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Training Carrie, chapter 3

novel by Jay West
Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 3

The slave jumped to her feet to lessen the considerable pain I was
causing to her tender nipples. I let go of her when she was standing, and
assessed the marks I had earlier made on her breasts. On each breast there
were three bright red lines, one of which crossed the nipple, but no broken
skin - just what I had intended.

"Since the Slave is now standing," I said, "this is a good time for the
Master to give the rules for the Waiting Pose. This is the Pose the Slave
will assume when the Slave is waiting for the Master to give it an order,
to use its body for sex, or when the Slave is otherwise idle. All of the
general Rules of the Instructional Pose still apply, except the feet shall
be spread to shoulder width. For this Slave specifically, there will be
one additional Rule: when the Slave is in the Waiting Pose, it shall
tighten its stomach muscles as much as possible. The Master expects to see
the Slave's stomach pulled in tightly, and the hollow below the lower
ribcage clearly showing at all times, while the Slave is in the Waiting
Pose. This will require constant vigilance and effort by the Slave, but
that is the Slave's concern, not the Master's." I looked down and saw she
had already made the adjustment to her feet, her stomach was tight, and she
was Posed perfectly. I complemented her on her Pose. Running my fingers
lightly over her stomach and belly, and tracing the outline of her lower
ribcage, I told her how much more attractive she was when her stomach was
flat and tight.

Walking around her a few time, I finally stopped behind her and to one
side. I began caressing her buttocks lightly with my hand, watching her
face in the mirror for a response. Shortly, there was a barely perceptible
relaxation in her body, but she maintained the Pose. A good start.

Continuing to wander my hand over her ass, I asked, "What is the Master
doing to its Slave? Respond."

She immediately responded, "Master, the Master is stroking his Slave's
buttocks, Master."

"Well-formed answer, Slave, but incorrect terminology," I said. "People
have buttocks, a Slave has an ass. And stroking is one word for what the
Master will do in any of the Slave's bodily orifices whenever the Master
wishes. This is a caress." I moved my hand to the left cheek, and said,
"This is the left cheek of the Slave's ass." I moved my hand to the other
cheek, and said, "This is the right cheek of the Slave's ass." I resumed
caressing both cheeks, and said "The Slave will repeat its answer with the
required corrections."

"Master, the Master is caressing both the left and right cheeks of his
Slave's ass, Master."

I said, "Both the response and the ass are excellent," and gave her ass
a mild slap, causing her to jump slightly. I then moved my hand down,
tracing the crack of her ass until my middle finger rested lightly on her
anus. She jumped again at the contact. "Where is the Master's finger
resting now? Respond."

Haltingly, she said "Master, the Master's finger is resting on the
Slave's ... ass hole, Master."

"Four stars," I said, and moved around to her front. I noticed that she
had relaxed her stomach muscles, so I gave her a whack on the belly with
the crop and had her make a correction. Then we played the name game on
each breast ("tit" or "boob"), the vagina ("pussy" or "cunt"), labia
("pussy lips"), and finally her clitoris ("clit", obviously). Some of these
she got right the first time, some she had to repeat the corrected
response. I could see this was distasteful to her, which is exactly why she
was doing it. I also told her that most of these Slave body parts had more
than one name and some had many names, and she would eventually have to
memorize them all and recite them on command.

Finally, I asked her what the Slave's pussy, ass hole, and mouth all
had in common. She replied that she didn't know what they had in common. I
hit her once with the crop across both breasts and called her a liar. I
said I was sure she knew the right answer, that in fact I had already given
her the answer when explaining the difference between caressing and
stroking. With tears running down her face onto her breasts, she said that
she knew they could all be used for sex. I told her that lying to the
Master is one of the worst offences a Slave can commit, and that the next
time the Slave lied about anything, there would be a heavy price to pay.
Then I gave her the complete answer: the Master has the right to fuck the
Slave's pussy, ass hole, or mouth at any time he chooses, with his cock or
any of his other body parts or with any other object of his choosing, that
the Slave has no right of refusal, and that this would happen to her in
this room many times a day. I told her that she had already signed an
Agreement stipulating those facts, and I added that she would soon
experience that reality first-hand. I made her repeat that information many
times, until she could recite each point.

