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Mahatma Gandhi

The book I opted for in 1962 was not “one flew over the Chuckoo's nest”, not “a Clockwork Orange”, but The Essential Gandhi: An Anthology of His Writings on His Life, Work, and Ideas . I have never read the other two famous books as well, all published for the first time in 1962, but I wanted my list a bit to represent my personality: a little bit of everything. I did not know anything about Gandhi emoviexcept the fact that he was killed, except that he stood for non-violence behavior. I was surprised to learn he was born in 1869. It is significant his name is still a household name after so many years, Never even seen the Ben Kingsley movie in 1982. So I started the book with and an open mind. And critics say there are far better biographies about the man. And perhaps there are. Gandi wrote this book himself but did not always put things into a context, he assumed we already know things. He simply is a diary writer, not a writer. And the narrator wrote in between the context so people could understand the bigger picture. Also it seems the Indian language is more compact than the English language so the writer had to put in words to allow the reader to understand.  But to read the words from Gandhi himself is such a humbling experience, it outweighs the acknowledged drawbacks with ease.


Mahatma is Sanskrit for “Great Soul”. Gandhi himself thought the title foisted on him, was more a burden than he was very proud of it. In the book he writes:
"Truth to me is infinitely dearer that the "mahatmaship" witch is purely a burden. It is my knowledge of my limitations and my nothingness which so far saved me from the oppressiveness of "mahatmaship". The Mahatma I must leave to his fate. Though a non-coöperator I shall gladly subscribe to a bill to make it criminal for anybody to call me Mahatma and to touch my feet..."
  I will not repeat the life story - and the story of the book that describes it. I'm simply not good enough to do it in a single blog post. What I will do is to take a few quotes I think that are worth remembering:

Of Children

Gandhi's correspondence with children gave him much joy, and he attended to it with the same devotion and care he showed all his work. A little girl once wrote to him "We are working to prevent war and making posters. God bless you". Gandhi gave his reply:
I was delighted to have your sweet notes with funny drawings made by you... Yes, it is little children like you who will stop all war. This means you never quarrel with other boys and girls or among yourselves... May God bless you all. My kisses to you all if you will let me kiss you..."

Of Love and War

"Mankind has to get out of violence only through non-violence. As bombs will nt be destroyed by counter bombs. Hatred can be overcome only by love. Counter-hatred only increases the surface as well as the depth of hatred".

Of discrimination

 "It is a law of nature that the skin of races living near the equator should be black. And if we believe that there must be beauty in everything fashioned by nature, we woud ... steer clear of all narrow and one-sided conceptions of beauty. In my opinion, there is no place on earth and no race which is not capable of producing the fines types of humanity, given suitable opportunities and education"

 Of voluntary poverty

"And those who have followed out of this vow of voluntary poverty to the fullest extent possible... testify that when you dispossess yourself everything you have, you really possess all the treasures of the world."

 Of parent responsibility

"My brother gave me up, and practically stopped all communication. I was deeply distressed, but it would have been a greater distress to give up what I considered to be my duty.  But that did not affect my devotion to him. His great love for me was at the root of his misery. Near the end of his life, however, he appreciated my viewpoint. He commended his sons to my care, to be brought up as I thought fit. His sons had been brought up in the old atmosphere and could not change their course of life. I could not draw them to me. It was not their fault. Who can erase the impressions with witch he is  born? It is idle to expect one's children and wards necessarily to follow the same course of evolution as oneself. 
This instance to some extent serves to show what a terrible responsibility it is to be a parent."

Just five, not famous, examples of the wisdom of the book. I found reading it a humbling experience. It is one thing to say you believe in something, is it another to give your properties away. Your pride away. Your life away for it. Gandhi did all that and more. The book is an inspiration to read more about the man and the things that he believed in. What the world needs now is more people like Gandhi that say "Anger is the enemy of non-violence and pride is a monster that swallows it up."

I'm glad I chose this book, it will not be the last time I have read parts of it.
But looking at the right side of my blog says I have only 7 days left to read the 1963 book, the Letters of Vincent van Gogh. And I'm sure it is pride that made me buy the English version instead of the Dutch.


Saturday, 29 November 2014


My choice of 1962 was a book based on the notes Mahatma Ghandi himself made in:

The Essential Gandhi: An Anthology of His Writings on His Life, Work, and Ideas
I didn't want to build a week around this Goodreads challange book, like I did in 1959, 60 and 61, because this book the time frame in which is is written is not as important as the content is different. The content is without a time frame, timeless. Inspired by the great Ghandi, I decided to bring forward the sin of  Pride. I originally planned Pride to be the last of the seven deadly sins. 
Secondly I decided to make no distracting posts in my week of contemplation. 
What is the opposite of pride? According to Gandhi it is humility and it really does work. The hundreds of curious viewers looking for sensation in the Quattuordecim challenge disappeared as fast as they came, until I had left nine people yesterday.
And today the voice of Aafje Heynis came out of nowhere and sang of redemption.

I have never heard a voice so tender, so honest, so averse of aggrandizement and yet so strong, and full of inner conviction. Like Bach himself. Aafje Heynis. Forgotten maybe, but not by me. The voice of an angel.

Scholars doubt this piece is by Bach. It doesn’t matter who wrote it. It is one of the most comforting songs I have ever heard.

If you are with me, then I will go gladly
unto [my] death and to my rest.
Ah, what a pleasant end for me,
if your dear hands be the last I see,
closing shut my faithful eyes to rest! 

Alternative translation:

When thou art near, I go with joy
To death and to my rest.
O how pleasant would my end be,
If your fair hands
Would close my faithful eyes. 

The fear of dying plays a prominent role in our existence. And these words say on the most beautiful melody written ever, “When thou art near, I go with joy to death and to my rest. Oh, how pleasant would my end be if your fair hands would close my faithful eyes.”


And it brings tears in my eyes even to write it here. And it really doesn’t matter to the Devine I think if your thou is the Christian God, or the Muslim God, or the Jewish God, Buddha or goes by any other name. In the end if there is peace within yourself, and not being scared to death of death, is the most important thing.
So tomorrow I will publish my review of the Ghandi book. Today is for introspection. 



Sunday, 23 November 2014

Detailed report Quattuordecim challenge day

Maybe you are curious about the course of yesterdays events. Well, we started like I planned, I'm always awake quite early so I woke up just before seven. I broke our fast, and washed her from top to toe in the shower. We have these hand grips in the shower for our daughter to hold to and prevent from falling. One hand on one grip, the other on the other side, legs wide apart as possible makes a kind of improvised spread eagle position. I did not allowed her to wash herself, I did the washing and the drying after. All very efficient and quick, because our hairdresser would come at 08:00 hours. I dressed her in her bath gown. Patrice was on the dot on time. She is a bubbly person and Wanita and she can make as much noise together as a hen house. She washed and föhn her hair, put make-up on and you know, she looked prettier then ever. I thanked Patrice and showed her out.

