longer felt like collapse was imminent,
and I was able to "get it up" any time conditions warranted. Sinking to the
depths of self pity, and having her lift me out of it, had done wonders for
my libido.

    She had guided us expertly in a huge circle, and we came out on a hill
overlooking her house. I made sure I couldn't see the guest house, I had a
general idea of where it was. We were standing in a relatively flat area,
just big enough for the blanket. I said this would be fucking site 5. She
pointed out that it should really be fucking site 6, because the site we
used for our talk yesterday would also be a perfect site for fucking.
"Right," I said, "site 6."

    I handed her the blanket and said, "Woman, take your position." With
mock servility she took the blanket from me, curtsied with downcast eyes,
and spread the blanket. Then she dived onto it, flopped onto her back, and
yelled, "I'm yours, you throbbing hunk of manhood!" I had to wait until I
stopped laughing, then I took her. After visiting my three favorite places,
I put my head between her legs and went to work on her clit with my tongue.
Almost immediately she started having orgasms, one after another. I don't
know how long we stayed like that, I do remember that she pulled my hair
and screamed once, and I wondered if Philip heard it. Finally, she said,
"Master, please stop, I can't come any more. I think I'm about to pass out.
I don't have any energy left." "Finally," I thought, "she actually has a
limit." I pulled myself up beside her and made her drink some water. Then I
took her in my arms, and we lay like that for a long time.

    I finally told her to get up, we were going home. She tried to stand,
but then sat down again. I asked her what was wrong and she said she was
just very tired. I got dressed, then scooped her up and carefully carried
her down the hill and into the house. Philip was there as we entered the
house, and he looked startled. I told him I thought she was just exhausted,
she had a hard day. He looked at me with some some skepticism, and I told
him to trust me, she hadn't been harmed. She told him weakly that she was
fine, not to worry. I took her to the bedroom, removed her sneakers and
socks, and put her to bed. I was leaving to go back up the hill to retrieve
the equipment we left behind, when she reached out and took my hand. She
smiled and said, "You did it, Master, you took me to the wall. We're going
to be fine, Master." I kissed her and left.

    After retrieving the gear, I went back to the bedroom to find her sound
asleep. I pulled up the chair and sat to wait for her again. At 4:00,
Philip stuck his head in to ask softly if there was anything else I needed
before he went home. I shook my head No. He had never done that before, I
assumed what he really wanted was to see what I was doing to Carrie. She
woke up after about an hour's sleep, it was 5:15 PM. I asked her if she was
Ok, she nodded and said "Better than Ok, Master." I told her to get up, it
was time for a shower, then dinner, then downstairs. Again she said, "Oh,
boy!" She must have forgotten what I told her we would do first downstairs.

    We went into the bathroom and watched each other again on the toilet,
only this time we both used the bidet afterwards. Then we bathed each other
in the shower and dried each other. I got a change of clothes for myself,
put on her blouse and the low heels I said she could have in the evening,
and went to the kitchen. She sat and watched while I made dinner, telling
me where to find utensils when I asked. Somewhere along the way I opened a
bottle of wine and poured one glass. I took the glass to her and let her
have a sip, then I took a sip and kissed her. When dinner was ready we took
our plates to the dining room and sat side by side while I fed her and
myself. We stretched the glass of wine until the end of the meal.

    While I cleaned the table, I told her to pour another glass of wine and
go wait for me, standing, in the living room, and not to drink any wine
until I got there. When I got to the living room, I took the wine from her
and watched her while she sat on the couch. Then I sat beside her while we
shared the wine and talked about trivial things. She asked for sex, but I
told her not until she was in her bed downstairs.

    I asked her how she felt about demonstrating the learning machine to
me. She said she was terrified of the prospect of using it a second time,
and that she had been trying not to think about it. I asked her who
assisted her when she tried it the first time, Philip? She said she asked
him to, he had installed her in the bed for its test run. But when she
explained what it did, he not only refused to help, he wanted to destroy
it. So she had the guy who designed it for her show her how to do it. She
said she had no choice but to be topless in front of him, but she wore a
bikini bottom. Remembering what happened the first time she got the severe
shock through her groin, she had an extra absorbent sanitary napkin under
the bikini. I said he must have gotten a real boner watching her. She said
he did, until she got the severe shock. As soon as she became aware of her
surroundings again, she saw that he was crying. He told her he had no idea
it would be that severe. He wanted to remove her from it immediately and
destroy the whole thing. She had lied and told him it was perfect. Then she
asked if there was an adjustment for the strength level of the shocks. He
said no, but offered to redesign the circuit and make a new one. Knowing he
would probably make it too mild after what he had seen, she said No Thanks,
it was Ok as is.

    I told her if it scared her that much we could do it some other time.
She asked me if I wanted to do it now, and I said I did. "Then we'll do it
now," she said. I let her finish the glass of wine. Then I told her to go
get the open wine bottle, take it and the glass with her, and go wait in
the mural room. After she left I went to all of the external doors of the
house and made sure they were locked, and turned on the outside lights at
each door. Then I joined her in the mural room.

