Monday, 27 October 2014

MCMLXI - The Goodreads challenge, add one year

We have moved a year and this years' choice in the Goodreads challenge is: Stranger in a Strange Land by
I didn't choose Catch 22, Ian Flemings' Thunderball or the first Asterix book.

Heinlein is often referred to in BDSM-books. Why? I have never read a Heinlein book before. I'm curious to read it and see what the relations between a lifestyle and his books in the sixties were. So Stranger in a strange land.

The rest of the posts this week will be the same as in 1960
On Monday Odd Facts and Figures
On Tuesday What happened in the World in 1961
On Wednesday What happened in the Netherlands in 1961
On Thursday What happened in Han's life in 1961
On Friday the review of A stranger in a strange land.

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