We have a digital clock on our TV-receiver thing and it showed 08:52 hours. I put the box before her and said you are not allowed to open it before nine. If the clock strikes 9 - a digital clock sadly cannot strike - you may open it. It sounds different in Dutch, but that is the best translation I can think of. I called her by her name Wanita and that is the sign to us both the game has started. She wanted to protest, but I told her to be quiet. So we watched together in silence as the clock change it's digits.

Finally it was nine and she tore the ribbon of the box and pulled her presents out. They are numbered in the order of dress, I tried to help. She muttered under her breath something that suspiciously sounded like "Autistic", but I let that slip.
So she opened package number 1 the corset. She liked that. I helped her to put it on. She'd rather unpack all the things first, but that is not the way I want it done. She's a bit self-conscious about her body like a lot of women are, but she looked stunning to me.

After that I put on her stockings with elastic band to keep it in place without a garter belt (she doesn't like garter belts). She was pleased with the perfume and wanted to put that on herself (Bad experience in the past LOL). And so finally we came to the dress. I was hoping it would fit, and it fit really well, really. Even the shoes where I was not sure of, were well good enough to walk on. I told her to put her own clothes in a bag and if there was an activity she wouldn't like in that outfit, she would say her safeword. After that is is allowed to get into her own clothes and she loses the challenge.She was pleased enough with the end result to go wirh me.

In the morning I had a stroll trough the woods in mind. We are creatures of habit - OK, I am -  so we went to the woods near Zeist in Holland. It is about an hour away from our home and we know these woods well. It is really beautiful this time of year and the weather beautiful 15 degrees with a little sun in November! With a warm overcoat over the dress, no problems. I told her to look out for a nice branch we could use as a cane. After finding a suitable one, we went to our favourite place to have a light lunch (remember the always counting points in the back of your head stuff?).

After that I drove off to the Casino in Utrecht. We never ever visit a Casino so I don't know any of the rules of the games. That was obvious because I lost my 100 euros in a new world record, Wanita had a very small profit, but lost some in the end. After that we drove off to the beach of Katwijk aan Zee. We had a stroll on the beach and ate in a seafood place there. We sat on a bench next to each other and the dress that is really short on the front and the lack of panties was a good combination. I had a little harmless fun with her. I had bought tickets for " Soldaat van Oranje", a musical she always wanted to see (a World War II story) but it just seemed too expensive at the time. We had something extra this month so I could afford fifth row seats. A real weird experience sitting on a floor turning around towards the players with stages build in a circle. I thought the musical was mwah, but Wanita was glowing in the dark. In the theatre a few male heads turned her way and she kept me informed who looked at her and when.

After the musical we drove home. At home I kissed her and said Congratulations, you have won the challenge! We had a lazy hour and after that we celebrated her victory.

So another 10% of the wellness day is in the pocket. On to the next!

The Favor

The Favor was a story of FICTION. It is one of my favourite stories. But let's face it. It is guys porn. It is graphic, it is visual and direct and it is some bits are on the edge of what can really happen. I have read the complete story several times, and it never, ever occurred to me that it might be child pornography. There is probably no one in this country who condemns child porn more than yours truly.
But I don't consider either of them a child. Some boys and girls can be immature at 30, some are mature at 16. I think they do act like adults. And yes 17 year olds do have sex. And yes 17 year olds do experiment. And that is all they are doing in my opinion. Experimenting. In a safe fictional environment. People in my country are allowed to make their own decisions in this country at the age of 18, including driving a car, signing legal binding contracts, getting married.

But a few people I have great respect for, consider the story however as child pornography. The last thing I want to do is to hurt their feelings, and I'm certain I'll do just that if I keep posting. So I decided to stop posting the chapters. To those of you that do want to read the entire story, you can find it at

I apologize to those I may have offended. That was and is, never my intention.

Pride 2

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Today is Quattuordecim day

OK, Today is the day. I bribed my daughter into spending the weekend at her friends place by giving her money to spend on dinner and a little spending money. The wheelchair taxi can bring her there and the parents of her friend always bring them with a big car. (They are filthy rich, but nice people)

On Friday night she left and she will be back Sunday around noon. I said I wanted to surprise her mama, and she understands of course that we wanted to be alone. She's not a dummy, my girl.

Anyway, so these are my plans for today.
At 07:00 hours (maybe a minute later LOL), I'll make her breakfast. Fresh Orange Juice (1 ProPoint), 2 Fries Rye bread slices (5 ProPoints), two teaspoons 20+ cream cheese ( 1 ProPoint and one with 20+ cheese (half a slice, 1 ProPoint).
At eight I have planned the hairdresser at home. She is the niece of Wanita and she did her hair and make-up on our wedding day. My wife is not a girlie girl and almost never wears make-up. But today she needs to look pretty to feel pretty. If I spend money I'd better spend it on family, don't you agree?
After her niece is gone, and I have no idea how long this is going to take. Patrice says about an hour, max. hour and a half.
After that she can have a look at the box that has been in our bedroom since Wednesday. This will be in the box:
This satin corset:

(without the panties I might add)

A velvet dress and blouse



These hold up stockings, black

These shoes (tricky part, difficult feet, maybe they don't fit well. I have a plan B)

This Eau De Toilette spray. I love this smell of this on her. The Sun, the Moon and the Stars is so appropriate, because she is the Sun, the Moon and the Stars to me.

(FYI: It opens with fruity-floral notes of freesia, bergamot, pineapple, orange blossom, lotus, rice and juicy peach. The heart of this exotic fragrance is created of heliotrope, intensive jasmine, orange blossom, daffodil, carnation, lily of the valley, seductive orchid and iris. The base carries sandalwood, cedar, amber, musk and vanilla)

So I planned for us a morning, an afternoon, an evening and a night activity. If you are curious if the challenge is done, check in tomorrow. Oh. I probably have a good sleep until noon Sunday. LOL.

The favor, chapter 5

The Hairdresser by MWTB

I gave Rachel a few minutes to descend from her orgasm. That was the first time I had ever seen a woman make herself cum, and it was all I could do to keep myself from throwing her on the bed and having my way with her. She would have enjoyed it too, but I wanted to make it even more special for her.

I walked her to the bed and handed her a dress. "Wear this," I said.

She took it from me and looked at me with a smile. "You always were a sucker for a sundress," she said. "But this really got too small on me."

"Nevertheless," I replied.

