Monday, 27 April 2015

W = Wax Play

Remember my cold post about Ice play? This is a warm post. It is about Wax play. Sensation play it is called or more appropriate temperature play.

Just like with ice play a warning sign. It means you have to take care of how you play. Play with concentration. Watch your submissive. Read her signs. Make clear what is her safe word, or if gagged, her safe gesture!

Some people may have made candles at home. They know there are different kind of waxes, each with their own melting point. The most popular waxes are:

Type of Wax



Low temp wax 120-125 degrees 49-52 degrees
Paraffin 120-145 degrees 49-63 degrees
Standard jar candles 125-135 degrees 52- 57 degrees
Bee wax candles 140-155 degrees 60- 68 degrees
Gel jar candles 165-180 degrees 74- 82 degrees
Oil based candles 165-190 degrees 165-190 degrees

Are you used scented because it smells so nice? It also raises the temperature (often, not always) by 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit, 6 - 9 degrees Celcius. Take that into consideration before you buy it.
Using an oil on the skin prior to wax play will help prevent the wax from sticking to the skin, and body hair (if any is present) it also makes clean up much easier. When you use oil however make sure you allow for a longer cooling time and that you monitor the skin closely. If the skin is warm to the touch then but there is no visible discolouration, it is safe to continue. If the skin is pink and warm to the touch, I suggest use caution and slow down a little. If the skin is bright pink or red and hot to the touch then stop immediately and apply a cool compress to the skin, do not put ice directly to the burn, as it may cause additional tissue damage.

And always, always try it on yourself first, before you put in on someone else. But that goes for many things in BDSM. In Life, I suppose. Do not do something to another, you will not do yourself....

Fun Part

The blindfold adds so much fun to the temperature play, it is almost a must. Try the arms, the legs first, then the belly and when she is so warm the girl is sweating you can try the breasts... Drop by drop, by drop. Ah. Rub the breast first with mineral oil or even baby oil first. The wax will come off easier. Rubbing your partners breasts with oil is no torture either...


  1. Oh my...very interesting Han but definitely not my cup of tea. However, that pic is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings...

    1. Different tastes, Cat. It is good that we are not all the same. The picture stirs the imagination, doesn't it?

      Wonderful of you to comment,

  2. Hi Han, :) I have read some fictional books where the characters used wax play here and there. They always seemed to be into it and enjoy. i know that lots of people do. Pretty neat! Thanks for explaining it all. And I really liked what you said about people should not do anything to anyone that they wouldn't want done to them. Good advice and makes a lot of sense!

    On that note, I can't see Rob and me doing that kind of thing, but who knows? Not on my bucket list of things to try these days. How that list has changed in the past three years! LOL! The pic looks really cool though! Not temperature cool though... but rather warm! Cat's right- beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

    1. Hey Katie! Life is not a book, and yes, it is good to try the things a man can do to woman first to himself...

      About your bucket list, well, like you said the list changes over time and that is good. There is no title to be won if you try it, but if you want to try it someday, good for you. Your choice, Katie.

      I love the picture as well, as well as your comment, girl,


  3. Hmmmm Han,
    Thank you for this post.
    Wax play.. it
    i mean..waxhot.. or.. hotwax?

    Mona Lisa

    1. It reminds me of the carwash today. Do you want hotwax as well sir? Ah, well if you are careful Mona Lisa it can be really hot part of your play, but not everyone is fond of it.

      Have an open mind and try it sometimes, girl.
      Wonderful of you to comment,



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