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Traning Carrie, chapter 2

novel by Jay WestTraining Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 2

I left the slave waiting on her knees for an hour. I wanted to build
her anticipation for what was coming next, and let her continue practising
the patience she had demonstrated in the waiting room.

While I was going about other business, she was not alone. She would
never be alone in her room. The room knew her, knew what she was, and knew
precisely where she was and what she was doing at any instant. It knew that
she was not physically restrained from moving around, but that she had been
Posed, stationary and kneeling in the only lighted spot in the room. The
room would notify me if there was any deviation from that expectation.

After destroying the parchment, I gathered up all of her belongings
from the waiting and "throne" rooms, then went to put on my black leather
Master outfit. That was strictly for effect, I would have rather worked in
cut-offs and a tee shirt. Then I went to the control/observation area
adjacent to her room. I could observe any point in the room from there,
either through the expanse of one-way glass that was the wall between the
two rooms, or by bringing up a picture from any of the TV cameras that
continuously recorded everything that happened in the slave's room.

I watched her for some minutes, from several TV angles. She was still
Posed as ordered. She must have been very tired, it was now 6 P.M., and she
had arrived on schedule at 11 this morning. Until she arrived, she didn't
know that she was here for her induction Ceremony and would not be leaving.
In that time she had not been permitted any food or drink or toilet break,
and she had been under considerable psychological stress the whole time. In
spite of all that she was doing a good job of holding the Pose, except her
knees still weren't opened as far as she could open them. We would soon
take care of that. But overall, I was pleased, she was clearly approaching
this difficult transition with the right attitude. Nevertheless, she would
find that no matter how hard the Slave tried to cooperate at the beginning,
it wouldn't be good enough for the Master.

While watching her I thought back to her screening interviews. We don't
drag people in off the streets to make them slaves. Everyone we have ever
processed was either brought to us or made the first contact with us.
Obviously, it is undesirable from our point of view to have people "wash
out" of our training and then go blabbing to the press or the authorities
about our operation. So we screen prospective candidates to the limits of
our abilities, to make sure they are committed to the path we will put them
on. So far, everyone whom we have accepted has completed the training and
placed with a Master, although some have required more extensive training
than others.

Her first interview was for gathering her personal history, which we
found by subtle background checks to be true in all important respects. She
was 28 years old and very intelligent. The only IQ test she had ever taken
said hers was 146. She married young, they were together for four years and
had one son. Her husband and her son both died in an accident caused by a
drunk driver. She survived the wreck with only a broken wrist and some
scratches. She had invested the insurance settlement conservatively while
living off it at the same time, and it would last her a number of years,
but not forever. After the tragedy, she was socially inactive for nearly
two years, the latter half of which she spent in psychotherapy to treat
depression. During that period of isolation, the thought had germinated in
her mind that, if she was going to enter into another relationship, she
needed a man who would dominate her and make her decisions for her. That
was probably her need from the start, but she had married instead for love,
and in spite of producing a son their sex life was not fulfilling for her.
When she was ready to try dating again, her attempts to find such a man
were clumsy and disastrous, she got beat up a couple of times and raped.
Finally she heard about us from a man who had taken a liking to her, but
realized that a submissive woman was not for him. It took her a few months
to make contact with us, and then here she was.

Then there was a thorough physical examination by our doctors, which
revealed that she was sterile as a result of complications from her first
and only pregnancy. There followed three or four interim interviews during
which we probed her motivations and expectations, and went over her story
again and again to check for inconsistencies. We were concerned because she
couldn't or wouldn't explain her specific reasons for coming to us, and she
couldn't state what exactly she expected to achieve as a submissive. But
over time we became convinced that she wasn't holding back, she simply
couldn't verbalize her reasons. But clearly she was certain in her mind
that she needed to do this, and would find a way to do it, here or on the

For her final interview, she had been told in detail what make-up and
clothing she should wear, which had not happened for the previous
interviews. She arrived dressed as required, and the interview started like
all the others, her sitting on a folding chair, facing a panel of 5
evaluators. Not long after the interview began, one of us asked her to
stand up, and when she did he took her chair away then returned to his
seat. After a few more questions, she was told to strip naked except for
her heels, which she blushingly and haltingly did. It was noted that every
article of her clothing was exactly, even to the colour, what she had been
told to wear. That was the first time we had seen her body uncovered, and
we all agreed later that, for a 28 year-old who had given birth, she was
exceptionally well put together. She also showed great self control and
poise under stress.

The interview continued for some minutes, with her facing the panel
naked. Then, while we continued to question her, she was asked to walk
about the room in various ways, toward the panel, away from the panel, at
different angles, and back and forth across the room. During her walks, she
was also asked at times to assume various poses, such as hands clasped
behind or on top of the head, or arms folded behind the back. All of this
she did with occasional hesitation and much blushing, but without question,
comment or complaint.

