Saturday, 30 August 2014

How to.. Spank

I had these what are they... manuals I think a long time ago. I lost them again, searched for it for a long time, and found them at last. Now I've got them again I want to share them with you. Most of you will have seen this before, but still.. they are great.


  1. Great post Han...will definitely keep this in mind if anyone asks me questions regarding spankings. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. It's a kind of basis education program. Lets develop it further and go to schools together to teach the kids! Great idea I would be the one with the big lap and you could show the girls all about coulors from pink till red. what do you think, Cat?


  2. I sit here and think and think, what should I write ..
    I just shake my head.
    And thank God that I live in Europe in Sweden, where spanking is banned for generations and no one will pair spanking here in Sweden with punishment. The clutch is not and will not be, thankfully.
    If anyone finds spanking for pleasure .. enjoy it. Spanking for relif? I do not think that's true .. but maybe, even though there are other methods that are as good or better than spanking. Role play ... Enjoy it.
    But nobody in the world would have to be punished with spanking and other methods which are remnants from a Dark Ages.
    I thought that in 2014, the whole world knows that there are other and better ways to change negative behavior than punishments spanking and beating with instruments until someone is broken down and can barely breathe of all crying and not able to sit for days .. No matter consent.
    Blog land has taught me that I live in the blue.
    Mona Lisa

    1. I know it is difficult for you to wrap your head around this, Mona Lisa but the article is actually written for consenting adults that have equal fun in either giving and taking the spanking.

      I agree with you about non consenting spanking, but that is what this article is NOT about. It is not about breaking some one physically or mentally, it is about how each of the players fulfill their role.

      It is educational in consent.

    2. Han, consent is not the Holy Grail. There are some limits you should NEVER crush.

      Is not the goal of punishments spanking breaking someone Physically or mentally to never repeat exceed rules?
      Read what people write .. it can be as brutal as any.
      Can you honestly say that consent is not affected and conditioned by our upbringing, methods used against us, the culture we live in, moral expectations, the expectations of the partner, family, God, our mental status, and who knows what else? I not
      Can we still talk about a voluntary consent?

    3. Well, actually I do think consent is the only thing that seperates BDSM people from abusers. I agree with you consent is influenced by all those things you mentioned. As the rest of our thoughts are influenced by those. Does this mean are thoughts are not free anymore? Is our consent in marriage free because they are influenced by all outside factors?

      In the free world I think women are sensible enough to give or withdraw their consent. And they should be free to do so, without some one who condemns them. In others countries consent is very dubious, but that is not what this post is about.

      And NO, punishment spankings goal is NOT breaking someone. It is about enforcing rules both consenting adults have agreed on. Breaking some mentally of physically is not BDSM it is abuse. Read the blue text again.

      I don't really care what other people write. These are my morals here. And consent, Mona Lisa, makes all the difference.

  3. I love this post, Han. I appreciate that you found your manual and shared it with us! I guided my guy on how to spank me. These details would have been helpful to have him read back then, but they are still useful for reference now.

    I will share them with him. It's always nice to get a refresher course. =)

    1. If only a few people think: Oh, that is how it's done or Thats why mission is accomplished, girl with the naughty name.

      So glad you like it.



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