Monday, 22 September 2014

Blindfold Adventure 2

Use of a blindfold is said to enhance the remaining senses of the wearer, focusing attention on sound, smells and physical contact. This increased awareness is said to allow for greater excitement and anticipation by eliminating visual cues, as one cannot see what to expect. It also requires trust of the submissive, with all the emotional ramifications that entails.(Wikipedia)

My beloved is very different than I am. Perhaps that is why we match so well. Opposites attract and all that. My wife is an extrovert person and has lots and lots of friends. She is a likeable person. I'm not. I'm more introverted and more to myself. My wife as a bit of an exhibitionist streak over her. She likes to walk in the nude in our house (on the ground floor) and like to flaunt a bit in the sauna.  So my little blindfold trip was a lot of fun for her...

Anyway she deserved a treat. She has been a real trouper about this bankcard issue in the Quattuordecim challenge and Saturday was a celebration for the two of us. We went to a small forest near Zeist (see location underneath this post). We know this part of the woods well, we have been there many times. We played a little in our secluded spot. Last time we did that we had a group of people walking by - including a few kids :-( . So much for secluded. No place in the Netherlands is private, there are always people somewhere around. But we were early and nobody this time. Relief on my part :-)
A blindfold and a gag is easy to explain, but a guys head busy under a ladies skirt, that is something else. It is a double blindfold, LOL.

Anyway, after she made herself presentable again we went for a very nice long walk trough the woods, enjoyed the mushrooms everywhere, saw something that we believe was a deer, but probably was something else. After that we had a very nice lunch and drove slowly home.

It was a wonderful pre-birthday, one of the best I ever had.
Thank you, my girlfriend. I love you.


  1. Wow Han..that is hot! It definitely getting hot in here now! Your wife is one lucky lady.

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Yes, those last days of September can be a pleasant surprise. And some days are even hot.
      Thank you, Cat.


  2. What can I say?
    Maybe, I can say that I would sacrifice my ... no, wrong word.
    That I am green ... no, wrong word, too.
    Ok, I can say this: I admire you that you have created such a great day for you and your beloved wife; Han. Really admire.

    I had smile on my lips when I stopped reading ..
    And it was a very pleasant reading, He. Very pleasant ... I mean pleasant .. no, wrong word again ... lol ..

    Take care,
    Mona Lisa
    BTW, this pic is so Beautiful !!!

    1. I aim to please.
      Sometimes, that is. 😀

      Glad you "liked" it.

  3. Again more creativity, Han. Wonderful post. Thanks.


    1. Some people call that wicked, Appy. But thank you for the compliment, I appreciate it.


  4. Replies
    1. Well, we thought it was a nice day.
      Still glowing,



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