Saturday, 8 November 2014

Introduction to The Favor

Some stories appeal to you more than others. And I tend to read in series, some writers I have read everything they've written. There is this writer - I only know his initials, don't even know where the abbreviation stands for (Magnificent Writer To Be?) - I found some ten years ago. Since then read everything he has written. Unfortunately (for us) he stopped writing in 2006. His first story I read was The Favor, and it has been one of my favourites ever since.
Synopsis: She was my best friend, but not my girlfriend. Then she asked the question that changed our relationship completely. 
Awards: Golden Clitoride 2nd Place, 2005, Best BDSM Story
Sex Contents: Much Sex
Genre: BDSM
Posted: between July and November 2004
It is written for a male audience. I'm sure there are women enjoyed his stories as well, but the majority is of his readers was male. His language is therefore direct and graphic. All proper warnings to sex and BDSM apply of course. You have to appreciate this is fiction, not real life.

The original story is in 42 parts. These parts vary from long until very short. I will post a chapter each Saturday and Sunday, so roughly it will take a half year to finish.

Thank you, dear MWTB for giving me permission to post this story. I appreciate that very much.

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