She slipped it over her head and reached for her panties. "Just the dress," I said. She looked at me with a smirk. I signaled her to stand near me as I picked up a pair of scissors.

"What are you going to do with that?" she asked.

I reached over and pulled her top button and snipped it off. Then I did the same for the next two. When I stepped back I saw the swells of her breasts clearly evident through the open top of the dress.
"Good thing I don't wear this that much any more," she told me.

"We'll see," I said, smiling. Then I pointed around and told her, "I'm going downstairs for a little bit. Clean up this room and make the bed so that everything is neat for later." Then I left and went downstairs.

I sat on the couch in the living room and tried to collect my thoughts. I was trying to be cool, collected and suave on the outside, but on the inside I was a raging ball of hormones. I seriously considered going to the bathroom and relieving myself, but I decided to wait. I had already committed myself to three orgasms today, I didn't know if I had four in me. However I was pretty sure my first one would not be long lasting.

A few minutes later Rachel came downstairs saying, "All done." I stood up and looked at her. I smiled and signaled for her to spin. She got a smirk as she spun. The dress I had selected was from last year, and was short on her. As she spun it flared up, giving me a view of her ass and her dense bush.

I held out my arm with a smile and she took it as I escorted her outside. I walked her to my car and helped her in. She again smirked at me as she made sure that the dress rode up so that I could get another glimpse of her bush. I leaned in and said, "You really are quite the slut, aren't you?"

She smiled back and said, "But I'm your slut."

"For now," I replied, and her smile faltered a little bit.

We drove in silence for a few minutes until we reached our destination. As I helped her out of the car, she said, "Why are we here? I just got my hair cut last week? Are we meeting Michelle?"

I leaned in and whispered, "I always want my sluts to be bald."

She looked at me fearfully, but followed me in. The girl behind the desk looked up as we walked in and said, "Hi Jeff, Michelle's not here."

"I know," I told her. "We have an appointment with Janice."

"OK, hold on a minute while I get her," she told me. Rachel grabbed my hand and held it hard as we stood waiting quietly.

Janice came over and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Jeff," she exclaimed. "It's good to see you. And is this Rachel?" She grabbed Rachel's hands in hers and looked her up and down. "She really is a pretty one. Come on back."

Rachel grabbed my hand as we followed Janice back. Janice is in her late twenties, her hair was dyed bright red and she had always flirted good-naturedly with me. The fact that I knew that she was a lesbian never stopped me from flirting back. Janice led us into a little room and said, "What exactly did you want?"

"I won't do anything that will last forever, but I want it all off," I told her.
Rachel squeezed my hand even harder and moaned, "Jeff!"

I looked at Rachel as I told Janice, "Rachel here is quite the slut, and I think sluts like her look better with bald pussies. So I want it all waxed off."

Rachel practically slumped with relief when she realized that I was having her pussy shaved and not her head. Her relief didn't last too long as Janice offered her a gown to get into, and I said, "No need, she'll just take off her dress."

Rachel just looked at me in shock as I unbuttoned two more buttons and slipped her dress over her shoulders so that it pooled at her feet, leaving her body exposed to Janice.
Janice whistled in appreciation as she saw Rachel's body. "Hop up here," she said, and Rachel got up on the table.

"I just have to get my stuff," Janice said and opened the door and walked out. She left the door open as she walked over to get her things. It was empty in the back, but anyone could have walked by and seen Rachel lying nude on the table. No one did, however, and in a moment Janice was back, closing the door behind her.

She walked up to look between Rachel's legs and said, "It really is a forest in there. I'll clean it up a little before I wax." She pulled out her electric clippers and started running it around between Rachel's legs. Rachel grabbed my hand as she saw the hair start to scatter, and then gasped and squeezed harder as the vibrating clippers touched a delicate spot.

Janice pulled the clippers away and said, "Jeff, can you grab me that cloth. This one is sopping down here, and I need to dry her off a little before it messes up my instruments."

Rachel moaned and tried to bury her face in my arm as her whole body flushed in embarrassment. Janice finished with the clippers, getting Rachel closer to orgasm but not taking her over. Then she spread Rachel's legs even more, put the wet wax around her pubic area, placed the strip, and yanked. I would have screamed, but Rachel just moaned deeply. Janice did it again and again, until she did right over Rachel's clit. Rachel groaned as some of the hot wax touched her wet clit, and then screamed and shuddered as the last strip was pulled off.

"I do believe that your little slut just came," Janice told me. Rachel moaned again, trying hard not to look at Janice.

Janice poked around with tweezers for a while, finding stray hairs and pulling them out. When she was done, I told Rachel, "Say thank you to Janice, for doing such a good job."

Rachel looked up, embarrassment written all over her face and quietly said, "Thank you very much."
"Anytime, hon," Janice replied. "You'll have to come back in a few weeks." Rachel groaned, but Janice just kissed me on the cheek and left the room.

I helped Rachel up and slipped the dress over her head. Rachel grabbed me and gave me the hardest kiss I'd ever gotten from a woman. "Are you going to take me home and rape me now?" she asked breathlessly.

"Not quite yet," I responded with a smile. "One more stop." Rachel buried her face in my neck, groaning in frustration, and I could not help copping a feel of her ass. She pressed her ass into my hands as she moved her lips back to mine.

I swatted her ass then laughed as we went back to the front. "Everyone is looking at me," she whispered as we made our way forward.

"Do you think they all realize what a slut they have here?" I asked. Again the groan. I was getting to like that low, deep groan.

"I need to pay," I said when I reached the front desk.

"One Brazilian wax," the girl behind the desk said loudly as she took my money, causing Rachel to cringe.

I handed Rachel some money and said, "Go find Janice and give her this tip." I thought she would object, but she just went and found her. After she gave the money, I saw Janice pull her into a hug then give her a quick kiss on the lips.

When she returned, I escorted her out and we walked down the street.

"Where to next?" she asked.

"We're here," I said.

To be continued tomorrow ...

The favor, index:
Chapter 1:  The question
Chapter 2:  Jeff takes charge
Chapter 3: The preparation
Chapter 4: The corner

Pride 1

In this picture the artist made a self portrait


In almost every list, pride (Latin, superbia), or hubris (Greek), is considered the original and most serious of the seven deadly sins, and the source of the others. It is identified as believing that one is essentially better than others, failing to acknowledge the accomplishments of others, and excessive admiration of the personal self (especially holding self out of proper position toward God). Dante's definition was "love of self perverted to hatred and contempt for one's neighbour". In Jacob Bidermann's medieval miracle play, Cenodoxus, pride is the deadliest of all the sins and leads directly to the damnation of the titulary famed Parisian doctor.

