Friday, 31 July 2015

Training Carrie, chapter 5

novel by Jay West
Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 5

"Let's go, on your feet," I said, motioning for her to rise. She didn't
stand, but instead lowered her head, looked down at each breast, and
wiggled her breasts back and forth. She wanted me to pull her up by the

I almost went for it, I was within a microsecond of reaching down to
take her nipples. But I didn't. As soon as I saw what she wanted, I knew it
was exactly what I should have done in the first place. But my discipline
saved me, and I realized that she couldn't be allowed to go this far so
early in her training. I said, "Do the Slave's nipples need attention? OK,"
and immediately struck her hard with the crop, once across each nipple. She
gasped and immediately checked and adjusted all of her Pose requirements,
including tightening her stomach muscles.

I stood in front of her, far enough so she couldn't kiss my cock again,
and said, "The Slave is developing a bad habit of breaking the rules. Its
Master has been tolerating this, because the Slave is demonstrating a
talent that few slaves ever develop: breaking the rules at just the right
time and in just the right way to surprise and please the Master. This
talent is not to be discouraged, but its use must be controlled and limited
during training. This Slave has much to learn before it can reliably use
this talent, and must be cautious in employing it. I'm sure the Slave's
unacceptable behavior just now was also partially encouraged by its Master
allowing a temporary suspension of discipline after the Slave fainted. But
that does not excuse the act.

"Disobeying a direct command, as this Slave just did, is unacceptable.
The Slave must learn that its life from now on is not about what the Slave
wants, it's only about what the Master wants. In fact, a good Slave wants
nothing, except for its Master to be pleased with it. In addition to the
punishment the Slave just received, the Slave will also be treated to a
day's-end session in the punishment area before it is put to bed tonight.
Day's-end sessions always begin with a thorough whipping over the Slave's
back and front, from the shoulders to the knees, and what happens after
that is tailored to the nature of the offense being punished. The time it
takes to administer the Slave's day's-end session is subtracted from the
Slave's sleep time. Now get up and walk quickly over to the bars."

She rose quickly and almost ran to the bars, where she assumed the
Waiting Pose until I caught up. She was shaking badly as I strapped her
into position across the bars, and she raised her head and gazed at her own
face without being told. I wanted her to understand that I wasn't angry
with her, so I said, "Is the Slave planning to freak out and faint again?
Its Master had to stop the last time before he got to unload up this pretty
ass." I slapped her lightly on the ass as I said that last part. That
seemed to relax her a little.

When commanded to reply, she said quietly that she hoped she would
come, but not pass out. I told her that this was also her Master's wish. I
probably shouldn't have told her this yet, but I added that the ideal
progression during training was for the slave to learn to come every time
it was fucked, then learn to come while being fucked, but only when the
Master gave it permission, then learn to come whenever the Master
commanded it, even when it was not being fucked. This was probably a level
of control she didn't dream was possible, and it probably wouldn't be
possible for her, but we have trained several slaves who achieved that
level of submission to their Master.

I picked up the flog and showed it to her in the mirror. She squeezed
her eyes shut, bracing herself for it. I told her to open her eyes, keep
them open, and watch her face. Then I began. The flogging went much like it
did before, I tried for the same duration and level of skin response. When
it was over she was crying and gasping again, but the readout level showed
her pain level was actually a little lower than the first time. Good

I again started with one lubricated finger, then soon two. This time I
watched the remote readout more closely during this phase. I saw her
arousal level start to slowly rise, as her pain level was dropping at about
the same rate. The pain level parameter was actually an attempt by the
computer to isolate her responses to her perception of pain. So dropping
pain levels in this context probably meant she was concentrating more on
the pleasure and tuning out the pain.

