Saturday, 4 October 2014

Cave Maria

Did you get acquinted with John 'O Mill yet? He was an English teacher at a Dutch highschool and wrote many, many limerics full of mistakes he picked up from his students work. Now this is one that always make me smile. It is very funny in Dutch because it rymhes so nice, and I tried to translate it for the few readers of my blog that cannot read the language. I can't do that as good as John 'O Mill, but here we go:

Cave Maria

‘Gezegend de maagd, die de moeder mag zijn
van Gods een’ge zoon,’ zong de serafijn.
‘Dat wel,’ zei Maria, ‘en ’t kind is ’n schat,
maar wij hadden zo dolgraag een meisje gehad.

'Blessed the virgin that is the mother
of God's only son', the serafijn sang.
'True', Mary said, and the child really is lovely
but we kind of hoped on a girl, maybe.

John O'Mill

No offense intented, I think. John 'O Mill writes in four lines people say often. At work we have a girl called Phillipine (pronounce Phillip iene). The child really is a doll, but we really wanted a Phillip.

OK, just one for me (Google Translate this one)

De wereld is niet volmaakt, mijn schatje
en ik vrees dat dat ook zal blijven.
Wat God gemaakt heeft is alleen maar een kladje
in het net zul je het zelf moeten schrijven

(In he net' = to finalize, put in it's finished form)
John 'O Mill


  1. Very cute Han...thanks for sharing. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Cute, funny... You are very welcome, Cat,

      Take care,


  2. Cave
    Students are.... Students

    Thank you ,

    1. I love his sense ofhumor.
      Thank you for your comment,



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