At some point one of the panellists pressed a button on the desk, and
the door opened behind her. Two women, naked but for heels and wrist and
ankle straps, wheeled a cart covered with instruments of various types into
the room and stopped at her side. She immediately understood that these
were slaves, that they already had become what she wanted so urgently to
be, and she was clearly fascinated. She was told that the slaves were here
to take her measurements and other data, and for her to please stand still,
remain silent, and do as they asked. Everything the slaves said to her was
prefaced with a "Please Miss," and whenever she complied they said "Thank
you Miss." She was fascinated by the presence of actual slaves, and at
first was more interested in them than in what they were doing to her. In
addition to her physical dimensions at dozens of points, they measured
every imaginable parameter, such as weight, per cent body fat by skin pinch
at many points on her body, number and condition of teeth, density of body
hair at many different points on her body, location of any scars or
imperfections on her skin. Finally, much to her distress and discomfort,
they wanted to measure her arousal response during stimulation of her
nipples and her clitoris.

She resisted the sexual contact by the slaves at first, until a
panellist told her that she must submit to this if she was to proceed in the
selection process, and that she should think of it as a medical procedure,
not a sexual encounter. She sighed, but remained quiet and no longer
resisted the slave's touch. As one of the slaves stimulated each nipple,
the nipple stiffened immediately at the first touch and quickly became a
rock hard button as it was rolled between the slave's fingers. I watched
her closely for signs of sexual arousal, but I couldn't tell if she had
become aroused, deeply embarrassed, or just angry. While her nipples were
still hard, one of the slaves asked her to hold her breath for a moment
while they quickly applied a clear aerosol spray to her breasts and
ribcage. They raised each breast while spraying under it, to make sure the
substance was a continuous coating. Then they applied a hair dryer to the
sprayed area for a minute, until it suddenly became opaque and rigid.
Finally they pulled it gently away from her body, a perfect mold of her

For the clitoral stimulation, one of the slaves stood behind her until
their two bodies were in firm contact. She visibly cringed when she felt
the first body-to-body contact. Then the slave reached around with her
hands and gently separated the labia, while the second slave knelt in front
of her and began stimulating her clit, first with fingers and then with
lips and tongue. She gave no further resistance, but she was obviously
stunned at having such a "procedure" performed on her, especially in front
of witnesses. She kept her arms at her side during the procedure, but her
hands were balled into tight fists and here eyes were squeezed shut. Her
clitoris barely stirred, even after minutes of stimulation by experienced
hands and mouth. Finally one of the panellist signalled for the slaves to
perform the final test, which was to insert blotter material into the
vagina to measure how much vaginal lubrication she had produced during the
stimulation. It came out nearly dry.

When the slaves completed their task and were waiting to be dismissed,
she recovered enough to ask if she could talk to them, ask them questions.
She was told that she could not, because slaves were strictly forbidden to
discuss any personal matters with anyone but their masters. After the
slaves were dismissed, she remained naked and standing for about another
hour of questioning, during which her responses were shorter and more
abrupt than we were used to hearing from her, and she made very little eye
contact with the panellists. The sexual stimulation had left her rattled,
and probably angry.

She did say one thing during that final hour that now stood out above
all else in my mind. Becoming frustrated at her inability to explain to us
why she wanted to become a slave, she finally blurted out "I think I've
always been a slave, I've just never had anyone to show me how to do it."
Perhaps that is as close to her true motivation as we ever came, and it
might also help explain the self discipline she had shown us all day today.
Maybe she didn't need to be coerced into the disciplines of slavery, just
instructed in what to do. Nevertheless, she would have to be reconditioned
to think and behave as a slave, and that was my job.

It was time to begin that process. Now we would see if her attitude
changed when things got rough.

Before going to her, I took a few moments to scan the room controls and
readouts. Everything was stable, except that the room had begun lowering
the air temperature as programmed, at an almost imperceptible rate. It had
been a constant 78 degrees in the waiting and "throne" rooms, and was the
same in her room when she had first entered, a comfortable temperature for
a naked body. It was now down to 76, and the room would continue lowering
the temperature until it reached 60 degrees, or when the desired effects
were achieved, when she was showing goose flesh or reflexive shivering.
Then the temperature would be adjusted back up slowly until those symptoms
had just disappeared, and that temperature would be maintained for at least
the first few weeks of her training. During that time, except when she was
put to bed for sleep, she would always find her room too cold for her naked
body. She had to learn to live in the environment her Master chose for her,
and earn the improvements he might decide to reward her with.

After watching for a few more minutes, I activated the room speakers.
My first orders to her were, "Do not move and do not speak." She jumped at
the first sound, but otherwise remained still. I continued, "Any infraction
of the rules will be punished, instantly and severely.

