Sunday, 14 December 2014

His Gentleness

He gently creeps into her room
to rest tenderly near her side
while thoughts of melancholy zoom
in ~ of his once vibrant bride
she's been there for him
so many, many years
he sniffles~and tries to hide
the sorrow and the tears
she has been injured and hurt
but has lost the fight
she will not make it through the night
she will be in paradise by tomorrow's day
he reaches to sniff her best skirt
holds it tight~ it smells of her perfume
he drags over to the vanity to spray
her familiar scent around the room
he cradles her head within his arm
then musters an adoring smile as he whispers in her ear,
"Time travels fast, and I will see you in a while, my dear"
He provides her warmth by stroking her hair
he wants to capture this image of her there
he wants this moment painted on the wall
so that he can always,always recall
how peaceful she seemed while adrift somewhere.

26 November 2010


  1. Lovely words and thoughts, but oh so sad.

  2. Okay beautiful but ya sure got the tears rolling here!

    Hugs and Blessings...

  3. No Big Words, and just feelings in this poem. It is in my little collection book filed under 'genuie poem'.

    Thank you Leigh, Mona Lisa and Cat,


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