    She had set the wine bottle and glass on the monitor console with her
bonds, and was perfectly executing the Waiting Pose. I removed her blouse
and shoes, put on her bondage gear, and locked her wrists to the belt
behind her back. Grabbing the wine and glass, I led her down the stairs and
into the training room. I took her to the learning machine and told her to
wait. I took the wine and the bottle to the Master's enclave and set them
on the table, then returned to her. When I looked at her, she nodded her
head toward the toilet. I asked her if she wanted to use the toilet, and
she nodded her head Yes. "Don't want to lick up any more urine, eh?" I
said. She nodded her head No.

    I took her to the toilet and watched her while she peed. There was no
toilet paper here, so I put her on the bidet and afterwards towelled her dry.
Back at the machine, I told her informal speech was allowed while she
explained everything. She showed me how to power on the PC. After it
booted, it automatically went into the control program for the machine. It
was pretty simple, there was only one display page, and it contained
success and failure counters, the On/Off switch for the delay adjusting
logic that sensed whether the delay should be shortened or lengthened, and
the nominal value for the delay between trials, which defaulted to 30
seconds. It could be adjusted while the machine was in operation, and she
requested that it be set higher, like to 60 seconds, before she took the
severe shock. She said that the first time, she had barely recovered in
time for the next trial, and that if the random delay had been on the short
side instead of the long side of nominal, she would have gotten a second
severe shock. She said that any given delay would be within a band of 10
seconds on either side of the nominal value.

    That was it for the display. The console itself had only two switches,
Test and Operate, and sockets to plug in the electrodes. The test mode gave
no shocks, but operated the appropriate light over a hole when a breast
reached in and contacted the target. She said that the only safety features
were that the Operate switch disabled all shocks when it was Off, and that
the software program would not just pause, but would turn off the circuitry
and shut itself down if 2 severe shocks in a row were delivered. She then
pointed out that she had had the breast holes made larger to accommodate
her breasts, but she still couldn't reach the paddles, so she modified a
brassiere by cutting out an area for her areolae and nipples. The bra was
one cup size too small, so it made her nipples stick out through the hole,
and that worked perfectly. I didn't like the idea of her wearing a bra,
even if the front had been cut out, but I had to admit that she had done
what it took to make the thing work, and that it wasn't that different from
the "boob warmers" I had put on her at the organization.

    At this point, I told her to revert to formal speech. Then I told her
that her Master didn't think his Slave would ever do anything that would
make him put her in the machine for punishment. However, if that should
happen, the Master needs to know if it is safe to punish the Slave in this
manner. Therefore, the Master must ask the Slave to demonstrate the
machine. Was the Slave willing to do this, now, for the Master? I told her
to reply, and she said with a trembling voice, "Master, this Slave would be
pleased to demonstrate the machine for its Master, so that the Master can
evaluate if the machine is safe, Master." I kissed her on the cheek and on
both nipples, then put her in the machine.

    I attached her ankles to the floor, then went looking for the bra.
Everything I needed was found in a small drawer on the console. I put the
bra on her and adjusted her nipples so the poked through the holes as far
as possible. I looked up at her and said "Is this right?" She looked down
at each breast, then shook her head yes. I put the harness under her arms
and attached it snugly. Getting out the conductive grease and electrodes, I
made the attachments to her ankles and the base of each breast, then
smeared some grease over each nipple. I flipped the Test switch On, while
watching the monitor to make sure nothing changed. I noticed that the word
TEST was flashing on the upper right of the screen in green. Nice touch. I
nodded to her, and she tested each breast, one at a time. Each time she
pressed a paddle, either LEFT CONTACT or RIGHT CONTACT would appear at the
bottom of the screen.

    I turned Off the Test switch, and noted that the flashing TEST message
went away. I looked at her, she was pale. I asked her if she was ready, she
took a deep breath, and nodded her head yes. On went the Operate switch,
the display flashed OPERATE in red at the upper right, and we waited. After
about 35 seconds, the first trial started. Left was the selection, she put
her left breast in the hole, then gasped and squeezed her eyes shut. The
console lights went out and the display counted one success. It was obvious
that even the mild shock wasn't just annoying, it was very painful. I
didn't like that at all. I asked her how long she was in the machine during
her test, and she said 30 minutes. I shook my head. "Too damned long,
Slave", I said.

    I wasn't going to let this go on very long at all. I watched 2 more
trials. I could see she was trying to suppress her response to please me,
but the shocks were really hurting her. I told her that her Master was
inclined to stop the test, the shocks were too severe, was the Slave really
able to go through with the test? She looked in my eyes for a long moment,
then shook her head Yes. I went and set the nominal delay to 60 seconds.
Then I waited for the next trial, then timed the delay until the one after
that. It was 55 seconds, so I knew the changed delay setting was being
used. I looked at her and said, "Carrie, you don't have to do this. Do you
want to stop now?" She shook her head slowly No, then silently said "I love
you." I told her to fail the next trial, and thought that if there is a
hell, I deserved to be put there for that command.