"The person that entered this room no longer exists, the only living
thing in the room now is a Slave, and I am its Master. That Slave does not
have a name, it is just 'Slave.' If the Slave does well in its training,
its Master may choose in the future to provide it with a new name of the
Master's choosing.

"A Slave's ignorance will not prevent an appropriate punishment for any
infraction of the Rules, so remain still and attentive while your Master
explains some fundamentals." After a pause, I went on, "When a Slave is
commanded by its Master to assume a stationary position, it is called a
Pose. Right now the Slave I'm addressing is in a Pose, kneeling in the
light. This Pose is a variation of the Instructional Pose, which the Slave
will be ordered to assume when it is to receive instructions from the

"There are a few rules common to most if not all Poses. The thighs must
never touch one another, and when in a kneeling Pose the knees must be as
far apart as the Pose allows. The lips must never be closed, and the palms
of the hands must always be open. Finally, when the Slave is naked, as this
Slave will be throughout its training, the Slave must not allow its ass,
its breasts, its belly, or its thighs to touch any furniture or other
surface in the room. Obviously, this means a naked Slave never sits, and
never lies on its stomach. When allowed to sleep, the Slave will use a
special bed that supports the Slave on its back, without contacting its ass
or thighs. So, unless the Slave is secured in its bed, the Slave will
always be standing or kneeling. These rules are intended to remind the
Slave at all times that its body must constantly be open and available to
the Master's will and his touch. The other rule common to all Poses is that
the Slave's body and head will always be erect, its head facing forward,
and the Slave's eyes must always be downcast unless directed otherwise by
the Master. This is to constantly remind the Slave that it must be totally
attentive and submissive to the Master at all times. It is important to
understand the Pose rules I have explained, because in a few moments all of
the lights in the room will come on. When that happens, the Slave will
naturally want to look around at its new environment. Doing that would be a
violation of the rules of the commanded Pose, and would result in immediate
punishment. Does the Slave understand?"

I was pleased that, after a few seconds, she had not responded. She had
remembered the rules I gave her in the "throne" room. "Very good, the Slave
has already begun to learn," I said. "Now, the other important rule the
Slave must grasp immediately is how to speak to the Master, when the Slave
is commanded to speak. Every sentence spoken by the Slave must begin and
end with its Master's title, 'Master' in this case. Also, all answers to
questions must include the rephrased question as part of the answer. This
way your Master will not only obtain the answer, but the Master will also
know that the Slave understood the question."

I ordered the room illumination to full, and watched her for a
response. She remained motionless, she kept her eyes looking down as far as
I could tell at a distance. Good so far. I entered the room and chose a
stiff 2-foot leather covered crop from the array of whips, flogs, belts,
and crops on the wall, watching her face all the time for signs of
movement. I walked over to her, circled her a few times while closely
watching for her to look up at me or to lock her eyes onto the crop, which
she did not. I stopped behind her and noticed that the fingers of her hands
were curled. I touched the tip of the crop to the base of her neck, which
made her jump, and traced it down the length of her spine to her bound
hands. Then I gave her a mild whack with the crop on her upper buttocks,
just below her hands, and told her to open her hands and keep her fingers
straight. She jumped and quickly opened her fingers until they were
straight. She began trembling again.

I moved around to the front and pressed on her inner thigh with the
crop. "Surely this is not as far apart as the Slave can hold its knees.
Move them farther apart, as far as possible." She complied, straining as
she managed to put about three more inches of separation between them. Now
I believed she really was holding them as far apart as possible without
pain. I whacked her once on each inner thigh, harder this time. She winced,
and I said, "The Slave was told during the Ceremony that it should hold its
knees as far apart as possible, not as far apart as was comfortable. If the
Slave is given a command that requires effort, the Slave will expend that
effort and comply with the command, or else the Slave will be punished. The
difficulty level is unimportant to the Master, the Slave's compliance with
commands is all that matters. The Slave will nod it's head to indicate if
it understands that elementary concept." She rapidly shook her head up and
down, then held perfectly still, but trembled more than ever. "Your Master
hopes that no more time will have to be wasted explaining simple things
that should already be apparent to the Slave."

Walking around to her side, I then said, "Using the Instructions that
have been provided by the Master, the Slave will now respond to the
Master's earlier question." Her mouth fell open. After my distraction with
the open-knees issue for just this reason, she had forgotten the question I
had asked her from the observation room.

I waited, swinging the crop back and forth in her field of view. She
was panicked, and I wanted to watch how she handled it. I said "All
commands will be obeyed instantly, Slave," and began caressing her left
breast with the crop.

