Sunday, 9 November 2014

The favor, chapter 2

 A story in 42 chapters, chapter 2/42

Jeff Takes Charge by MWTB

I shivered and my pussy released a surge of fluid. I may even have had a little orgasm. All from four little words: My fantasy begins now.
For months I had been contemplating this, and now I was committed. Could I go through with it? Could Jeff? I loved Jeff like a brother, but we would now start a whole new relationship. I just signed my body over to him. I gave him carte blanche. I know he is my best friend; that he loves me. I know that he is a thoughtful person, not prone to irrationality. However I just handed him the keys to my body.

The more I thought about it, the hotter I got. I realized that Jeff owned my body. In all likelihood he would be fucking me in just moments!
"Stand up," Jeff said.
I stood up in front of him, and Jeff signaled that I should turn around. I turned in front of him as he appeared to evaluate my body. Then he pointed to the corner of my room and said, "Go stand over there with your nose touching the corner of your room."

My mouth dropped open. He was sending me to the corner like he was punishing me. He didn't ask me to take my clothes off or give him a blowjob; he just sent me to the corner like a naughty girl! I went to the corner and pressed up against it as he instructed. I heard Jeff leave the room, and about five minutes later I heard him come back. Then I heard him going through my drawers.
"What are you doing?" I asked.
"Did you tell me that you would do everything that I asked of you?" Jeff asked in a harsh voice.
"Yes," I responded.
"And having offered to let me put your head in the toilet while a dog fucks you and my sister pisses on you pretty much makes you a filthy, skanky slut, doesn't it?" he asked.
"I guess," I said in a quiet voice.
"And given that you are such a filthy slut, I can punish you any way that I see fit, right?" he demanded.
"Yes," I replied.
"Then press your trashy body against that wall and keep your dirty mouth shut!" he yelled.
I pressed harder against the wall, tears dripping from my eyes. It had started already! He has lost respect for me. Then I realized something else. There was a large wet spot on the front of my jeans!
"Ho, ho!" he said. "What have we here?" He had been going through my drawers. It sounded like he was removing items, and now I heard a familiar buzzing noise. He had found my vibrator! He turned it off and I heard him throw it on my bed. I heard him moving around a lot for the next ten minutes as I kept my body pressed into the corner.

"I have a few questions for you," Jeff said. "First, tell me what you've done in your life, sexually."
"You know what I've done," I replied, still facing the wall. "Not much at all. I haven't even let a boy fondle my tits. I've kissed a couple, but that is it. I play with myself, but only on the outside. I still have my hymen. I've played with my asshole a little but I've never put anything in. I've never seen a real life grown up cock."
He seemed to consider that for a little bit, and then he ordered, "Turn around!"
I turned and I saw what he had been doing. Most of my clothes were scattered around the room, and there was a large box with a bunch of my clothes in it. On top of my clothes rested my vibrator.
"In this box I put all of your clothes that I did not like," he told me. "You will put it away and not open it until this fantasy is finished. If you need to cum, ask me; you can't use this toy.
"I think you'll find that most of your underwear is gone. You can look at what remains to see what is acceptable." I saw that what remained were thongs and g-strings. "You probably shouldn't get too many more, as you won't be wearing them too frequently."

He looked me up and down again and said, "Strip!"
I smiled at him and started slowly peeling off my top. "No, no, no!" he exclaimed. "If I want a sexy strip tease I'll take you to a strip club and have the professionals teach you how to do it on the stage. Now just take your clothes off!"
I blushed and pulled my top off and pushed my jeans and panties off. I stood there in the corner of the room, my hands clasped in front of me, naked in front of a boy for the first time since puberty.
"Drop your hands," he said. He was clearly evaluating my body as he had me turn, and from the sounds he was making, he wasn't too pleased.

"Your tits are nice enough, but they need more," he told me. "And your pussy is a mess! Don't you ever shave?"
I shook my head.
"Mmmmm, Go shower and then come back out here. If I'm not here when you get back, stand against the wall again until I return."

I couldn't believe it. I know he had seen naked girls before, but I thought my body was pretty good! I expected that he'd like my body better than this! I headed towards the shower, and as I went into the bathroom he said, "And no cumming! If you cum in the shower I'll take a permanent marker, write 'Chronic Masturbator' across your tits and stake you in your front lawn!"
As I got into the shower I thought it might almost be worth it!

Thanks to MWTB who gave me permission to share the story. 


  1. Good grief...he is really getting into this isn't he....think she might have brought out his latent toppiness. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Oh, dear, be ready for a shock the next weeks Cat. Maybe you'd better skip my blog on the weekend for a few months. He IS just getting started...


  2. Ok..... Now I want know more...


    1. Next Saturday chapter 3, next Sunday chapter 4. Brace yourself. I't going to be...



  3. Staked on the front lawn with permanent marker - intense.

    1. Yes, but this is intense at the lowest level in the book. You are in for a couple of more surprises...



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