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Training Carrie, chapter 4

novel by Jay West
Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 4

I had a hard time getting to sleep, I couldn't get her out of my head.
Slave training boils down to this: push the slave farther than she's
willing to go, then coerce her into going there anyway, usually through the
application of pain. Repeat until all of the uncomfortable thresholds have
been reached. Then repeat the process for the fear thresholds, the disgust
thresholds, the taboo thresholds, etc., as far as the Master wants to take
it. We have a standard list of thresholds. When the slave has passed all of
them, we declare her trained.

The problem with this one was, what if she didn't have any thresholds?
If she would do everything on the list when first commanded, was she
trained? Could an experienced Master simply take her home and start using
her? My answer was: no, she would still have to be reprogrammed to behave
like a slave, since she had spent her short lifetime learning incompatible
behaviours. But it bothered me. I finally drifted off to sleep thinking
about that body.

I woke up early and logged into the room system to check her status.
She was asleep right now, but she had not had a good night. She had dozed
fitfully most of the night, and had slept soundly 4 different times, for
never more than an hour. It looked like her legs kept going to sleep, we
probably needed to add more padding on the calf supports and ankle
restraints. It would take me about an hour to get there, hopefully she
would sleep until then.

I entered her room quietly, hoping to wake her with a touch rather than
a noise. But my entry caused the room lights to brighten to their normal
levels, and as I approached her, she opened her eyes and looked up at me. A
faint smile came to her lips. I was glad she remembered not to speak,
because I wanted to minimize her punishment today, for reasons that will
become apparent. I returned the smile, then reached out and caressed her
breasts and nipples until she moaned softly. I then moved down and gave
some attention to her lower torso, producing more moans. While working on
her, I asked her if she got any sleep, and she answered truthfully and with
correct form that she had slept, but not for very long at a time. I asked
her if she was ready for her first official day of training, and she
replied that she was.

Before removing her from the bed, I inserted a small device into her
vagina, then had her swallow an even smaller device. Both contained a set
of sensors and a radio transmitter, and would constantly read a variety of
physical data and report it to the room system. The room computer, using a
sophisticated piece of software, could then extrapolate the measured data
into an amazing list of parameters. Specifically, I needed the ability to
accurately assess her pain level and arousal state, independent of her
visible responses.

After reattaching her wrist manacles to her belt, at the sides of the
belt this time, I flipped the bed up and removed her. She was wobbly when
her weight returned to her feet, so I rubbed her calves to restore the
circulation. With the air curtain stopped, she began to notice how cold the
room had become, and began shivering. I used the system's remote interface
to slowly raise the room temperature 3 degrees.

Before starting her day, I removed her ankle manacles and replaced them
with a different style of restraint. These had a spring steel band at the
core, covered with thick padding and finally encased in leather. They
attached in the same way as the bare steel manacles, except being flexible
they needed no hinge opposite the locking clasp. Like the steel restraints,
they had numerous attaching rings, anchored to the core metal band. They
were a better choice for uses like supporting a Slave's body or applying
tension to a limb, because they would not damage the underlying skin.

Pointing her toward the far end of the room using her nipples, I goosed
her into motion. As we approached the punishment area, she stiffened and
slowed down. I pushed harder on her anus and told her to walk faster. She
began shaking, but offered no further resistance. At the front of the
punishment platform, I turned her 180 degrees, and laid her down on her
back, with her ass and legs hanging off the platform, her feet still on the
floor. I attached her belt and collar to the platform, then stretched her
arms out to her sides and attached the wrists to the platform. Attaching
her new ankle restraints to ropes connected to pulleys on the side pillars,
I tightened the ropes until each leg was pulled straight up and out at a 45
degree angle to her body. She was positioned as if she were sitting on the
floor with her legs straight and spread wide, only she was lying on her

I chose a flog from the wall and showed it to her, then I told her that
this was not a punishment, she had done nothing wrong so far today. But
during her initial training she was to receive this whipping the first
thing each morning, to remind her throughout the day what her situation was
and what she had agreed to endure. After dragging the flog lightly across
her naked pussy a few times to scare her, I began flogging her on her inner
thighs, alternating back and forth between each leg. I didn't want to cause
any damage here, just give her a rosy glow and a lasting sting. At first
she grimaced, then shortly began to moan. I had whipped her at a leisurely
pace for about 3 minutes when the tears started to flow down the side of
her face and she started breathing in gasps. About 5 minutes later she
screamed once, then was silent. I kept it up for another 5 or 6 minutes,
and she didn't make another sound, she was just panting and silently
weeping. I stopped and checked the computer's remote readout, which clipped
on my belt like a pager. It indicated that she was OK, but in a lot of pain
and mildly aroused. Perfect.

