Sunday, 12 October 2014

All talk and no play

All talk and no play

I have really fond memories to some of the Ted Talks. Ted Talks are themed conferences about science, religion, sports, anything interesting. Idea's worth spreading.

One of the recent Ted Talks is Sting telling us how he ended up with a writers block for years and years and how he started writing songs again. How he got inspired again. And it really is a long inspirational story this man has to tell. It is a long story and he sings a few songs to show what he is talking about.

If you can spare 23 minutes of your time, I wholeheartedly recommend this talk. And play.


  1. All talk and no play... Are you talking about Da Vinci household?.. Lol..
    I like Ted Talks so I will absoilutelly listen to this.

    Take care,
    Mona Lisa

    1. I'm sure there is lots of action in the Da Vinci household, Mona Lisa you don't fool us. The Ted Talk by the way is really interesting. I'm not a Sting fan myself but it really is an inspired talk.

      Thanks for your comment, ML,


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