When I thought she had been opened enough, I pulled out the fingers,
cleaned them off, greased up my cock, and slowly pushed my way in. The
arousal level spiked down and the pain level spiked up, but both quickly
returned to their previous trends. But she was still far from orgasmic

Usually the Slave's sexual response is unimportant in the early stages
of training, the Slave only has to learn to accept the penetration as a
normal event. However, after her unusual and unexpected response to her
first fuck, I decided to change the plan and try to give her more orgasms.
I thought it was important that she come again soon, to help her see that
the first time wasn't a fluke and it could always be within her grasp. I
had decided that it would be best for her if I didn't switch to the dildoes
or the machine until she had come at least one more time, because I didn't
know how she would react to them. That meant that it was important for me
not to come until she did - as I previously stated, I'm not superman. I was
willing to have a case of the blue balls to help my Slave, but I didn't
know if I could keep myself from coming while working to take her there.

I was working her slowly, trying to keep my mind off of the gorgeous
body below me, the beautiful breasts I could see swaying under her in the
mirror, the wonderful mind behind those green eyes, and checking the
readout frequently. Her arousal level was rising faster now, but still far
from orgasm. I reached around and stuck a finger in her vagina to see if
she was wet - she was. She gasped, and the arousal level jumped way up,
halving the distance to orgasm. Now I knew a way to do it, but it was
important that this not involve vaginal stimulation yet, that was 2 weeks
in the future. What to do, what to do? I could bend over her and reach up
to stimulate her breasts; but her best hope of cuming, when we switched to
her mouth in about a week, was breast and nipple stimulation, better save
that. Checking the readout again, she was within striking distance. But
something needed to be added.

Out of desperation, I tried something really simple. I just started
running my open hands over her body in what I hoped felt like loving
caresses. I went up and down her back, down her ass until I hit its
interface with my body, then down the sides of her ass and the outside of
her thighs, then back up, over and over. Her skin felt fantastic, at first
I thought the added sensation would cause me to shoot my load. I dared not
look into that beautiful face to see how she was doing. I tried thinking
about anything but her, and kept checking the readout. The caresses were
having an effect, the arousal level was climbing, but I didn't know who
would finish first.

Pretty soon, the readout chirped and overrode what I was looking at
with ORGASM IMMINENT, then right away ORGASM, and she gave a shudder that
maybe would be better described as a convulsion. But she was still on her
feet, and the readout didn't interrupt with any problem status. Now I could
look at her face, and as soon as I saw her looking back at me with that
satisfied smile, I came. It was one of those where you feel like the top of
your head will explode. As I was still pumping, the readout chirped again
and said ORGASM (2), she shook again, and slowly lowered her head for a
moment. But she didn't faint. I finished up, but stayed in her as my dick
began to shrink. I looked at her face again, and she was looking back at me
with the happiest, most contented look I have ever seen.

Don't think this gave me delusions of stud hood or any thing - I knew
this was all about her, not me. My God, what was she going to be like when
I was fucking her pussy? If she didn't understand why she needed to be a
Slave before, I bet she did now. And she had found her path purely by using
her intellect, and a little bit of luck. She started with no information,
and no one to get it from, no experience, and no clue what a Slave actually
was, but her mind led her to the exact place she needed to be. I'll gladly
confess that I was in awe of this woman.

I pulled out and cleaned off myself, then her, and this time I
remembered to reattach the crotch of my pants. I unfastened her feet first,
to see how steady she was. When I saw she could stand on her own, I
unfastened her hands and reattached them at the sides of the belt. She
stood up as straight as her waist attachment to the other rail would allow,
looked me in the eyes, and silently mouthed "Thank you." I held her gaze,
reached out to caress a breast, and said, "No, thank you." After just being
punished, read the riot act, and promised a severe whipping for willfully
breaking the rules, she had the balls to do it again. I've already said I
was in awe of her, what can I add?

I released her belt from the bar, asked her if she needed a toilet
break, and she said she did. I then told her that I wanted her to wait a
half hour, and hold the semen I had spilled in her ass for awhile. Then I
asked her if she wanted some water, knowing she couldn't use the toilet for
a half hour, and she said she did. So off we went for a drink, using the
nipple/anus steering technique. That seemed to please her.