In perhaps the best-known example, the story of Lucifer, pride (his desire to compete with God) was what caused his fall from Heaven, and his resultant transformation into Satan. In Dante's Divine Comedy, the penitents are burdened with stone slabs on their necks which force them to keep their heads bowed.

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Eldur og ís

Music coming from the soul, is really soul music, not the weak tea that is now called Soul. Now, This, This is Soul.

Within Temptation - Fire and Ice

Every word you're saying is a lie
Run away my dear
But every sign will say your heart is deaf

Bury all the memories
Cover them with dirt
Where's the love we once had
Our destiny's unsure

Why can't you see what we had
Let the fire burn the ice
Where's the ove we once had
Is it all a lie

And I still wonder
Why our heaven has died
The skies are all falling
I'm breathing but why
In silence I hold on
To you and I

Closer to insanity
Buries me alive
Where's the life we once had
It cannot be denied

Why can't you see what we had
Let the fire burn the ice
Where's the love we once had
Is it all a lie

And I still wonder
Why our heaven has died
The skies are all falling
I'm breathing but why
In silence I hold on
To you and I

You run away you hide away
To the other side of your universe
Where you're safe from all that hunts you down
To the other side of your universe

And it feels too late so you're moving on
But can you find your way back home

And I still wonder
Why our heaven has died
The skies are all falling
I'm breathing but why
In silence I hold on
To you and I

Every word you're saying is a lie

Nice clothes 3

Wow, long hair!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Mona Lisa vs Han challenge

We know Han van Meegeren can't resist a challenge. He has entered the Goodreads Galore Book Challenge, basically to read a book published in the year he was born until today. So every year one book and if you are 55, like he is it means 55 months to read them.

Mona Lisa, an avid reader as well, thought this was an interesting idea and decided to take on this challenge as well. Han was delighted to have a found someone who was as crazy as he is, and proposed a little private challenge.

Well private, you are reading this on both blogs aren't you?

The challenge is to determine a day to start with the book of the same year. Han is older so he started early but the year we both start is 1963, the year, when Mona Lisa is born.  We have each three weeks to read the book. And to write a review on our blogs about the book of that year before the 22nd day after the starting day. Just the review, mind you not the time frame Han has made now around this book. If  we both write a review about the book within three weeks, we decide on a date to begin the next book of the next year. We read in chronological order.

If, however, one - or we both - does not write the review in time , the penalty is to write a guest post in each others blog about any subject they want to.

Interesting, huh? Especially if you know that Han's choice of 1963 is The Letters of Vincent van Gogh (560 pages). Mona Lisa's choice is "Joy in the morning" by  Betty Smith.

It is a challenge and we know that neither one of us doesn't like to lose...

Nice clothes 1

Nice jacket

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Body shaming

Sometimes it's good to fight for the things you stand for.
Victoria's Secret, queen of underwear, launched a campaign with the title "The Perfect Body":

Original Ad

Three women Frances Black, Gabriella Kountourides & Laura Ferris thought that every body whatever shape and size was perfect, so they started a petition. Today they informed the signatories that they were succesful: Victory Secret didn't apologize, but did change their ad to:

A wonderful result for these three ladies who fought against a giant.
Victoria's Secret changed the wording online, and in stores they took down posters bearing the original wording. A perfect example that taking a stand for something you think is important can really help.

Quattuordecim challenge tension

I'm going to build her tension a little and have her wait for at least a week before the clothes are revealed to her. She knows me a little and she seems not very pleased with this challenge at all.

It's not going to be that bad, I think. Ah, maybe it will. I have got a day of activities planned for next week. Suggestions are always welcome, though.

The favor, chapter 4



The Corner by MWTB

I got out of the shower, dried off, and went back to my bedroom. Jeff wasn't there, so I headed back to the corner. I got there and pressed my nose to the corner. After a minute, I realized that Jeff would probably want me naked, so I dropped the towel and kicked it away. Five minutes later I was still standing in the corner, my mind working overtime. What was Jeff doing? Had I really made the right decision? Did he still respect me? About once a minute I made up my mind to put on my clothes, find Jeff, and tell him it was all a joke.

Then I thought, "I am standing in the corner of my room, naked, like a naughty little girl, waiting for a boy to come back and treat me like a slut. It's what I always wanted." I was on the tenth iteration of this argument when I heard Jeff come back in.
"Turn around," he said. I did so, and I saw him standing there, looking me over.

"Jeff, I need to ask you something," I said, nervously.
"What?" he asked.
"Have you lost respect for me?" I asked. He smiled at me and walked over to me. He held my hair and kissed me lightly on my lips.
He looked me in the eyes and said, "Rachel, you know how I love rules. Rule Two stated that I wouldn't do anything to make me lose respect for you. I will not treat you with respect, but you can rest assured that I do respect you. I was actually thinking about it, and I respect you more for having the courage to do this!"

I couldn't believe how relieved I felt when he said that! I practically collapsed in his arms as I kissed his neck and muttered, "Thank you, thank you!" Jeff still respected me, and I knew he was going to give me what I needed! I stood back up straight, thrusting my breasts out, and I said, "But don't you like me Jeff? I've offered my body to you, and you haven't even grabbed my ass!"

 He stepped back and said, "It has been a temptation, let me tell you. But I thought about it, and I asked myself, 'How does a girl want her first time to be?' Soft candlelight, a rose-strewn bed, music playing softly, gentle kisses, becoming more passionate." He ran his fingers down the side of my body, causing me to shiver as he continued. "Gentle caresses, my tongue working its way over your body. Getting you wet, entering you slowly, breaking through your barrier, taking your virginity as mine. Slowly building the pleasure back up, faster and faster, until you cannot stand it, finally taking you over the edge into orgasmic pleasure as I pump my love into you."

I was shivering with the thought of what he said. He stepped back, and his face took on a slightly evil smile. "Then I thought about what Rachel would want. What is Rachel going to get? Rachel is going to get dressed in the clothes I give her. We are going to go out on a couple of errands. I won't tell you what they are, but I promise that they will be both painful and humiliating. Then we are going to come back to your bed, and I will take you. I will not be gentle. I will slam through you and fuck you as hard as I can, until I am satisfied, and then I will cum in you. "Then you are going to clean me off, and I will fuck your mouth with my cock. I will take your second virginity, and you will again pleasure me until I cum in your mouth. You will swallow every drop, just like the slut that you are."

