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The favor, chapter 3



The Preparation by MWTB

A Story in 42 chapters, chapter 3/42

"Well, this is harder that I anticipated," I thought as Rachel headed into the shower. It had taken me a while to figure out exactly what Rachel wanted, and even longer to figure out how I was going to provide it.

One thing that I realized is that I needed help. I went downstairs and outside, crossing the yard to my house next door. I went upstairs and knocked on my sister's door.
"Hey, J, what's up?" she asked.
"I need your help," I told her. "Can I talk to you?" My sister is three years older than me. She went the local community college route, and was currently working as a hairdresser in a salon downtown, but she still lived at home.
 "How can I help you, bro?" she asked. Michelle and I had always had a pretty good relationship, at least as much as a younger brother / older sister could. I annoyed her and she picked on me, but lately we've gotten along pretty well.
 "Don't freak out, but I need your help with something personal. It's going to sound amazingly weird, but hear me out."

I explained what Rachel had asked me. Then I explained what I wanted to do, and where she could help, both immediately and in the long term. As I explained things to Michelle, she was alternately shocked and amused. When I was done explaining my plan, she looked at me and whistled.
"Do you realize what you have here?" she asked.
 "Yes," I said with a weak grin.
"You are the luckiest high school boy on the face of the planet!" she laughed.
 "I could be, if all goes well," I said. "It could also blow up completely in my face."
 "Give me ten minutes to make some calls," she told me, walking to her phone shaking her head.

To be continued, Chapter 4 tomorrow.

The favor, index:
Chapter 1:  The question
Chapter 2:  Jeff takes charge


  1. I knew I shouldn't have started-I'm not good at waiting, should have waited til it was all finished.

    1. Your patience shall be rewarded... And tomorrow a chapter with a different length.

      Thank you for reading,

    2. LOL Sunny...getting a taste of your own medicine aren't ya. ;)

  2. What? Is it all?
    Are you playing with us Mr. Van Meegeren ?
    I think you


    1. No. I secretly hope the writer is reading with us, and if he does he would confirm the length of his chapters vary from very long to very short. Tomorrows chapter is longer (and really exiting).

      Anyway I.won't alter a word from the writer.
      Thank you for reading Mona Lisa,


  3. Wow...I love my brother but I really can't see helping him with his sex life...just can't see it.

    Hugs and Blessings...


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