After she took 4 loads of water from the penis faucet without spilling
a drop, I took her over to the learning/punishment machine. I told her that
eventually she would give me reason to put her in this machine as
punishment for a period of hours, or even overnight. But right now, I
wanted her to experience it for just a few minutes, so she would know what
it was like. I put her behind the panel at the front of the machine, and
turned her to face it, the wall to her back. I attached her ankles to rings
in the floor with enough slack for her to take a step in any direction,
then attached electrodes snugly around her ankles after coating them with
conductive grease, and plugged the electrode cables into jacks on the
panel. The next step was to lower a harness, suspended by cables from the
ceiling, and attach it around and over her shoulders and under her armpits.
The harness cables had enough slack to let her move a little bit forward
and backward or side to side. I told her it was just there to provide
support if she was temporarily unable to support herself by her legs.

Then I positioned the panel so that it seemed to be at the right height
and moved it closer until it almost touched her breasts. The panel had some
lights on it and two holes at the height and separation of her breasts. The
outside of each hole had a metallic ring around it, that continued into the
hole and covered the holes' edges. I pointed out to her that there was a
round target inside each hole, about an inch and a half behind the hole,
and told her that a slight pressure on this target would move it back and
close a switch. I flipped a few switches on the other side of the panel to
put the machine into test mode, then told her to put her left breast into
the left hole and try to contact the target. I could tell she was getting
apprehensive, but she followed my instructions.

She couldn't touch the target, because her breasts, being large, were
not pointed at the nipples but were more rounded. She couldn't push enough
of the breast into the hole to hit the target. I had planned for this, and
pulled out a pair of what looked like leg warmers for breasts, from a
drawer on the panel. They slipped over the breasts but left the aureoles
and nipples exposed. They were also elasticized, so they squeezed the
breasts into a more conical shape and forced them to extend from the chest
more or less horizontally. They had straps which allowed them to be
attached to the harness, and tightened or loosened to raise or lower the
breasts. They made her breasts look ridiculous, but they worked. Now, after
I repositioned the panel slightly, she could activate each target with the
corresponding breast, lighting the light over the hole each time she
contacted a target.

I then told her that, in order for the machine to function as designed
when the Slave was wearing boob warmers, electrodes had to be placed under
each one, at the sides of each breast. This really made her nervous, but I
went ahead and greased up the electrodes, slipped them under the elastic at
the required locations, then plugged them into the panel. Finally, I
smeared a dab of the grease over the nipple region of each of her breasts.

Then I explained to her what was going to happen. At random intervals,
on an average of every 30 seconds, the top light of the vertical row of
lights would come on, then 1 second later the next light down would come
on, then in 1 more second the third light would come on, then 1 second
after that the fourth and last light would come on. The top 2 lights are
green, the third light is yellow, and the bottom light is red.
Simultaneously with the top light coming on, the light above one of the
holes would come on. In the interval between the time the light over the
selected hole came on, but before the bottom red light came on, the Slave
must press the target in the indicated hole with the corresponding breast.

When the switch on the target is closed, the Slave receives a mild but
very annoying electrical shock to the breast. In case the Slave doesn't
want to experience that shock, here's what happens if the Slave does not
press the correct target. When the bottom red light comes on, a much more
severe shock, strong enough to cause muscle contractions and serious pain,
is delivered through the electrodes attached to the Slave's ankles. The
Slave will feel the shock over the length of each leg and into the groin
area. This will be most unpleasant.

I told her to nod if she understood, and she weakly nodded. I told her
to nod if she was ready to try it, and she did not nod. I flipped some
switches and said "Guess what? It's on. Watch the lights." After some
seconds the first light and the light over the left hole came on. She
immediately made a move toward the left hole, but then froze for an
instant. Finally, just as the yellow light came on, she poked her left
breast through the left hole. Simultaneously, all the lights went out and
she gave a sharp yelp. I looked at the counters on the back of the panel to
see that the machine had recorded one success. I looked back at her and saw
that she was not happy.

