Wednesday, 8 July 2015


One of the huge problems with drugs is that parents know virtually nothing about it. Benjamin Franklin said that "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest" and he hit the nail on the head.

This information sheet is about drugs and it's withdrawal symtoms. Please take a minute to read..


  1. This is a great fact sheet Han...thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. You're very welcome Cat

      Thank you for your comment,

  2. This is really good information. It is missing withdrawals from marijuana though. Seem that one too, unfortunately. And sometimes I can feel withdrawals from caffeine if I don't get my one cup of freshly brewed in the morning. Thanks for sharing

    1. You are so right, Blonde.

      Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms:

      Anxiety – You may feel more anxious in social situations and develop some sort of generalized anxiety. This is the exact opposite of how relaxed you felt while using the drug – your brain is trying to compensate for the chemicals it received while you used marijuana.

      Appetite changes – If marijuana helped boost your appetite, you may not feel hungry at all while coming off of the drug. In some cases, people actually feel hungrier coming off marijuana – it totally depends on the case.

      Cramps – Some people notice stomach cramps and digestion problems. Others may feel achy.

      Cravings (for marijuana) – At some point in time, most people will experience a craving to use marijuana again. This is because you stimulated your brains pleasure center and kept feeding it chemicals to make you feel good. It wants its fix, and knows marijuana makes you feel good, so you will likely crave the drug.

      Depersonalization – You may feel like you are not the same person or are going crazy. This is usually a result of intense anxiety. You may have never felt this way before; your brain chemistry has been thrown out of whack.

      Depression – Many people experience some sort of depressive symptoms when coming off of the drug. You may feel sad and as though you have lost all zest for life.

      Dizziness – Some individuals report feeling dizzy. Try not to lose your cool if this is happening, just accept it as a symptom.

      Headaches – Another common withdrawal symptom is that of headaches.

      Insomnia – Not being able to sleep at night is a problem, but one that you need to tackle head on. Try learning some relaxation techniques or getting more exercise during the day to help tire yourself out at night.

      Irritability – You may experience anger or frustration with the world when coming off of the drug. No one wants to get mad at little things, but this will eventually pass with enough time.

      Mood swings – Some people experience extreme changes in mood when trying to quit this drug. You may feel alright one minute and then raging mad or depressed the next.

      Nausea – Feeling nauseated, especially before, during, or after eating is common.

      Sleep disturbances – You may experience crazy vivid dreams or have disrupted sleep where you wake up in the middle of the night.

      Sweating – Some people end up sweating more than they normally would during withdrawal.

      Mmmm, it does not say lying and cheating because the addiction is greater than the barriers not to. So sad. Why is there such a pressure on kids to try this?


  3. The lying and cheating hurt my heart the most. With all the talk about the "good" that marijuana does (even if it is crap) it is hard to convince your kids of the truth. Breaks my heart

    1. The only thing a parent can do is to educate. And hope they will listen. And you are so right, it does break your heart.



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