She stayed bound on the platform for ten more minutes, while I sat
beside her and watched her constantly. Several times she looked at me, then
looked away. When I released her, she was still crying quietly. I wiped the
tears from her cheeks then steered her to the toilet area, where she
repeated the enema, commode, bidet, and water procedures she learned last

I then put her in the shower, standing with her outstretched arms and
widespread legs attached at convenient points. While putting a shower cap
over her beautiful hair, I pointed out that the cap wouldn't be necessary
if her head were shaved. Taking the handheld shower head off its cradle, I
turned on only the cold water. When the water hit her skin, she gasped and
began shivering violently. I wet her all over, then soaped her up with a
sponge and rinsed her off. While sponging, I had paid special attention to
her breasts and crotch, to see if it would increase her arousal. Her
nipples were rock-hard, but the readout showed almost no arousal now, both
due to the cold water. I towelled her off, being careful of her thighs, then
removed the shower cap, released her from the shower, and reattached her
hands to the sides of her belt. She was still shivering.

As I was guiding her back down the room toward the ritual sex area, I
told her that all of the procedures she had followed since getting out of
bed, the whipping, toilet, and shower, would be repeated every morning for
the foreseeable future. When we reached her destination I noticed that it
had been an hour since I removed her from the bed. That was about right for
the number of items we had completed. The next step would probably take a
while this first time, because I needed to explain everything to her. But
the goal was to complete it in 15 minutes or less, since it would be
repeated each hour during her day.

We arrived at the ritual sex area, and I attached her belt to the
horizontal bar farthest from the mirrored wall, with her facing the wall.
She had to lean forward slightly at the hips to contact the bar with her
belt. I attached her ankles, legs spread at shoulder width, to rings in the
floor. The bar had been raised to the right level to bend her over it,
which I did. I then pulled her arms straight out above her head and
attached her wrist cuffs to the bar nearest the wall, in a way that she
could grasp the bar with her hands and brace herself. She was bent nearly
90 degrees at the hips, her torso and arms stretched between the two bars,
her feet anchored to the floor.

Standing behind her and caressing her ass and down the backs of her
thighs, I told her to raise her head and look at us in the mirror, which
she did. I could see that she was afraid, still in pain and not
understanding what was coming next. At this point I explained the ritual
sex procedure to her. I told her that she would be forced, by repetition,
to become accustomed to being fucked in each of her orifices, one at a
time. Until this was accomplished, she would always be a passive receiver
of sex, always tied in position and whipped prior to being fucked. It was
expected that it would take about a week to accustom her at each orifice,
but the time was strictly the Master's judgement. I told her that "being
accustomed" means, in the Master's judgement, the Slave understands to her
core, and accepts totally, that being fucked is the reason for the Slave's
existence, and will eagerly agree to it whenever demanded by the Master.
The orifice order would be, her asshole first, next her mouth, and finally
her pussy.

I told her that, during this period, she would be fucked once an hour
each day, and before being fucked she would be tied in a suitable position
like she was now, and her associated area would be whipped lightly. I then
explained what the associated areas were. The associated area for her
asshole was her ass and the backs of her thighs. The associated area for
her mouth was from the top of her breasts to her belt. The associated area
for her pussy was her belly and the front of her thighs. These were the
areas she had been told must not come into contact with any surface in the
room. They are reserved for whipping and the Master's touch. She was
looking at me like she couldn't believe what she was hearing. I could see
the question on her lips, that she dare not speak - after just being
whipped severely (actually, she hadn't yet experienced a severe whipping),
she was going to be whipped again, and then whipped yet again every hour? I
told her this was how it was going to be, and that she would not only
survive it, she would come to look forward to it. I told her this was why
it was important for her not to screw up and require added whipping as
punishment, and I reminded her what I had told her before, that she was not
going to be able to avoid pain, but she could minimize it through