A few panicky seconds later she remembered the question, pretty good
under this kind of pressure for the first time. She licked her lips and
responded softly and carefully, "Master, I understand what you told me
concerning the Instructional Pose. Master."

I struck her with the crop, three times hard and fast on each breast,
making sure that one blow to each breast hit the nipple. She choked back a
scream that came out as a yelp, then began gasping rapidly, trying to
absorb the building pain. Tears began flowing immediately. But she did not
speak out, she had made no moves to avoid the blows, nor were there any
major changes in her posture. Any of those actions would have instantly
brought her additional punishment.

I paced in front of her for a minute, waiting to see if she would
finally speak or break the pose out of anger. She was still gasping for
breath, and tears were streaming from her rapidly-blinking eyes, but she
held the Pose and remained silent. I then spoke slowly to her. "Your Master
is beginning to think that training is going to be very difficult and
painful for his Slave. But that doesn't matter, the Slave will be trained,
no matter how long it takes or how much pain is required. Now listen carefully,
Slave. The Slave was punished because its response was unacceptable to the
Master. Slaves do not refer to their Masters as 'you', your Master's
correct title is 'Master.' Slaves do not refer to themselves in any but the
third person, the words 'I', 'me', and 'my' are not in a Slave's
vocabulary. A Slave is not a person, it is a thing. The proper way for a
Slave to refer to itself is as 'This Slave' or using the pronouns 'it' or
'its'. For example, the Master asks, 'How does the Slave feel about its
Master? Respond.' The Slave answers, 'Master, this Slave loves its Master,
Master.'" In spite of her pain and fear, I noticed the corners of her mouth
turn up slightly at my intentionally humorous example.

"A Master controls how his Slave behaves, but not how the Slave
thinks," I continued. "Only the Slave can control its thoughts. If a Slave
persists in thinking of itself as the person it used to be, and not the
thing it is now, the Slave will continue making the kind of serious
mistakes this Slave just made. Therefore, the Slave must change how it
thinks about itself and adapt to its new life, or else it will suffer much
more than necessary. The Master hopes this Slave is able to adjust its
thinking soon.

"OK, let's continue with the Master's observations concerning the
Slave's response. The one good thing about the content of the Slave's
answer was that the Slave effectively repeated the question in its answer.
However, the answer was inadequate. The Master imparted much more
information than his Slave repeated in its reply. An adequate response by
the Slave would have included a repetition by the Slave of all the
information that the Master had supplied, including details of posture,
mouth, hand and eye positions, and the symbology of the Instructional Pose.
When the Master had heard enough of the Slave's response to judge that the
Slave had received the information the Master intended to impart, the
Master would have commanded the Slave to silence. The Slave must learn to
listen carefully, understand, and remember every instruction given by the
Master. Because of this Slave's inadequate response, its Master does not
know if it heard, understood, and remembered its instructions.

"More good news: the slave's physical responses, during and after the
punishment, were acceptable. A Slave must not cringe from or try to avoid a
blow during punishment. A slave must not speak or sob during or after
punishment - tears are natural, as are cries or even screams in extreme
cases, but no speaking and no sobbing. Also, a Slave must not break its
Pose during or after punishment, which this Slave accomplished adequately.
Had the Slave violated any of these Rules, additional punishment would have
been delivered instantly.

While caressing her breasts lightly with the crop, I said, "Now, let's
try again. Does the Slave understand the Master's reasons for punishing the
Slave? Respond."

She took her time forming an answer. She was still trying to deal with
the pain in her breasts and was fighting back tears. No doubt she thought
that any answer she gave at this point would lead to another round of
punishment. Finally, in a halting voice, she provided an answer that was
for the most part acceptable and properly formed, but missing some minor
details. I told her the response was slow and incomplete, but close enough
to inspire hope. I said that the Master will expect constant improvements
in the quality of the Slave's answers. I didn't give her another

Reaching down to her breasts, I took a nipple tightly between the thumb
and forefinger of each hand, and pulled up. "Stand up, Slave," I said.
"You've been resting on the floor long enough."

End of chapter 2


  1. Wow...interesting interview process...not sure how I would have reacted to the slaves touching me so personally. I can say that my poor knees would not take that sort of punishment...and of course, I have already found a loophole...nothing was said about the slave laying on her side...her bum, breasts, thighs and/or belly would not be touching the floor or bed. ;) Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Mmm, good example of an image the writer has so clearly in his mind that he sees it crystal clear before him. To him it's so obvious, that he forgets creative readers that find loopholes in his story.

      Thanks for reading Cat,

  2. So, how hard she will try.. not good enough.
    Interesting education to be punished BEFORE some one explained HOW to answer properly..

    Mona Lisa

    1. You are so right Mona Lisa. He is not in the fair play business, I think... But stay with me a chapter or 10. It will get better.

      I hope,


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