"Now it's time for a tour", I said. "The Slave will raise its eyes and
look at the wall before it." I stood off to one side as she looked up. "I'm
sure the Slave has already noticed that the wall is a mirror. In fact, all
of the walls in the Slave's room are mirrored. There are also television
cameras and microphones located to cover every square inch of the room,
which means the Slave is always visible and always being recorded. The room
will never again be in darkness, as it was before the Slave entered. For
this Slave, there is no privacy, no concealment, nowhere to be alone. As
the Slave will soon see first-hand, this also applies to the exercise of
necessary bodily functions that people, but not Slaves, usually perform in

I grasped her nipples and made her perform a right turn by pulling the
left tit and pushing the right tit. I said, "Until told differently, the
Slave may continue looking anywhere it can see without turning its head
from the straight-ahead, level position. This is a tour, after all, take it
all in." I moved to her side and laid my hand on her ass, tapping once on
her anus with a finger. Again she jumped. "This is how the Slave will be
guided on its tour," I said. "Pressure on the asshole means walk forward,
no pressure means stop and assume the Waiting Pose. Always walk straight
ahead. To change the Slave's direction we will stop, turn to the new
direction by pulling the tits, then begin moving again. Keep the stomach
tight even while walking." I pressed on her anus and she walked forward.

We walked along the wall, past a complex contraption - her bed, which I
would show her on the way back. We went on to the end of the room, which
was unlike anything else in the room. It was like a small studio apartment,
with a couch and chairs, table, small sink, refrigerator and stove,
overhead TV monitors and an electronic control panel linked to the control
room. There was also an unobtrusive door, which would only open for the
Master, leading to a small toilet. The floor was carpeted, while the rest
of the room had a soft tile floor. Here I removed the pressure on her anus
and she stopped. "I wanted to show the Slave this area first," I said,
"because this area is strictly off-limits to the Slave unless it is brought
here by the Master. This is the Master's enclave in the Slave's quarters,
where the Master can relax and observe the Slave between strenuous bouts of
fucking, or while the Slave is performing some difficult and/or painful
task ordered by the Master. The Slave will never step from the tiled floor
of the Slave's area onto the carpeted floor of the Master's area, unless
led there by the Master."

I tit-turned her 180 degrees, then ass-marched her up to the bed.
"Believe it or not," I said, "this is the Slave's bed. It doesn't look much
like a bed, but it can be fairly comfortable once the Slave becomes
accustomed to lying in an unusual position." She hadn't seemed to notice
the dropping temperature yet, so I saw no need to enable the air curtain
surrounding the bed. When enabled, the air curtain would activate
automatically whenever the bed was locked in the horizontal position. When
the air curtain was active, the air temperature inside the curtain would be
rapidly raised back to 78 degrees. When she was allowed to sleep, I wanted
her to sleep well.

I told her I was putting her in the bed temporarily to demonstrate it
to her. First I unhooked her hands from the belt, leaving them attached to
each other behind her back. Then I positioned her at the entry point, back
to the bed, and had her step backwards until contact was made. At that
point her ankles were locked onto two padded leg platforms that contacted
her feet and calves but curved away and to the sides of the legs above the
knees. Moving up the body, the next contact point was at her waist, a
3-inch wide, padded and contoured bar at the level of her belt. She had to
lift her hands over, then behind the bar, as her back made contact. After
contact, her belt was then locked to the bar. Continuing up, there was a
6-inch wide, U-shaped padded backrest support that curved around her back
to the side of each breast. It was tight on her torso, but flexible and
springy enough that she could squeeze into it. This support was designed to
prevent the breasts from moving to her sides when she was on her back.
There were straps above and below the breasts, which were fastened once the
bed was horizontal. The straps squeezed the breasts to make them stand up
as much as possible, minimizing the "fried eggs" flattening effect seen
with large breasts when the Slave was lying on its back. It also made it
easier to attach certain equipment that would sometimes be used on her
nipples while she was in the bed. Finally, her head was strapped to a
padded headrest that could be tilted to any desired head angle, useful for
oral sex while in bed.