He pulled me in front of the mirror and stood behind me, sweeping my hair to the side as he whispered in my ear. "And finally, I will put you up on your hands and knees, facing this mirror, so that you can watch as I kneel behind you and take your anal virginity. You will be able to see what a slut you are, as you cum with my cock buried in your ass, ripping your body apart.
"How will you feel years from now when your daughter asks you how you lost your virginity? Will you be able to tell her how her slut mother lost all three virginities in a single day in an orgy of pain and pleasure?" My mind was reeling. I couldn't think. First he describes the beautiful deflowerment from a romance novel, then this awful, degrading description of his plans for me! How could I go through with this?

He kissed my neck, forcing me to look at myself in the mirror. He whispered gently in my ear, while peering into the reflection of my eyes, "If it will help, I will allow you one minute to relieve yourself, but you must do it right here, right now.
Oh my god! He was telling me that I could masturbate, but in front of him! I couldn't do that. Not with the horrible images he put into my head. As I was thinking that, I felt my fingers entering my pussy. It was a swamp. I don't think I'd ever been so wet before, not even after I was exposed in gym. He offered me one minute, but all I needed was ten seconds. Within that time, my body arched backwards into his and I screamed in pleasure and release. Finally I slumped forward, held up in his strong hands, and he whispered, "That was beautiful, Rachel."

To be continued... Chapter 5 next Saturday.

The favor, index:
Chapter 1:  The question
Chapter 2:  Jeff takes charge
Chapter 3: The preparation

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Sinterklaas has arrived in Holland!

Ever heard of the Dutch Sinterklaas? He arrived from Spain today.  And we are thrilled to have him safe and sound on Dutch soil.

Over 25,000 enthusiast visitors attended the nationwide arrival of Sinterklaas and
his helpers in Gouda. After the festive reception on IJsselkade by Mayor Milo
Shoemaker and children mayor Dieuwertje Kerkhoven, drove Nicholas a
beautiful Sinterklaas Route through the monumental old town of Gouda.
Along the canals were thousands of children and parents wave to the Nicholas and his many helpers, including some Gouda cheese and stroopwafel helpers. After a festive ride was St. Nicolas given a warm welcome by a large audience at the historic Town Hall on the Market.
During and after the arrival enjoyed by both young and old there were all kind of activities in the center of Gouda. Children visited the Piet School, Mayor Shoemaker: "Gouda is with great pleasure working towards this particular day. Many volunteers, institutions and entrepreneurs were active for months to prepare for his arrival to perfection."

Quattuordecim challenge, envelope number 4

Today we picked another envelope. My beloved chose number 4. Is she going for the numbers in sequence?
Anyway. Challenge number 4:

Don't say I'm not a attentive husband. I have bought you a nice set of clothes. If you accept the challenge you will wear them all for one day in the next 14 days, on the day I will tell you to. But you will not see them until that moment, and I won't let you know in advance. If you choose not to wear them on the day I say so, the challenge will be lost. If you wear them from morning until evening you win a Q-point.

The favor, chapter 3



The Preparation by MWTB

A Story in 42 chapters, chapter 3/42

"Well, this is harder that I anticipated," I thought as Rachel headed into the shower. It had taken me a while to figure out exactly what Rachel wanted, and even longer to figure out how I was going to provide it.

One thing that I realized is that I needed help. I went downstairs and outside, crossing the yard to my house next door. I went upstairs and knocked on my sister's door.
"Hey, J, what's up?" she asked.
"I need your help," I told her. "Can I talk to you?" My sister is three years older than me. She went the local community college route, and was currently working as a hairdresser in a salon downtown, but she still lived at home.
 "How can I help you, bro?" she asked. Michelle and I had always had a pretty good relationship, at least as much as a younger brother / older sister could. I annoyed her and she picked on me, but lately we've gotten along pretty well.
 "Don't freak out, but I need your help with something personal. It's going to sound amazingly weird, but hear me out."

I explained what Rachel had asked me. Then I explained what I wanted to do, and where she could help, both immediately and in the long term. As I explained things to Michelle, she was alternately shocked and amused. When I was done explaining my plan, she looked at me and whistled.
"Do you realize what you have here?" she asked.
 "Yes," I said with a weak grin.
"You are the luckiest high school boy on the face of the planet!" she laughed.
 "I could be, if all goes well," I said. "It could also blow up completely in my face."
 "Give me ten minutes to make some calls," she told me, walking to her phone shaking her head.

To be continued, Chapter 4 tomorrow.

The favor, index:
Chapter 1:  The question
Chapter 2:  Jeff takes charge

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Dont Go Far Off Not Even For A Day

Don't go far off, not even for a day, because --
because -- I don't know how to say it: a day is long
and I will be waiting for you, as in an empty station
when the trains are parked off somewhere else, asleep.

Don't leave me, even for an hour, because
then the little drops of anguish will all run together,
the smoke that roams looking for a home will drift
into me, choking my lost heart.

Oh, may your silhouette never dissolve on the beach;
may your eyelids never flutter into the empty distance.
Don't leave me for a second, my dearest,

because in that moment you'll have gone so far
I'll wander mazily over all the earth, asking,
Will you come back? Will you leave me here, dying?

by Pablo Neruda

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


There are so many shapes and contrasts and lines and curves in this picture by the famous Russian artist Borisov Dmitri that you find new things each time you look at her.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Saint Martin's Day

The day is celebrated on the evening of November 11th (the day Saint Martin died) in some parts of the Netherlands, where he is known as Sint-Maarten. As soon it gets dark, children up to the age of 11 or 12 (primary school age) go door to door with hand-crafted lanterns made of hollowed-out sugar beet or, more recently, paper, singing songs such as "Sinte Sinte Maarten," hoping to receive candy in return, similar to Halloween. The songs are rewarded with candy.

In the past, poor people would visit farms on November 11 to get food for the winter. In the 1600s, the city held boat races on the river IJ. 400 to 500 light crafts, both rowing boats and sailboats, took part watched by of a vast crowd on the banks.

I grew up with St. Martins Day and was very surprised when we moved to Scheveningen nobody even knew about St. Martin, let alone celebrate it. There has been a recent revival of St. Martins Celebrations, until the Garden shops discovered the potential of Halloween.  Halloween is celebrated now as well in the Netherlands, we copy everything here. The garden centres that sell pumpkins make a huge big deal out of it. But there was already a tradition we have almost forgotten about: Saint Martin's Day.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

The favor, chapter 2

 A story in 42 chapters, chapter 2/42

Jeff Takes Charge by MWTB

I shivered and my pussy released a surge of fluid. I may even have had a little orgasm. All from four little words: My fantasy begins now.
For months I had been contemplating this, and now I was committed. Could I go through with it? Could Jeff? I loved Jeff like a brother, but we would now start a whole new relationship. I just signed my body over to him. I gave him carte blanche. I know he is my best friend; that he loves me. I know that he is a thoughtful person, not prone to irrationality. However I just handed him the keys to my body.