She was pale and shaking now, but I couldn't wait for her to calm down.
I went back to the whip wall and chose the lightest flog there. I walked
back to my position behind her ass and held up the flog for her to see in
the mirror, then stood off to one side and ordered her to watch her face in
the mirror at all times until we were done here. I began flogging her
rapidly and lightly, and I think she quickly understood that this wouldn't
be as severe as the previous flogging. Nevertheless, her tears started
flowing right away, and she was breathing in gasps. But she kept her head
up and kept looking at her face the whole time. I stopped after a few
minutes, when she was just starting to show the uniform pink glow I was
looking for on her ass and thighs. I put down the crop, moved directly
behind her, put some lubricant on a finger, and slowly inserted it in her
rectum. She winced as it went in and her mouth opened wider, possibly
trying to make an example for her rectum. I worked her with my finger for
awhile, and soon felt her relax. It became easier to move my finger in and
out, so I repeated the process with two fingers, and she gasped when they
first penetrated her ass.

I pulled out my fingers and snapped off the crotch cover from my pants.
Then I lubricated my stiff cock (I think it had been stiff in anticipation
of this since yesterday) and slowly inserted it into her ass. It was
slightly bigger in diameter than two fingers, so I made the initial
penetration as slow and easy as I could. Finally I started pumping her
slowly, and as I worked I alternated my view between her face and the
system display. Her face expression had changed from pain to pleasure, and
that spurred me to move faster, but not too fast. I wanted this to last. I
had been working her for a few minutes, watching the nuances of expression
playing over her face. Once or twice she glanced up at my face in the
mirror, violating her instructions, and smiled. You think I was going to
punish her for that?

I went on for a few more minutes, then the readout chirped at me. I
looked at it and the status message was ORGASM IMMINENT. What? That
couldn't be right, the computer just hadn't figured out how to interpret
her data yet. As I looked back at her face, her eyes rolled up in her head
and she shook violently. The readout chirped again and the status read
ORGASM. I wondered what was going on here, and if this was the right girl
I was fucking.

Not wanting to stop, I picked up the pace a little, hoping to speed
things up and finish. She shook again and her head drooped then came back
up, the look on her face indescribable. The readout chirped and displayed
ORGASM (2), meaning this was her second one in a short period of time.
Right away she shook yet again, then started trembling violently. Her head
dropped and I felt her ass sag as her body went limp. The readout said
CONTINUOUS ORGASM, then quickly changed to a blinking UNCONSCIOUS. "Jeez,"
I muttered to the computer, "what's your clock speed? Couldn't you tell me
that before I figured it out for myself?" That was too much, I pulled out
even though I hadn't finished, and I heard her groan.

I wiped off her ass and my dick, released her from the bondage, and
carried her to the Master's enclave. She was definitely passed out. I put
her on the couch and put a throw over her - screw the no-body-contact rule
for a few minutes - then I got a wet cloth at the sink and put it on her
forehead. I went to the system readout, and it said her blood pressure was
low, her blood glucose elevated but not dangerous - no doubt due to her
fast - and that she was still unconscious. Risk assessment was low, she was
not in trouble.

I went back to her and sat on the edge of the couch, beside her. After
a few moments she opened her eyes and looked at me. Then she looked down at
her body, and seemed surprised that it was covered. She smiled at me and
opened her lips, but I put my finger to my lips indicating that she should
keep quiet. I then told her that we were going to temporarily suspend the
formal rules of address, because it was important to find out quickly what
just happened, and I wanted her to talk to me plainly and directly. I asked
her if she understood, and she whispered, "Yes, Master." Then she reached
an arm from under the cover, took the top of the throw between finger and
thumb, looked in my eyes and said weakly, "I knew I could trust you,

I looked into her eyes for a few seconds, then said, "OK, what just

"She said, "Master, I don't understand what happened. You were ...
fucking me, and it felt good. Then I remembered something, and I had a
number of intense sensations, and I guess I passed out. I thought I was

I pulled back the cover over her lower torso and told her to lie still
while I checked something. I reached down and slid a finger into her pussy.
I heard a sharp intake of breath from her as she felt my finger, but she
didn't move. She was wet, very wet. It was likely that she had become very
aroused and had cum multiple times, just like the remote readout had said.
I covered her up again.

"Your 'intense sensations' were orgasms," I told her. "When you passed
out, you were having continuous orgasms. Haven't you ever had one before?"

"I thought I had, Master, but it didn't feel anything like that."

"Didn't you find the feeling pleasurable?"

"It felt good, really good, but it was so intense. Too intense, it
scared me. I thought I was having a ... seizure, or something, Master."