When she was strapped in, I rotated the bed. As it rotated, her torso
rotated with it, back and down, At the same time, the leg supports rose and
bent the legs at the knees, until finally her legs were in the relative
position they would be in if she were sitting in a chair, except her thighs
and ass were free and suspended by her calves. Her arms, still manacled
together at the wrists, dropped down below her body. I attached each calf
to the leg support with straps just below the knees to immobilize her legs.
Then I tightened the straps across her breasts, and tugged the breasts
upward by the nipples until they were standing as tall as possible above
the torso. I then spent a few minutes stimulating her nipples with the crop
and my fingers, until they were rock-hard. The final touch was to attach
her wrist cuffs with ropes to the base of the bed's frame near the floor,
disconnect the wrists from each other, then tighten the ropes to straighten
her arms and gently pull them downward at a 45 degree angle. The primary
purpose of this arm restraint was to increase the Slave's sense of
vulnerability and helplessness. If less severe arm bondage was desired, the
wrists could simply be left attached together and hanging below her body,
or reattached to the belt at the sides of her waist, or to the sides of the

When she was fully installed, I walked around the bed once to see if
everything was OK. Then I walked to the foot of the bed and stood between
her legs. I demonstrated for her how the leg supports could pivot to almost
any attitude, to spread the legs wide or straighten them, with any desired
angle between the legs, including uncomfortably wide angles. I pointed out
to her how her thighs, ass, and belly were making no contact whatsoever
with the bed, and I spent some time caressing that area, to demonstrate how
open this left her to her Master's attentions. Walking around to her head,
I demonstrated how I could lower the headrest to position her head in any
position I desired for oral sex. To demonstrate, I briefly lowered her head
and pushed my covered crotch against her face. I saved for later a
demonstration of the many stimulation or pain devices that could be used on
her immobilized body at the bed.

Walking away from her, I said "The tour will resume shortly," and left
the room. Actually I just went to the observation room to watch her for
awhile. I saw that the temperature was now a shade below 75 degrees. In 15
minutes I returned and wheeled a small cart up to the bed, containing the
equipment I would need for the next step. She heard the cart, and strained
to look at it, but her head was rigidly strapped to the headrest, and she
couldn't roll her eyes far enough to see. I parked the cart near the foot
of the bed, then operated a control on the bed's frame to tilt her torso
and legs as one unit. I stopped when her head was about 6 inches lower than
her crotch, done more to heighten her apprehension than out of need.

Walking back up to to her head, and said, "Your Master has decided that
this Slave is not as naked as it should be. The Master believes that making
the Slave more naked will help the Slave better appreciate the seriousness
of the Slave's situation, and will produce an improvement in its attitude
and its responses to training." Slowly I walked back to the other end of
her torso. I was hoping she would soon figure out what was going to happen,
and that she would speak out without permission, to try to talk me out of
it, so I gave her a little more time by pretending to ready the equipment
on the cart. She kept silent, so finally I decided to begin.

I adjusted the leg supports to open her thighs more, then began
lathering up her pussy and all the nearby areas with body hair. At the
first touch of the lather brush to her body, she gasped and began
struggling in her bonds, but still didn't speak. The only motion she was
capable of was to raise and lower her ass using her legs, and the only way
I could stop that would be to apply support and restraint to the body areas
I told her must not be touched. I could do that if necessary, the bed
actually had an attachment that would support and restrain her ass. As her
training progressed, she would be allowed to use that ass support to give
her a more comfortable position for sleep. But I didn't want to use it yet.

With a razor in my hand, I walked back up to her head and showed her
the razor. I looked in her eyes and said, "The Slave should realize that
this procedure will be carried out with a very sharp straight razor.
Perhaps it is in the Slave's best interest to remain as still as possible.
The Slave might also want to consider the fact that the Master has not yet
made a final decision concerning whether or not the Slave will be made
totally naked. As much as the Master admires the Slave's full head of
beautiful hair, maintaining the cleanliness of the Slave's body would be
simplified greatly if all of its hair was removed. During training, it is
not necessary that the Slave be attractive, only that it be obedient." She
groaned and relaxed her body. Shaving a Slave's head was often done as a
way to further demoralize the Slave and break down its resistance, but in
her case I really didn't know if I could bring myself to destroy that
beautiful mane.

