Thursday, 4 September 2014

Next week: Pablo Neruda week

Lots of Pablo Neruda next week. In fact I finally finished my poetry book: 100 Love Sonnets. It is the first of my Goodreads challenge. The challenge is to read a book published in every year from the year you were born until this very day. I added a counter to my blog how many days I got left to read my 55 books. 100 Love Sonnets is divided in four parts: Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night.



It all begins and ends with love. A short biography of Pablo Neruda
A poem from "Morning"


What is a sonnet, and are the 100 Love Sonnets really sonnets?
A poem from "Afternoon"


How to read a book of poetry and why is it different to any other book?
A poem from "Evening"


Who is the woman Neruda dedicated this book to?
A poem from "Night"


My review on 100 Love Sonnets by Pablo Neruda

The other 54 books?

If possible I'd like each book to be reviewed on my blog. Maybe not all a weeks' material, but at least a review (so you can check if I actually read it, ha ha.)


  1. Bring it on, Han, I can't wait!!!!
    So next week will be a wordorgasm all week .. Lol..I love it.
    One can never get to much of Neruda.

    Take care,
    Mona Lisa

    1. These poems are such a thrill to read, to devour, to revel in words. I took my sweet time reading it, but it was worth it to read all of them. To reread all of them again and again, until the words are singing in your head.


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