The more I thought about it, the hotter I got. I realized that Jeff owned my body. In all likelihood he would be fucking me in just moments!
"Stand up," Jeff said.
I stood up in front of him, and Jeff signaled that I should turn around. I turned in front of him as he appeared to evaluate my body. Then he pointed to the corner of my room and said, "Go stand over there with your nose touching the corner of your room."

My mouth dropped open. He was sending me to the corner like he was punishing me. He didn't ask me to take my clothes off or give him a blowjob; he just sent me to the corner like a naughty girl! I went to the corner and pressed up against it as he instructed. I heard Jeff leave the room, and about five minutes later I heard him come back. Then I heard him going through my drawers.
"What are you doing?" I asked.
"Did you tell me that you would do everything that I asked of you?" Jeff asked in a harsh voice.
"Yes," I responded.
"And having offered to let me put your head in the toilet while a dog fucks you and my sister pisses on you pretty much makes you a filthy, skanky slut, doesn't it?" he asked.
"I guess," I said in a quiet voice.
"And given that you are such a filthy slut, I can punish you any way that I see fit, right?" he demanded.
"Yes," I replied.
"Then press your trashy body against that wall and keep your dirty mouth shut!" he yelled.
I pressed harder against the wall, tears dripping from my eyes. It had started already! He has lost respect for me. Then I realized something else. There was a large wet spot on the front of my jeans!
"Ho, ho!" he said. "What have we here?" He had been going through my drawers. It sounded like he was removing items, and now I heard a familiar buzzing noise. He had found my vibrator! He turned it off and I heard him throw it on my bed. I heard him moving around a lot for the next ten minutes as I kept my body pressed into the corner.

"I have a few questions for you," Jeff said. "First, tell me what you've done in your life, sexually."
"You know what I've done," I replied, still facing the wall. "Not much at all. I haven't even let a boy fondle my tits. I've kissed a couple, but that is it. I play with myself, but only on the outside. I still have my hymen. I've played with my asshole a little but I've never put anything in. I've never seen a real life grown up cock."
He seemed to consider that for a little bit, and then he ordered, "Turn around!"
I turned and I saw what he had been doing. Most of my clothes were scattered around the room, and there was a large box with a bunch of my clothes in it. On top of my clothes rested my vibrator.
"In this box I put all of your clothes that I did not like," he told me. "You will put it away and not open it until this fantasy is finished. If you need to cum, ask me; you can't use this toy.
"I think you'll find that most of your underwear is gone. You can look at what remains to see what is acceptable." I saw that what remained were thongs and g-strings. "You probably shouldn't get too many more, as you won't be wearing them too frequently."

He looked me up and down again and said, "Strip!"
I smiled at him and started slowly peeling off my top. "No, no, no!" he exclaimed. "If I want a sexy strip tease I'll take you to a strip club and have the professionals teach you how to do it on the stage. Now just take your clothes off!"
I blushed and pulled my top off and pushed my jeans and panties off. I stood there in the corner of the room, my hands clasped in front of me, naked in front of a boy for the first time since puberty.
"Drop your hands," he said. He was clearly evaluating my body as he had me turn, and from the sounds he was making, he wasn't too pleased.

"Your tits are nice enough, but they need more," he told me. "And your pussy is a mess! Don't you ever shave?"
I shook my head.
"Mmmmm, Go shower and then come back out here. If I'm not here when you get back, stand against the wall again until I return."

I couldn't believe it. I know he had seen naked girls before, but I thought my body was pretty good! I expected that he'd like my body better than this! I headed towards the shower, and as I went into the bathroom he said, "And no cumming! If you cum in the shower I'll take a permanent marker, write 'Chronic Masturbator' across your tits and stake you in your front lawn!"
As I got into the shower I thought it might almost be worth it!

Thanks to MWTB who gave me permission to share the story. 


In Holland we have a chain of stores that is called the Kinky Hairdresser. Maybe they are international. My wife had her hair done yesterday. I'm away now and I hope this is not the result.

Envy 7

Saturday, 8 November 2014

The favor chapter 1

A story in 42 chapters, chapter 1/42

The Question by MWTB

Rachel was my best friend. We'd been neighbors since birth, and though she was absolutely gorgeous, practically my idea of perfection, she had always been like a sister to me. We went to school together, hung out together, talked about everything. We just never got romantic.
Rachel knew about all the girls that I had gone out with, and I knew about her boyfriends. She knew that I'd had sex with a couple, and petted with even more. I knew that she had never let a guy get to second base. I had asked her about it. Was she saving herself for marriage? Did she not like the particular guys she was dating? Was she a lesbian? She would just laugh and tell me I was silly, and that she had her reasons. It was one of the few things we never discussed.

It was the beginning of summer. We had just finished our junior year of high school and we were hanging out together in Rachel's bedroom, listening to music and talking. Her mother was gone for the weekend, but she trusted Rachel home alone.

There was a lull in our conversation, and when I looked over at Rachel she was staring at me contemplatively.
"What?" I asked.
"Do you love me?" she asked.
"Huh?" I exclaimed in surprise.
"A simple question," she said. "Do you love me? We've been friends forever. Do you love me?"
I thought about it for a second and then said, "Of course! I'd do anything for you!"
She pounced on this, saying, "Really? You would really do anything for me?"
"You know I would!" I said.

She paused for a long moment, and then said, "OK, I have a favor to ask."
"Sure, what do you want?" I asked.
"It is a very, very big favor," she said with a warning tone in her voice.
"Okaaaay," I said, wondering where this was leading.

"First, I need to explain something to you that I haven't explained before," she told me. "You know that I don't fool around with my dates. It makes it hard for me to get dates, but that's my rule. And you always wondered why, right? Well, I'll tell you why.
"A lot of my friends think that it is because I don't trust the boys, but that's not it. It's that I don't trust myself." She paused for a moment, and then said, "Oh god, I practiced this in my head, and I still can't get it out."

Rachel sighed and said, "The reason that I don't let the boys touch me is because I am a pervert."
"A pervert?" I asked. "What do you mean?"
"I mean that I am a sexual deviant," she said. "I get excited by certain things that would make other people disgusted. And I know that if I let myself go even a little bit, there would be no turning back."
"You are still confusing me, Raich," I said. "What things get you off, and how would there be no turning back?"

Rachel sighed again, and was quiet for a long time. Finally she reached over into her bedside table and pulled some things out, which she put into my hand. I examined them, and they looked like a smaller version of the ends of battery charging cables; I think they are called alligator clips.
"What are these?" I asked.
"Those are clips," she said in a quiet voice. "I use them on my nipples, and sometimes my clit, when I masturbate in bed."
I looked at them more closely, surprised. I closed one on the skin of my finger and it hurt like hell. I looked up at her, and she seemed on the verge of crying.
"Do you know those dreams that people have, where they are in class and they realize that they are naked?" she asked.
I nodded my head.