She held still as I shaved her crotch thoroughly and carefully, then
washed off the remaining soap and patted her dry. I looked up at her face
and saw that she was silently weeping. I caressed the newly-shaved areas
for awhile, occasionally letting a finger wander into her damp pussy. Then
I suddenly plunged several fingers into her pussy, and asked her if she
thought it would be difficult for her to sleep in her bed. She remained
silent, and finally I removed my fingers, slapped her on her pussy with my
open palm, and reinserted the fingers. I said, "Respond to your Master's
question, Slave!" Finally, tearful and struggling for control, she said in
a weak voice that she thought she could sleep like this if she was really
tired, and that she had almost dozed off a few minutes ago while I left her

I took that answer to mean she was really tired right now, so I
extracted her from the bed, reattached her hands to the belt, and we
continued the tour. But first I steered her close to the nearest mirrored
wall to examine my work. I ordered her to assume the Instructional Pose
facing the mirror, and when she spread her legs wide, she gasped at the
sight of her pussy opening up. Then I had her resume the Waiting Pose.
While she watched, I caressed her pussy, telling her that I wanted her to
experience how it looked and how it felt when her naked pussy was caressed.
I pressed on either side of her pussy with my finger and thumb and gently
pried apart her labia, then gently pulled back the sheath covering her
clit, so she would see how easily she was opened even while standing. I
told her she had a very sexy pussy and clit, her Master was pleased that
they were no longer concealed from view, and that her pussy would remain
naked from now on. Then I spent a minute running my hands over and through
her beautiful, shoulder-length mane, complementing her again on how
attractive it was and said what a shame it would be if the Master decided
it had to be removed. Finally I added that, if it became necessary to shave
her head, she would remain bald and completely naked throughout her
training, and would be delivered that way to her eventual owner.

Guiding her by the usual method, I showed her the Slave exercise area.
There wasn't much room to spare for that function, so we only had a few
things in there at a time, and brought in what we needed as we needed it.
Right now there was just an elliptical trainer and a versatile weight
training bench. For her, that was probably all we would need.

Moving down the room, we came to the ritual sex area, featuring
various horizontal bars and tables to which she would be attached for
whipping and sexual use. I decided to let her wait until tomorrow to
find that out the name of that area and what would happen to her there.
During the early weeks of her training, she would be brought to this
area about once an hour during the day, to be tied, whipped, and then
fucked either by me, a dildo, or a machine. Hey, Being in here alone
with her, and not superman, I would need a little artificial
assistance. For now I just told her that this was an area where she
would be tied and immobilized in various positions on occasion.
Fortunately, the dildo and the machine were kept out of sight.

Next down the wall was her toilet area. It had three fixtures, a normal
wash basin, a bidet, and a very unusual commode. Next to the basin was an
open shower area with both overhead and handheld shower heads and a drain
in the floor. There were floor-to-ceiling posts at each corner of the
shower area, incorporating numerous attach points for her manacles. The
commode had a huge bowl and no seat - remember that the slave could not sit
down. To use it, the slave went up two steps at the side, stepped across
the bowl so that one foot was on a small platform on each side of the bowl,
hooked her arms over two padded bars sticking out from behind the toilet,
and rested her weight on the bars. When her weight was sensed on the bars,
her feet and ankles were automatically locked to the platforms and the
machine began to move. While her torso was being lowered toward the bowl,
her legs were being raised out and to the sides. She wound up suspended a
few inches above the bowl, with her legs straight, horizontal, and at a 90
degree angle to each other. It was designed for maximum humiliation, and it
performed that job very well.

I hadn't described how the commode worked, but I asked her if she need
to use it, using the crude words for the bodily functions of course. I made
her answer using the correct terminology, and the answer was yes, she
needed to perform both functions. So I had her walk up to an orange dot on
the floor beside the toilet, and commanded her to kneel, place her forehead
on the dot, and not move. I went to the basin and prepared an enema for
her. I'm sure she guessed what was coming when she heard the water running,
but she remained positioned as ordered.

