Sunday, 23 August 2015

Churchtowers of Delft, The New Church

OK, on this big town square we call "Markt', that's right Market, there is on one side the City Hall and on the other side the "New Church". Our "New" church is not that new, it's from 1655. It looks like this:

Nice huh? The tower is 108 meters (4251 in.) high and you can climb up to 85 meter (3346 in.) You can see there to Rotterdam and The Hague if the weather is good. Climbing the 376 steps requires a good condition. I remember when we were in school we got free in drawing lessons and climbed the tower for free. Each week we went to the top and made a drawing there, in summer.
This is what you see when you are climbing down. You may want to fast forward a bit and turn the music on mute (LOL), I walked these stairs once a week in college.

In the Netherlands the Grote Kerk in Delft is famous for the royal burial chambers.

Traditionally found the grave of Nassau in the Grote Kerk in Breda. At the time it was the murder of William of Orange on July 10, 1584 Breda in the hands of the Spaniards and the Father of the Fatherland could not be buried in his family grave. Alternatively, William of Orange had his last resting place in the Nieuwe Kerk in Delft. The first years it consisted only of a very simple monument. Above the tomb was a simple canopy placed underneath an empty coffin to the place where William of Orange was to symbolize. Only during the Twelve Year Truce (1609-1621) was commissioned a monument to William of Orange. In 1614 began sculptor Hendrick de Keyser to the mausoleum. Although he knew died in 1621 his sons to complete their father's masterpiece in 1623.

Since the funeral of William of Orange in the crypt are 45 members of the Royal Family in the New Church buried. In 1752 the vault had to be extended, because there was not enough room. During the renovation also were all wooden boxes replaced by leaden ones to better preserve the remains. King William I left in 1820 after the first burial chamber a second to build in the future be able to pull out of Orange in Delft. Almost all members of the Royal Family with their husband or wife buried in the Nieuwe Kerk.



  1. Thank you for sharing more history with us the picture of the New Church.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thank you, Cat. I added a video of someone going all the way down after filming the view. It brings back so many memories.

      Getting old,

  2. Beautiful Church.
    Thank you Han.

    Mona Lisa

    1. It it not, Mona Lisa. I think so too. It looks lovely on the Markt. When the military tattoo was still in Delft I remember as a kid being impressed with the soldiers paragliding from the top of the church into the market square.

      Thank you for your comment,


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