Saturday, 25 July 2015

You are at peace

Deutsch English
Du bist die Ruh, You are peace,
Der Friede mild, The mild peace,
Die Sehnsucht du You are longing
Und was sie stillt. And what stills it.
Ich weihe dir I consecrate to you
Voll Lust und Schmerz Full of pleasure and pain
Zur Wohnung hier As a dwelling here
Mein Aug und Herz. My eyes and heart.
Kehr ein bei mir, Come live with me,
Und schließe du And close
Still hinter dir quietly behind you
Die Pforten zu. the gates.
Treib andern Schmerz Drive other pain
Aus dieser Brust! Out of this breast
Voll sei dies Herz May my heart be full
Von deiner Lust. With your pleasure.
Dies Augenzelt The tabernacle of my eyes
Von deinem Glanz by your radiance
Allein erhellt, alone is illumined,
O füll es ganz! O fill it completely!


  1. That is the most peaceful music, almost hypnotic. Some of the choreography was interesting. Not all peaceful but lovely to look at. Close my eyes and I just sway with the music, beautiful.

    1. It's beautiful music and the best way to enjoy it is to close your eyes, Blonde.

      I'm glad you liked it Blonde. I love the text as well.
      But hey, I was the romantic,


  2. I love the words touching and the choreography absolutely sensual. Thanks so much.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I love the words, Cat. Just made it visible again. Voll sei dies Herz von deiner Lust. Poorly translated, but such beautiful words.

      I think the choreography is matching the words,
      I'm so glad you liked it, Cat.



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