Saturday, 4 July 2015


 The first thing that comes to mind

Everyone who has seen The Hunchback of the Notre Dame, Disney version, remembers the word Sanctuary! For those without small kids for a while here's a small reminder:

Beautiful word

plural sanc·tu·ar·ies
Full Definition of SANCTUARY (Merriam-Webster dictionary)
1:  a consecrated place: as
a :  the ancient Hebrew temple at Jerusalem or its holy of holies
b (1) :  the most sacred part of a religious building (as the part of a Christian church in which the altar is placed) (2) :  the room in which general worship services are held (3) :  a place (as a church or a temple) for worship 
2a (1) :  a place of refuge and protection (2) :  a refuge for wildlife where predators are controlled and hunting is illegal
b :  the immunity from law attached to a sanctuary 

Las Lajas Sanctuary

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine. You are walking in Colombia with your daughter who happens to be deaf-mute. Bad as it is, you seek shelter against the strong storm near the rocks and stones. And suddenly your daughter Rosa starts to talk, she points at an illuminated woman and says: "The Virgin Mary talks to me".
Since that day, that wonderful day for Rosa and her mom the place became a place of healing for pilgrims all over the world.

The current church was built between January 1, 1916 and August 20, 1949, with donations from local churchgoers. It rises 100 metres (330 ft) high from the bottom of the canyon and is connected to the opposite side of the canyon by a 50 metres (160 ft) tall bridge.

For me this is a place where my soul could find sanctuary. It would feel safe there. It would feel protected. High in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere, such beauty would be as a sanctuary.


  1. Just looking at a picture of that church makes me feel peaceful and although I am a spiritual person, I am not a religious person. Thank you for sharing the lovely story and absolutely beautiful picture Han.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I'm not religious either, maybe a bit spiritual. Maybe more than a bit spiritual, agreed. It feels nice you have that same feeling seeing this sanctuary, Cat.


  2. Awesome. Thank you for the lesson.

    1. Mmmm, I agree on the Awe-inspiring bit of this picture. Not sure it is a lesson, though the "teacher" in me loves to hear it...



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