Friday, 15 May 2015

Real Neat Blog Award

Both DelFonte and Blonde have asked me some questions a while ago. I have not forgotten. Here are my answers.


DelFonte's questions:

1) If there was space left in your wardrobe, where would you love to go shopping?
I'd love to avoid to go shopping... There is plenty of space in my closet, once the girls put their stuff in their own wardrobe... Ah, well. Do me a favour. Buy something, say: Do you like it?, if I grunt that means yes.

2) Which side of the road do you drive on and have you ever driven on the "wrong" side (ie gone abroad and driven). If you haven't, would you cope?
I'm not much of a traveller, DF. The places I've been to would make you laugh. So, no I have never driven on the wrong side of the road. Well, that is not completly true I did drive through dense fog once and I got out of the car to find out I was at the wrong side of the road...

3) If ability was no hindrance, which language in the world (past or present) would you like to learn and why?
I have discovered a free Ipad app (DuoLingo)  I began to learn German and Swedish. I have basic skills in German, and no skills in Swedish. Why, you say? Well to keep the mind busy. If you do no keep it busy it will go to sleep. And I want it awake!

4) If you could go to any art gallery or museum in the world, which paintings would you picked to put up in your house? No more than three, don't be greedy!

I did tell you I have visited "Late Rembrandt" didn't I? And there was one painting there and I stopped. People bumped into me, because it was as busy as to see the Mona Lisa, but it hit me like a punch in the stomach. I have never ever seen anything like this before. I knew the painting from pictures of course, but it doesn't prepare you when you see the real thing. 

The painting is called "The Conspiracy of Claudius Civilis" The painting is about an episode from the Batavian rebellion (69–70 AD), led by the one-eyed chieftain Claudius Civilis in which he "collected at one of the sacred groves, ostensibly for a banquet, the chiefs of the nation and the boldest spirits of the lower class", convinced them to join his rebellion, and then "bound the whole assembly with barbarous rites and strange forms of oath".

So when the new City Hall was built the council wanted a picture above the arches in the hallway that would reflect on the great big good old days of the Batavian rebellion against the Romans. So Rembrandt made his big picture ever (5,5 meters wide the Night watch is not as big)  and hung it in place. After several days the council decided they didn't like it. It was not as glorious victory picture like they thought it would be. And the probably didn't pay and Rembrandt was there, bankrupt already, with a painting he couldn't sell because nobody wanted it because it was so big. At last he cut out a piece of the painting and that was the piece that was at the exhibition, and later on home in Stockholm. If you ever are in Stockholm I will never forgive you if you don't go and see.

Anyway, I was walking there and suddenly at the end of this big room it was, on one grey wall in the Rijksmuseum: WHAM. What is so special about this painting is the light. I was not prepared for the light. It looks like the sun is shining from below, or a thousand candles lit from below (you were supposed to look at the painting from below remember) and this glorious light shines to the faces of the warriors making their bloody oath.

I realize you don't get the feeling from this picture. I didn't either. It is something you have to see. And I am so glad I have seen it!

5) If you were told to go door to door to sell kink/TTWD to a vanilla stranger, what would be the one thing you think is the most important to convey. 

Jehovah witness for D/s huh? Besides the point I wouldn't do that because everyone should find out what their own sexual preferences are, beside that, I would want to say it is the ultimate display of love. How many people in vanilla life would say I love my spouse (from either gender) so much, so unconditionally much, I trust him to make me immobile and I trust him to hurt me. And I trust he will stop before I have had too much. I give him the power to do whatever he wants to me, and I trust him that he will read my feelings and know, maybe even better than I can, what my limits are. I trust him to give me so much pleasure I will not experience in any kind of other lovemaking than this.

D/s is the ultimate display of love and trust. Look around you. How many marriages do you know that have that bond of love and trust?

6) Sex in a shower, hot tub or outdoor pool - any preferences?
That is easy. In the shower of course. I like my intimacy in an intimate surroundings. Besides sex in the shower is almost always afterplay and I can honour the gift Wanita gave to me by touching her all over her body, say "thank you" by cleaning, luscious rich soap and gentle warm water. 

7) What is the most romantic thing your partner has ever done for you?
Well to be honest I'm the romantic of the two of us. My Wanita is very down to earth, which is good, because she gets me off my cloud sometimes. There are some moving things of course, but if you don't mind I will keep them close to my heart.

