Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Unlike Vermeegeren

Johannes Vermeer was and is an inspiration to artists. Here are three "Vermeers" that are worth looking at again and again.

The woman in Blue

Woman with the pearl necklace

On the left is Tim Jenison. Tim Jenison is an inventor and software developer based in San Antonio, Texas who became obsessed with discovering the secret of 17th century Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer’s incredibly photographic paintings. He tried to prove that Vermeer used the Camera Obscura in this painting: The music lesson. He worked six years to prove his point.  He travelled to London to consult with a famous artist there; then go to Holland to see the painter’s works first hand; and then return and in a San Antonio warehouse carefully build the artist’s studio depicted in the painting so that he can project the image onto a surface with the camera obscura that he had built. The guy even grounds his own lenses in his desire to use only the resources that Vermeer would have had. Yes, and this obsessive attention to authenticity includes grinding and mixing his own oil colors as well, there being no tubes of paint back then! To duplicate the exact design of the furniture in the original painting, Jenison sets up a lathe and turns the table legs himself. Darn if he didn’t even have to cut the lathe in half and remount it to make it wide enough to turn the overly long sticks of wood into the legs. Talk about obsessiveness in regard to detail—and yes, he also builds the harpsichord that is in the painting! Eventually he gets down to tracing the image of the studio and the woman and her music teacher onto a canvas and applying paint (after trying it with a photograph). The result is an amazing replica of the original by a man who says he never has taken an art lesson. -
See more at: this site.

The original by Vermeer


  1. Wow! He sure went through a lot to recreate the master didn't he! "Woman With the Pearl Necklace" has always been one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing this fascinating story Han. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Seems a bit like an obsession to me. The guy must be be loaded, Still, it is an interesting story, isn't it?
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment,


  2. Wow, what a story !! Very interesting. I like it! Thank you, Han.

    I like the Vermeer's paintings. Since I've seen the movie "Girl with a Pearl Earring" I have been acquainted with Mr. Vermmeer.
    The film left a deep impression in my mind .. I was shaken when I left the cinema auditorium .. which hard life they lived at the time. I would not survive ..
    And every time I create a pearl earring, I think actually in the movie and the scene where the girl made ​​a hold in her ear.

    Yes, maybe he was obbsesiv. I like it. He could afford it. But I still have to admire him for his endurance.
    One more thing ...
    I think Mr. Jenison would need a female assistant on this project, which would ensure that the length of the woman and the breadth of her dress and her hips were right and that the painting above the instrument is not in the right angle in comparison with the original.
    Some interested? .. Lol ..

    Nice blogpost, Han.
    Mona Lisa

    1. The movie the Girl with the Pearl Earring is still on my to be seen list. It was good? I hear mixed things about the movie. Must buy it on DVD sometime, I'm sure it is cheap by now.

      I think Mr. Jenison used his daughter to model in this picture. The rumors say he put the head of the poor girl in a clamp so it had just the right position for the picture. I think you might reconsider Mona Lisa!


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