"To me, those are wet dreams," she said. Tears began falling from her eyes. "Most girls think of movie or rock stars when they jill-off. I think of Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Except instead of him saving me from the Nazis, he is using his bull-whip on me!"
Rachel was crying all out now, so I reached over and pulled her into my arms. "Raich, it's OK. Everyone has fantasies," I said. "If I told you half my fantasies you'd think I was a degenerate too! It doesn't make you a bad person! I still love you, and I don't think badly of you!"
Rachel continued to sob into my chest for a few more minutes. Finally, she wiped her eyes on my shirt and looked up at me. She reached over and got some tissues, blew her nose and cleaned up her face.

"I knew you'd feel that way," she said with a little smile.
"Then why were you so worried about telling me?" I asked. "Why were you crying?"
"Because I've never told anyone this," she said. "Besides, I'm not done."
"What else do you want to tell me?" I asked.
"Jeff, it's not just that I have these fantasies," she said. "You saw the clips; I can't get off unless I hurt myself. Actually, that's not entirely true. I can't get off unless I am in pain, or I feel completely humiliated."
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Remember last year when I was in volleyball and my shirt got caught and my boob popped out?" she asked.
I hadn't been there, but the story certainly spread around the school. I nodded.
"When I realized what had happened I screamed, covered myself up and ran to the bathroom," she explained. "And when I got there I jumped into a stall and masturbated until I came, which took about 3 seconds. I replayed that night in my head while I masturbated for weeks. My only regret was that I ran away so soon. It would have been better had more people seen me.
"Even that faded after a while, and I had to go back to the clips and to other things that I use to give me pain. Jeff, I'm not normal. I need something more. And that is where the favor comes in."

Now I was starting to get a little nervous, but I nodded for her to continue anyway.
"Next year we are going off to college," she said. "In high school, I can keep the boys away. But the feelings are getting stronger. When I get to college, someone is going to figure me out, and in all likelihood, going to take advantage of it. And if I don't do something before then, I won't care. I'll give in to anything that someone asks for, just to get the pleasure. I don't want that to happen."
She paused again for a long time, not looking at me. Finally I asked, "So what can I do for you?"
"Jeff, I need to know what it's like with someone that loves me. Someone that cares for me. Someone that will do what I need, but still think about me. Jeff, from now until we graduate next June, I want you to own me."

I sat back, shocked. "Own you?" I asked.

"I promise you, that if you will do this for me, I will never say no to anything that you ask of me," she replied. "I am not asking for you to be my boyfriend, or for you to stop seeing other girls. I am just saying that if you do what I ask then I will be your slut, your whore, your fucktoy, your plaything, until we graduate."

That didn't relieve my shock. "Exactly what are you asking for? What do you want me to do?"
"I want you to fulfill my fantasies," she said. "I want you to treat me badly. I want you to hurt me. I want you to humiliate me. I want you to screw me every way that you can thing of. I want you to use me for your pleasure."

"But why?" I asked. "Why do you want this? And why me?"
She sighed and said, "Jeff, it is all that I think about now. If I don't do something affirmatively to make this happen, then I will fall for the first guy that treats me badly. If any one of these guys I went out with tried to date rape me, I would fold and let him do it. I would encourage him to do it. I would encourage him to do it in the boys' locker room in front of the football team." She paused, breathing heavily, clearly worked up by the image that she was drawing.
"Jeff, I know you," she went on. "I trust you. And more importantly, I think that you can treat me like I want to be treated, and still respect me. I think that you can beat the crap out of me, and still worry if you are really hurting me. Jeff, you are the only person in the world that I think could give me what I want."

Now it was my turn to sit back quietly. I couldn't believe it. She had hidden her desires so well. Looking back, I couldn't think of a single thing that would indicate her sexual bent. And I couldn't figure out if I could give her what she wanted; what she needed.
I sat there for a long time, until finally Rachel couldn't take it anymore. She looked up at me and said, "Talk to me Jeff. Do you hate me?"
I smiled at her and held my arms out to her. I hugged her, stroking her hair and I said, "No Rachel, I don't hate you."
I released her and held her at arms length, looking into her eyes. "This is a lot to ask of me," I said. "On the other hand, it could be every boy's fantasy. But if you want me to do this, you are going to tell me exactly what you are looking for."

She nodded her head and smiled. "I know you, Jeff. I knew that would be the first thing you asked!"
"Ahhh, I'm so young, yet so predictable," I said regretfully.
"Only to me, you goof!" she said, punching my arm. Then she got serious and said, "Really though, I know you always need to understand the rules, so here they are.
"One, I don't want to be permanently damaged. I am on the Pill, so pregnancy is not an issue, but I don't want to be disfigured in any non-reversible way.
"Two, don't do anything that would make you lose respect for me. If you want to make me a slut, a whore, a skank, that's fine. As long as you still respect me. If you want the entire football team to fuck me up my ass, I'll do it for you. But if watching another guy screw me will make you lose respect for me, don't do it. I'd rather have my fantasy unfulfilled than have you lose respect for me.
"Three, the day after we graduate from high school, everything goes back to the way it was this morning.
"That's it. Those are the rules, limitations and boundaries."
I sat there examining her face, and this time she didn't look away. If anything, she was defiant. I said, "Are you sure those are the only restrictions?"
"I've thought about if for a very long time, and yes, those are the only restrictions," she affirmed.
"Let me go through the rules point by point," I said. "One: no permanent disfiguration. That leaves a lot of room open. Are you sure that is what you mean?"
She nodded.
"So tattoos are out, unless I reverse them, but I can pierce you as much as I want?" I asked.
Again, she nodded.
"And I can beat you and bruise you, but not break bones or knock out teeth?" I asked.
And again, she nodded.

"Two I could live with. In fact, it would be one of my rules," I said. "But Three I'm not happy with. Instead, if we go ahead with this, our year will start when you say, 'My fantasy begins now', and it will end when you say 'My fantasy is over'. Whether you say it after ten minutes or one year, that's how long it lasts. Can you live with that?"
She nodded, a smile coming to her face. "Does this mean you'll do it?" she asked.
"Not just yet," I said. "I'm still working my way through what is OK and what is not."
"Don't you get it?" she asked. "Everything, except for what I've specifically excluded, is OK. If you want to have me wash your toilet naked while a German Shepard fucks me in the ass and your sister pisses on me, it would not only be OK, but I would most likely cum like I've never cum before!"
Her eyes were glowing as she said that, and I actually believe that she meant it! I sat back again, considering what it would mean. Regardless of what Rachel said, when this was over things would most definitely not be like they were before. Could I respect her after doing the things that she wanted? I was pretty sure I knew the answer. Did I want to? Shit, yes!