Blondies Questions:

1. How many blog friends have you texted, spoken to on the phone, and/or met in person?
Two. I have some wonderful friends, but two I have spoken to in person.

2. Three bloggers that have relationships most similar to your own

None. I think each relation is unique, because each person is his or her unique human being with his or hers own strong and weak points, just like me. And that is good. We don't want what anyone else has, we want our own. We don't look upon people in envy because they have a wonderful marriage, of a beautiful wife, or a man that makes a lot of money. We admire people for the qualities they have. And I look to my own faults first before looking at someone else's faults.

3. How often do your blog - write posts and/or read posts

Well if you have a busy life like I have it is juggling with some balls trying to prevent they fall on the floor. Sometimes suddenly a ball is added, one too many so your hands get tired to keep them all in the air. And suddenly one or two drop. I don't worry about that too much. You cannot do everything, and do the things you do well and with all your heart. 

I think it is important to notice there is a ball on the ground (or more) and it's not the same ball that was there before. If it is, I pick it up and drop another on purpose. It's not good to neglect the balls on the floor for too long...

4, Do you have more than one blog 
Yes I have. I have made a vanilla blog recently. One I can show to relatives and friends that are not aware of the sexual nature of my marriage and I don't want them to know. I only made it recently after Blogger started to get nasty with the pictures. (I'm convinced we have not seen the last of that yet). So I started out with a Wordpress blog. And it turned out to be just like I thought it would: I have spent more time on Wordpress than on the content of my blog. That is the reason why I'm still here at Blogger: I can concentrate on the content and not on all things around it.

5. What would make you stop blogging?

A number of reasons, I guess. The first is of course something happens in my life that makes me drop all balls but one or two. 
The second would be if the mere presence of my being in Blogland would hurt another blogger. If my name would give someone else a bad feeling, I would either go to another corner of Blogland or stop.
The third if my Wanita would object to me blogging with good reasons.

6. Are there any anonymous commenters that you liked so much that you wish they would blog

I think it is wonderful if people read your blog on a regular basis. It is a kind of invisible bond you know? And if people choose not to comment it's their choice, only to be respected. You know, I'm glad they read my blog (there are not that many of course LOL). But it is truly wonderful when they comment. I love comments. I try to give to each comment time and care and a serious answer. Because the one that comments deserves as much time from me as he or she did taking the time to comment.

7. Does your spouse read your blog and/or participate with your blog?

LOL. No, my Wanita has no interest in my blog (or computers as a whole) at all. I sometimes show her a blog post and she looks over my shoulder and as I translate it into Dutch (she doesn't speak English well), she pats on my shoulder says "That's great" and goes on minding her business. LOL. I always thought that was odd, until I read from several bloggers they have the same experience...

I am sorry both of you girls had to wait so long for my answers. I'm really honoured by your invitation and you have made such interesting questions. I hope you like my answers.


  1. Love reading your answers and finding out a little more about you. Thanks

    1. Thank you for your kind words Leigh. It was fun to do.


  2. Thank you for answering my questions, I enjoyed reading Blondie's too. I didn't mind the wait, it was worth it. I've never seen that painting, but I would love to see it for real. I also have a vanilla blog in Wordpress and it's odd how blogger and Wordpress don't mix much when it comes to readers.

    1. The painting is worth a trip to Stockholm, DF! Smile. Wordpress and Blogger don't mix on many levels I think. Do you mean the have a different audience as well? (I happen to know a few naughty Wordpress blogs LOL).

      Thank you for your questions and your comment, DF. It was a pleasure to do.


  3. I enjoyed yours answers Han.
    When are you going give this painting back to Stockholm so I can see it ?

    Take care,
    Mina Lisa

    1. The exhibition ends tomorrow. Give it a few days to ship to Sweden? It was already in London, so I think the works are now returned to their owners...

      Thank you for your comment, Mona Lisa,

  4. Loved your answers's so much fun learning more about my blogland friends. I still owe answers from my March questions and from 2 nominations of the Real Neat Blog Award also. Thanks for sharing. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. All in due time, Cat. I took my sweet time answering the questions. Glad you liked reading the answers...

      Thank you for your comment,

  5. Lol @ Jehovah witness for D/s.

    1. Sort of, ringing at any door, pushing the foot between the door. Nah, it wouldn't work, Lil, it really wouldn't work. Consent is all that matters.

      Wonderful of you to comment,


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