Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Exactly one year ago on Monday 28 April 2014 I posted my first post, Alone, at the centre of a circle by Sharon Olds. It seems only fitting I pay tribute to miss Olds by posting Take the I out, one year and some 525 posts later.

Take the I out

But I love the I, steel I-beam
that my father sold. They poured the pig iron
into the mold, and it fed out slowly,
a bending jelly in the bath, and it hardened,
Bessemer, blister, crucible, alloy, and he
marketed it, and bought bourbon, and Cream
of Wheat, its curl of butter right
in the middle of its forehead, he paid for our dresses
with his metal sweat, sweet in the morning
and sour in the evening. I love the I,
frail between its flitches, its hard ground
and hard sky, it soars between them
like the soul that rushes, back and forth,
between the mother and father. What if they had loved each other,
how would it have felt to be the strut
joining the floor and roof of the truss?
I have seen, on his shirt-cardboard, years
in her desk, the night they made me, the penciled
slope of her temperature rising, and on
the peak of the hill, first soldier to reach
the crest, the Roman numeral I--
I, I, I, I,
girders of identity, head on,
embedded in the poem. I love the I
for its premise of existence--our I--when I was
born, part gelid, I lay with you
on the cooling table, we were all there, a
forest of felled iron. The I is a pine,
resinous, flammable root to crown,
which throws its cones as far as it can in a fire.


  1. Not quite sure what I think of this poem Han...will have to read it a few more times. Thanks for sharing and happy blogiversary! So happy you joined us.

    Hugs and blessings...

    1. It is a poem just like the first one, you have to read several times, Cat, but it is sooo beautiful!

      Thank you for your kind words. Not only now that is, but all through the year. I think you have the warmest heart of us all.


  2. Happy Blogiversary - glad you're here.

    1. Thank you Leigh, and how I have enjoyed all your comment lines... The shorter they get, the bigger my grin...

      Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Happy one-year blogging-versary, Han! It is impressive how many posts you have written over this period.

    I hope to enjoy many more years of your posts. =)

    1. That is so sweet of you to say so, girl with the naughty name. I hope to read many of your posts as well...

      Thank you for your kind words.

  4. Happy blogiversary.

    I am glad I found your blog , Han.
    I remember it , I read some of your first pist and I was impressd . And someone from Europa. and THOSE posts I read first were like:
    Who is he?
    Omg he is thinking like me.. Lol

    And look, one year later ..

    I am glad you are here Han.

    Many happy blogings years!

    Mona Lisa

    1. And I am also glad you have found my blog, Mona Lisa, it has been such a pleasure to see your comments. We do have quite a lot of taste in common, that is certainly true. I'm glad to get to know you Mona Lisa,

      Thank you for your kind words,

  5. I too like this one and all your posts, Han.



    1. I'm glad you like them my friend. I'm proud to call you my friend, Appy. I simply love your dry sense of humour.

      Thank you for your kind words,


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