I just stood and watched. Soon the sequence began again, this time the
right hole was chosen. Usually the trials alternate between holes, but
occasionally the same hole would be selected for two or three trials in a
row. Again she instantly went for the hole, but then froze. This time she
recovered sooner and got to the target before the yellow light came on.
Again all of the lights went off, she yelped, and the counters correctly
recorded a success.

After a few more trials, she figured it out - she had to to press the
target and zap her breast, why not do it immediately and get it over with?

While waiting for the next sequence I gave her additional details,
which she really didn't need to know. I told her that, with her continued
success in avoiding the leg shock, the machine would start picking longer
and longer times between trials, hoping her attention would drift and she
would screw up. Conversely, if she was getting leg shocks, the trial
periods would get shorter to make her pay closer attention. Then I told her
this strategy only comes into play if the Slave is in the machine for
hours, especially overnight when the Slave is tired and would rather be in
bed asleep. I had disabled this feature for now, since she would only be in
the machine for a matter of minutes.

I watched her for a few more trials, and she was having no problems,
but she was still yelping. Then I told her that I wanted her to
intentionally fail the next trial, because she needed to know what the
stronger shock was like and because I wanted to be watching her when she
got the first one. It wasn't that I wanted to see her in pain, I had to
know that she could recover from one severe shock in time to avoid the next
one. Otherwise, she might hang here helplessly, getting badly shocked over
and over. That could not be allowed, and in fact the room computer would
shut down the machine for a few minutes after two severe shocks in a row.
But it would be better for her training if that situation never arose. She
gave me a pitiful, pleading look, but I said "Do it."

The cycle started, and she let it run to its finish as ordered. While
she was waiting, I could see her trying to steel herself for she knew not
what. When the yellow light came on, she took a deep breath. It wasn't
pleasant to watch. The shock didn't last long enough to cause her to thrash
around, but it knocked her legs out from under her so that she hung from
the harness. She exhaled sharply but didn't make a sound, I don't think she
could at first. She seemed to stop breathing for a few seconds, then began
panting in shallow breaths. I noticed that she had discharged some urine on
the floor. I didn't look at the remote readouts, because I didn't want to
know how much pain she was experiencing. Also, I knew the remote would have
chirped if she was in trouble.

Finally she regained her footing, and was just becoming aware of her
surroundings when the next trial started. Although she was still dazed, she
dove for the hole that had its light on. No yelp this time, she couldn't
spare the energy yet. But no way was she going to fail another trial, no
matter how unpleasant the breast shocks were.

I watched a few more trials until she seemed back to normal, she was
again making a noise of one kind or another each time she got shocked. I
took a ball gag out of the drawer. Walking to her side, I told her to open
wide, put the ball gag in her mouth, and fastened it snugly. That was the
first time she had been gagged, it wouldn't be the last. I patted her on
the ass, said "The Master knows his Slave is getting shocked, no need for
the Slave to inform the Master each time. Does the Slave think 15 minutes
more is long enough for it to become familiar with the machine?" She
started to shake her head No, of course she didn't want 15 more minutes of
this. But she was smart enough to realize that a No answer would get her
more than 15 additional minutes, so she reluctantly shook her head Yes, and
I walked away. I went back to the Master's enclave at the other end of the
room, to use the toilet, grab a bite to eat, and rest for awhile. I was
still feeling the effects of that last fuck.

When her time was up, I strolled back down and watched her for a few
more trials. Then I flipped a switch on the back of the panel, and told her
she could relax, it was turned off. She looked relieved. I checked the
counters and told her that she had passed 41 trials, and only failed the
one. I took out the ball gag and asked her what the machine teaches. She
thought for awhile, and replied that it teaches that a Slave cannot avoid
pain, but it can minimize the amount of pain it receives. I told her she
just moved to the head of the class, then extracted her from the machine. I
asked if she would like to keep the boob warmers on, since they made her
breasts look so attractive. She indicated strongly that she did not, so I
removed them and all of the electrodes, then wiped off the grease from her
breasts and ankles.

