Monday, 17 November 2014

Mona Lisa vs Han challenge

We know Han van Meegeren can't resist a challenge. He has entered the Goodreads Galore Book Challenge, basically to read a book published in the year he was born until today. So every year one book and if you are 55, like he is it means 55 months to read them.

Mona Lisa, an avid reader as well, thought this was an interesting idea and decided to take on this challenge as well. Han was delighted to have a found someone who was as crazy as he is, and proposed a little private challenge.

Well private, you are reading this on both blogs aren't you?

The challenge is to determine a day to start with the book of the same year. Han is older so he started early but the year we both start is 1963, the year, when Mona Lisa is born.  We have each three weeks to read the book. And to write a review on our blogs about the book of that year before the 22nd day after the starting day. Just the review, mind you not the time frame Han has made now around this book. If  we both write a review about the book within three weeks, we decide on a date to begin the next book of the next year. We read in chronological order.

If, however, one - or we both - does not write the review in time , the penalty is to write a guest post in each others blog about any subject they want to.

Interesting, huh? Especially if you know that Han's choice of 1963 is The Letters of Vincent van Gogh (560 pages). Mona Lisa's choice is "Joy in the morning" by  Betty Smith.

It is a challenge and we know that neither one of us doesn't like to lose...


  1. Ok so now it's ok .. How nice.
    I hope we will have fun both.

    Ok, Han, I try to resist, but Lisa Mona wants say hello to you ..
    (Behave yourself, now girl. DO NOT embarrass me!)

    "Hey, buddy, what's up? So you think you can win? Pfff ..... never ever in my world ! Pfff ..... . And the Mona Lisa is a softie.
    Writing blog post? Comon, better you can ... boooring ... .
    I have suggested: padle, cane and wip for those who lose ... but there is no one listening to me here ...or a little bondage or a little .. it is so much to choose from and you choose WHAT ?? blog post?
    Can we say that it will become an blog post about your secret fantasies ... you know, THAT is something to look forward to ...
    I want action !!! "
    Life is soooo booooring....."

    1. Much better Mona Lisa. Red and Blue. Fire and Ice. Your alter ego thinks the punishment is a little soft does she now.... You know how Mona Lisa responds about punishment, Lisa Mona. Only the word sets her in flames.
      But since you are in flames already, I suggest you talk it over with Mona Lisa. If she is OK with it, I can talk about secret fantasies....

      Lisa Mona has the upper hand here, or Mona Lisa?
      We'll find out!


  2. Will be interested to see how this turns out Han. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...


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