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MCMLXI - What happened in the Netherlands?

 Television sells well

1,000,000 television sets sold in the Netherlands
On November 14, 1961, the family Milius bought in Deventer 1,000,000th black and white TV set in the Netherlands.

 Piet Kramer

On May 23, 1961, the Dutch architect Piet Kramer (1881-1961) passed away. Kramer made ​​a significant contribution to the Amsterdam School (1915-1940), an architectural style that was characterized by decorative brickwork and rounded corners which facades with more relief. In the Amsterdam park Kramer realized several bridges.

In Staphorst people take "justice" in their own hands

In Staphorst a woman was dragged on November 10, 1961  from her home and put on a cart. A man was taken from a  cafe in Meppel to accompany her. "Adultery, fornication," came the cries of the spectators. The mob from Staphorst struck with this 14th-century practice two birds with one stone. They expressed their sympathy for the "victims" and two unfaithful spouses were simultaneously punished and rehabilitated. The young people who had devised the plan it meant a break from the dull provincial existence. But people outside Staphorst were furious: the "Staphorster" affair. They spoke about decay of law that resembled the 'lynchings' in the American South. The foreign press spoke up. It is disputed whether this practice occurred only in Staphorst; similar events took place in Limburg during the fifties.

Stewardess from Canada in traditional Dutch clothes

Henk van der Grift

What Jaap Eden did three times earlier, to beat the Norwegians and become world champion speed skating, had been reserved for Coen de Koning (in 1905 in Groningen, with only one Norwegian veteran as an opponent), and, of course, Henk van der Grift in 1961 on the ice rink of Gothenburg. Unlike all his predecessors Dutch Van der Grift went in 1960 to Norway as early as October to stand on a secret mountain lake near Fagernes in solitude and prepare for the cold season. With his world title Van der Grift proved the Norwegians could be beaten were when you went all the ice in October.

It is a myth that Van der Grift would have accomplished the construction of the Jaap Eden Baan. Nothing is less true. It was sportswriter Kick Geudeker, editor of the then leading weekly magazine Sport & Sportwereld, who took the initiative to build the Jaap Eden Baan. When Van der Grift world champion, the first spa for the new ice rink was almost into the ground. Van der Grift was not even present at the opening of the first skating track.

With the opening of the Jaap Eden long track speed skating was also in the Netherlands a true national sport.

Odd facts

  • In 1961 Feyenoord became the Dutch foot ball (soccer) champion
  • Closure of Lake Veere, het Veerse Meer, a dam between the Dutch islands Noord-Beveland and Walcheren. 
  • The Blue Tram runs on 9 November last ride from The Hague to Leiden. 
  •  Anton Geesink won the first non-Japanese judo world champion title in Paris.

Year review Dutch television NTS (In Dutch)


  1. Thank you for sharing such interesting tidbits Han. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read them


  2. Interesting reading, Han.
    So liberale Dutch were not always liberales.


    1. Mmmm, Staphorst was not liberal in the sixties, and still is not liberal. It is a bastion of conservative protestants. (I deleted that I typed here)

      So not all people in the Netherlands are the same. Take Appy and me, we are two of a kind.

      Thank you for your comment Mona Lisa, I appreciate you reading all of it.



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