Friday, 3 April 2015

C = Corner time

Is BDSM all about pain? Not in my opinion. Corner time is good example of submission without pain. Often corner time is given after a spanking with the trousers down or the skirt up so the red bottom is shown, but as an act of free will from your submissive if you send her to her corner and she actually stands in the corner for you is a thrill that only submissive and their masters will understand.

It makes the submissive calm again and give her a chance to reflect. I'm not so fond of the classic "hold a coin with your nose to the wall", it causes stress and I want quiet reflection time, not stress. The same is for public corner time. If it is your thing, good for you, but it's not for us. We'd like our times private.

You know how I love games with dice and somewhere on the internet, I found this game about corner time. Enjoy!

6 rolls of 6 dice needed, one for each section.

Section 1 - Headwear

1 Dunces Hat
2 Babies Dummy/Comforter
3 Gag (use panties if removed in next section)
4 Blindfold
5 Blindfols and Ear Plugs
6 Gag, Blindfold and Ear Plugs

Section 2 - Dress

1 Panties on display
2 Trousers down / skirt off, panties wedged
3 Panties round ankles shirt pinned up
4 Naked from waist up
5 Naked from waist down, shoes and socks back on, shirt/blouse pinned up
6 Naked

Section 3 - Position

1 Standing, face the wall
2 Standing, face the wall, balancing book on head, extra 5 mins for every time it falls
3 Standing, nose the wall, 5p/10c coin trapped between nose and wall, extra 5 mins for every time it drops.
4 Kneeling up (i.e. Bottom raised from feet), face the wall
5 Kneeling down (i.e. Bottom on ankles), knees spread to touch both walls of corner
6 On all fours head in the corner, nose to the floor, knees spread, ass in the air

Section 4 - Hands

1 Hands by your side
2 Hands on top of head
3 Hands on clasped round back of neck (if S3,3 then move slightly away from corner)
4 Hands holding ears
5 Hands tied behind your back. (if S2,2 then tied also to wedge)
6 Hands and arms in the air - hold them high and feel the pain

Section 5 - Sadistic Additions (optional)

1 Stand or kneel on died rice, grit or kitty litter. Standers to have bare feet.
2 Butt plug inserted - if it comes out then 5 minutes extra
3 Nipple clamps fitted
4 (Males) Balls fitted with parachute and weights (or similar - improvise).
(Females) clothespegs/clothespins on labia
5 Drink two pints of cold water before your corner time
6 Wear 20 clothespegs/clothespins on your face, nipples and genitals

Section 6 Time

1 10 minutes
2 15 minutes
3 20 minutes
4 30 minutes
5 5 minutes but roll again and add it on
6 10 minutes but roll again and add it on


  1. LOL Han...there is a good reason there is not one empty corner in my house...don't like corner time. *snicker* Your dice game does sound interesting. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...

    1. If you redecorate Cat, make one corner free of clutter. Who knows when you have a good use for it someday/

      I hope so for you.
      Wonderful Easter Days Cat,


  2. Okay - not a corner time person. I bet you already guessed that. lol

    1. Well, What not is, can come Leigh. Sometimes the things that are the most difficult are also the most rewarding....

      Wonderful Easter Days Leigh,


    2. Han, at 71 my days in the corner are long gone - not since school days have I contemplated the wall. Besides, we live in an RV so we don't have corners and if we did they would be filled with cobwebs and stuff. lol

      Happy Easter Days to you too.

    3. 71 is the perfect age to try something new, Leigh it really is. If you don't try, how will you know it is not for you? Come on, give it a try. You don't chicken out when something looks difficult.

      The RV gives new possibilities, girl, really,
      Be wild,


  3. As always very interesting, Han.
    Thanks,... And I like the pictures.


    1. Thank you Appy, you are most kind. The pictures you refer to are the pictures of the Alphabet, I think. There are more where they come from, Appy, until Z...

      Thank you,
      and Happy Easter Days to you as well my friend,


  4. BDSM is not just about pain. I understand that.
    Corner time is not painful but humiliating. I understand that.
    So we can say that BDSM is about.... pain and humiliation?

    We would never ask someone at work to stay at corner to calm them down, and think things over, because we respect them.
    We would never put our children in the corner because we love them. And yet, we send woman we respect the most and love the most in a humiliating position in corner.
    I do not understand it.
    I can not imagine that you advocate corner time , Han.
    I just can not.
    Year 2015
    The only explanation must be ... that Wanita is enjoying it.

    Mona Lisa

  5. Actually she does, Mona Lisa. We agree to disagree on this subject I think, still you might try it some day... Maybe you will like it as well.

    Who knows?
    Smile to you,

    1. You really think I will like be punished and humilated with corner time?
      Maybe, Han, when hell freezes over.

  6. Holy moley, I am still wondering if this would be a fun game or not. We use corner time, mostly for thinking, reflecting, change of scene(ry), or whatever he thinks. Hated it at first but it does settle my brain. I use to swear that we would never do something like that but after trying it once, it calms us both down. We are not "nose holding the coin to the wall" corner standers. More just a break or time to reflect. I don't feel humiliated because it is only Ty that can see me. And part of being a submissive is to trust your Dom and do what he tells you to do, believing that he has your (or ours) best interest in mind. This is usually only bedroom submission though. Outside of the bedroom, well I am not so easy to lead, Ty doesn't really think that I am very submissive and laughs at me. How rude!

    1. Maybe the video of today ( 6 april) will bring some clarity in your confusion. Or adds to it LOL. Maybe you should try the dice game sometime, Blonde. Just for fun, to see if you like it. It is just different again. And all different is good to try.

      Good luck,


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