"What was the something you remembered that triggered your orgasms?"

"Oh, Master, it scares me, do I have to tell you?" she asked. I shook
my head yes. She paused, then asked me if I remembered that time in the
waiting room, when she walked over to me to read the Agreement.

"What do you mean, 'that time'? It was yesterday afternoon, of course I
remember. I also remember that something happened to you then, but,
whatever it was, you got past it quickly."

She flashed a weak smile, and said "So much has happened, it seems a
long time ago to me." Then she told me the story. "While I was walking over
to you to read the Agreement, you were admiring my body, and I knew you
wanted to ... to fuck me. Then I realized that before long you would be
... fucking me, and that I was looking forward to it. I don't usually have
thoughts like that. As I reached for the parchment I looked up into your
eyes, and I saw an image in my mind that momentarily startled me. I was
facing myself, seeing myself naked and bent over at the waist, with my arms
extended forward and my head raised, and you were standing behind me. I
instinctively knew that you were ... fucking me, and that I was enjoying
it - a lot. I usually don't get much pleasure from sex, and I never had it in my ... ass hole before.

"That image I saw yesterday was us, just now, over there at the bars.
And I wasn't looking at us, I was seeing us in the mirror. When I realized
I had seen something that hadn't happened yet, that ... thing, the ...
orgasm, hit me for the first time, then it hit again. Then I don't know
what happened, but I guess it was too intense for me and I blacked out.
That's all I know, Master."

I was stunned. What could I say to that? Nothing, I had no idea what to
say. I asked her if she had ever had visions before. She said just in
dreams, but not while she was awake. I asked her if any of her dreams had
ever turned out to be future events, had come true so to speak. She said
no, the dreams she could remember never made sense, they were never about
things that could happen in the real world. I asked her if she was talking
about nightmares, and she said no, they were just crazy dreams.

A funny thought occurred to me then, probably so I wouldn't have to
think any more about the story she had just told me. The thought was, if
she expected to get any pleasurable sex at all during her training, she was
probably devastated to hear a few minutes ago that she would have to
survive a week of frequent butt fucking, followed by a week of frequent
cock sucking, before there was a chance of getting laid. Now here she is,
she just passed out from excessive orgasms - and by the way, she never
actually had one before - the first time she got fucked in the ass. If she
had given us any money to enroll here, which she hadn't, would she think
she was getting her money's worth? My guess was, yes.

Not being able to come up with any other intelligent questions, and not
knowing what to say about her story, I stupidly asked her if she was able
to resume her training now.

"Will you ... fuck me again, Master?"

"Of course I will, many times, but not right now. You need a time-out from fucking."

She gave me a big smile, and said "I'm ready and able, Master."

I removed the throw and told her that formal address was in effect
again. As soon as she stood up she properly assumed the Waiting Pose. When
I returned from storing the throw in a cabinet I noticed that I had
overlooked reattaching her wrists, and she had dropped her arms to her
sides. So I attached the wrist cuffs to her belt, at her back. I also
noticed that she had goose bumps all over and was shivering, so I went to
the control panel and raised the temperature another 3 degrees. This time
it would come up quickly, I didn't want her to experience any more stress
for awhile.

I checked the time and found it was only 15 minutes until her next
fucking. Well, we were going to take a pass on that one. I asked her if she
wanted some food, and she replied that she was very hungry. I told her it
was not going to be as simple as she might imagine to get food into her, so
we'd better get started.

I let her stay in the Master's enclave for now, and told her to assume
the Instructional Pose on the rug, which she did perfectly. Then I noticed
she was stifling a laugh, and asked her what was the problem. She replied
that the plush rug was tickling her naked pussy, and I told her to get over

I then explained why feeding her was not a simple process. She would
not be allowed to take any food or any liquid into her mouth, except water,
until her Master had discharged semen into her mouth for the first time.
And, as she had already learned, that would not occur until she was judged
accustomed to being fucked up her ass - at least a week away. The only way
to feed her then was either intravenously - not an option - or to put a
tube down her throat and deposit food directly in her stomach. That was
what she must learn to do then, swallow a tube for long enough for food to
be put down her throat into her stomach. She didn't seem at all pleased
with that, but she understood by now that there were no options for her
except the ones I chose.

