Wednesday, 15 October 2014

MCMLX What happened in the Netherlands?


A dike breach over a length of 70 meters in the Northern Y polder creates a flood in Tuindorp-Oostzaan. No fewer than 2,700 homes often come up to the first floor flooded. Tens of thousands of residents to be evacuated.

Succes at Winter Olympics

At the Winter Olympics in the United States the 18th year Sjoukje Dijkstra wins 
Sjoukje Dijkstra
gold at figure skating competition. The 19-year-old Joan Haan Apple is fifth.
Jan Pesman wins bronze in the 5,000 meters speeding on skates for men.

 An Oscar for Bert Haanstra

Bert Haanstra wins in America an Oscar for 'Glass', a ten-minute film about the art of glassblowing and the beauty of glassware.

Radio Veronica started

Radio Veronica started its broadcasts from the North Sea. In November, it draws less than 5 million listeners daily.The History of Radio Veronica found its origins in Denmark because there already existed; the phenomenon of offshore radio: there they had Radio Mercur. If one offshore station eluded even the law to continue to broadcast from a ship. Outside the national territory A group of Dutch radio dealers wanted to do in our country the same. Broadcast music interspersed with advertising.

Blonde Dolly murdered

In The Hague Sybille Niemans, also known as' Blonde Dolly' was found dead in her home. She led a double life. Many knew her as the charming, sophisticated Mrs. Niemans who read stories to the elderly. Others knew her as a prostitute especially with contacts in the Hague society circles. The police in her home found a guest book, containing telephone numbers of mainly wealthy gentlemen. It is rumored that she was murdered because she knew too much of  'certain things'.

We aren't afraid to get old, ask the insurance company why 1960


  1. Interesting facts, thanks for sharing.

    1. Nice of you to say so, thank you Leigh.

  2. Thank you Han. Who was a king?
    Take care,

    1. We had a queen in 1960, queen Juliana. A really warm, kind and loving woman. A real mother of the people you know. She reigned until 1980 and then gave the crown to her daughter Beatrix. She died alone, she in one wing of the palace, her husband Bernhard (good for nothing) lived in the other wing. In the end she got dementia and died. Sad ending. Nobody lives happily ever after, even those of royal blood.



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