Rachel was a dream. She was the girl next door type, light brown hair down to her shoulder blades, clear blue eyes and a button nose. She was about 5' 7" and still growing. Her baby fat was gone, as was the lanky, gawky stage that she had gone through, leaving her body slim with perfect teenage curves. Her breasts were not huge, but perfect for her frame, 34C riding high on her chest. She wore clothes that showed off her body, but were not too trashy, just the correct level of trashiness for today's modern teenager; crop tops and hip huggers, shorts, tight jeans and skirts.
Despite the fact that I had viewed her as a friend that was a girl, and not a girlfriend, I had still fantasized about her body, as had every boy at our school - and not a few girls. The thought of having her body for my pleasure was extraordinary! But again, it would change our friendship! Sigh.
I looked at her and asked, "Rachel, do you have something to say to me?"
She looked at me, confused, and then light dawned. Her smile was huge, and it made my heart feel good as she said, "Jeff, my fantasy begins now!"

Thanks to MWTB who gave me permission to share the story.

Introduction to The Favor

Some stories appeal to you more than others. And I tend to read in series, some writers I have read everything they've written. There is this writer - I only know his initials, don't even know where the abbreviation stands for (Magnificent Writer To Be?) - I found some ten years ago. Since then read everything he has written. Unfortunately (for us) he stopped writing in 2006. His first story I read was The Favor, and it has been one of my favourites ever since.
Synopsis: She was my best friend, but not my girlfriend. Then she asked the question that changed our relationship completely. 
Awards: Golden Clitoride 2nd Place, 2005, Best BDSM Story
Sex Contents: Much Sex
Genre: BDSM
Posted: between July and November 2004
It is written for a male audience. I'm sure there are women enjoyed his stories as well, but the majority is of his readers was male. His language is therefore direct and graphic. All proper warnings to sex and BDSM apply of course. You have to appreciate this is fiction, not real life.

The original story is in 42 parts. These parts vary from long until very short. I will post a chapter each Saturday and Sunday, so roughly it will take a half year to finish.

Thank you, dear MWTB for giving me permission to post this story. I appreciate that very much.


No black and white photo can do justice to a redhead. It was too long since you've seen one.
No earrings.

Envy 6

Friday, 7 November 2014

Not a fairy tale marriage

Today on my way home I had time to think. And maybe our marriage looks to you a bit of a fairy tale. And that, of course, is not true at all. We do have arguments like any other couple I know, I know I hurt her by doing something impulsive. I know she hurts me by saying something terribly insensitive. We are totally different people. My wife is in many aspects my opposite. We like different things. We have a different attitude towards political and social issues.

But we have fought our battles for a lifetime in the beginning of our marriage. To the point of breaking up. And we found help to do two things: to communicate with each other and to be honest to each other. We couldn't do it on our own, we needed help to do that. It sounds so simple but it was so hard for me to say: "It really hurts when you say that to me". And we both apologized to each other but we had to say it out loud, and not keeping it to ourselves.

And now, in spite of our different characters, in spite of all the things we don't agree on, we can talk about it. And find a solution that works for the both of us. Sometimes I have to take a step down, sometimes Wanita does.  But we do it because we belong together.

I said it before: she is half of me, I couldn't think of missing one half of myself.
But she, she honestly is my better half.


I said to you I did it, I did it, I did it,
I said to you I did it and indeed I did.

(professor Higgins in My Fair Lady)

14 out of 14.
Congratulations girl: another well earned 10% of the entrance fee of a wellness centre is yours!

Fourteen. Superman and Wonder Woman

Hallmark card

OK, it's like one of the postcards but I simply love the text too much not to share it with you:

Envy 5

Thursday, 6 November 2014

And then there was one

13 down, 1 to go. Tonight was a challenge in itself because we have a lodger staying over right next to our room. So out of precaution i gagged my Wanita and afterwards That was a good decision..

So one to go. Did I tell you I made reservations on Monday to spend next Saturday and Sunday in a nice little hotel in Volendam as a kind of "thank you"  gesture? I didn't know of course on Monday what the result would be, be regardless of that the girl deserves a reward for these two weeks.

I made reservations in the morning with a well known hairdresser on Saturday morning, and in the afternoon I'm buying a dress for her, well at least were going shopping for one. she likes a new dress for Christmas every year but fuzzes of the price. Well, so I'm paying for this one. (I know she will look at the price tag first thing anyway, so I'm not worried about that). In the small hotel I will try to keep her awake, as best as I can.... grin.

It's  a surprise, I'll tell her tomorrow....

How to Make a Chinese Chopstick Clamps

Rubber bands are real cheap right now, because of the looming mania. Bondage on a buck! Go and order Chinese!
She's very much present, but hey, she explains it well, I think.

Envy 4

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Weight Watchers Weighing Wednesday

The WWWW is here again. Plus 0,1 kg.

I blame it on Kryptonite.


We both knew...

that if she's going to win the challenge, the real challenge was last night. last minute stuff like this evening is not possible on Wednesday night. Weight Watchers Weighing Night. So it was a bit " now, or never" last night. And it took her over two hours. Did you ever try tantric? We had never before and it was quite pleasant. Not enough, but very interesting indeed.

So she reaped her rewards after two hours. I know it is a crazy comparison, but this morning It made me feel like I used to when my kid was small and being up half of the night. 

It's so nice the Latin word of higher numbers don't begin with a Q. Because 14 is a nice number.
I am counting 12 out of 14. Things must get really out of control if she can't finish this one anymore. She can even see the finish line..

Miss America 1924

Ruth Malcomson (April 16, 1906 – May 25, 1988) was Miss America in 1924, earning the title at age 18.
Malcomson, a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was the amateur winner in the 1923 contest and returned to defeat incumbent Mary Campbell, who was seeking her third consecutive crown. At the time, being only a couple of years old, the beauty contest was sometimes still referred to as "The Atlantic City Pageant," with the winner called "The Golden Mermaid."

In a published article following the contest, Malcomson provided others with her 10 rules for beauty. Listed briefly, they are:
  1. Rise early.
  2. Eat a hearty breakfast.
  3. Exercise.
  4. No alcohol.
  5. Smoking is detrimental.
  6. Get outdoors.
  7. Eat a light lunch.
  8. Eat a satisfying dinner.
  9. Early to bed.
  10. Sleep.

Sound advice from the 18 year old. And pretty she was.
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