When I came over to her with the enema bag, I said, "In case the Slave
hasn't already guessed, it is now in the Enema Pose. The Slave will remain
still with its forehead on the dot while the enema solution runs into its
ass. When ordered, it will quickly stand up and mount two steps to the top
of the commode. The Master will have to instruct the Slave how to get on
the toilet the first time, which might take a few seconds. If the Slave
discharges anything from it's ass before it is in position over the bowl
and has been given permission, the Slave will clean it up, and the Slave's
hands will not be freed for this task. Here we go." And I slid the enema
nozzle into her, gave her a slap on the ass with my open hand, and hung the
bag from a hook.

While waiting for the bag to drain, I informed her that she would get
one of these first thing every morning, and probably several additional
times during the day, for at least her first week of training. Soon the bag
was drained, and I commanded her to get up and go up the steps, then to
step across the bowl and suspend herself from the bars. She installed
herself without spilling a drop. She was startled when the feet and ankle
clamps were activated and the machine began to move, and when her legs
began to lift and separate her mouth dropped open and she blushed deeply.
Ignoring her embarrassment,I said, "Your Master commands that his Slave hold
the waste in its body until given permission to release it. And by the way,
does the Slave see the wall straight across the room from us, the section
of mirror that isn't as reflective as the rest?" She replied that she had
noticed that. "That's the observation room, where the Slave can be watched
by anyone who cares to drop by. I'm sure at some point the Slave's future
owner will spend time in there, observing his property in training. The
Master doesn't know if it occupied now; but if it is, they are surely
admiring how sexy the Slave's naked, wide-open pussy looks." She looked at
me in disbelief, then looked down and away as she understood that I was
telling her the truth. When I commanded her to return her head to the
required erect, straight-ahead posture, she lowered her eyes to avoid
looking at the observation room.

As she was hanging over the bowl and waiting for permission to evacuate
herself, I went to her side and began playing with her breasts, nipples and
pussy again. The object, of course, was for her to learn that she always
was, and always would be, available sexually to her Master. At some point
in her training, she would be commanded to give me a blow job while in this
position. I also wanted to see if her nipples would become erect now, when
she was fully occupied trying to control her sphincter and wondering who
was looking at her naked crotch. The nipples stiffened quickly. After a few
minutes, I patted her on the pussy then walked back until I was in front of
her and slightly to the side, watching her. After a minute more I told her
that her Master, and whoever else might be watching, were now ready to
watch her release her waste, which she immediately did.

When she finished, I told her she had done very well, but nevertheless
she would get lots more practice in the coming days. I then reversed the
operation of the lift, and soon she was back where she had started,
standing with her legs straddling the toilet bowl. She climbed down and I
pushed her over to the bidet. I explained that the bidet came on
automatically when she squatted over it, so if she wasn't decisive and
precise in her positioning she would get wet. She did get a little cold
water half way up her back and on her pussy and belly, and she laughed out
loud. I thought it was so astonishing that she could laugh after what she
had been through, that I didn't have the heart to punish her or tell her
not to do it again. Frankly, I wanted her to do it again, she had a
beautiful laugh. I decided that, for this Slave, there would be no rule
against laughing or smiling. When she was clean, I dried her with a towel
and we continued the tour.

There were only a few more things to show her, and I took her through
them quickly. First was the punishment area, a raised platform with several
columns rising to the ceiling on each side and at the back. There were
attachment rings on the floor, ceiling, columns, walls, everywhere. She
didn't require much explanation here. Nor did she need a description of the
next area, every kind of whip, crop, flog, belt, etc., hanging from hooks
on the wall. I stopped her there and made her look at her torture devices
for a few minutes while I pointed out a few of my favourites, and told her
their effect on the body. I took a whip off of the wall and dragged it
across her ass, then her breasts, then her pussy.

She was pale and shaking by the time we moved to the last area on the
tour, a strange contraption with obvious electrical wiring and attachment
ropes. I told her that it wasn't as weird as it looked, it was basically a
machine that could be used either for teaching or punishment or both. I
also told her that my original plan was for her to spend her first night
here, awake and installed in that machine rather than in bed and sleeping.
But her attitude had improved so much since her beautiful pussy was
revealed, that I was changing the plan and would soon put her to bed. I
also assured her that she would be spending time in this machine in the
future, just not tonight.