She looked very relieved to be finished with the machine. I was sure
that threats of bringing her back here would be an effective means of
control, should the need arise. It was also a threat I knew I was willing
to carry out, unlike the threat of shaving her head.

Being sure to first put away the cloth I had used to clean off the
grease, I said "If the Slave will look down, I believe it will see that it
has lost something." She looked down, then looked at me, puzzled. I said,
"When the Slave failed the one trial, the Slave deposited a small puddle of
piss on the floor. It is still there, clean it up." She waited, sure that
more details would be coming - like how she was supposed to do that with
her hands bound. I said, "If the Slave thinks about it, the Slave will know
what to do. Get down there and clean up your mess."

She thought for a few seconds, then I knew by the look on her face she
had figured it out. She knelt and paused for a few more seconds, then
sighed sharply and slowly bent down to lick up the urine. With her head
hovering over the puddle, she couldn't bring herself to do it at first. I
was worried she would try to refuse if I let her think about it any more,
so I said, "Perhaps the Slave would prefer being put back in the machine
for a few hours." She sighed again, then licked up the urine. When she
brought her head up again, she had an expression like she had just ...
well, tasted urine for the first time. But the floor was clean. I said,
"See, that wasn't so bad, now I know how we'll keep the whole room clean."
She scowled and didn't look at me. I said, "Let's get the Slave over to the
toilet before it makes another mess."

Surprisingly, she declined my offer of more of water. I was sure she
would want it, to get the urine taste out of her mouth. I decided to give
her another enema before putting her over the bowl, and she performed as
expected during the enema and commode procedures. But I noticed that she
never looked over at the observation room one-way mirror while she was
spread and hanging over the bowl, even though I caught her several times
sneaking glances as we walked by that area.

As usual, I played with her breasts, nipples, and pussy while standing
beside her, during the time I was forcing her to hold the enema in her
body. Noticing how cool her skin felt, I remembered that I was supposed to
be finding the right room temperature for her mild discomfort. I looked at
her body and did not see any goose flesh or shivering, so I asked her if
she thought it was too cold in the room. She replied that she was cold, but
if this was the temperature the Master chose for the room, it was the right
temperature for the Slave. I was stunned to hear such a perfect response on
her first day of training. What was it with this woman? Her brain must be
working at warp speed in there, constantly asking, "What would a perfect
slave do? What would a perfect Slave say?" As a reward, I used the remote
to program a slow 2 degree rise in the room temperature.

After extracting her from the commode apparatus and letting her use the
bidet, I said "Guess what, time to fuck." She smiled. I steered her back to
the bars, and attached her like the last time. With her head up and looking
at me in the mirror, my hands caressing her ass and thighs, I gave her a
long-winded story, leading up to revealing the dildo to her. I said that it
must have crossed her mind that I wouldn't actually be able to fuck her 10
or 12 times a day, every day, by myself, that I was a man of average sexual
potency, not a stud horse. She looked alarmed, she probably thought I was
about to introduce a special guest fucker, or maybe a stud horse, I don't
know. I went on to say that I wanted to give her her at least the first and
last fuck of the day, and I didn't want to take a chance on not being able
to perform then.

When I pulled out the dildo and showed it to her, she actually looked
relieved, it must have been a better substitute than she was expecting. I
told her that as far as she was concerned, she was being fucked by her
Master, that in fact her Master would be wielding the dildo, so it was
really just an extension of the Master. I asked her if that made sense to
her, and she rapidly nodded yes and smiled at me. What had I been worried
about? But it remained to be seen if she would come. I still wanted her to
get a few more in a row under her belt if she could, so there was less
chance of her becoming discouraged or confused. Only one way to find out.

