Saturday, 2 May 2015

Joseph Apoux

There is not much left of Joseph Apoux (1846 - ?), at least I couldn't find it. He was a French painter and illustrator in the late eighteen hundreds and an example of the Decadent movement. He made erotic, today we would say pornographic, drawings. From 1880 he took part in the internal exhibition "Blanc et Noir" in 1886 and had exhibitions in the Paris salons. His most famous work of art is “Alphabet pornographique” published by Joly in Paris. 
We have no knowledge of what has happened to Joseph Apoux after 1910...

There have been many alphabets that are naughty...

Alphabet by Bracelli
Cindigirl erotic alphabet A

Or may you like this one better?

G. Franco

Or this one by Giacomo Franco? I like those of Joseph Apoux the most. They are naughty at several levels. I hope you will like this one from Apoux, it is called very appropriate to my theme "Femina".

Femina by Joseph Apoux


    1. These are all good Han but I really like the ones you used during the A-Z challenge. To me, those were the most sensual. Thanks for sharing Han.

      Hugs and blessings...

      1. I have quite a few people that told me they liked the A-Z letters in the challenge. I liked them very much as well.

        Thank you for your comment, Cat,


    2. You did it, not that I ever doubted you. Congratuations.

      1. You had confidence in me, huh? Smile. Thank you for the compliments,


    3. What a scandal ut must be to show these pictures för more then 100 year ago!
      And they still did it.
      Brave people.

      Thank you, Han for sharing this with us.

      Mona Lisa

      1. Yes, but in many ways people were more liberal in those days. Remember the action of Google to ban all dirty pictures? They will in time. Give them time.

        So in some ways we are going back to more restricted times. Let us enjoy our times, while we still can...

        Thank you for your comment Mona Lisa,



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