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The favor, chapter 4



The Corner by MWTB

I got out of the shower, dried off, and went back to my bedroom. Jeff wasn't there, so I headed back to the corner. I got there and pressed my nose to the corner. After a minute, I realized that Jeff would probably want me naked, so I dropped the towel and kicked it away. Five minutes later I was still standing in the corner, my mind working overtime. What was Jeff doing? Had I really made the right decision? Did he still respect me? About once a minute I made up my mind to put on my clothes, find Jeff, and tell him it was all a joke.

Then I thought, "I am standing in the corner of my room, naked, like a naughty little girl, waiting for a boy to come back and treat me like a slut. It's what I always wanted." I was on the tenth iteration of this argument when I heard Jeff come back in.
"Turn around," he said. I did so, and I saw him standing there, looking me over.

"Jeff, I need to ask you something," I said, nervously.
"What?" he asked.
"Have you lost respect for me?" I asked. He smiled at me and walked over to me. He held my hair and kissed me lightly on my lips.
He looked me in the eyes and said, "Rachel, you know how I love rules. Rule Two stated that I wouldn't do anything to make me lose respect for you. I will not treat you with respect, but you can rest assured that I do respect you. I was actually thinking about it, and I respect you more for having the courage to do this!"

I couldn't believe how relieved I felt when he said that! I practically collapsed in his arms as I kissed his neck and muttered, "Thank you, thank you!" Jeff still respected me, and I knew he was going to give me what I needed! I stood back up straight, thrusting my breasts out, and I said, "But don't you like me Jeff? I've offered my body to you, and you haven't even grabbed my ass!"

 He stepped back and said, "It has been a temptation, let me tell you. But I thought about it, and I asked myself, 'How does a girl want her first time to be?' Soft candlelight, a rose-strewn bed, music playing softly, gentle kisses, becoming more passionate." He ran his fingers down the side of my body, causing me to shiver as he continued. "Gentle caresses, my tongue working its way over your body. Getting you wet, entering you slowly, breaking through your barrier, taking your virginity as mine. Slowly building the pleasure back up, faster and faster, until you cannot stand it, finally taking you over the edge into orgasmic pleasure as I pump my love into you."

I was shivering with the thought of what he said. He stepped back, and his face took on a slightly evil smile. "Then I thought about what Rachel would want. What is Rachel going to get? Rachel is going to get dressed in the clothes I give her. We are going to go out on a couple of errands. I won't tell you what they are, but I promise that they will be both painful and humiliating. Then we are going to come back to your bed, and I will take you. I will not be gentle. I will slam through you and fuck you as hard as I can, until I am satisfied, and then I will cum in you. "Then you are going to clean me off, and I will fuck your mouth with my cock. I will take your second virginity, and you will again pleasure me until I cum in your mouth. You will swallow every drop, just like the slut that you are."

He pulled me in front of the mirror and stood behind me, sweeping my hair to the side as he whispered in my ear. "And finally, I will put you up on your hands and knees, facing this mirror, so that you can watch as I kneel behind you and take your anal virginity. You will be able to see what a slut you are, as you cum with my cock buried in your ass, ripping your body apart.
"How will you feel years from now when your daughter asks you how you lost your virginity? Will you be able to tell her how her slut mother lost all three virginities in a single day in an orgy of pain and pleasure?" My mind was reeling. I couldn't think. First he describes the beautiful deflowerment from a romance novel, then this awful, degrading description of his plans for me! How could I go through with this?

He kissed my neck, forcing me to look at myself in the mirror. He whispered gently in my ear, while peering into the reflection of my eyes, "If it will help, I will allow you one minute to relieve yourself, but you must do it right here, right now.
Oh my god! He was telling me that I could masturbate, but in front of him! I couldn't do that. Not with the horrible images he put into my head. As I was thinking that, I felt my fingers entering my pussy. It was a swamp. I don't think I'd ever been so wet before, not even after I was exposed in gym. He offered me one minute, but all I needed was ten seconds. Within that time, my body arched backwards into his and I screamed in pleasure and release. Finally I slumped forward, held up in his strong hands, and he whispered, "That was beautiful, Rachel."

To be continued... Chapter 5 next Saturday.

The favor, index:
Chapter 1:  The question
Chapter 2:  Jeff takes charge
Chapter 3: The preparation


  1. Still withholding my opinion...not sure yet if I am going to enjoy the rest of this story.

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. That would be a pity, Cat. Of course I hope that everybody likes what I do, and realize at the same time that can't be done.

      Thank you for reading anyway,

  2. OMG..!!!!!

    Ok. , who had talk with children about how you lost your virginity, please , rise your hand?
    What? NO ONE?
    You see , Rachel, Jeff is just mindfucking you.
    Jeff, you know, you ae too young and too stupid to know WHAT a defloration means forr a woman.
    And ,,, you are a MAN!!!
    So shut upp and give her hearts and flowers just for once.

    No , I do not like that this children are just 17 years old.
    They are still" stupid" in that age, it is just hormones in theirs brains.

    Hmm. Han, I don't' know ....


    1. Lisa Mona? WHAT are you doing here ???????

    2. I don't think you are going to enjoy this much if you look upon it as a thing that can happen in normal everyday life. It is not that kind of story. It is just like you said a hormone driven FANTASY and as real as man that change into bears or wolves. If you forget about the age and just see them as consensual adults, you might like to read the rest.

      Enjoy the story as it unfolds, or skip if it's not for you. Like I said to Cat, I posted it because I like the Fantasy, well most of it anyway.

      Ceavat emptor!



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