Following the usual procedure, I stepped off the the side and showed
her the flogger in the mirror. She prepared herself, and I whipped her. It
left her crying, but not as much as before. I checked her ass and thighs
carefully to see if I could detect any cumulative damage so far, but there
was nothing visible except the usual rosy glow I strived so hard for. Just
like before I started with the fingers, first one then two. She was making
good progress on the fingers, so I kept it up a little longer than before.
The more aroused I could get her with the prep work, the better. After a
few more minutes, arousal seemed to have flattened out, so I phased in my
alter ego. Lubing it up liberally, I started applying pressure to the
sphincter, but it remained constricted. I told her to relax her ass hole,
everything was going to be fine, I was right here controlling the action.
Finally I got the dildo into her and began slow, rhythmic strokes. I
checked the readout and saw that we had lost a little ground on the arousal
meter, but it was starting to rise again. Good. Slow and steady, give the
lady a good ride until she's ready to get off.

After a few minutes I began the technique I had discovered the last
time, caressing her skin. I only had one hand free this time, but also I
could now cover all of her buttocks and the back of her thighs, because I
wasn't in the way. Technically this was wrong, the book says that these
sessions should be a lot more like impersonal, "bam bam, thankya ma'am" sex
than loving and caressing sex. My answer was that I was doing what the
situation required, screw the book. Once we enabled her to understand and
begin controlling her power over her pleasure, we could consider a shift to
a more clinical method. I thought I now knew why she came here, and that we
had a responsibility to give her what she came for, even if she wasn't able
to describe it to us. Anyway, a check of the readout showed that she was
almost there. That was OK, I had all day. A lot of people would pay just to
see pictures of this naked body, and here I am, it's my job to look at it,
play with it, and fuck it. I speeded up, and whaddya know, a chirp and an
ORGASM IMMINENT, followed about 10 seconds later by ORGASM and a lot of
shuddering and gasping from up front. I was so happy and proud of her, I
could have kissed her.

I kept it up, increasing the speed a little more. After some minutes
the readout chirped ORGASM IMMINENT again. I sped up a little more, and
tried to lengthen the stroke without accidentally pulling out. I kept at it
for a few minutes, but I was starting to think she wasn't going to get
another one. That wouldn't be the end of the world, but I wanted it for
her. I met her gaze in the mirror, saw the fatigue on her face, and was
afraid she would give up soon. I said "You are very, very close. It's
yours, your Master wants you to have it, just reach out and take it. Relax,
trust your Master, and give him what he wants." That did it, she came

She lowered her head, obviously exhausted. I stopped, cleaned her and
the dildo, and released her from the rails. She was shaky, but able to
stand by herself. She had beads of perspiration on her forehead and upper
lip, and I patted them dry with my handkerchief.

She was standing in front of me, and I said, "Well, we're about halfway
through the Slave's first day of training, and the Slave has had six merely
huge orgasms, and one orgasm so intense it fainted. Is the training meeting
the Slave's expectations?" Looking at her face, I could see it coming, and
after a few seconds she stepped forward, pressed her body against mine,
laid her head on my chest, and started crying.

She stood there for 5 minutes, sobbing her eyes out. I held her in my
arms, wishing I hadn't reattached her wrists to the belt so she could put
her arms around me. Finally the tears seemed to dry up, and I offered to
help her blow her nose on my handkerchief, which she did. Then I wiped the
tears from her face and breasts. When she had calmed down, I looked in her
red eyes, smiled, and said, "Wasn't the Slave told 'No sobbing'?" She
grinned, and I told her she could speak if she wished. She said, "Master,
this Slave had no idea fucking could be like this, Master. ... Master, this
Slave is as happy as it is possible to be, Master." Running my fingers
lightly over her wet pussy, I said, "You'd better not be, you're still
weeks away from the good stuff." She laughed, then resumed the Waiting
Pose, but she kept smiling.


  1. Sheesh...he might call himself Master but she's the one in total control. Will be interested in seeing how far his training goes. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Ah well she is a strong woman... I like strong women... Let's see how it will continue tomorrow shall we?


  2. Since i have been away, i just read parts 1 through 5. (OK, i had to stop after the third part to get a permission from Master). Thank you for posting the story......and I agree with Cat....she is holding much of the far.
    hugs abby


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