    I almost turned away when the next trial started, but I knew if she
wanted to do this for me, I had no choice but to watch. She shrieked as the
breath was forced out of her lungs. She hardly moved her legs, they just
folded under her and she hung in the harness. Her head rolled forward until
her chin was almost touching her chest. I was sure she had been knocked
out, but then after long seconds she took a deep breath, and started
groaning. In spite of relieving herself earlier, she had peed all over the
floor. I reached for the Operate switch, but she saw me and said weakly,
"No, wait." She had to try three times before being able to stand again,
then she looked around with a dazed expression. Snot was running out of her
nose. She stood there a few seconds, trying to shake it off, then the next
trial started. She seemed to have a hard time figuring out which was the
right hole, then decided and activated the correct paddle after the yellow
light had come on, just as my hand got to the switch. She winced, and a
tear ran down from the corner of her left eye. I finished my motion and
turned the damned thing Off.

    I left her in the harness until last, in case her legs folded again. I
wiped her nose then had her blow it, then took off the bra and the
electrodes and wiped off all of the grease. I released her ankles, then
removed the harness and helped her away from the machine. She stepped in
the puddle of her pee, saw what it was, and turned around and started to
kneel. "Oh, no," I said. I leaned her against the mirrored wall and cleaned
the pee from her feet. Then I unfastened her wrists, picked her up, carried
her to the Master's couch, and found a blanket to cover her. I knelt at her
head, softly kissed her, and said, "I am so unworthy of you. There are no
words to express how profoundly sorry I am." Breaking the formal speech
rule, she said softly, "We are each worthy of the other, Master." I kissed
her again, then said "Wait for me." She nodded her head.

    I went back to the machine. I knew how Philip and the designer had
felt, I wanted to smash it. It was pure evil, how could I have ever thought
this was a useful device for training, even the one that gave much milder
shocks? But I didn't do anything to it, I just turned off the PC and
cleaned up Carrie's urine spill.

    Returning to the Master's area, I washed my hands, then went over to
her. She smiled at me, and I said, "Informal speech for the rest of the
night. Water, or wine?" She said, "Water, then wine."


  1. Yes, Carrie's Master, I hope you will end in hell. To torture a another human been.
    And you say , you love her.
    No, hell for you..
    How, HOW could you?
    Because she wanted? Are you not supposd to protect her even against herself?
    And this chapter started so nice..

    Mona Lisa

    1. He should burn in hell and have no longer a day of joy in his life.


      We could give him a second chance to see how he would react. He did not built the machine, he did not know what it would do to her and when he saw what he did he turned it off and took care of her. The nice thing about this story is that the master makes mistakes. Huge mistakes.

      I talked to a friend sometime ago about forgiveness. And I said that if the master forgives the submissive the slate is clean and he or she is forgiven. Because he or she is the master or mistress responsibility. And that it is harder for the master/mistress to forgive herself. As everyone knows who has made a really huge mistake, it's difficult to forgive yourself, really forgive.

      Shall we see if Carrie's master can forgive himself?


    2. Han, she she described to him that it is much stronger, and how she was affected by it. She described for him that the person who created it cried when he saw how it affected her and wanted to destroy it. She is not a masochist. And he still wanted to try it. A good master would try himself before he exposes his sub for ..
      That he could do ..

      When he tryed first machine on her was he brainwashed.
      Now he did it with knowledge of what it is. We're talking about torture, Han.
      It Is not .. I am sorry, Carrie, Please Forgive Me ...

      Yes, I am angry..

      Mona Lisa

  2. I hope for Wanita you haven't built such a machine, Han. Very violent.


    1. Nah, Appy. It would scare the life out of me. All things with electricity I stay far, far away from.

      Rest assured,

  3. After reading the comments..i agree, Carrie has forgiven him, but how long will it take for Him for forgive himself. I hope it does not affect His dominance.
    I am sensing that this story will take us in a lot of different directions...
    hugs abby

    1. I'm inclined to think you are right about the directions, Abby...
      Let's see if it affects his dominance.


  4. Sheesh...she built the machine and tested it so knew what it would do. She could have had the electrician adjust it so that it wasn't so strong. Even though Carrie calls herself slave and Bill, Master...seems as if she is the dominant. She demands and decides...he gives and follows. Just my opinion.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I agree about the tests she did before and she put it on high voltage for a reason. She could have just made it lower, and she didn't. No influence of the master who she did not see for a year.
      Those HOH must have a heart attack by now, seeing her lead the dance. Still I believe she is the submissive and he is the dominant.

      And that of course, Cat, is just my opinion.
      Always say what you think,



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