Before returning her to the bed, I told her that, although I was sure
she would like some food, she couldn't have any tonight. But I could let
her have some water if she wanted. She eagerly asked for the water. I
guided her back to the toilet area, and positioned her in front of a
fixture low on the wall beside the basin, obviously some sort of faucet. I
went to a nearby supply drawer and returned with a 3-inch rubber
erect-penis-shaped object. Later she would learn to take water from longer
penises, one of which she would have to partially swallow in order to
activate it. I attached it to the faucet. At the base of the penis was a
wider hard rubber flange. I explained its function to her. "Until the
Master decides otherwise, this is the only way the Slave will drink. To
activate the faucet, the Slave kneels in front of the cock and takes it in
its mouth, deep enough so that its lips touch the flange at its base. Each
time the Slave presses its lips to the flange, four ounces - half a cup -
of water will be delivered into its mouth, then the flow will stop. The
Slave must continuously swallow to avoid spilling water, which will result
in punishment. To get a glass of water, the Slave will take 4 discharges
into its mouth. Does the Slave understand? Respond."

She answered with perfect form and read back the instructions
perfectly. God, she was good when she finally got motivated.

I told her to proceed. She had told us during interviews that she had
never had a penis in her mouth, real or fake, so I watched carefully as she
went for the first drink. The device was low enough on the wall that, after
kneeling, she still had to bend at the hips to bring her mouth down to the
right level. She took it into her mouth without hesitation, but then choked
when the water spurted to the back of her throat, and spilled most of the
first discharge. I immediately hit her three times across her ass with the
crop, hard enough to leave red marks. The tears started to flow as she
coughed and gasped, but again she kept her poise. I gave her a minute to
stop coughing and recover, then told her to try again. This time she only
lost a few drops at the very end, and steeled herself for more blows. I
didn't hit her, but said instead, "Pretty good for a beginner." She
actually grinned as she started to look up at my face but then quickly
lowered her eyes. I had her take three more discharges of water, and she
didn't spill any. I asked her if she had had enough, and she said she had.

I had her stand up, then steered her back to the bed. As we moved away
from the toilet area she kept peeking over at the observation room, like
she was trying to see through the one-way mirror. When we reached the bed,
I reinstated the eyes-down rule. Before I guided her backwards into the
bed, I enabled the air curtain, then spent a few minutes caressing her body
all over. I wanted to see how excited she would get, and I also wanted to
see how tender her tits and ass were. She winced when I rubbed my hands
over her ass, but moaned or sighed softly as I caressed her pussy and boobs
and tweaked her nipples. I then inserted her into the bed, rotated it, and
completed the attachments. I got a push-button with a cord from a nearby
drawer, plugged the cord into a socket on the bed frame, and ran the other
end of the wire through an attach ring on her left wrist cuff, so that the
push-button was lying against the open palm of her hand. "If the Slave gets
in trouble," I said, "push the button and your Master will come right away.
But know this: if the Slave pushes the button it had better be in real
trouble, or it will be removed from the bed, taken to the punishment area
and whipped all over, then installed in the punishment machine for the rest
of the night." I looked in her eyes and she nodded her head.

Before leaving, I spent a few more minutes caressing her thighs, belly,
pussy, clit, and ass. I wanted her as horny and ready for sex as I could
get her. I entered her pussy with several fingers, and was pleased to find
it well-lubricated. Then I walked up by her head and wiped my moist fingers
on her breasts. I began rolling the nipple of one breast between my
fingers, saying, "You probably thought all of your orifices would be
ravaged by now. That will come later, starting tomorrow. Not tonight." On
impulse, I bent down and kissed her on the lips, and she tentatively
responded. I knew I would be called on the carpet for that kiss, but I had
wanted to do it all day. Funny, I knew I would soon be fucking her every
way and any time I wanted to, but I had to have that kiss. I walked away,
and as programmed, the lights dimmed as I left her room and entered the
control room. I verified that the room had correctly statued her as locked
in bed and helpless, and would therefore monitor her even more closely than
usual. I went home to bed.


  1. Oh good gravy...there is no way I could get a good night's sleep in the position he described. Have a funny feeling I would totally have failed before the first day even ended. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Stay with me, Cat this story makes strange bends and turns.


  2. Exactly as Cat wrote... how can she rest like that?

    Mona Lisa

    1. She cannot of course. But in the fantasy of the writer and some of his readers, she did.



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