We started with a small plastic tube with a closed, rounded end, much
smaller than the one she would have to accept for feeding. She had to learn
to suppress her gag reflex, to swallow the tube into the right pipe, and to
control her breath and not panic while her throat was blocked. With her on
her knees, her head back and mouth open wide, I first let her practice
controlling the gag reflex by putting the tube to the back of her mouth and
trying to get it past her uvula. As soon as she gagged, I would remove it.
I could tell she hated this, but after awhile I was able to push the tube
past her uvula and hold it there. I could see her stomach muscles trying to
start a gag, but she could suppress it. "Excellent job", I told her, "that
might be the hardest part for you. You'll have food in your stomach in no

Using the same tube, I made her start trying to swallow it when it was
in the back of her mouth. When I sensed she was staring to swallow, I would
gently push the tube farther into her throat. The trick is to get the tube
past the flap covering the windpipe while it is closed for the swallow. For
some reason she panicked the first few times the tube went down her throat,
and I had to pull it out. She looked at me like she had something to say,
so I told her to speak. She said it would be easier if she pushed the hose
down her throat herself because she knew exactly when to do it, and if I
would unfasten one of her wrists we could try that. I said that it probably
would be easier that way, but that's not what we were going to do, we were
a team. She continued practising, and after awhile she could swallow it
every time, So we started working on breath control.

I explained that while the tube was down her throat, the cover to her
windpipe would be held closed, and she couldn't breathe. I started having
her hyperventilate for a brief time, then take a final deep breath, swallow
the hose, and see how long she could let it stay in. Unfortunately we found
that the small hose didn't actually hold her windpipe completely closed,
because it wasn't big enough. So we switched to a bigger hose, though still
not as big as the food hose, and started over.

She had trouble at each step with the larger hose, but learned to
overcome them faster than the first time. Soon she could swallow the hose,
and hold it for 40 seconds. I was hoping to get her to one minute, but more
practice made it obvious that she was never going to do better than 50
seconds, so I decided that would have to do.

We finally switched to the feeding hose, but with a rounded plastic
plug in the end to make it go down smoother. Again she had to start over,
and it was much harder for her this time. The back of her throat and her
esophagus were barely big enough to take the hose, and having it down her
throat really scared her. I told her there was no choice, she had to learn
to do this. After more practice she was finally able to hold the hose for
50 seconds without much stress.

Only one stage to go, remove the plug from the end of the hose and
start over. The end of the hose was as smooth as it could be, but was not
rounded, so it could scrape her while moving through her esophagus. The
trick was guiding it precisely down the pipe. This part went pretty
smoothly, although I hurt her a few times before I got the technique right.

Feeding time. I got a stand and a funnel, attached the funnel to the
opposite end of the hose, and hung it from the stand. Then I made her some
oatmeal, added sugar and diluted it with milk until it was watery and
lukewarm. We then went through the hose swallowing procedure, and I poured
a cup of oatmeal into the funnel. The hose was transparent, so a few
seconds after I saw the last of the oatmeal entered her mouth I pulled out
the hose. I made her repeat the process once, after waiting awhile for her
to catch her breath and for the first batch to move down the esophagus. I
then asked her if she had had enough, and she replied that she felt
satisfied, and thanked me for feeding her. I was standing close to her, and
she suddenly reached out and kissed the head of my cock, which immediately
stood up to salute her. I had totally forgotten that my crotch was
uncovered all this time. Did I punish her for breaking her Pose? I should
have, but I didn't, because she was demonstrating a talent for the
trickiest art a slave can master, and which cannot be taught - knowing when
it's appropriate to break the rules.

I declared feeding a success and checked the time. It had taken two
hours and 10 minutes to get her fed for the first time, and it was almost
the scheduled time for a fucking. She had missed two opportunities, but
that was no big deal in the long run. I looked at her and said, "You wanna
fuck?" She grinned ear-to-ear, her eyes fixed on my still-erect cock, and
vigorously shook her head yes.


  1. Oh good gravy...I would be losing a lot of weight because I don't see any way I could swallow those hoses. This is getting interesting...who is actually gonna be trained...him or her...she's already got him breaking training rules. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. A repeating issue at our house Cat, who is training who? But is that not the best way to live and love? Learning from each other?

      Glad you are still reading,
      Changes ahead, beware,


  2. Why they do a simple things so difficulte?
    They should ask me.. Lol

    Mona Lisa

    1. A tale of a policeman is ridiculous if you are a policeman, so this part of the story must be ridiculous to you, Mona Lisa,

      Glad you are still reading,
      Plot change coming up,


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